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RiggingWhat is the cost for the workshop vehicle mod (Rigger 5.0, 166-167)? The price is missing in the table (R5 keeping to form!), but chummer lists it as 50,000, which is the cost of a "facility". This seems far too steep, since the core book says a "shop" can fit in a van.The shop mod costs the same as a shop from SR5 core, and simply represents the needed space and labor to get everything anchored down. While chummer is fine for minor references most of the time, it isn't an official product and should not be considered an authority on rules sources.Rules Thread I
MatrixDo technomancers with datajacks still need skinlink to use their special brains on things? The description on 452 suggests as much (mental communication between datajacks) but it is not really solid evidenceSkinlink or a Datajack or Trodes can all be used to direct connect for a technomancer using their Living Persona, though Skinlink is by far the simplest. None of the above will bypass, mimic, or in any way affect the use of the Resonance Riding echo.Rules Thread I
MedicineDoing more research into toxins, I've come to realise that the powers presented in the books are on the order of 2-3x too high.

The easiest to get (Avail -), cheapest (5¥) toxin is a 1 Combat Turn, 11 Power, 0 Penetration, Stun Damage and Nausea, Contact and Inhalation Vector: Pepper Punch. Since this is so cheap, we can assume that literally every single NPC has some, either as a spray can or capsule rounds, or deployed as anti intruder fog in a building. The contact vector means that a gas mask is ineffective against this toxin. Thus, we can look at what happens when even a highly toxin resistant runner gets hit with this. Toxin resistance is Body+Willpower+Other modifications. Says 5+5+6 gives 16 dice, which comes to say, 5 toxin resistance hits. The power is then reduced to 6. Our runner then takes six stun damage, and is now nauseated as the power is higher than their willpower of 5, unable to act for 3 combat turns, and taking a -4 wound penalty for 10 minutes. All because a mall cop managed to hit them with a single capsule round. When toxins are used in large areas pacification methods, then the ongoing exposure to a 5¥, unrestricted toxin will kill a wageslave in 12 seconds. With toxins so powerful, they are almost a one shot removal from a situation when a GM uses them against a PC, forcing everyone to invest into armours with chemseal. Gasmasks are ineffective, as there is a single Inhalation vector toxin in the core book which is not also contact.

Given that toxins are one of the very, very few ways of dealing with certain characters in combat, can we talk about how we can make them something other than "I use toxin, you lose" requiring the counter of "I have chemseal, I win"
Remember, an antidote patch will give you 6 more. There is also a drug for nausea.Rules Thread I
AugmentationI would like to ask about a number of highly questionable aspects of full body replacement characters.

Are cyberlimbs and or averaged cyberlimb attributes subject to the augmentation max of attribute+4? Does movement and encumbrance use base agility and strength or averaged agility / strength subject to #2? Does each +3 cyberlimb armour count for encumbrance like all other + armour? Can you get cyberlimb optimisation for any skill? Does said optimisation only apply from limbs actively involved in the skill? Can you raise the accuracy of weapons by selecting a weapons skill?

What is the standard social reaction to someone who is so highly and obviously dangerously augmented?
Cyberlimbs and cyberlimb-related averages are not subject to the augmentation max in relation to a character's personal attributes, due to their replacing the attributes in question. Instead, they are subject to an augmented maximum from enhancements, such as cyberlimb enhancements and redliner, is +4 of their final customized value. They also do not benefit from the Increase Attribute Spell or the use of drugs, which only affect personal attributes.

Movement uses the average of your leg attributes. Encumbrance is the average of all limbs, in keeping with the previous ruling by Slash. Cyberlimb armor no more adds to encumbrance than orthoskin, dermal plating, or bone lacing armor adds to encumbrance, which is to say not at all. You can get cyberlimb optimization for any skill that make sense. It must make use of some limb in the process, but if you can justify other limbs in some way, you are free to. If you have specific questions, you are free to ask if a particular cyberlimb optimization is acceptable in reply to this comment or any other Rules Thread.

Burst has mostly covered this. It is mostly a theme thing, and there is room for variance from table-to-table.
Rules Thread I
RiggingIn regards to Peak-discharge Battery Packs (Run&Gun, page 52), can the satchel or backpack variants be mounted on a drone? I'm specifically asking about a roto-drone, but a general answer would be helpful too. Related to this, most weapons that require energy to fire often mention being tied into a vehicle's power to eliminate the need for battery packs, but how would this work with a drone-mounted weapon?I'd assume itr depends on how big the drone is, and if the pack is within it's lift and carry loadRules Thread I
IdentificationIf I have a fake corp SIN and they scan it, do they think I'm a corp citizen?If your SIN beats their scanner, then yes. Whether they believe their scanner or not is up to them! :DRules Thread I
RiggingAll my questions relate to the Rigger 5.0 book, since it's such a mess :P

The Renraku Pelican (page 137): Can the storage compartment be used as a hidden weapon mount?

The GTS Tower drone (page 143): Does it come with a re-trans unit or not? Do it's drone racks count as landing racks? If not, can drone arms be mounted for the purpose of re-racking it's drones? And could said arms do the job if they were primitive arms (page 125)?
The storage compartment cannot be used as a hidden weapon mount, though you could perhaps put a pistol or machine pistol inside, as it is a mid-sized box.

The GTS drone comes with a re-trans unit and a special drone rack that acts as a landing rack for 8 microdrones, with minidrones counting as 2 microdrones. These are a replacement to it's "standard upgrades" line.

Both of these are subject to change with errata, should such be released.
Rules Thread I
MatrixWhat do you think of this idea consensus is that considering it takes a minimum of two actions, and most likely 3 if you are using a tag bullet, that this is ok. You are giving up 1-2 attacks for a moderate bonus to hitting the target with the final attack. We also like how this encourages runners to make cunning plans to set up their opponents for failure by pre-tagging them.

However this action is not to be used as a general bonus for shooting at people because they have a device in their pocket, unless you can somehow get a tag square on someone where shooting them would seriously hurt it won't grant a bonus. The face palming a tag onto someone's back is a yay, just asking to get a bonus because people in general own comlinks is a no. GMs get the final say, and are encourage to reward players for being clever more than for the fact the opponent owns a device.

Of course, you are free to go to town using this to blast away drones or smartlinked guns, or other attacks specifically targeting the device rather than a person with the device
Rules Thread I
LifestyleHow would I go about purchasing a secondary lifestyle location for my character that is just a vehicle garage? The rules state it needs to be at minimum a medium lifestyle, but that's like buying a second house because you want a tool shed. I just need somewhere to store and work on a vehicle or two.A facility of any kind must be tied to a medium lifestyle (or higher), cannot be transferred between lifestyles, and cannot be tied to vehicle-based lifestyles. If the lifestyle is lost, the facility is lost. An automotive facility would have enough space to store a plethora of vehicles, though.Rules Thread I
AugmentationFor number 5, see Run Faster. Page 57.

"Purchasing cyber and bioware is not just about getting those extra dice and edge for your street sam. Every drop of Essence that is lost is a little piece of your character’s soul that is gone forever, a little piece of what connects her to the rest of metahumanity slipping off into oblivion for a few wires. Each piece of obvious ware is a question asked by every passerby. Just how strong is the arm? How fast? Do you use it to shoot people? Punch them in the brain? Bend iron bars and grab the bank vault gold? The kind of cyberarms and cyberlegs that runners and their ilk use are not conventional replacements for lost limbs; they are extra enhancements, circuitry blended with biology to take the body to new heights. Observers often know this, and they look at those who sport these augmentations with a combination of awe, curiosity, and respect. And what about that twitch, that jumpiness those enhanced reflexes give you? They make you touchy, on edge, and possibly unable to handle overly stimulating environments. Every piece of ware that goes into your character is a chance to define their behaviors and mannerisms, their little quirks. Enhance those bones with bioware or bone lacing and fear of elevator trips, wooden stairs, and even jumping on floors in older structures may be a genuine quirk.

As for others like you, well, you got the wires to get an edge, and every other person with the same systems has the same edge and more than likely the same mentality. They’re looking at you as competition, a rival for the top spot on the shadow roster of the megas. An obstacle that may keep them from being the one hired for that big payday. Even if you’re both contracted for the same job, you’ve got to shine brighter, move faster, and curtail more threats."
Page 456, core

Obvious cyberlimbs: These implants are immediately recognizable as artificial limbs unless you cover them with clothing. They are often chromed or matte colors but visibly mechanical in nature. Some folks like them glaringly obvious and outlandish, some find the artificiality repellant and disturbing. This can affect your social dealings in some circles, especially upper-crust society andthe purist crowd.

Synthetic cyberlimbs: Synthetic limbs are disguised as natural limbs. The fact that they’re cybernetic gives them a –8 Concealability (the Cybertechnology skill may replace Perception for this test) when someone’s just looking, but synthetic limbs are obviously artificial to the touch.
Rules Thread I
AugmentationAres screech rifle and cyber ears, will turning them off block the attackNope, the Ares screech rifle may use noise as a vehicle for its attack, but soundwaves pulsing through your body will mess you up even if you can't technically hear it. Likewise, being deaf or puttong on a select sound filter is no defense. Damper earware will give you a +2 bonus to the damage resistance test however.Rules Thread I
RiggingI would like the whole matter on jumped in being remote controled or not to be officialy ruled. If jumped in is NOT being remote control then dont make action taken while jumped in be considered remote controled.

Either it is or it isnt, having that cleared out will finaly put a few issues to rest. As it stands riggers gets the worst of both world. An action is considered remote controled if it were to put a nerf on an action, if the action were to be better done if it were considered remote controled, its not. I would like, once and for all to set the matter straight.

Is jumped in considered the same as remote controled or are we RAW on this one and follow the 4 type of control. Manual, Remote Operation ( from control device matrix action ), Jumped in as per rigger special, and autopilot. Or do we include Jumped in in the same bag as the control device matrix action.
There are four types of control. Manual, remote, jumped in, and autonomous.

Manual is driving a cat or firing a turret hands-on. Controlling a vehicle with the wheel, or firing a turret that is mounted on a vehicle with your hands, are both complex actions. The former is Reaction + The appropriate skill, with a limit of handling, assuming a vehicle test is needed.The latter is agility + gunnery, with a limit of the weapon's accuracy. Remote control is controlling a drone or vehicle through your commlink, RCC, cyberdeck, or other matrix device. This can be done in AR or VR. Either way, you use the Control Device action, which requires marks or ownership. This uses the same type of action as listed above. If done in AR, you use the same attributes as you would in meat. If done in cold-sim VR, you substitute your logic in for agility and your intuition in for reaction, and make use of your cold-sim initiative. If done in hot-sim VR, you substitute attributes the same as in cold-sim, make use of your hot-sim VR, and gain a +1 on any vehicle tests, including firing a mounted weapon. In any case, you use the lower of the prescribed limit or the Data Processing attribute of the device you're using to perform the action. Jumped-in control is done by taking the time to jump-in to a vehicle with a rigger interface through a control rig (or a particular technomancer echo.) This is a complex action if in AR, or a simple action if already in VR. If you are plugged directly into your RCC or vehicle/drone, this is a simple action regardless of current matrix state. Either way, you require 3 marks or ownership of the vehicle or drone in question, and you end up in your choice of coldsim or hotsim. You use the appropriate coldsim or hotsim initiative, increase any limits you might face and your dice pools for actions performed by the vehicle/drone by the rating of your control rig, and must resist half of any physical damage the vehicle takes (after soak) as biofeedback damage. Any actions you take while jumped in require the same action type as they would for anyone else, but any Vehicle Tests (as described in Make a Vehicle Test, and explicitly excluding opposed rolls) have their thresholds reduced by the rating of your control rig. And since you're in VR, you make use of your logic in place of your agility, and your intuition in place of your reaction. You are also not limited by your data processing. Autonomous drones or vehicles make use of Pilot+relevant autosofts, are limited by the appropriate limit for the action, roll Pilotx2+4d6 for initiative, and act as a dogbrain would.

Note that the specific attributes used in VR vs. AR are subject to change. The rulebooks are unclear and I wish to speak with Council about making a unilateral ruling on the matter. The action types, however, are not - it is always a complex action to fire a weapon that is mounted on a drone or vehicle.
Rules Thread I
MedicineDoes a single antidote patch work for any toxin or do we need a patch for a specific one?

Antidote patch: Add the rating of an antidote patch to any toxin resistance tests made within twenty minutes after it has been applied. The window to apply an antidote patch after being poisoned is often very narrow, depending on the toxin (Toxins, Drugs, and BTLs, p. 408).

Also, do these stack? Can I wear 2 or 3 patches?
RAW holds and antidote patches work on any toxin resistance test. I like to think that due to advances in Japanese Reflexology the antidote patch can draw any toxin out of your body regardless of if you place it on your feet or not, but in reality we know that slap patches can be smart tech. The trauma patch when set to wireless on will stabilize a gunshot wound just as well as a nerve gas, the antidote patch probably is more 'specialized' and can figure things out without wireless. The fact that the phrasing is "any toxin resistance test" rather than "tests to resist that (that being the toxin the antidote patch would hypothetically be keyed towards) toxin" also indicates their general use. They also do not stack, but your local pharmacy wouldn't mind you trying a whole box at a time each run, just to be sure! For the sake of both my sanity, the difficulty of balancing any other option, and to avoid people attempting to use antidote patches as ersatz armor, only a single antidote patch will apply to any given toxin resistance test.Rules Thread I
LifestyleSo I do need to buy a house to get a tool shed? Is there any way I can get a facility attached to a lower lifestyle? And if not, can I rent out the actual living part? Cause it's never going to be used. I just need storage and the workshop/facility.You cannot get it attached to a lower lifestyle. It does not have to have an actual home - if you were to use it as a home, it would more accurately reflect office space that you're living in than an actual house - but that is the minimum lifestyle on the 'net for a facility (and is in fact more generous than strict RAW.)Rules Thread I
LifestyleAre players allowed to have characters living together to share lifestyle costs? Player A has Character A living with Player B's Character B. Can they split the cost of the Lifestyle, or does each have to pay the full Lifestyle cost?Characters are free to fluff themselves as living together, though they will suffer all consequences any one member brings upon the household, up to and including loss of lifestyle, SIN, and equipment.

They do, however, have to pay the normal amount they would pay individually, the full 100% of the lifestyle, given the difficulty and hesitance GMs are likely to meet with punching a player in the lifestyle.

Yes, this means there are no advantages to living together. Besides the company. Sorry.
Rules Thread II
MagicCan (Great Form) Spirits Endow the Endowment Power?If you can get the requisite hits on a ritual spellcasting test on a spirit of enough force to actually give you a useful level of power, yes, you can get endowed with something like storm or quake. Remember that the spirit's magic is going to be the one fueling the power, you can't skate by wth a force 1 spirit to do this.

This probably favors doomsday cults seeking to usher in their own mini apocalypse more than a PC on the net though. Just saying.

EDIT: Misread the question, the answer is no.
Rules Thread II
DowntimeHi Asked this somewhere else on the net but I think it ended up disappearing into the ether and asked this on Discord(deleted that post) but figured this may be a better place. I was hoping to take advantage of my rat shaman's ability to use any reagents by doing searches for them on my downtime. I was hoping to spend some time (average 3 hours a day) every downtime day(within reason) to find reagents. Buying hits would mean 1 (2 hits from alchemy at 9) reagent per hour or 3 per day(3hours). Does this make sense. Given the bonus for Rat is the reagent thing I was hoping that this could be a handwave solution for all the rolling I would be doing on gear rolling thread to achieve the same thing. (This would mean that I would, when I run, get (amount of days between runs * 3) reagents. Does that make sense? ThanksGreetings, After discussion within the rules team we have concluded that this falls within the domain of each individual GM. The next game you run Murmur in ask the GM if he/she is okay with this idea and if they are then great, if not then you will have to abide by their ruling.Rules Thread II
AugmenationI had just gotten word that one of our new members was told that she could not have bunny styled cyber ears and have them located in a place that is aesthetically pleasing to the player, top of the head. As far as I'm aware from checking Rules in Chrome Flesh (page 74) and Core(page 453) there isn't anything that says that they have to be locate on the sides of the head and at worst should just need a case mod for customized cyberware. At worst this is just Aesthetics and doesn't unbalance the game or make work hard for Chargen or GMs and one of the best thing about Shadownet is that we're more open to letting players the characters that they want to play as long as they are fair and rules legal.Character division has stated to me that they wish this to be in their wheelhouse. Torq or Senate are the people to go to on this one, as I do not feel like arguing with them about it. This thread is not the place for it - though I don't blame you for thinking it might be, this is something of a weird case. EDIT: If Senate or Torq kicks it over to me, I'll make an official ruling. I'm just trying to not step on toes.Rules Thread II
ArmorCan I install Foot Anchors into Armour using Capacity? Can this be generalized to other reasonable cyber being installed in armour? We already allow gear to be installed into cyber instead of armour.Gear that uses capacity can be installed into cyberware, per a previous ruling by a rules head. However, cyberware that uses capacity cannot be installed into armor. Call it game balance, call it the gooblygook that needs neural connections (even if through the end of a cyberlimb), whatever. No spurs in your forearm guards.Rules Thread II
WeaponsApparently the people want bayonets for pistols so they can do this. Officially the block on bayonets mentions it's only allowed for rifle and up. Seeing as it isn't brokeballs insane, would the rules division be amenable to allowing them?Retractible bayonets ought to work fine, there's nothing stopping them from being put on a pistol with the right slot. And also nothing stopping you from never retracting them.Rules Thread II
MedicineStimpatches in autoinjectors, yes or no?Sure thing, bub. (There is no real reason why this would be disallowed, given the normal prices and etc. Note that buying the drug for an autoinjector precludes using that same dose as a patch.)Rules Thread II
AugmentationDoes the cultured bioware limb replacements on page 231 of chrome flesh cost essence?No. The table seems to have a editing error that made the header for limbs a line item, likely a copy-paste or artifact of a previous revision.Rules Thread II
MatrixAfter a question by folks, I now have a question for Rules Division:

Currently, editing a file requires a mark on the file. However, one of the things that can be done with a matrix perception test is finding icons (like files), or finding out what files that an object might be carrying.

With this, is putting a mark on a device necessary to put a mark on the file that the device might contain, or can you directly put marks on files that are on a device that is not wireless off or broadcasting?
Editing a file requires a mark on the file.

Files floating freely in hosts are visible automatically, and can be marked freely and independently of any other icon, though you of course still have to contend with their encryption and data bomb, if any. Files on devices (whether they're in a host or not) share their visibility status (whether they're running silent or not, and whether they're spotted or not) with the device they are on, and use the defensive stats of that device. They do not have a matrix condition track and are not subject to matrix damage in any way. They can, however, be marked independently of the device they are on, assuming that device is visible to you. A device that is running wireless off has an icon as usual, and you can still get marks on it's files as usual. You cannot, however, spot it without a direct connection, making visibility pretty moot. Note that file->device relationship is not a slave->master relationship. A direct connection does not in any way alter that specific use of defense dice, nor does a mark on a file give you a mark on the device it's stored on, or vice versa.

EDIT: If any of this is unclear, feel free to ask for elaboration.
Rules Thread II
AugmenationSensitive system: It specifically applies to cyberware and doubles cyberware essence costs. It also makes bioware impossible, as immune systems reject it. What does this do to genemods, as those were added after the core book? Double essence cost like cyberware, regular essence cost as it doesn't specifically mention genemods(and genemods are usually immutable in terms of essence cost), or impossible to apply like bioware? Also, what would buying off Sensitive System involve(other than the karma cost)?Hey there friendo, your chargen buddy Torq here

Buying off the quality would require something of a private run in addition to its normal costs.

Best regards, Torq torq torq.
Rules Thread II
AugmentationReposting from rules chat, since this is useful info.

Me: Say I have cyberlegs with max customised agility and strength, and enhanced agility and strength too, but also have modular connectors for feet. Do the feet also need to be customised/enhanced?

Voro: Customization and enhancement flows "down" limbs. So if you have a modular lower arm, it can use the enhancements and customizations of the upper arm above it (or it's own instead, though you can't add them together or split them)
Confirming this is correct.Rules Thread II
MagicFor the purposes of shifters: does clothing shift with you when you change form or does it get left behind?Your clothing and belongings don't shift with you I am afraid. The actual out and out rules on the shift power are in, of all books, Aetherology, and its specifically noted that clothing does not change.Rules Thread II
WeaponsWhat's the Net's opinion on barrel mods for guns? Cause it's kinda stupid that longbarrel means you can't mount a gas vent system or a suppressor.Since you asked.... The ruling on the field stands. Shadowrun gun systems are dumb, but they are RAW and they work, and will not be houseruled.Rules Thread II
MagicSpirit pacts :DSpirit Pacts are disallowed for Player Characters on ShadowNET. This will be reflected in the Player Rules.... Soon (tm).Rules Thread II
AugmentationSo, I've got a couple of questions to ask, may as well drop them here.

1) Does the shapechange spell interact with cyberware at all? By which I mean, if somebody with a significant amount of 'ware were to use it, would it push all of it out of them similar to other transformation stuff, or is it a case of, since it's paid for with essence, it transforms with them. The secondary question to this, is, if it does transform with them, do they gain the effects of the 'ware while in another form, or does it effectively disappear until they're back in their normal body?

2) Can the RPC built stock on a suit of sleeping tiger be upgraded to R4 for the cost of one rating, or can it only be upgraded by replacing the entire coating with a new set at R4? Same question for most stock mods, really, such as upgrading the R2 gas vents on an FN-HAR to R3.
The shapechange spell interacts with cyberware as follows.

Cyberware and bioware that requires actual activation of some kind does not function. Cyberware and bioware that provide passive benefits (including but not limited to attribute bumps that can always be on) funtion normally. Bear in mind augmented maximums with these!

Cyberlimbs do not function in any way, and anything within them can only function in any capacity that does not require motion - you can still use your orientation system, but you cannot fire a cybergun.
Rules Thread II
AugmentationEdit: They do not. Confirmed by members of the rules team. Question on synaptic boosters, I would like clarification on whether they are capable of being stacked with other initiative bonuses such as drugs on the net, or if they are unable to stack as this core book sentence on page 461 indicates "The synaptic booster cannot be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement."I realize this was answered in skype chat, but you are in fact correct that the book saying it cannot be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement meaning it can't be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement :PRules Thread II
RiggingSo, bit of a question from OOC chat earlier today, can an RCC run any of the programs listed in the books, or only the ones from the list of programs that may be handy for riggers from page 269 of the CRB. For example, if an RCC was modded using device modification rules from Data Trails, to have a sleaze attribute of one, could programs like 'Stealth' or 'Smoke and Mirrors' be ran on that RCC to further boost the sleaze rating, or could 'Browse' be ran on an RCC, improving its ability to perform matrix searches.An RCC is capable of running any program. A program altering a statistic that the base device does not have will have no effect. As such, unless you mod your RCC to have a sleaze rating, Smoke and Mirrors will have no effect. Unless you mod your RCC to have an attack rating, Decryption will have no effect. So on and so forth.Rules Thread II
RiggingMy questions to you are: Say I have an anthro drone and I have customized the limbs on it. Say I now want to use a skill linked to AGI, STR, or BOD, such as shooting a gun that's being held in a drone arm. Do I use my AGI, my LOG, or the drone arm's AGI in this case, or can I pick whatever's highest? Also! I'm currently working under the assumption that, as per HT190 if you're controlling a drone and using a weapon in a weapon mount it's gunnery + log, if you're using a weapon held in drone arms it's gunnery + ???, what's the ??? and is the rest of it correctWhen firing a weapon from a weapon mount, regardless of drone type, it's Gunnery + Agility in AR, or Gunnery + your choice of Agility or Logic in VR (jumped in or not) When firing a weapon from a drone's arms, whether a cyberweapon inside them or a gun held in it's hands, it is the drone's arm's agility (averaged if it's a two handed weapon and the arms have different agilities) + the appropriate weapon skill, which will never be Gunnery - it would be Automatics for an Assault Rifle, Longarms for a shotgun, what have you.Rules Thread II
DowntimeAssumption 1: I buy gear or start training a skill today, out of game. These items or training will take 4 days to complete.

Assumption 2: Later today I begin a run that competes later today Question 1: In-game, if the run takes more than 4 days to complete, does my character gain access to the delayed gear/skill on the 4th day of the run? Question 2: If the gear/skill is gained, is it lost again after the session completes until the appropriate out-of-game time has passed? Question 3: If we ignore Assumption 1 and I had nothing ordered, but in-game I order it on day 1 to help complete a run objective then get it on game-day 5, when the game completes, is that gear temporarily out of play until sufficient OOG-time passes?

Sorry about these questions, but I found myself in the Q1 circumstance last night and I wasn't sure how to handle it. I didn't ask and just assumed I didn't have the ordered stuff, which was a safe and easy way to go about it and seems like a good way to rule. However Q3 throws a bit of a wrench into that assumption.
1: Gm discretion. They can go either way, it is their call.

2: No. 3: Also no.

Note that all training (and other karma expenditures, as well as nuyen expenditures above certain thresholds) must be noted on a GM's AAR for recordkeeping purposes, but that is seperate from any of your questions.
Rules Thread III
MagicElement grenade, Shadow Spells, Page 17. I want to know how an alchemical preparation of this spell would work. The spell itself is a touch-range spell, but the spell explicitly states that it has two components - the initial touch-ranged one to create the orb, and an inbuilt mechanic from the casting that launches the ball away from you with a spellcasting+(Tradition atr.) roll to determine if it scatters, much like a real grenade, so that the mage doesn't have to throw it. By explicit statement this is a function of the spell - making a preparation of the spell should also allow me to launch it, I would believe, but I wanted to make sure before picking up the spell on an alchemist, since it's a very strange case.Per Ryouichi - The grenade launches itself.Rules Thread III
WeaponsRecoil is a state based on the character, which is why both guns add to your total RC.

When you fire both shots, they happen at the 'same time.' Basically both attacks are in reality one attack being split. If it helps its best to think of it like your two guns are actually one gun firing more bullets. Thus, you are taking -3 to both attacks! ... Except that would be a -3 penalty to dice pool before split. I think the better interpretation is: "Work out your total recoil penalty from all bullets, and apply to both attacks."

Cheers. Now I have to get another 2 points of RC from somewhere and a second 20K¥ gun....
Rules Thread III
ArmorNartaki questions:

How does having 4 arms affect clothing and armor? (i.e. price and/or availability changes, are delivery times still solely based on price, does it cost twice as much to buy arm armor to gain the same benefit, or can you buy arm armor twice and get twice the benefit? -- do arm armor rulings here also apply to leg armor rulings for centaurs)

Are there any issues with them dual wielding two two-handed weapons? I could see accurately aiming two longarms with no smartlink being an issue, but two two-handed melee weapons could be easier.
How does having 4 arms affect clothing and armor?

In short it doesn't. There is nothing in the raw that states Nartaki suffer the same issues that Trolls do when it comes to lifestyle/armor/weapon cost increases as they are still human sized, I suppose cutting an extra set of holes in something isn't that big of a deal. Armor affects them the same way it does everyone else through the magic of rules team so no need to buy extra PPP kits or forearm guards. Are there any issues with them dual wielding two two-handed weapons? I could see accurately aiming two longarms with no smartlink being an issue, but two two-handed melee weapons could be easier. I would first advise you to read the quality Shiva Arms as it explains it pretty cut and dry. Every Nartaki has a dominant hand just like two arm creatures. If you wanted to get ambidexterity you need to purchase it 3 times as per RAW. In addition due to the nature of how multiple attacks per round work it doesn't matter. You could have 12 arms with a gun in each one and you will still need to split your dicepool. 5E doesn't support multiple attacks very well and with good reason, since combat is so fast paced already. Generally a street sam with an ares alpha is just as capable (if not more so) in splitting his dicepool for multiple attacks as a Nartaki with an ingram smartgun in each hand. CRB pg 196 It should also be noted that in addition to it costing a free action to do a multiple attack.

The total number of attacks you can make in a single Action Phase is limited to one-half the attacker’s Combat Skill.
Rules Thread III
CombatRG 119.

Aimed Burst. The attack loses the –2 penalty to the defender but gains +1 DV. It costs the firer three rounds of ammunition. Brain Blaster. The attack gains +2 DV and costs the firer six rounds of ammunition. Does this mean that the defence penalty afforded by firing 6 shots in full auto (a -5 penalty) still applies? If this penalty was removed, should it not be stated in the action, as for Aimed Burst?

Mechanically, Aimed Burst comes out 0.66 DV behind a complex burst, and Brain Blaster either comes out 0.66 ahead (with defence penalty) or 1.0 behind (without the defence penalty) compared to complex full auto.
Brain Blaster also loses the defense penalty, as is strongly implied in the text, for good game design, and as follows from the previous two similar actions, Double Tap and Aimed Burst.Rules Thread III
RiggingThe Remote Cyberhand drone (R5, 130) just came up in the Discord chat. It's stats (only listed in the back tables) are all n/a, apart from sensor which is -, though it does have an availability and cost. How should this be handled?Treat it as a 1 in all drone attributes for the time being. This subject is open to being revisited at a later date, particularly if anyone hunts up some freelance intent.Rules Thread III
MagicJust to crystalise the results of the discussion I started last night:

Are you mechanically able to have a spirit use the Innate Spell to sustain a spell on you indefinately? If one is possible, how does the service cost work out?

Are there any other factors a runner should be aware of?
You may use the Innate Spell to have a spirit sustain a spell on you for the duration of a session (or until the spirit dissapates). This is subject to being revisited. Note that the spirit will take the sustaining penalties, and spirits can't use psyche.

It is a single service to cast a single spell and sustain it.

Spirit index is relevant. This entire ruling is subject to being revisited at a later date.
Rules Thread III
Magicif you have a punch mage does the unarmed skill test fully replace the spellcasting test or do you need to make an unarmed test followed by a spellcasting test?Any time a touch-range spell is cast, you must first make an unarmed touch attack, taking the normal +2 bonus for touch-only, and winning on ties. This is resisted by a normal melee defense test. You cannot apply any other effects with this - no using shock gloves, or poison, or slap patches, or w/e. This test is only for casting the spell.

Assuming you make contact, you may cast your spell. Direct spells resolve normally. Indirect combat spells resolve uncontested, unless the defender has spell defense dice, magic resistance, or similar, which would apply against your spellcasting+magic roll at this point.

You then resolve damage or other effects and take drain as usual for the spell.
Rules Thread III
HMHVVMy question/rule change its to an infected. The 4 base line infected as you know are vampires banshees gnawers and ghouls are all the established ones. Vampires and banshees look much like the base line allowing them to blend in easier. Ghouls are a corner stone of shadowrun at this point, and many recognize ghouls as people tho in some places are still not liked or frowned upon if not some worse things are done due to fear. and gnawers can also sometimes pass as ghouls. That is not taking in to account for spells that can obscure them also.

I wish to petition for the revaluation of sukuyans from hard targets page 126. i will outline a few points and give a description of them taken from the book. sukuyan-When HMHVV Strain 1 was introduced to the Caribbean, there were unexpected variations to vampiric transformation—mutations that manifested in nearly fifty percent of indigenous human population who were infected. Called the Sukuyan vampiric traits, these mutations seem to be linked to genetic markers peculiar to the indigenous Taino people. Sukuyan vampires grow pronounced canines, but their skin does not become as markedly pale; the color of their eyes changes to lighter tones—brown becoming orange, for example. Tests have shown Sukuyan vampires can drink alcohol without nausea and swim without dificulty. The person would have to be from this region or have that blood type to be allowed to use them, i will not deny that it would have to be a stipulation. 2.Much like a vampire it is easily able to stay hidden in public if the necessary precautions are taken. 3.They can add a new dynamic to vampires, for one they not only need blood but salt in their diets. They are also able to drink alcohol and juice allowing them to better bland in among runners. Such as drinking a glass offered by the johnson,

These are just some benefits of them and i would not be shocked it others could not find more. I would bring up bandersnatch but we do not have a large sasquatch community. Thank you for your time on this matter
With the permission of rules team (granted by /u/Nitsuj83, for the record,) I'll actually be fielding this one.

Revisiting variant strains of HMHVV will require a council decision, and all strains will have to be reviewed and individual decisions rendered. This will be brought before the council for review, and a decision will be rendered after deliberation. However, in this particular instance, I will speak as the head of the character review division, and provide you with an explanation of why playing a Sukuyan may not necessarily be the most viable course of action. There are multiple reasons that the Sukuyan strain of HMHVV would not be seen as a viable alternative to Vampire, and will be listed below. 1) It removes Induced Dormancy (Lack of Air), as well as the modifiers to Swim tests. This, in turn, means that you could, in theory, live completely underwater and never see the surface. 2) Vulnerability (Wood), and fluff notes regarding "intense psychological stress and discomfort around spiritual objects," while indeed keeping them closer to the traditional depiction of a vampire from myth (see: Bram Stoker's "Dracula,") in truth make them, in terms of the setting, much more of a forcedly unique, almost Mary Sue-esque character. The reasoning behind this is that if your character is already a Vampire per the HMHVV strain, they already have all of the strengths and weaknesses associated with being a vampire. Mechanically, the benefits of being a Sukuyan (swimming bonuses, lack of Induced Dormancy from lack of air) are far more powerful than the associated maluses that come with it (Vulnerability to Wood, Dietary Requirement of Salt.) There is, functionally, no reason that your character would need to be a "double-Vampire" for any reason whatsoever.

As for the lore, allow me to state my piece on the matter, and members of Rules or Lore may correct me if they see fit. Being a metahuman with an HMHVV strain already carries with it a massive social stigma. You are one of the Infected. And a lot of normal, everyday people, and even your fellow runners, will hate you for it. Being a particularly special and rare strain of Infected, restricted to a specific location/bloodline/genotype/however you choose to interpret only specific people from the Caribbean becoming Sukuyans, adds an extra layer of rarity to the already uncommon HMHVV-Infected state. In addition to that, let us also take into account that Sukuyans are clearly sought out by corporations for research and testing, per HT. They are ALSO sought out by human traffickers for "easily controllable Awakened beasts" due to their susceptibility to Awakened drugs and toxins from Awakened para-critters. As such, a Sukuyan would have the following issues in the Seattle of 2077 presented by ShadowNET: They are likely to be the only one of their kind in Seattle. They will be actively sought out and hunted by organized crime syndicates, corporations, and anti-Infected activists - possibly even targeted for a black-bag op or with a bounty placed on their head. The stigma of being some "weird" kind of Infected that the people of Seattle are not used to will cause contact development and location of work to become even more difficult than average. (Which, despite the way ShadowNET works, is actually pretty hard!) The "new dynamic" that they would add to vampires can be easily dealt with with the simple addition of a salt shaker to their Lifestyle. Or they could live off of Bloody Maries with extra blood. And as punny and, admittedly, kind of interesting as that could be, it just doesn't justify adding them as a concrete variant to Vampires. Being easily able to stay hidden in public if the necessary precautions are taken is something that most runners have to deal with. Being SINless at any point throughout your life makes that a necessity. Being a runner makes it fairly important too. As a result, sticking to the shadows isn't necessarily something that is an issue in this case. Staying hidden keeps everyone alive, SURGEd, mundane, chromed, Awakened, and Infected alike.

I hope this information has answered your request in a definitive and clear manner.
Rules Thread III
MagicFor spells like destroy(weapon) how many boxes do guns have?Assume any device without a clear means to determine it's physical boxes has 8 boxes of physical damage and is immune to stun damage (though electric damage would deal physical against anything a GM deemed sufficiently electronic.)Rules Thread III
ArmorWhat is the damage for the Shock Frills armor mod (core, 438)? Searching the shadowrun reddit shows that yes, Catalyst did another Catalyst, and most people seem to say damage equal to shock hand, but since it's another missing rule, I'd say it's a rules team decision.We will operate on the assumption that it is damage equal to shock gloves - 8S(e) AP-5.Rules Thread III
RiggingWhen using drones slaved to an RCC running the Swarm Program and Clearsight, and I use a function of their sensor suite for perception, is the dice pool increased to:

Clearsight + Pilot + (Swarm -1) [Sensor+ (Swarm-1)]?

Additionally, what determines when Electronic Warfare is used vs Perception when attempting to perceive things with a drone operator?
To the first part, correct. To the second, it is the discretion of the roller when using a sensor array (and only an array). Otherwise, it is perception.Rules Thread III
GearQuestion came up a few days ago, so just dropping it here.

Essentially, can micro cameras be slotted into the capacity of wearable imaging devices, such as contacts, glasses, goggles, etc, or is that capacity strictly for vision enhancements only?

Alternatively, since they're electronic imaging devices, could software just be used to record what the device is seeing, rather than requiring a dedicated camera to be built in, much like just recording what a monitor is displaying in reality.
Visual capacity is typically distinct from any other form of capacity, however, any device capable of taking any vision enhancement is also capable of recording flat video.Rules Thread III
ArmorSo, curious if other sets of armour that could be considered full body armour, such as Urban Explorer with a helmet, could be modified with chemseal, into their capacity, or is the ruling in the rules answers document (#20) going to be upheld.Any set of armor that comes with a helmet can be made chemseal, but you must pay the cost in capacity in the body of the armor, and must be wearing the helmet. Full body armor can make use of the capacity-free chemseal, at the cost of drastically raising the availability. Since Full Body Armor is not subject to upgrade rules as such, this makes it "milspec" according to our player rules, and typically requires a run in order to acquire.Rules Thread III
AugmentationAs mentioned in the rules chat, would like some solid clarifications on what concealability modifiers can fit in the various smuggling compartments, as following:

Smuggling compartment Skin pocket Large smuggling compartment And, for completeness' sake: Cyber holster Cyberarm Slide

Additionally, I'd like to ask what the effect on concealability you think making a weapon capable of being broken down would apply, for purposes of being squeezed into a smuggling compartment, if any.
A smuggling compartment can hold concealability -1 or lower. If broken down, it can hold concealability 0 or lower.

A skin pocket functions as above. A large smuggling compartment can store concealability +1 or lower. If broken down, it can store concealability +2 or lower. A cyberarm slide can store a taser, a hold-out pistol, or a light pistol. It can store nothing else. A cyber holster can store items with a concealibility of 0 or lower.

Concealability as a kludge for storage space is not additive in any sense, but if you're storing an item that caps out your concealability, you likely do not have much more space. Don't be a dumbshit.
Rules Thread III
MagicNotable AnnouncementAny entity with the Magician quality or Mystic Adept quality (notably player characters who possess either, and ally spirits, though not normal spirits) may erase any residual astral signature within [MAGIC] meters of themselves, assuming they are astrally perceiving and subject to the rules on Page 312 of the Core Rulebook, Second Printing.Rules Thread IV
WeaponsCrossbows lack any detailing about what modslots they have. This is important due to their low accuracy and undefined potential for a smargun system.

Smartguns can be retrofitted internally to firearms. They can be retrofitted externally to top or underbarrel mounts.

Can a Crossbow mount a smartgun? No, like a Traditional bow, or Yes, like a Compound bow.
Crossbows can mount an internal smartgun systemRules Thread IV
AugmentationDoes Reduced Sense: Smell have any interaction with Tailored Pheromones at all? I don't think it would, and if it did it would basically be a positive quality in that regard. However, some people argue that it would reduce the effects of the pheromones since you can't smell them as well.Reduced Sense: Smell has no interaction with Tailored Pheromones.Rules Thread IV
GMPDoes Karma gained from GMP count towards Career Karma, and does it give street cred?Yes and YesRules Thread IV
MagicCan we legalize the following spells for PC use? There's no good reason for them being NPC only other than Catalyst being dumbs:

Hose (Bloody Business) Tsunami (Bloody Business)

These are both just water versions of the flamethrower spell group, there's no real reason for them to be npc only.
Unfortunately there's no good way to do this in our setting. I want to avoid small houserules like this, as there's no good way to keep a record of them, so I will not be doing such at this time. Sorry.Rules Thread IV
AugmentationI'm curious if we could upgrade the customised attributes on a cyberlimb when we move between grades (IE: Alpha->Beta), or is this a case where the customisation can only be chosen at limb purchase, and cannot be altered without completely replacing the limb, at full cost.Customization can be upgraded per the upgrade rules, though doing it while upgrading grades makes the math weird and not really in your favor.Rules Thread IV
ToxinIs it possible to apply poison to a blade and then reholster it? (Also still haven't found the page for the toxin applying thing, all I remember is that it was a simple action)I see no problem with this. It would be bad for the sword, but we don't track a lot of things runners do that are stupid bad for their weapons, and it isn't going to make knives and swords broken or anything. I am willing to call poisoning a blade a ready item action.Rules Thread IV
VampireIs creating Renfield (seen in Hard Targets 127/128) legal for player character vampires?Renfield is not legal for player use, per the Hard Targets approval post. If for some reason it's not banned in the above, I'll be filing an emergency ruling.Rules Thread IV
MagicWhen you get a free power from a mentor spirit that you already have, does that free up the pp or do you get a second rank in it?(say you have combat sense, or improved ability, would you get a second rank, or stay at 1 rank but have the pp to allocate to either the same ability or another one)The points are refunded, though obviously this only applies to acquisition of mentor spirits post-gen.Rules Thread IV
MagicIt indeed requires the spirit to be capable of physically lifting you, meaning air spirits are actually a rather bad way to catch a ride.Rules Thread IV
AugmentationI'm curious if a nephritic screen (pg 113, CF) can reduce the duration of a drug below zero? Like, for example, if I have an R6 nephritic screen, and I take kamikaze, will I have d6*10 minutes, -60 minutes, to a minimum of 10 minutes, similar to how some drugs like psyche interact with people with high body ratings, or would the duration of the kamikaze be below or equal to zero, and as such, have essentially no effect aside from immediate crash?The Nephritic Screen cannot reduce the duration of a drug below one unit of duration, which typically means 10 minutes for short-duration drugs and 1 hour for long-duration drugs, but can vary.Rules Thread IV
MagicNotable AnnouncementAny entity who has cast a spell through any means may erase their own residual signatures, assuming they are within 1 (one) meter of it's location. This does not require any qualities, nor does it require astral perception in any way. One can be assumed to be aware of their own, and only their own, signatures, as long as they can recall and locate their casting location. This uses the same actions and is otherwise subject to the rules on Page 312 of the Core Rulebook, Second Printing.Rules Thread IV
MagicOI! Voro, looking forward to you answering this.

Pg. 310 of Core States: Any sense enhancement provided by cyberware or bioware can be provided by this power, unless that enhancement either gives you bonus dice to Perception Tests or needs wireless to work (or both).

Would an Adept who takes Improved Sense (Olfactory) be able to smell things that no regular person would be able to smell, as per the cyberware Olfactory Booster, but without the bonus dice?
Adepts may take the Improved Sense power with selection (Olfactory), making scent a "discrete" sense in the same way as an Olfactory Booster does. It does not include the ability to filter out scents, any bonus dice, or any of the nifty stuff a vomeronasal organ does, but does allow you the same degree of precision a cyber-shnozz with similar dice would.Rules Thread IV
WeaponsPosting this as a record from the discord chat, question was:

'Which is, what average attributes are used for the purposes of wielding heavy weapons, such as MMG's & HMG's?

Like, would it be full body average, or the average of legs/torso/arms, since it doesn't really involve the skull, or, just the arms because shadowrun cyberlimb physics, or, you know, whatever.'
For the purposes of wielding heavy weapons, only the arms are utilized, as previously stated in discord (after this was posted, I believe.)Rules Thread IV
MatrixIn order to run Diagnostics on device, it does not need to grant bonus dice to the action - granting bonus dice is entirely incidental and has nothing to do with the use of Diagnostics. Notably, Berwick suits, which grants bonus dice, cannot be daignostics'd for social tests. It must be a wireless on device, and be a primary device used in the action. Diagnostics on a gun, if you're shooting, or your cyberarms, both are valid, but not much else. It is ultimately up to GM discretion but you should ask "If you did not have this device, could you perform this action? No? Can't diagnostics it."Rules Thread IV
EdgeIf a player makes a roll with say, 7 dice and gets a glitch (4 1's, 2 hits) and either Pushes the Limit or Second Chances, does the result stay a glitch? It seems to me as though it must, as else they would be using two edge points: The first to Close Call and negate the Glitch implicitly, and the second to roll more dice.Neither using Push the Limit nor Second Chance will alter whether or not a roll is a glitch. If it's a glitch, the extra dice will not make it not-a glitch. If it's not a glitch, it won't become one, even if all the extra dice roll as 1s.

Using edge to negate a glitch is still a thing, of course, but it is seperate, and you can only edge a roll or action once.

EDIT: Somehow missed Nitsuj answering, sorry for the double-up.
Rules Thread IV
AugmentationVoro asked for this to be threaded a while back but apparently it was forgotten so I'm picking up the slack.

Can the Radar Sensor from CF pg. 81 be installed in sensors (arrays)?

ETA: Just for the sanity check because sensor functions don't normally carry a cost. Does is carry the same cost as when installed as ware?
No cyberware inside of gear.Rules Thread IV
MagicNotable AnnouncementNo more than one point of edge can be spent on any specific test or action at one time. The previous has always been in effect, being directly ripped from the core rulebook, but shall be interpreted to err on the harsher side, notably precluding spending edge on both a spellcasting (or alchemy, or summoning, or binding) roll and on the drain resistance roll, as they both arise from the same action.Rules Thread IV
MagicWhat roll (if any) does an adept need to make to detect things with the Magic Sense power?Magic+Magic is the roll used for the Magic Sense adept power by the adept. It is at the GM's discretion how the rolling is handled. I suggest no more than one roll per scene.Rules Thread IV
MagicHow does the Maintain Warmth adept power interact with the "Cold Blooded" metagenic negative quality?The Maintain Warmth adept power does not interact with the Cold Blooded metagenic negative quality in any way.Rules Thread IV
CombatIs the Example "Shooting Into Melee" from SR5 190 in effect?As per the Rules Head it is encouraged to use this rule for a glitch or even a crit glitch but not as a standard rule.Rules Thread IV
AugmentationA discussion on Discord turned up this inconsistency:

Muscle Toner: "This bioware is incompatible with augmentations that increase Agility, including the muscle replacements cyberware" Muscle Augmentation: "This bioware is incompatible with augmentations that increase Strength, including the muscle replacements cyberware." Muscle replacements though... have a different wording. "It cannot be combined with other augmentations to the muscles, including muscle augmentation or muscle toner bioware" Which causes conflict with the Suprathyroid Gland one way, but not the other way. With the intent seeming to be that you can't get +2 from one source and +2 from another source to avoid the high Availability of say Muscle Toner 4, the question is: Is the Suprathyroid Gland incompatible with Muscle Augmentation and Muscle Toner bioware?

credit to Rinnolk
A Suprathyroid Gland will stack with Muscle Replacement, but not with Muscle Toner or Muscle Augmentation.Rules Thread IV
MagicDo sustained or quickened spells follow the usual rules for perceiving magic? At what range does this perception happen? How much information does the perception give (i.e., can they pinpoint the source?) While I'm mostly asking because Black Magic walks around with quickened spells, I'm also curious for the implications for things like Stealth and Invisibility.Sustained and Quickened Spells are not perceptible to entities on the meat only except where their effects are obvious. An astrally percieving entity can spot the aura of the spell about it's sustainer and it's locus, if any.Rules Thread IV
RiggingTwo questions!

Question 1: Can drones use or benefit from Small Unit Tactics? Do they each roll individually(with whatever skills they may have or defaults) or does the rigger roll once for all of them?

Question 2: Can drones use small unit tactics softs of some kind, to assist in teamwork stuff like this?
Drones cannot benefit from Small Unit Tactics, nor may they assist in any way with them (aside from as additional firepower to back a squad making use of SUT)Rules Thread IV
MagicThis was posted in Rules (and got a "no") but I wanted to make a record of it, because, uh, important: Can I actually use analyze device on a foci and thereby increase the efficacy of the foci? I.e. use analyze device on a rating 1 power foci, get 5 hits, now it functions as a rating 6 power foci? Because this was suggested to me and seems insaneYou can use Analyze Device on the Device portion of the foci. I.E. If you have a gun thats a power foci then analyze device will let you shoot better, however it has no effect on the foci portion of it.Rules Thread IV
MagicChrome Flesh says Snuff gives +1 Reaction and Pain Resistance 1. This is silly because Pain Resistance is an adept power. Only really relevant when it comes to overdose rules though. Hence, my question is, are we treating Pain Resistance 1 (from Snuff) and High Pain Tolerance 3 (from Kami) as overlapping effects for the purposes of dying from overdose.So that was a typo as confirmed by several freelancers. It is in fact supposed to be High Pain Tolerance 1 and does trigger OD rules from things like Kami.Rules Thread IV
MatrixQuestion regarding the Signature quality for a hacker character. Say that you hack a host during the legwork part of the run and you leave behind your little signature thingy... are you required to leave another one later on during the actual run (physical or AR)?

ETA: Hardware skill and the cyberdeck spec.

In an effort to cheese the life out of the hardware skill would a cyberdeck spec apply to the matrix action Jack Out? Or is it limited to doing actual, physical work on a cyberdeck?
It should be left at the pinnacle of the job, not during legwork. But mechanical effect applies no matter where it's left and no matter how often.

That's the direct quote from Grand Master Rules Head himself. Its fine if you use the matrix to disseminate your signature but it shouldn't be done during legwork, but always at the apex of the job.

To your second question yes you are allowed to benefit from the spec.
Rules Thread IV
RiggingCouple of rigger questions(again):

If a weapon is in the weapon mount of a drone or vehicle, and the drone or vehicle is destroyed, can the weapon be recovered from the weapon mount?

What weapon mounts does the Ares Duelist have? Rigger 5.0 currently lists light mounts, which are vehicile mounts. The closest drone mount approximation is the Standard mount.
If a drone or vehicle with a mounted weapon is destroyed, the weapon can be recovered, but only if the chassis is capable of being worked on. Weapons in mounts must be removed, as per the modification rules, in order to be retrieved. Catastrophic damage (explosives, fireballs, rocks falling) are completely capable of nullifying the previous at GM discretion. EDIT: Forgot the second half. An Ares Duelist has Standard (drone) mounts instead of Light (vehicle) mounts.Rules Thread IV
MagicAre active detection spells (like Detect Life, Extended) noticed by people in the area the way other spells are, i.e., at Spellcasting - 6 perception threshold? Or are they only noticed by those near the caster? Do they leave an astral signature in the whole area? Do they penetrate walls? Edit: Nevermind, I realized that the spell endows the target with a sense, and the area is the area covered by that sense, and therefore not actually part of the spell itself.Your edit is correct. Sustained spells, including active detection spells, are not detectable by numinous perception.Rules Thread IV
MagicRegarding the test to check if a spirit goes free on Page 202 of SG, does a spirit become uncontrolled when they run out of services?A spirit becomes uncontrolled upon running out of services, either due to expenditure or Banishing. It can then roll it's Edge (which is it's Force divided by 2) against a threshold 3 test. Unbound spirits take a -4 penalty, and spirits with memorable or frequent experiences with metahumanity (GM discretion - assume no) get a +2 bonus.Rules Thread IV
ToxinIs there a Toxin Vector hierarchy? For example Injection > Ingestion > Inhalation > Contact ?

Do items which provide immunity one vector provide immunity to a toxin that has multiple vectors?

Do toxins with multiple vectors attack on all vectors when used or just the most applicable vector to the attack method?
Injecting a toxin will apply injection or contact vectors. Inhalation and Ingestion have no overlap whatsoever, and an Injection vector will have no effect if merely in contact. A gas mask will provide no protection against Inhalation/Contact vectors, unless something is preventing the toxin from contacting the skin. In essence, a toxin always works against the least-protected applicable route.Rules Thread IV
AugmenationCyberfoot stats are only taken into account when an action is done with just the foot as per Voro, but do Cyberfeet affect movement rate?Cyberfoott agility does not affect movement rate, though you are strongly encouraged to at least customize your foot's agility. Otherwise it's a bit like your foot's always asleep, which would be awkward.Rules Thread IV
AugmentationWhat happens when someone shoots at a Smart Firing Platform (Core Rulebook pg 433)? I'm assuming it doesn't get a dodge roll, because that would be silly. But does it have some threshold to hit because it's a small target? And how much damage can it take? I didn't see anything saying the smart firing platform is banned (unless there's a banned equipment list I couldn't find), but there don't seem to be clear rules on how this mod is handled in game.The Smart Firing Platform should be treated as the Mitsuhama Gun Turret on Page 133 of Rigger 5, except it lacks armor and comes with the autosofts mentioned in it's description. This means it cannot dodge, it soaks attacks with 2 body, no armor, and it has 7 boxes. It gains normal defensive bonuses from cover, if placed appropriately, and may be subject to minor defensive modifiers for size at GM discretion (suggest a threshold 2 to strike instead of threshold 1 when mounted with an SMG or smaller weapon)Rules Thread IV
Rigging"When you’re jumped into a vehicle, drone, or other device, the limits of that device are increased by the rating of your control rig.This includes vehicle and drone Sensor, Speed, and Handling, and the Accuracy of mounted weapons when used by the rigger." CRB 266

Talking to Rin we were discussing how this worked in relation to acceleration, the consensus was "if its a vehicle test increase the limit no matter what but do not increase the stat". So is that right? that would make more sense then "Becoming one with your machine makes your car go faster" but it could have potential effects on the power of riggers because i think a lot of DM's treat it as "Increase your speed by CR".

Planning a Wheelman run on the 22nd so I'd love to hear back before then one way or another.
ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicDoes magical water (as in, created by a spell) have the same effects as regular water. The -2 for shooting into or through it, the -1dv per meter, the +1 noise per 10 cm, ect. Specifically, if someone cast the spell [Element] Wall and chose water to create a 1 meter thick barrier between them and an attacker, do the usual rules for shooting through/into water apply?ANSWERRules Thread IX
WeaponsCan two bows be used to make two attacks with the multiple attacks action? Assume the character has 4 arms, is ambidextrous, and has two reloaded bows at the start of the turn. The core rulebook does not list bows as one of the compatible weapon types for the multiple attacks option (firearms and melee only), so I'd like clarification before submitting my dual-bow wielding character.ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicElectrical discharge? How does it work? (Page 120 - CHROME FLESH).

The text mentions that the user is as vulnerable to the discharge as anyone else, and there is an electroshock mod for orthoskin on page 116 (Again, CHROME FLESH) that gives the user +4 Body to resist the damage OF said discharge.

Why not armor? Is it resisted only with body on the user? Do they take damage at all whenever they use the mod, or only when they glitch? How do said Gravity spells interact with Vehicles
Treat a vehicles body rating as its strength for the purposes of Gravity Well. Penalties will apply to tests at the GM's discretion, since vehicles don't really have physical attributes included in a dice pool, generally speaking.Rules Thread IX
RacesAre the Sukuyan still banned because in the hard targets ban list it is, but there was a Council ruling to unban everything except the Mutaqua, Loup-garou, and Nosferatu? Thread IX
RiggingCan you mount an atomizer on a drone as a weapon or gear? What size weapon mount would it require?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicFor SR5 280 and the perception check to notice magic, do you have to notice the target of the magic before you can roll to notice the magic?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MatrixWhat skill would you use for playing matrix games? Would prefer an answer that isn't "GM Fiat", since I plan to invest heavily in such a skill and would prefer for that investment not to be worthless depending on what table I am on.Playing matrix games isn't really a defined action in the game, so of coure it will include a healthy amount of GM fiat. However, the closest active skill would be the 'Computers' skill.Rules Thread IX
MagicCan mindnet (108 street grim) affect willing critters. Mind net is based off mind link (CRB 287) that says subject. The subjects can talk, send pictures and emotions over mind net.ANSWERRules Thread IX
QualityHow biocompatability works is that it reduces the grade modifier of your 'ware by 10%, then rounds it down to the nearest 0.1.

For example, alphaware has a modifier of 0.8. Biocompatability would reduce this to 0.7. Another example would be used grade, which has a modifier of 1.25, gets reduces by 10%, to 1.125, then rounded down to 1.1.

Adapsin is simply a flat 10% off the essence cost with no rounding, after all other modifiers have been applied.
Rules Thread IX
MagicCan Mysads who don't have access to sorcery, still us adept rituals?Mystic Adepts who don't have sorcery can still use adept ritualsRules Thread IX
AugmentationCHEMGLANDS! If you're always on the drug, but you don't run during the time between addiction tests (say a Kami-gland - two weeks) do you still make an addiction test at the end of the two weeks when the normal addiction test would be made?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicThe pacifist adept ability reduces the limits and "number of 1's required to glitch" of attackers. What happens if either of these is reduced to 0? Does a roll with a 6 or less dice pool with "-3 1's required to glitch" automatically glitch, or still require at least a single rolled 1 to glitch? Does a roll with a limit of 0 automatically fail?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicCan enemies Run For Your Life to escape the area of a Gravity Well? (Forbidden Arcana, Page 50)An existing 'net houserule on the subject of run for your life is 'You’re allowed to use this for all AoE attacks.' and as such, can use it on area effect spells such as Gravity Well.Rules Thread IX
MagicHow persistent is water/fire/earth created by [Element] Wall once you stop sustaining it?

Can the wall created by [Element] Wall be shaped by Shape [Material]? Would the wall spell be affected at all by Shape [Material] being cast on it? What sort of damage would, say, a earth wall or similar normally non-damaging element do if any? Can Shape [Material] work on any other spells, such as the aura of elemental energies produced by [Element] Aura?

Shape [Material] says it has to reduce the Structure of non-loose materials(presumably to 0). What structure does it have AFTER you finish shaping? Does the structure restore back to normal or something else?
ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicQi Sculpt: "Qi sculpt allows the adept to remove qi from one power and temporarily add it to another power in which they already have invested power points. For each level of initiate grade, the adept can shift 0.25 PP of one adept power to another power. The enhanced power cannot have more levels than the adept’s Magic rating." (Street Grimoire, pg. 156) It seems, as worded, to move power points from one power to another per activation. Can this metamagic be used multiple times concurrently? Whether or not it's limited to one use seems to have pretty drastic implications about how to use it.ANSWERRules Thread IX
MatrixTechno Errata when?Techno errata will happen when/if it ever becomes official rather than provisional.Rules Thread IX
CombatRules Team would like to announce that the RAW text on Interrupt Actions and Full Defense indicate that you must have the full initiative price of the interrupt action remaining in order to take the interrupt action.

This means you must have 10 initiative on the clock in order to take the Full Defense action. You must have the full price of any interrupt action that does not explicitly state that you may dip below 0 in order to perform it.

It has come to my attention that it has been treated otherwise, and that I should make a public posting to clear up this issue. Hence, this posting.
Rules Team would like to announce that the RAW text on Interrupt Actions and Full Defense indicate that you must have the full initiative price of the interrupt action remaining in order to take the interrupt action.

This means you must have 10 initiative on the clock in order to take the Full Defense action. You must have the full price of any interrupt action that does not explicitly state that you may dip below 0 in order to perform it.

It has come to my attention that it has been treated otherwise, and that I should make a public posting to clear up this issue. Hence, this posting.
Rules Thread V
MagicCan you select "Corrosive Mist" as the element for the [Element] Wall spell listed on page 115 of Street Grimoire? And if so, will the wall in question be allowed to deal acid damage?Yes, and yes.Rules Thread V
MagicHow does the Warrior's Way Barrage enhancement interact with contact trigger alchemical preparations? On top of that, is it useable with any throwing weapon or simply improvised ones? The start of the entry only mentions improvised, but the entry then reads "The adept must have either two or more throwing weapons or a gamemaster-approved handful of improvised weapons readied to use this technique. "Entirely at GM discretion, as there is too much variance, but I suggest allowing only one prep to hit a given target per net hit on narrow choke, and only one period on medium or wide choke.Rules Thread V
MatrixI have a few questions regarding Technomancer abilities, Sprites, and the way they interact.

Does using Cleaner Target: Persona • Duration: P • FV: L + 1 Illegal actions leave traces in the Matrix, but the Resonance can erase a few of them. Make a Simple Software + Resonance [Level] test. For each hit, reduce the target’s Overwatch Score by 1. To reduce a target's Overwatch Score to 0 prevent Overwatch Score from accumulating due to time?

Second; is it possible for a Sprite to share Marks with the Technomancer, or other Sprites the Techno owns, or vice-versa? This seems like it would be written down somewhere in the book but I can't find it anywhere.

Lastly, does a Registered Sprite that has returned to the Resonance lose Marks and OS as though its Persona had been reset?
Using cleaner and dropping OS to 0 will prevent it from continuing to accumulate.

A sprite and a technomancer do not share marks.

A Registered Sprite that returns to the resonance loses all marks and OS as if their persona were reset.
Rules Thread V
MedicineAre the care under fire rules about progressive wounds in BB optional or not?The Care Under Fire rules in Bullets and Bandages are not optional, and are not in effect. They should not be used.Rules Thread V
AugmentationJust wanted to ask if there could be some clarification on the ranges that the 'Weapon Launcher' cyber-weapon upgrade in Chrome Flesh (p92) uses, since it seems somewhat unclear from the description.The Weapon Launcher cyberweapon will use taser ranges, barring future errata.Rules Thread V
MagicWhat happens when a mage who is sustaining a LOS range spell has their line of sight to the effect or target broken?Absolutely nothing. LOS is only required to start the spellRules Thread V
MatrixIs Teamwork applied before or after split dicepool?In general, assume things are applied before a split, though if you are splitting by using two firearms and both are being Diagnostics'd, you may add the bonus twice.Rules Thread V
CombatWhat modifiers affect the riposte and counterstrike interrupt actions from Run&gun? Specifically reach, as others tend to be more universal. Do full defense and (preemptive) dodge/block/parry actions add to the pool?

The intent seems to be that one makes an attack roll where agi is replaced by rea vs an attack roll, in which case reach would not apply. Nor would the defensive interrupts.

Additionaly what defensive actions can be used against clinching? As normal?
Defensive interrupts do not affect Riposte and Counterstrike. Reach does not, either. Defensive interrupts apply against Clinch as usual.Rules Thread V
MagicWhen an initiate is masking, what options are there for the appearance of their aura?

I have been told that it is mundane, higher magic or lower magic.

Altering your aura to appear as anything else requires flexible signature.
You can appear as whatever you would like, though it will not alter whether or not you are present on the Astral. Flexible Signature is used to alter the signatures you leave behind when you cast spells, and has nothing to do with your personal aura.Rules Thread V
MagicIs there a way of Quickening a ritual? Specifically Circle of Healing for Oxygenate, if it makes a differenceThere is not, to my knowledge, a way to quicken a ritual, though some rituals allow themselves to be made permenant via a karma expenditure. My knowledge is not total and this post is not meant to close off any method that is enumerated somewhere I am unaware of.Rules Thread V
MagicKay can you qualify for an ordeal before you can actually initiate again?As long as you don't go on a run in the intervening time before you actually can initiate.Rules Thread V
MagicFor the purposes of Silver Tongued Devil, what post errata adept power is required? Additionally, what is the official reference for that adept power?Silver Tongued Devil requires the Commanding Voice power, found in Stolen Souls, on page 191, as opposed to the Commanding Voice power in Street Grimoire, which was removed in the SG errata.Rules Thread V
ArmorCan armor be upgraded to have YNT softweave? Or does it have to be bought that way.A piece of armor may be upgraded after it's purchase with YNT softweave.Rules Thread V
MagicCerebral boosters, being cultured bioware, are basically part of your body. Do you gain the effects of the boosters while using the Shapechance spell?While shapechanged, yes.Rules Thread V
DrugsThe core rulebook lacks an addiction rating and threshold for Deepweed, but the french version of the core rulebook has it as Addiction Rating 4, Threshold 2. Do we use the french rules or ignore their existence?The french rules of Addiction Rating 4, Threshold 2, are appropriate at this time, until Catalyst provides something else.Rules Thread V
ToxinsSo are we allowed to put anything besides toxins/drugs in gas grenades? Things like wood pulp or insecticide? What about putting them in paint grenades? And if so what would the cost of them be?Wood pulp will not be permitted in gas grenades. Insecticide will - a dose will cost 40 nuyen, have an availability of 4, and have no meaningful effect on metahumans (for simplicity as much as anything.) Paint grenades cannot take anything inside them except paint and the tracking paint explicitly enumerated in their entry.Rules Thread V
GearCould parachutes from 4e Arsenal be used on the 'net? Could Houserules be made for wingsuits? Here is a gyazo of the rules for parachutes from 4e Arsenal.While the wording is unclear, I can imagine no reason for them to have a duration if they do not function pre-emptively, so both Neostigmine and Odansetron will function when taken pre-emptively, assuming their duration is still in effect.

They will trigger drug interaction rolls, but will typically not cause overdose to come into play, due to their unique effects.

For the purposes of addiction, they will act as having a Rating of 2 and Threshold of 1, the same as Stim Patches, manly because I can find no other reasonable comparison. If anyone has a better idea, I am open to it.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationAre there any downsides to only getting cyber lower limbs vs full limbs? Voro: You average half with meat for stats using that limb rather than replacing fullyConfirmed for correctness.Rules Thread V
CritterHow do multiple or successive paralyzing howls stack, if at all?The greatest individual one in effect at a time is all that applies.Rules Thread V
ToxinsAre drones and spirits considered immune to toxins and pathogens? Are they immune to biology based attacks / status effects?Drones and spirits are immune to toxins, pathogens, and diseases, as well as anything that reasonably requires a biology. The only specific examples that come to mind are the Sonic Screech rifle (which includes spirits already) and the Fichetti Pain Inducer. Other specific examples should be run by Rules Team if there is any shred of doubt.Rules Thread V
QualityDoes the quality Strive For Perfection have anything to do with melee? For example does the disadvantage apply to attacks with melee requiring you to make called shots? And if so does the halving of the modifier also apply if that is the case?Strive For Perfection fully applies to melee attacks. Sharpshooter applies only to ranged attacks.Rules Thread V
MagicMist Form: The optional rule of taking gear with: Do it do?The optional rule of taking gear with one in Mist Form is in effectRules Thread V
QualityCan dwarves or elves take the Aged quality? Also, are spike babies allowed?No to bothRules Thread V
MatrixRules questions about blind TMs:

Does a technomancer with the blind trait suffer any penalties in interacting with the matrix via his living persona? Could he tell where the objects associated with AROs he percieves near him are in the physical world? Can he interpret video feeds he accesses through the matrix? Does being blind effect his ability to use sensor arrays with the electronic warfare skill?

Is the quality worth fewer points for a TM, the way it is for a character that can astrally sense?
Nah you're good buddy, visual is just the most common way to interact with the matrix. Effectively you can instead "hear" the matrix, the way I like to explain blind technomancers is they're like whales, echo-locating in the ocean. You'd have to be doing trace actions to get the exact locations but with training you might be able to avoid most people on the street if they happen to have a commlink or other wireless device active. Won't help in a crowd though.

Not rules so I can't make a ruling, but it's unlikely that he can view video feeds, the blind quality isn't just physical damage to eyes but also some form of damage or disuse of the visual cortex that needs to be repaired (by buying off the quality and having a surgery). Depends on what's in the array, ultrasound/cyberware/MAD/microphones/couple others might work for pinging things and getting a rough idea of what's happening, but visual light is out, possibly infrared too. Again not rules but that seems like how things would shake out.

As for the quality costing less, no, astral sight is way better than using workarounds that deckers or reasonably tech literate blind runners could use.
Rules Thread V
MagicCan a character gain an aligned BGC at their home, or the location of their magical lodge? Voro said a 2 aspected BGC would naturally develop where a lodge would be placed, but directed me to thread it.

The reason I ask this question is because without access to an aligned BGC it is very difficult to make Artificing viable, and I'm interested in going that direction for a character. For the aid of the rules team in determining how to rule on this issue (in game balance terms), here is what an aligned BGC 2 would allow an artificer to do. The benefits from a BGC higher than 2 over a BGC of 2 are negligible. TL;DR You can get higher-availability foci without a private run, and early foci for much cheaper, but only you can upgrade them. The cost/benefit tapers off quickly, and goes quite negative if the mage was only intending to get power foci; with other foci the total cost becomes better. My personal opinion is that it isn't very optimal, but that it is interesting! And I'd like to try out the concept. Acquire a low-rating power foci for much less money, with only a limited investment of karma. Artificing 1, spec: power focus and 6 magic would trivially allow the acquisiton of a rating 2 power focus for the cost of ~3 RVP. Normally a Rating 2 power focus would cost 18 RVP. The Artificing 1 and spec would cost 9 karma, meaning that the character would gain, via this strategy, approximately 6 RVP (we are assuming that magic would be increased independently). The primary drawback of this strategy is that the focus could only be upgraded by the character in question, and the artificing math gets a lot worse over time. Other foci types would also come at a discount, but in practice the nuyen cost of non-power foci at such low rating is very small. Higher-rating power foci would require increasing skill investment, and likely also the investment of a second power focus and a qi focus to boost artisan. Getting a rating 3 foci 40% of the time would require the investment of 25 RVP in exchange for a discount of 24 RVP -- a loss of 1 RVP net. A rating 4 foci 40% of the time would require 52 RVP investment and generate savings of 32 RVP. A rating 5 40% of the time would require 73 karma and yield a discount of 40. At higher ratings, however, scumming for good rolls becomes and effective strategy (see below). Additionally, large spans of downtime (during which no runs are possible) are required for these attempts. The character would receive substantial discounts to foci beyond their power foci. This would push the RVP saved by artificing into positive territory, but would likely require the character to purchase niche and non-optimal foci. The character might get lucky and get a stronger-than-average foci than they intended. This ends up being the optimal strategy for higher-rating foci; a rating 5 can be gotten 24% of the time with an investment of only 43 karma (savings of 40). However, it would take, on average, a month, and numerous six-day periods wherein no running was possible.

For more detail, feel free to look at my spreadsheet, under the "artificing" tab.
Any character with a Force 6 or higher lodge can be assumed to have a BGC of 2 aligned towards their tradition within that lodge.

Any character with a Force 1 to Force 5 lodge can be assumed to have a BGC of 1 aligned towards their tradition within that lodge.

This includes temporary lodges made through reagents.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationWhen a cyberlimb addon has both an essence and a capacity listed,

If you install it into the meat, you pay only the essence, correct?

If you install it into the cyber, you pay only the capacity, correct?
That is correct, assuming your post remains uneditedRules Thread V
MagicCan a Bone Spike be made into a weapon foci?It cannot.Rules Thread V
CritterDoes Called Shot: Vitals stop the regeneration power? If no for unspecified use, Does it stop regen if the player specifically states they are targeting the head?It does not automatically, but may at GM discretionRules Thread V
WeaponsSo what exactly are the concealability mods for the different crossbows? The special one from R&G included, as core just says "crossbow" at +6 and nothing else.Pistol Crossbows are +0 concealability. Light Crossbows are +5 concealability, Medium are +6, Heavy are +7. These values are close enough to the core book's listing for "crossbows" that if the GM is not aware, they will not make a grevious mistake - it is also acceptable to simply assume that any non-pistol crossbow is +6.Rules Thread V
AugmentationI'm bumping these questions again. Additionally, I have 2 more:

1.) Does geneware (Narco, Double Elastin, etc...) become rejected if a character gets HMHVV infected? Normally, only deltaware is compatible with HMHVV, but geneware doesn't have grades.

2.) Do Power foci add a bonus to a metasapient's magic abilities? For example, centaurs have the search power. If an awakened centaur has a power focus, could they add it's bonus to their dice rolls with the search power?
Geneware will not be rejected on the sole basis of being Infected, but the Regeneration power will push it out (regardless of source.) Power Foci do add to metasapient powers which involve Magic as an attribute in the roll.Rules Thread V
MagicIs it possible to change from one adept way to another? If yes, what happens to a metamagic that your prior way enabled you to access? does it stay? go away?It is possible to change adept ways. It costs 20 karma to do so. You retain all metamagics and other benefits of the art that you may have acquired, but are unable to gain new metamagics, rituals, and other perks except from the single, individual Path you are following at the time. You lose all power point discounts, but gain new ones according to your new path. This may result in a loss or gain in total power points spendable.Rules Thread V
RiggingWith the ban on Weapon Mounts from the core rulebook. what happens to drone that comes with a weapon mount, i.e the steel lynx. do we get refunded the cost of the weapon mount in order to buy the R5 version or do we just eat the cost?You should assume they come with the equivalent mount in R5Rules Thread V
RiggingIf I wanted to use the Glue spell on a car during a car chase, would the car count as one target, or would it require the Glue Strip spell for each tire (assuming that the car's mode of movement was wheeled)? Additionally, during the resistance test that the car would get on its turn, what would be used for its body and strength? Would speed play a role in the roll? Would a crash test possibly become involved if the car were to fail to resist completely? In short: Glue Strip and Cars: what happens?The car would count as a single object.

The car's body and strength are both equal to it's Body score. Speed is not a factor.

Crash tests are at GM discretion.
Rules Thread V
MatrixWhen a personas is running on a device, they form a single icon. Given that Reboot Device explicitly calls out that you cannot reboot personas: A runner cannot in any way reboot a deck or comm in active use?One cannot perform the Reboot Device action on a device running a persona, except for their own persona. Nor can they perform it on any persona that is not running through a device.Rules Thread V
AugmentationCan you have a reloading slide and a hidden arm slide in the same arm?YesRules Thread V
CritterWhat statblock would be used to refluff as a Fox?Raccoon. It is imperfect but the closest I can find.Rules Thread V
QualityIs there anything preventing me from stacking the cost reductions from Made Man, Black Market Pipeline, & Dealer Connection? It's an, uh, rather important question for me because my character may be stuck in chargen limbo until it's answered, since that's one of the few ways I can think of to make obtaining an Ares Venture at gen somewhat viable.The bonuses do stack if you manage to overlap that much and invest that hard, but my impression was always that such bonuses did not apply at chargen. It skews their value heavily, particularly with broad categories. If you contest this, though, I am willing to have my team look at it.Rules Thread V
MagicIs it possible to get a hold of multiple "Adept Spell" Qi Foci that you can toggle separately in order to cast a variation of spells?You may only have one Adept Spell Qi Focus bound at a time. If you wish to unbind it, you may change what spell you have. You may not have one bound if you have the Adept Spell power yourself.Rules Thread V
WeaponsAt the request of voro, scythes use what skill?Scythes use the "Blades" skill. If this causes a conflict on your sheet, please inform the Rules or Chargen heads and we'll get it sorted out.Rules Thread V
MagicCan you use a formula multiple times, to learn the spell with and without fetishes?You cannot. A fetish'd spell is it's own formula.Rules Thread V
QualityCan I ignore some of the penalties from deformity for Snek? Like locksmith, for instance. Having a snake tail instead of legs should have no impact on something like that.You cannot, in fact, ignore the penalties on qualities you have on your sheet. Even if they don't make total sense.Rules Thread V
WeaponsI have a series of questions about underwater weapons:

1.) Can the FN-AAL (R&G 26) use regular ammo variants like APDS and Ex-ex? 2.) Would grenade launchers used underwater face any penalties besides the -2 dice pool (R&G 158)? It seems kind of silly to launch grenades underwater, but per the RAW this seems like the best weapon to use against sea creatures.

4.) Do cyberfins and the power-swimming adept power stack (additive-ly or multiplicative-ly)?
The FN-AAL Gyrojet pistol cannot use regular ammo variants. The original R+G errata lists it's valid ammo types.

Grenade launchers, uh, apparently don't face any penalties underwater beyond what's listed in R+G.

Cyberfins and the power-swimming adept power stack additively.
Rules Thread V
WeaponsDid not find anything by searching and apparently this is something that needs a post that can be pointed to as it comes up from time to time.

Hand loaded ammo. How does the availability work? When you hand load yourself?

When buying them ready made from other people?
The availability when hand-loading rounds yourself is 4R for materials - notably, the extra gunpowder or more potent bullet-bits or whatever handwavium you're stuffing in there - and the cost of these materials is 10% of the round's cost. The availability when purchasing them from a third party is equal to the availability of the base round +4 (maintaining whatever Restricted/Forbidden status it may have had before), and the cost is 135% of the base round.Rules Thread V
MagicDoes a shapeshifter's Magic attribute go up by 1 in Metahuman form when you got the Magic A Priority? I don't understand why they have 6 Magic by the way, but it's going to be one of life's mysteries for me I suppose. Maybe animals are just naturally worse at magic.Shapeshifters will get unfucked after Catalyst finishes their errataRules Thread V
EdgeDoes burning edge ensure the PC's survival until the end of the scene? For example, say a PC falls off a cliff and burnt edge to survive the fall. Does burning edge protect the PC from the fall or can it also protect the PC from the environmental damage from being left with broken legs.Burning edge to invoke Not Dead Yet ensures PC survival until the end of the scene. As a rule, burning edge to invoke Not Dead Yet should ensure that one survives the scene, assuming they do not make an effort to re-enter the scene. It also should ensure they survive the run; if the runner takes it as a hard exit from the run, they should survive the run, as well, though it does not protect them from consequences such as not getting paid, notoriety, and ticking off their employer. However, none of these consequences should be equivalent to a "rocks fall, you die", even if it requires twisting the plot - a faked death, or something along those lines... They are in danger of dying again. If they simply lay there, they would appear to be dead, and through some contrivance of the plot, survive without burning further edge. If they continue to act - which is an option at the discretion of the GM - they would then be at risk of death, which could still be avoided by burning edge (again) to invoke Not Dead Yet.Rules Thread V
WeaponsShadowrun 4E p161-162 of Arsenal:

Large firearms (anything rifle-sized and larger) are typically used with two hands. A character wielding a large firearm with only one hand will suffer a –2 dice pool modifier to ranged attacks (–1 for trolls).

Is this rule in effect?
This rule is in effect, but is subject to changeRules Thread V
AugmentationHow do Adapsin and Biocompatability (cyberware) stack? Do they?Rules Thread V
RiggingSo in terms of the tools/parts modifier on the build/repair table, What exactly is the modifier for having a facility? Superior just says +1 or more and I'd want to know the exact bonusFor each step you exceed what is required for the task, you may recieve a +1. That is to say, if the task requires a tool kit and you have a shop, you get +1. If it requires a tool kit and you have a facility, you get a +2. If it requires a shop, and you have a facility, you get a +1. If it doesn't require anything, though, you can't recieve bonuses by shoehorning in a kit or shop or w/e.Rules Thread V
CritterQUESTION 1: Can a metahuman(or metasapient) use some of the critter cyberware listed on page 181 of Howling Shadows? I am specifically curious about Chameleon Pelt, in a PC which already has fur.

QUESTION 2: Is Chameleon Pelt compatible with any armor? It does not specifically say otherwise(other than being compatible with dermal plating and orthoskin), although logic dictates that full body armor(even full body critter armor) would obviously negate any benefits from Chameleon Pelt.

QUESTION 3: There are mention of titanium tooth and claw caps, but nothing mechanical listed except for a price of 500 nuyen. Unless rules are released for that, am assuming that those are non-functional, do not alter anything, and are for appearances only like casemods(or simply can't be purchased), correct? On page 181 as well.
Metasapients do not have access to critter cyberware, sorry. It opens up a lot of cases that are not supported by fluff.

Chameleon Pelt is not compatible with armor. It will still provide a -2 to perception checks in light armor, such as a vest-equivalent, but any jacket-style or full body armor will negate it entirely. However, it counts towards coverage for any Ruthenium Polymer Coating armor you may have.

Titanium tooth and claw caps have no mechanical effects - they likely exist to reduce the chance of damaging their claws, or to allow more potential for their claws, but these are not well represented and thus have no tied-in mechanics.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationCan the NANOMAINTENANCE SYSTEM (rigger 5, p 165) glitch? It only gets 4 dice maximum, so glitches are pretty likely eventually. Also, can you buy hits with NANOMAINTENANCE SYSTEM? If so, could you wait 4 hours at rating 1 (or 2 hours at rating 2) and buy one hit at those intervals?The Nanomaintenance System can glitch, but I suggest GMs be extremely gentle with it at worst. It should, at most, impact the function of the Nanomaintenance System, and it's ability to repair, rather than the thing it is repairing. You can buy hits, but you cannot mix pools - you can only buy hits if you have all 4 dice in the one roll.Rules Thread V
WeaponsCan the built in timer on a grenade be modified? For example, to be at the end of the current combat turn or a later turn?It is a non-check for someone without Gremlins, Computer Illiterate, Uneducated, or a similar quality to set the timer to run longer - such as a grenade being set to go off in a minute - however, such a thing, at GM discretion, cannot be undone or delayed, causing it to be a narrative-time effect only. One cannot rig a grenade to go off sooner than it otherwise would.Rules Thread V
MagicA Mysad who loses a point of magic, for any reason, buys it back with karma. Does he get the PP back? If not, can he spend the 5 karma to get it back instead?

RAW says no, meaning that the PP is lost forever and the only way to get more is to initiate, but I was wondering if /u/VoroSR had an alternative in mind for this. Since right now it means a bad encounter with an essence drain puts even more of a dent on a mysad than just having to buy back their magic would cause.

Mr. Ryouichi told me to thread it. C:
You cannot get the PP back. You cannot spend a mere 5 karma to get it back, though you can still select a Power Point as a metamagic when you next initiate. Ultimately, Essence Drain only occurs in situations where you could simply die instead, so being set back from it is not especially bad.Rules Thread V
MatrixCan you attach a program carrier to a commlink? Does a program carrier including the program cost then prevent the use of agents in program carriers?You can modify a program carrier into a commlink using the rules for adding a module to a device in Data Trails. Note that this precludes any other modifications to the device in question.

Given the fact that a large number of people have already done so...

A program carrier includes the cost of the program, unless that program costs more than a normal Hacking program (250 nuyen), in which case you must pay for and make the availability roll for the program seperately. For the purposes of the previous statement, agents will function as programs.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationWhat affects if any would Mnemonic Vault have on the use of Laes?Mnemonic Vault does not alter the use of Laes or Lael. Sorry.Rules Thread V
DrugsLots of questions about BTL chips from the 'rules' chat on Discord:

1.) Does NARCO affect BTL chips? 2.) Do BTL chips trigger a drug interaction roll if taken with a drug? 3.) Can 2 BTL chips be slotted simultaneously? Will this trigger an interaction roll?

4.) Do AGI/STR bonuses from BTL chips affect Cyberlimbs? (for that matter, do drugs affect cyberlimbs?)
Narco does not affect BTL chips.

BTL chips do trigger drug interactions, as well as overdoses. They also stack with drugs and other BTL chips. You can have 2 BTL chips slotted simultaneously. This triggers drug interaction rolls and overdoses as usual.

Drugs and BTLs do not affect cyberlimbs.
Rules Thread V
WeaponsDo unarmed weapons gain bonuses to unarmed damage? For example, say I have Bone Lacing, does the bonus to bone lacing stack with Knucks? If not, then why does putting on a weapon decrease my damage?They do not. Putting on a weapon decreases your damage in the same way that hitting someone with boxing gloves on decreases your damage.

I suggest GMs allow you to use your better unarmed damage, though, except in cases where the knucks (or what have you) have something different about them - notably being weapon foci.

In short - feel free to fluff your brawler as throwing on some brass knuckles before he pummels the shit out of people. But if those knuckles are weapon foci, or are coated with a toxin, or something like that, then you deal the damage according to them, not to your base unarmed damage.
Rules Thread V
MagicIf bgc applies a dice penalty to anything derived from mag attribute or an adept power... How can you centre it away given your centering compensation is liked to MAG?Adept Centering is not a test, it is an action that provides a reduction in penaltiesRules Thread V
CritterCan a Dual Natured creatures Natural Weapons bypass Immunity to Natural Weapons? Followup, if it's "sometimes" can we get a list of what does and does not?Natural weapons on a Dual Natured creature can only if used in Astral Combat, and only by creatures with the Dual Natured critter power, rather than one who simply happens to be dual natured at the time.Rules Thread V
MagicFor the Shape Material spell, Is Shape Metal specific enough?It is not.Rules Thread V
CombatWhat firing mode is required to make use of Suppressive Fire?In order to use Suppressive Fire, a firearm must be in the Full Auto fire mode, or must have an explicit statement saying it is permitted to use the Suppressive Fire action.Rules Thread V
MagicI have a question about the 'Improved Ability' adept power, as it pertains to social skills: Do the limits imposed by language rating affect extra dice granted by this power? i.e. a runner has 6 ranks in a language, 6 ranks in Con, and 3 ranks in Improved Ability (Con). Do they use 6 or 9 dice when using Con in that language? Another question, do the upgrade rules apply to Vehicles?The upgrade rules do not apply to vehicles or drones, but may apply to some vehicle or drone modifications.Rules Thread V
RiggingThe GMC Armadillo (pg 54 in Rigger V) has a plethora of listed standard equipment. Do you choose one when you buy the car? Can you buy extra selections and switch out based on your needs as the fluff seems to indicate?Pick one to come with it. You may purchase extra ones. Avail (-) and costs 6000 nuyen each, for now.Rules Thread V
RewardAre taxes are 1) Taxed at the end of the run 2) Taxed before WFTP/WFTM?Taxes kick in after WFTP/WFTM.Rules Thread V
QualitiesI know this is a lot of work, but hopefully it'll clear up some confusion. Can /u/VoroSR and /u/tempusrimeblood provide a list of what is required to buy off Negative Metagenic Qualities? If you'd rather handle it case-by-case that's fine, but a list would be nice.Character Review department is currently working on a list for joint review regarding quality purchases. It is likely that metagenic qualities will not be included - they're famously difficult to get around having. Cosmetic surgery is easy, but there's still lots of freaks around 'cuz it doesn't really work on SURGEd folk, iirc.Rules Thread V
MagicWhat does stat does guidance spirit use in place for the ritual spellcasting skill when using Divination?Spirits/sprites use their force/level for skills in general, with attributes modified depending on their type. Don't know if divination is different.Rules Thread V
MagicCan an aspected mages learn the Invocation metamagic?Not to any useful degree, unfortunately. My apologiesRules Thread V
MagicHow is the dice pool for casting multiple spells as part of one action determined? The RAW states to add casting modifiers after splitting pools, but doesn't specify which modifiers apply like this or whether the same modifier can be used more than once.

Is the following situation allowed, and if so what are the dice pools? A Magician wants to cast 3 stunbolts at 3 different targets 6 magic 6 Spellcasting with a spec in combat spells Mentor spirit (dragonslayer) giving +2 to combat spells Spellcasting focus (Combat) Force 4 Spends an edge to add 7 dice to the rolls Background count is 3 Does the mage need to use the multiple attacks free action in addition to the multiple spells complex action to cast the spell? Can he target multiple spells at a single target? Could he cast 6 stunbolts, since he has 6 magic?

Does it depend on whether the spells are combat spells or not? What if the mage wanted to cast 6 physical barriers at once, and had spec, mentor spirit, and focus bonuses for manipulation spells?
The focus, spec, mentor effect and background count are all applied after the split. Edge is always applied explicitly before, as are magic+spellcasting.

He cannot cast 6 stunbolts. There are clauses preventing this.

Splitting works identically regardless of the type of spell.
Rules Thread V
MagicThreading this as asked by Voro. Would a bgc under a qi foci rating be enough to reduce the foci so that the power granted by the foci would no longer work? Example being a bgc 1 reducing a rating 6 ir1 foci to 5 and the foci being unable to sustain the ir1.Qi foci will only be negatively impacted if they are entirely shut off, for sanity's sake. This ruling is subject to change, though I don't expect it to.Rules Thread V
MatrixWhen commlinks are equipped with Attack or Stealth Dongles, are they capable of making Attack or Sleaze actions, such as Brute Force or Hack on the Fly?Yes.Rules Thread V
MagicZNK asked: Banishing Ally Spirit; What do?

Building off of ZnK's questions: Banishing Resistance (SG 194), so for an Ally Spirit, what is the amount of services it actually owes the conjurer? Infinite? The amount of services recorded at summoning and binding? Because, since there is no backdraw to just retrying the summon and bind, it would be rather silly to just keep doing it until one has a particularly high services recorded, edge that, and then basically be safer from banishing than another ally spirit. Ally Spirit Attributes (SG 201), particularly the edge part saying it "starts" with an Edge equal to that of its conjurer. Sooo, how would you go about improving said Edge? We have the "you edge for spirits" rule anyway, but Banishing Resistance adds Edge to an unknown amount of services (so 1 being answered helps answer 2), so it would be good to know what kind of karma it would take to increase this thing's edge, and if it would indeed cost more karma, not to hold off on the binding and instead just pump getting high Edge before actually binding the Ally. I would also like to ask if we could clarify whether or not ShapeShifters(tm) are able to pick up Geneware. I should probably do my homework better, but I think the last call on this was that Geneware doesn't work with shifters? The Shift Power only talks about all-internal Deltaware implants which are allowed, which is fair enough I suppose - but if the "No on Geneware" thing I remember (apologies if I remember wrong) is an actual ruling, then I was hoping we could review that, because to me geneware seems different to bio or cyberware implants. I.E.: Dafuq why do shifters cost more, are worse than metahumans and then also don't get to have geneware? xD

Also what about skin Qi Foci, they go away when you shift, right? I'll probably need Magic Fingers on this guy soon...
Ally Spirits will be considered to have Force+Edge services for the purposes of Banishing, including their Banishing Resistance power.

These services rejuvenate at sunrise and sunset at the summoner's location.

A spirit's edge is set to it's summoner's with a new Ritual of Change, but otherwise cannot be improved.
Rules Thread VI
MagicWhat the hell does the environmental adaptation mod for armor actually do? Anything at all? Nothing?Nothing? Fluffy, I guess. Edit: To be clear, there is nothing it does to my knowledge. This is not an authoritative statement.Rules Thread VI
MagicSo, if you get new adept powers after acquiring a way discount, and swap Ways, do you get to choose which powers you drop once the discounts are out of the way?You do.Rules Thread VI
AugmentationsI have a few fairly detailed questions about how to average partial cyberlimbs. I looked through previous threads, and couldn't find any answers.

1.) To what extent do cyberhands/feet affect attributes? Are there any rolls where the attributes of cyberhands/feet would come into play? Would there be any functional difference between a single cyberhand/foot or a pair? 2.) To what extent do partial cyberlimbs affect attributes? This may have been answered in the last thread, but do the same rules apply equally to both partial and full cyberlimbs? 3.) If you have two partial cyberlegs, does your movement speed rely on your regular agility, the agility of the partial cyberlegs, or some average of the two?

4.) Does the physical limit bonus from Hydraulic Jacks cancel out the physical limit penalty from Skates/Skimmers? For example, if I have R2 hydraulic jacks and skimmers, does the -2 penalty go away from having skimmers out?
Cyberhands/feet do not average into attributes. They do come into play on grip-only rolls, which are admittedly rare and basically GM fiat. This does not change when one is using a pair vs. using a single.

Partial cyberlimbs average with meat to provide the effective stat for the whole limb. See above. Movement is average of you two legs.

Only for the purposes of jumping and sprinting.
Rules Thread VI
Magic1.) does the dicepool penalty to perception from the Adept Enhancement Digital Celerity (-1 per initiate grade) stack with the same dicepool penalty from the Adept Power Light Touch (-1 per level of the power) for tests to spot palming? 2.) Does the regular (not Adept) centering metamagic help with drain from adept powers?It does. My apologies - I clearly need to get a newer printing. I thought I had the newest printing for all the books.Rules Thread VI
MedicineThink there was a request for the first question to be threaded recently but it doesn't seem to have been done, maybe it was eventually answered on discord. Anyways:

Does using a stim patch while still under the influence of another stim patch trigger overdose rules? Does the use of stim patches fall under the drug interactions table? If you have multiple gradual release drug glands, do they trigger the drug interactions table? (ETA) How does a nephritic screen work with gradual release? is the downside of it (the reduced duration of drugs) just ignored?

(ninja edit 2) Given that Red Mesc and Psyche don't have drug interactions. If you take a third drug while under the influence of those two, do you roll 1 or 2 d6 for the drug interaction table?
It does.

It does not. Yes, but only when you take another drug. That downside is ignored.

Rules Thread VI
WeaponsCan clubs be specialized towards improvised melee weapons, or the use of guns as a melee weapon. (IE can I specialize clubs in gunkata)Clubs may be specialized "improvised." This would include firearms as melee weapons (use stats listed in Run and Gun)Rules Thread VI
AugmentationSo, can one go on runs while undergoing genetic therapies/treatments? If so, how long can a character be out of the vat? Is it just paused until they hop back in, or is there some penalty for stopping for extended periods of time?Gene treatments can be stacked - you can get more than one at once. They do not even have to begin or end concurrently.Rules Thread VI
AugmentationI'd like to ask what sort of limitations exist, if any, on what can be placed into a chemical gland? (IE: Produced by said gland, on gradual release, to be perpetually active without being required to purchase the drug in enormous quantities.)The following is all subject to change at Rules Department discretion. If it is changed, any affected characters will be permitted a refund at a minimum.

The following list is an inclusive listing of permitted drugs to be created by a Chemical gland. Some of these range from "bad idea" to "not possible" for gradual release. All drugs in the Core Rulebook are permitted. Long Haul may not be used in gradual release. BTLs, obviously, may not be made. All drugs in Chrome Flesh, with the following exceptions, are permitted. No magical compounds, awakened drugs, or BTLs listed in Chrome Flesh are permitted. Cereprax is not permitted. Dopadrine is not permitted. Hurlg is not permitted. K-10 is not permitted. Nightwatch is not permitted. NoPaint is not permitted. Sober Time is not permitted. Soothsayer is not permitted.

All drugs in Boston Lockdown are permitted.
Rules Thread VI
Augmentation1) If you get the cyberware 'Skin Toner', can you have it apply its effect to the exterior of cyberlimbs, as well as any skin the character has, since it's cyberware, not bioware? Like, call it having the RPC weaved into both the skin, and layered onto the surface of the 'limbs casemods.'

An example would be if Jet picked it up, along with a chameleon processor (A piece of 'ware which has a capacity rating, somewhat indicating that implantation into a cyberlimb was a possibility, which would be somewhat pointless if a cyberlimb ruined the effect.) would she be able to alter the colour of just her face, or of the entirety of her exterior?

2) I'm curious as to how the SURGE quality Satyr legs interacts with cyberlegs, if at all? Additionally, how would it interact with cyberlegs modified to have the 'Digigrade legs' enhancement.

3) Would it be possible to place FAB I or II in a gas grenade, to create some sort of gas grenade that would outline astral entities, and block astral LoS?

Alternatively, does regular smoke, or thermal smoke, block astral LoS?
For simplicity's sake, Skin Toner will apply to cyberlimbs, including the effects of a Chameleon Processor. It is not, however, sufficient to make one's obvious limbs be not-obvious. They just can be flesh-colored. Or whatever.

Needs further consideration. I appreciate your patience.

No FAB grenades. Regular smoke and thermal smoke do block LOS in Astral.
Rules Thread VI
MagicMaterial links on page 297 of the core book clarification. Is 'hours' and 'days' a specific time, or a 'what works best for the story' that can be measured in a reasonable number of hours or days?

It specifically mentions that Material Links can be frozen for later use. Is there a time limit on how long this lasts? To use a material link, can a material link stay frozen, or do you have to thaw it out so that it starts to spoil?

How much material do you need for a material link?
Material Link duration is left to the discretion of GMs within the guidelines in the book.

There is no concrete time limit beyond what a GM says. A good rule of thumb is that a normal freezer increases the span by 5 times, and an industrial deep freezer increases it by 10 times, but whatever works for the plot is best. A material link can stay frozen in use.

As little as a pinky nail clipping is sufficient, but will not last long at all.
Rules Thread VI
MagicOn Water Spirts, does Energy Aura: Water

A) Do any damage at all, because it says Water doesn't do Condition Monitor damage, but Energy Aura days that it does damage regardless of the element?

B) If it does do damage, is it Stun or Physical?
Elemental Aura: Water does not do any damage. It is very good at knocking people on their asses, though, which is very useful to a melee-oriented spirit.Rules Thread VI
MatrixDue to the similarity in effects between the Mathemagics Echo on page 58-59 of Data Havens, as well as the Math SPU. Would it be fair to say the Math SPU's bonus applies to encoding and decrypting as well?It would not be fair. They do not confer the same bonusesRules Thread VI
MagicQuestion that came up in discord: Astral perception. Do any vision specific things affect it? For example, vision mag in cybereyes, hawk eye quality, etc. Or is it only affected by things that affect perception in general, such as Perceptive and Oblivious?Vision specific things do not affect Astral Perception unless they explicitly state they do.Rules Thread VI
DowntimeCannnn you! Burn edge to smackdown in Greater Rolling?You can, for the time being. This is subject to change at a later date. If this delayed you, you are free to backdate the initiation.Rules Thread VI
MagicSo masking covers your aura and foci, but with extended masking it says that it can now disguise sustained spells.

So if you attempt to appear mundane but have a spell sustained with only basic masking they'll know your aura is bullshit. This is where it gets complicated.

If you have a foci for sustaining spells and the spell sustained on your character is being held by the foci, will the spell be masked when you possess basic masking, or just the foci sustaining it
Just the focus sustaining it.Rules Thread VI
RiggingGot some questions on antrodrones Anthro drones are described as being able to use "some metahuman equipment" in rigger 5. weapons and clothing are listed as examples so armored clothing doesn't seem to be too far of a next step. The thing is, the bulkier armor has negatives do these apply to the drone too?

Also do I need to increase the price of the clothing to cover for some features like if I added a extra arm or more extreme mods like rocket boosters? Can I give it a rating 3 anti theft with the electroshock option and use it like a stun glove? As autosofts seem to be able to loaded with any skill douse that mean I could load one with negotiation to create a protocol unit? If so what kind of penalties would they possible take and would they get bonus dice for high fashion? Can a drone that is loaded with a skill autosoft that is being operated by its pilot assist with a skill check? If I give it a cyberdeck and jump into it would I be able to hack through the drone as long as I have the skills?

Finally douse a drone running on a pilot program need a languagesoft to communicate?
What negatives are you referring to?

You... don't. Technically. It's gonna look funny, though. Also, Rocket Boosters are a vehicle mod and thus cannot be placed on a drone. Anti-theft rating 3 is a vehicle mod and thus cnanot be placed on a drone. You can just give an anthrodrone shock gloves, though. The list of available autosofts and skillsofts is limited - negotiation is not on that list. This is the section on skillsofts while this and this detail autosofts. A drone that possesses a skill can provide assistance as per normal. You could hack through a cyberdeck without that, as long as you're running your persona through the cyberdeck.

A drone running on pilot needs linguasofts only to communicate verbally. Note that they come with the lingua franca and the manufacturer's language - typically english and whoever made it (Japanese is really common.)
Rules Thread VI
WeaponsThe following weapons from Hard Targets have been reviewed for handedness. I like to think the ones not reviewed are obvious, but if this is incorrect, I can elaborate further.

The Victorinox Collapsible Hatchet is one-handed. The Cougar Collapsible Spear is two-handed when extended, but may be thrown one-handed. The Collapsible Scythe is two-handed when extended. The Flame Bracer is one-handed. The Simoom is one-handed, nominally, but takes up both wrists and neither hand. Incidentally, firing it is always at least a complex, unless you have it wireless on, in which case it is a simple or complex action, based on what type of shot you are performing with it. The Throwing Syringe is one-handed.

The Ares Armatus is two-handed.
Rules Thread VI
WeaponsSay I have multiple weapons with the custom look mod(Hard Targets 180). Do the +1 modifiers to memory tests stack? Asking for a friendNeither bonus stacks. You can have two Wicked Sick pistols, but you only get a +1 to intimidation and +1 to be remembered.Rules Thread VI
MagicA bunch of questions about the Exorcism metamagic:

1.) Is the drain from Exorcism ever physical, or is it exclusively stun? 2.) Would the centering metamagic help with Exorcism?

3.) How much time can be taken between attempts at Exorcism? If an extended Exorcism test is halted half way though, does it need to be re-started from scratch? Would an unfinished Exorcism halt the progress of a possession in any way (i.e. slow down the progress of a queen bug spirit)?
1.) Drain shall be exclusively stun.

2.) Yes, assuming, of course, one is centering as one exorcises.

3.) All attempts must be made in the same "scene." Exorcism is not an extended test, but hits from attempts stack even if you do things between. Unfinished exorcisms have no effect (beyond being hits for later attempts in-scene.)
Rules Thread VI
WeaponsCan a pistol crossbow (or any crossbow for that matter, but pistol crossbow specifically) be cybernatically implanted as a custom cyberweapon? It's mentioned that exotic pistols are to be treated as heavy, and tasers as hold out.Pistol Crossbows may be implanted as a custom cyber heavy pistol.

Light, medium, and heavy crossbows may not be implanted. Note that since they are 4 (m) their ammo is unaffected.

For other custom cyberweapons, if they are (c), you utilize the ammo of the standard implanted internal magazine (m), unless you implant and utilize an external clip port. For non (c) custom cyberweapons, they operate as normal.
Rules Thread VI
MagicYou need to know the rituals Create an ally/Ritual of change to create/enhance ally, but do you need ranks in the Ritual spellcasting skill? Creating an ally takes an arcana test for the formula and then a summoning test followed by a binding test. The text for Ritual of Change only calls out an arcana test for the new spirit formula but the text also includes: "The rebinding ritual, known as a Ritual of Change". What tests does the Ritual of Change include? Arcana+Binding? Arcana+Summoning+Binding?You do need ranks in Ritual Spellcasting, both to learn them (the test includes it) and to perform them. In order to summon an Ally Spirit, you must have a formula (which can be made by rolling out Arcana or by a run to go on a metaplanar quest for it.) You must then perform the ritual, with a force equal to the force of the ally you are trying to summon. Lacking a timespan, assume it takes 1 hour per point of force. After you successfully complete the ritual, you must summon the spirit, rolling the normal rolls for such. Spirit Whisperer does not come into play, for sanity's sake. Then, finally, you must bind the spirit (or give up and try again another day.)Rules Thread VI
MagicI have a few questions about casting levitate at the last moment when jumping out of a tall building to save one's self from the fall. I ask because it is not only important to find out if the runners don't splat, but also how high up in the air they are when they cast the spell.

After talking to slash, I think this is the most reasonable way to handle it. 1) find the fall distance for the combat turn 2) roll initiative, divide passes by the fall burn turn. Find the fall per pass. 3) the runner picks which pass they cast the spell one. One sticking point is if the runner falls then casts or casts then falls. 4) from the pass they cast levitate on, we find the distance to the ground. They then levitate down from there.

I ask this only because this is an extremely common way that runners are leaving tall buildings, and leaving it to GM fiat is causing confusion. Depending on the distance above ground, security might be able to take some shots at the levitating mage as they are floating down slowly.
For the purposes of falling, assume any actions performed while falling occur at the moment the person performing them desires them, with the sole restriction that it must move forward in time - My second pass cannot be used to perform actions at a greater height than my first. This means they may choose to cast it whenever they please. Leaving it for the last moment may or may not be a bad idea - do you think you can manage to not glitch?Rules Thread VI
MagicCan multiple sprites assist with threading a single complex form or do they follow spirit rules? (Only one assist per)They follow spirit rules.Rules Thread VI
CritterPursuant to a discussion on the discord I'm asking what the stat block of a crow and a raven, their availability, and price are for ShadowNET as they are not in the current list. In the discord you said they would have analogous stats which I agree with mostly, but if I maybe so bold as to make one suggestion it would be this. As a Raven is generally considerably larger then a crow (twice the weight, and 7 inch greater wingspan on average), perhaps it can have one or both levels of the fragile weakness that the crow possess removed (with compensating availability and price changes, of course).Crow and Raven, for simplicity sake (despite a reasonable argument) will remain identical. They shall be added to the table in the post within minutes.Rules Thread VI
Magic1) Are either the "Zombie" or "Corpse Cadavre" Rituals allowed on shadownet? I seem to recall at the very least Corpse Cadavre not being allowed.

2) Does Witness my Hate add damage to Spellblades? Considering they act like direct spells. (with the added caveat of armor playing into the soak pool per net house rules)

3) Can you use masking to make it appear as though you're not on the astral plane when you are? IE: Dual Natured characters
Corpse Cadavre and Zombie rituals are banned, per this post.

Witness my Hate does not affect Spellblades, as they do not have the (direct) tag.

You cannot use masking to disappear from the Astral, only to appear as something different.
Rules Thread VI
AugmentationIf you have two chemical glands with drugs that trigger an overdose with each other, when is the damage from that overdose taken? Right after the surgery? Every day? This also applies to perma-slotting hacked-BTLs that would have an overdose effect...Every time the duration would come up were you simply taking it again as soon as it were ordinarily done (in both cases)Rules Thread VI
ToxinsOn immunity to toxins. Specifically when applied to infected characters. Do drugs count as toxins for the purposes of this power, for example can an infected character take and receive the benefits of say psyche. Edit: wrapping another question in here, can infected take geneware, and will regeneration cause the geneware to be pushed out.I wouldhave sworn I answered this one, apologies.

Immunity (Toxins) confers total immunity to drugs except where explicitly excepted.

Infected geneware and whatnot are detailed in a pin in #ooc-rules, found here - - in short, they can take it, but regeneration will spit it out.
Rules Thread VI
MagicAnd here is another.

Under the assensing table 3 hits will allow you a: A general diagnosis for any maladies (diseases or toxins) the subject suffers. However at 5 hits it says it will give you a: An accurate diagnosis of any disease or toxins which afflict the subject. What is shadownets standing on this in regards to infection? Do 3 hits say, "this person is infected" or "this person is afflicted with a magical disease" Obviously 5 hits would tell you exactly what strain but it also says, "accurate." Whilst 3 hits says, "General." there are other magical diseases, but there are only different strains of hmhvv. VITAS for example is a magical disease with many strains and would fall into the general diagnosis area were it to be considered. Either way learning the person you just assensed has a magical disease will be horrifying due to fear of both vitas and hmhvv, but it may change Characters reaction. I rescind this question because on page 141 of run faster you find this text, "An Infected character’s aura always reveals its Infected nature, though this may be masked by metamagic as normal" Which says if you assense them and get 1 hit you know. Boom. Infected person. You can still decide what level gives you the specifics of you'd like though.

On a related note. Is dissonance detectable at any assensing level below 5 hits? Is it even detectable at 5 hits?
Dissonance as opposed to resonance is not discernable at any stage by assensing, though dissonance technos are still, obviously, technomancers, which is information gleaned at 5 hits.Rules Thread VI
MagicOn Initiation Ordeals. Which Ordeal types are legal on the NET? Some of them seem incompatible for the living game's scenario, or at least too clunky for intended usage.Initiatory ordeals are a good place for a GM to draw inspiration from for initiatory runs, but for the time being, we will not utilize any of the strictly-rolled ones, nor will we utilize a direct form of, say, Hermit.Rules Thread VI
MagicHey, I have a fairly intricate question about how the adept power "Improved Ability (Skill)" works. The power effectively gives you extra ranks in a skill, but how do those extra ranks work with for receiving extra dice through a teamwork test and with language proficiency. Can you help clarify these?

Extra dice through a teamwork test: If you have 6 ranks in a skill (i.e. demolitions) and 3 ranks in Improved Ability (demolitions), how many extra dice can you get from a teamwork test, 6 or 9?

Limitations from Language Proficiency: If you have 6 ranks in a language (i.e. German), 6 ranks in a social skill (i.e. Con), and 3 ranks in Improved Ability (con), how many dice can you roll when using the Con skill in German, 6 or 9?
The Improved Ability adept power does increase the number of teamwork dice you can accept - in your situation, you could take 9 dice, assuming your teammates could muster the appropriate number of hits on their teamwork test. However, since they're skill ranks, they are bounded by language restrictions. You could only take 6 dice from skill ranks in your situation. However, note that dice from other sources - charisma, tailored pheromones, situational mods, and other, non-Improved Ability adept powers are not bounded by this restriction.Rules Thread VI
DrugsI have a follow-up question to this ruling regarding the "Gradual Release Chemical Gland" bioware: How are the crash effects handled for drugs if you are affected by them all the time? Are you always under the crash effects?You do not crash until the effects wear off - with gradual release, they do not wear off, so you do not suffer Crash effects.Rules Thread VI
WeaponsOther than just buying a new gun, is there any way to remove the smartlink/electronics for the purpose of buying ceramic/plasteel components?Purchasing ceramic/plasteel components will automatically remove any smartlinks or electronics in the firearm.Rules Thread VI
MagicThe Rapid Draw Adept Power seems to be very good, letting you quickdraw and attack with a melee weapon as a free action. Does this power has a restriction on which weapons you can rapid draw? Would this power stack with Iaijutsu in letting you quickdraw any properly holstered melee weapon?Since the SR5 writes don't seem to understand their own ruleset, and in order to enforce some degree of sanity...

Rapid Draw shall be assumed to allow you to - with a successful Quick Draw test - Ready a Weapon with a Free Action. It will not allow you to make an attack with that same Free Action, though you are free to attack afterwards. It does not function with melee weapons (except as you consider firearms improvised melee weapons.) Iajutsu shall be assumed to allow one to - with a successful Quick Draw test - Ready a melee Weapon with a simple action, and then attack with a second simple action if desired. It will not allow one to attack as part of the same simple action as used to draw it.

EDIT: I missed a word in what I presume was sleep deprivation. To benefit as a melee weapon, it must be properly sheathed. I hate catalyst.
Rules Thread VI
AugmentationCan one combine the Supernatural Prowess Metamagic with other forms of attribute boosters, such as Muscle Toners, Augmentations, or Improved Attribute? It explicitly only says it cannot be combined with the 'Attribute Boost' adept power.Given that it replaces, rather than augments, the attribute, other alterations do not apply.Rules Thread VI
RiggingSo I have many questions about Anthrodrones since these guys leave me scratching my head in many, many cases.

When piloting an anthrodrone, can you use it to also pilot another vehicle? If so, do you still use the VR stats for that? (This one is more just crazyness because I know I'll have to control vehicle twice in a combat turn...or would I?) Skates/Skimmers, do they work as normal if at all for anthrodrones? Does Pilot Walker cover physical skill test once can do with the drone? (Gymnastics, Swimming, ect?) Any limits? Does the Control Rig threshold reduction apply to such actions?

Any limits to metahuman equipment, or anything a people can do, you can do with an anthrodrone?
You can use it to pilot another vehicle. You do use VR stats. You would not gain any benefits from a Control Rig or qualities such as Vehicle Empathy. You would have to make two seperate Control Vehicle actions each turn.

Skates and Skimmers do not alter Anthrodrone movement rates. The appropriate Pilot skill is used to maneuver a vehicle. Anything that would otherwise be Gymnastics or otherwise not possible for an ordinary vehicle would be considered a stunt, with GM-set thresholds functioning as normal.

I do not answer open-ended questions like that, for fear they will be used against me.
Rules Thread VI
MagicImproved sense: Ultrasound, yes or no? Caveats maybe?The team says yes. I have no idea how it works biomechanically, sorry.Rules Thread VI
GearReposting unanswered questions from the earlier thread.

How much damage do shock frills do? Shockweave does 8S, but the shock frills doesn't specify. Does Sunbeam halve the damage before or after you add net hits? Can the Thrillseeker quality gained from Dareadrenaline be bought off? If I channel and take drugs that affect my mentals, do I get the drug bonus to my spirit's mentals, since we're in th same body? If I cast an Increase attribute spell in the morning, does it affect the spirit mentals once I am channeling, assuming it's at a high enough force? How about Increase Reflexes? Does it cost a service to use a spirit's skills? If so, does it take one service for every instance even in combat? While channeling, is it one service per power use even while in combat?

Does Energy Aura take a service to use, seeing as it's always on? Does it expend one service per punch?
Shock Frills do 8S, AP-5, but require an explicit attack to make use of and differ from shock gloves in that they are obvious at a glance and take up armor capacity.

Sunbeam halves damage after net hits. The Thrillseeker quality from Daredrenaline cannot be bought off. If you had the quality prior, or gain it a second time after (and thus face the threshold of 3), you may buy it off, but you are left with the quality at the normal threshold of 2. Spirits can't use drugs. You can use drugs, but the spirit's mentals replace yours. However, the drugs are still in effect on your mentals for the purpose of defense against direct spells, which are calculated off of the lower of your two mentals. Non-mental attribute effects of drugs - bumps to physical stats, high pain tolerance, and etc. operate as usual. If the Increase Attribute spell is at a sufficient force to match the spirit's mentals, it will remain in effect once you channel. Increase Reflexes remains in effect. It does not cost a service to make use of the spirit's skills. It is one service per power use, even while in combat. The exception to this is if you relinquish control to the spirit and then tell it to fight in the combat, at which point it uses powers as it (read - the GM, should they choose to exercise partial or total control) deems fit.

Energy Aura is always-on and does not require a service to use, activate, or otherwise benefit from.
Rules Thread VI
CombatSuppression apply to Defense Tests?Suppressive fire does not apply to defence tests.Rules Thread VII
GMPCan you confirm that GMP is taxed if you have a SINner quality?GMP is not taxed, if you have qualities that tax you, as per this council vote.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationRun n gun says gyromount can't mix with fore grip, slings n some other stuff. If I've got a gyromount in my cyber arm does that still stop me from using those things?A cyberarm gyromount will count as a standard gyromount for purposes of recoil compensation stacking, meaning it does not stack with recoil compensation from any of the following:

'Bipod, foregrip, tripod, sling, underbarrel weight'

You can still have them on your gun, you just can only benefit from any of them, or the gyromount, at any one time.
Rules Thread VII
Riggingbumblebee is illegal ?The F-B Bumblebee will be approved for use on the 'net.Rules Thread VII
WeaponsWhen it comes to underbarrel weapons, do they recieve accuracy and dice pool bonuses from smartlink and personalized grip on the main weapon?

Also, can underbarrel weapons be modified with for example; extended magazines?

Furthermore there exists no seperate stats for the underbarrel grenade launcher or grapple gun, and their price is listed as simply 3500/600 nuyen respectively. However both the underbarrel chainsaw and flamethrower, work in the manner of having you pay the price of an appropriate weapon + an additional cost for the mod itself for example 2200 + 200 for an underbarrel Shiawase Blazer. Given this example is it safe to assume that the grenade launcher and grapple gun are meant to be handled the same way?
Underbarrel weapons can't be modded themselves, but they can make use of the main weapons modifications/accessories, unless they can't be used on the type of underbarrel weapon you have (IE: A suppressor on your assault rifle doesn't suppress your underbarrel shotgun, since shotguns can't be suppressed.)

An unspecified underbarrel grenade launcher will have the following attributes Magazine size & type 6(c) Rate of fire SS Accuracy 4

And an underbarrel grapple gun will just be a standard grapple gun from p450 of the CRB
Rules Thread VII
MagicWhen you learn Invocation (let's say Ally Conjuration Ritual), what do you actually need to do to learn Great Form Binding? Because it's been explained to me and a couple people in different ways, and Street Grimoire seems to provide different answers. Thanks, SG. You abomination.

So do you: Pay 5 Karma and learn the Ritual? Pay Initiation Cost once more without initiating? Actually initiate again for Great Form Binding? None of the above and instead something else?

Get tank liminal body with skimmers and blow up the universe?
Once you have the Invocation Art, you simply need to spend 5 karma & purchase one ritual formula (Same price/avail as combat formula.) to learn great form binding, like any other ritual.Rules Thread VII
MagicWhat happens to an attuned weapon in a BGCAttuned weapons in a BGC take the usual background count penalties to the dice pool of any skill tests involving them, but don't switch off at any point, because they don't have a force.Rules Thread VII
RiggingDrones that come with autosofts (Horizon CU3 and Ares Bumblebee come to mind).

Do these autosofts count towards the limit of DR/2 that can run on the drones themselves?

Are these autosofts overridden by those run on an RCC like normal?
Similar to integral mods, these integrated autosofts don't take up slots on the drone they're built into. However, they are overridden by autosofts on an RCC, similar to standard autosofts running on a drone.Rules Thread VII
CombatCan you do multiple called shots at once if you have Perfect Time?Called shots cannot be stacked upon one another by spending multiple free actions.Rules Thread VII
MagicIf no, what happens if an ally spirit has multiple energy aura powers?An ally spirit cannot be given more than one copy of energy aura.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationDo custom implant cyberguns have the same detection-resistant properties baked into them as regular cyberguns? Looking at p458 SR5 core.They do.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationWhen considering Hydraulic Jacks, does the terminology "rating point" apply to the sum total of rating points between your legs, or does it merely mean the rating you have in each leg?Hydraulic jacks will take the rating of the pair of the legs to be their effective rating, rather than the combined rating of the two (So rating 4 in each leg would reduce falling by 8 meters, rather than 16, for example.)Rules Thread VII
MagicHere comes a few questions about Shapechange, oh boi Can you use martial arts while under the effects of the Shapechange spell?Shapechanged individuals can use martial arts, with the exception of techniques requiring weapon use.Rules Thread VII
MedicineWhat is required to count as "a clinical setting under the supervision of a trained doctor" to get the "user does not take penalties from mixing drugs" effect of Zero on p184 Chrome Flesh? Namely, what is meant by "clinical setting" and "trained doctor"?Consider the test to administer Zero in this manner to be a simple Medicine + Logic [mental] test, with a threshold of 3, that requires a medicine shop or facility to perform, and hits can be bought, if deemed appropriate by the GM. It should be noted that when applied in this manner, Zero simply negates the penalty from mixing itself with other drugs. It does not negate the penalty from other drugs mixing. Meaning, if I take psyche, cram, and have Zero administered by a trained doctor in a clinical setting, I still take drug interaction from psyche and cram, but not from all three together.Rules Thread VII
QualityReal Question this time. If you get Ex-Con the quality which comes with The Criminal Sinner Quality for free, are you required to pay off both, or do you only need to pay off Ex-Con?You can pay off the difference between the cost of the two qualities, multiplied by 2, as if you were purchasing off a rating of a quality with a rating. In the case of ex-con to criminal SINner, this would cost 10 karma.Rules Thread VII
DrugsCan drugs reduce physical attributes to 0, thus paralyzing you?Drugs can reduce an attribute to zero, which will render you nonfunctional until the duration of that effect expires.Rules Thread VII
WeaponsSo smoke grenades, how hefty of a visibility mod do they apply? -6? -3? None at all?

Also, I noticed that the big clarification doc had this line in it about how visual mods don't apply to astral perception. Is that right? Seems weird that stuff like range wouldn't apply Astral perception.

Finally, how the fuck does Mystic Armor interact with BGCs?
Smoke grenades apply a -6 modifier for heavy smoke.

This modifier applies to astral perception. Range can also apply to astral perception, at GM discretion.

Background counts apply to all skill tests that make use of any magical ability. This means that it wouldn't apply to soak tests, or defence tests, that rely on mystic armour, or combat sense.
Rules Thread VII
DrugsI have several questions about the drug 'Accelerator':

1.) Does the Platelet Factory implant reduce the bleeding damage from using it? 2.) Does a pneumatic anti-shock garment (PAG) affect the bleeding damage at all?

3.) Does the "–2 penalty to Body for all Damage Resistance Tests" affect drain/fade tests?
1.) Platelet Factories will reduce the bleed damage of Accelerator.

2.) Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garments do not affect the bleed damage of Accelerator.

3.) Accelerator's penalty to damage resistance tests affects drain tests that include Body (Notably for some adepts.) They do not affect any fading tests to my knowledge, as, again, to my knowledge, fading never includes Body. If it did, it would be included.
Rules Thread VII
MagicWhat occurs when a Sasquatch burns out(loses all their Magic rating)? They do not have the Sapience quality which says a critter has gained sapience via magic, but they do have a magic rating and the dual natured critter power.If a metasapient burns out completely, they become mundane, losing dual natured, along with any other magical powers, aside from sapience. In the case of a sasquatch specifically, for example, they would lose mimicry.Rules Thread VII
MagicDoes Adrenaline Surge work for all initiative types, or just meatspace? Can a decker, rigger or astral combatant benefit from the quality? (same question for Adrenaline Boost too, I guess)Adrenaline surge applies to every form of initiative. Adrenaline boost only applies to astral & physical initiatives, due to matrix initiative essentially replacing your initiative, rather than augmenting it.Rules Thread VII
MagicLet's do the Time Warp again! Does Extended Masking cover your Astral Signature that is on your Summoned/Bound Spirits?Extended masking covers:

'anchored, sustained, or quickened spells; imbued or attuned items; or alchemical preparations that are in the magician’s possession.' (p149, SG)

Spirits are not included in the aforementioned list.
Rules Thread VII
WeaponsI've got a question. If I fired a Parashield Dart Pistol, would it be as loud as a handgun? Or would it make that video game dart sound?It's quieter than a handgun, but the threshold of tests to hear it is definitely in the realm of GM fiat. I'd suggest 3, one above 2 for silenced gunfire, but, it's up to GM's.Rules Thread VII
WeaponsQuestions about Quick-draw sheathes: Do they exist? Are they obtainable? They are directly mentioned, though in fluff, on page 18 in Run and Gun in the section on the Highland Forge Claymore, however they are not directly stated anywhere. Thoughts?Quick-draw sheathes don't exist (Mechanically, at least), unfortunately, despite being referenced, it seems like one of the cases of separation of fluff & mechanics in the system.Rules Thread VII
MagicPage 187 of Chrome Flesh, the drug Wud’aku, it says it gives +2 effective Charisma when dealing with Spirits of Man? What does this mean? You can bind more Spirits of Man as if your Charisma two was higher? Spirits of Man are nicer to you? If you can bind more Spirits of Man, do they disappear once the drug wear off?Spirits, being sapient entities, can, at GM discretion, have social checks made against them. This drug would assist you with said checks, since you would have higher charisma. It does not allow you to bind more spirits.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationDo inhabition spirits that are flesh form also gain access to DNI and Ware of the vessel like hybrid form spirits?

Can free spirits spend Karma to learn spells assuming they have the spell formula?

Can free spirits spend Karma to buy positive qualities?
Flesh form inhabitation spirits can make use of DNI & 'ware of the vessel they inhabit. The last two questions are entirely GM fiat.Rules Thread VII
MagcinCan you use the various adept powers that buff unarmed strikes while shapechanged? how does this interact with natural unarmed weapons, or natural weapons like the elphant's tusks that use Clubs?Yes, as per this:

Natural weapons will count as unarmed attacks. Additionally, natural weapons always use unarmed combat, unless otherwise stated (Generally exotic weapon skills for ranged natural weapons.)

I have no earthly idea why elephants have the clubs skill.
Rules Thread VII
RiggingCan we get a 3rd look at the vehicle armor ruling? I think it is wrong.After looking into this again, taking into account some additional sources, such as p173's definition of modified damage value (Add the attacker’s net hits to the Damage Value of the weapon to determine the modified Damage Value.), it's been decided that the ruling will be reversed.

Attacks against vehicles should be resolved as follows: Net hits on the attack test are added to the weapons base damage, and compared to the remaining armour of the vehicle (After armour penetration.) If the modified DV is both physical (Or electrical, which is always physical against vehicles.), and more than/equal to the adjusted armour, roll the vehicles body + remaining armour, then subtract successes on this test from the modified DV, and apply the final DV to the vehicles condition monitor.

This process can be simplified by saying that vehicles do not take stun damage, as any scenario in which a metahuman would convert damage from physical to stun via armour, the vehicle would instead simply ignore it.
Rules Thread VII
QualityWhen blighted says all Physical actions. Does that mean physical actions as in everything you do with your body, mental or not. So the only way to not get a penalty from it would be to be in the matrix or astral. OR does it mean that all physical skills get the reduction?The penalty applies to all actions taken that involve a physical attribute (Body, reaction, agility, strength.)Rules Thread VII
MedicineDetox is for toxins only and no drugs or? Because it talks about drugs in the fluff.Detox can be used to mitigate the non damage or permanent crash effects of drugs (Such as disorientation, but not the unresisted stun from kamikaze, or the permanent berserk of K-10), if cast at a force equal to their addiction rating. They do not, however, cause you to ignore the negative effects of a drug that is currently in effect, or end the drugs effect early, simply reduce the additional effects of a crash the user is suffering at the time of casting.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationBioware Prehensile Tail. How does it work? For the record.The bioware prehensile tail will function similar to the SURGE functional prehensile tail, from p115 of Run Faster.Rules Thread VII
MagicDoes a Counterspelling Focus add to your overall spell defense pool, regardless of the type of magic it is associated to? Or is it an awkward 'Combat/Manipulation/Health' only Spell Defense Pool?Does a Counterspelling Focus add to your overall spell defense pool, regardless of the type of magic it is associated to? Or is it an awkward 'Combat/Manipulation/Health' only Spell Defense Pool?Rules Thread VII
RiggingLight Body power and Freefall power: reducing effective fall distance for the purposes of fall damage. Does it work for someone you carry when you fall?

Scenario 1: pick up extraction target, jump from 5th floor window, does extraction target die if you don't take damage? Scenario 2: Atomic Piledriver, as noted on the wiki

What about the reverse of these situations, where you are the one being jumped with?
All of these scenarios are up to the GM depending on the specifics of the scenario, with the recommendation that the powers probably shouldn't work if the adept is the one being carried.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationCan I just add a essence hole to a character in gen? Say they had a lot more ware at a certain time but it got taken out/repossessed?You may add an essence hole to a character in gen if you so choose.Rules Thread VII
CritterWould both Mundane and Awakened Raccoons (Bandits) get the full +6 for Animal Handling tests with Raccoon Tailored Critter Pheromones? Oh, probably toss the Emerged Raccoons in there as well. I think she'd like one of those eventually.Mundane raccoons, and libertines (Techno-raccoons) both get the full +6 to animal handling checks, since they're essentially the same thing, physically. Bandits are very different, physically, and as such, would only receive the effect for closely related species, at +3.Rules Thread VII
MatrixCan anyone with appropriate matrix attributes use any of the matrix actions on page 30 of Rigger 5, or are they exclusively for RCCs?Any device with the appropriate limit (Data processing, sleaze, attack, etc.) can use the matrix actions from p30 of R5.0. RCC's simply get dice pool bonuses to them, as specified in the text of each ability. (Although the device does need to be able to run a persona for you to be able to do it.)Rules Thread VII
MagicKinesics and the Con skill. Kinesics is used to "resist Social Tests and tests to read your emotions like Judge Intentions, assensing, or truthfulness tests." (Core, 310) This sounds like it could be used for both Con and Counter-Con: Con is resisting a truthfulness test (e.g., the Counter-Con test), while Counter-Con is resisting a Social Test (the Con test, since you're not the person who initiated that test). However, the description only references control over your own body's subconscious cues, which would imply it might not work for Counter-Con. Does Kinesics work on Con, Counter-Con, or both?Catalyst is bad at fluff. Kinesics applies to the counter-con test, since that is resisting a social test, rather than effectively all con tests. Also helps with composure to resist judge intentions, however.Rules Thread VII
RiggingCan the Weapon Mounts that come built in with certain vehicles be modified. For example the Dodge Charger or the BMW Interceptor.Integrated weapon mounts can be modified, as in, they can be changed to different arc types (Flexible, turret, fixed), control types (Remote, control, armoured control), or concealment (External. internal. concealed.) with the appropriate availability roll, price paid, and paying the difference in mod slots (Only if it's positive, unfortunately, you cannot gain mod-slots from this procedure, since the integrated ones didn't cost any in the first place.) You cannot, however, change the base mount type itself (Light, standard, heavy.) since that's the base integrated into the vehicle, on which all the other modifications are applied.Rules Thread VII
RiggingCan I fluff any car as being a convertible, or would the Extra Entry/Exit Points modification be needed/work instead? Part fluff reasons, part crunch. Vera's claustrophobia has gotten worse and there's not a single vehicle that is a convertible RAW.You can fluff any car as a convertible, if you so choose. If you want mechanical details for this, extra/entry points works, as does Yerzed out.Rules Thread VII
CritterCan we get a cost for a Raccoon? (Just the normal, mundane, raccoon.) Also, what stats/price would we use for a Red Panda?A raccoon will cost 250nY, with an availability of - a Red Panda will just use the price, stats, and availability, of a raccoon.Rules Thread VII
MagicHow does teamworking a(n extended) test in Greater Rolling work?

Particularly teamworking Arcana with the Ally Spirit in order to initiate.

Do you roll once for teamwork and then the person that does the thing keeps subtracting one, or does the team have to roll for teamwork between every interval?
When teamworking an extended test, teamwork should be rolled between each interval. (GM's may wish to take just the one roll for all the extended tests, however, to save time.) The teamworker must be present for all the time the test is being worked on.

I can't think of any reason that you couldn't teamwork an initiation, and an ally spirit helping its mentor initiate seems fitting. If you're teamworking in the greater rolling thread, just have rollbot roll it all out under one post.

You can only teamwork in the rolling thread with things listed on your sheet (Such a spirits, or drones.) So unfortunately no teamworking other players.
Rules Thread VII
MagicPage 18 of Shadow Spells has Passenger, which copies the borrow sense spell, but borrows ALL the senses. It's... also of duration instant. Does common sense prevail here and make it sustaining like the spell it copies from, or how does the instant duration actually affect it?This spell should be sustained. Instant is simply non functionalRules Thread VII
CombatHow exactly does Sacrifice Throw work? It says an interrupt action and doesn't have any prerequisites for taking. Does this mean I can suplex people on other people's turns? It doesn't mention requiring a grapple or a block beforehand. Is it possible to use on my turn, and if so will that still be a -10 initiative move?Sacrifice throw will work just like the standard throw person, in that it can be performed with a simple action while in a clinch, or subduing combat, or as a -10 initiative interrupt action after a successful block.Rules Thread VII
MagicCan great form spirits with the endowment power give astral form?The endowment power may not be used to bestow any of the following abilities:

Astral Form Materialization Possession Inhabitation (If you somehow have a spirit that can endow it.) Endowment Sapience Energy Drain

Skills (Specifically, when skills are selected powers.)
Rules Thread VII
RiggingGMC Armadillo. How work? I'm interested in buying one, buuut I don't know how the different beds work. Or what all the options do. It sounds LOVELY for just general utility but... yeah.This was answered on p23 of the rules clarifications doc.Rules Thread VII
MatrixData Taps: Can you place one in order for your decker to gain a direct connection to whatever the data tap is connected to remotely?Data taps can only be used to direct connect physically, via universal data port.Rules Thread VII
MatrixIncrease Gear Limits reads "This set of spells allows a spellcaster to temporarily upgrade or downgrade targeted gear by increasing a single limitation category, such as Accuracy". If it is used on a deck, is the "limitation category" a single matrix attribute or all matrix attributes?Every matrix attribute counts as a separate limitation category for the purposes of increase/decrease gear limits. It's also worth noting that this spell increases/decreases the limit, rather than the derived attribute. So increasing the sleaze limit on a cyberdeck won't give you more running silent dice. Or increasing the firewall limit doesn't give you more dice to resist matrix damage.Rules Thread VII
CombatSo. Splitting dice in a multiattack with a ranged weapon useing simple Full auto. Would that not shot 2*6 bullets therefor 12 recoil? Or how is the recoil handled in the case of 1 gun firing at 2 people with 2 simple full autosSplitting dice with a multiattack applies a penalty equal to (bullets fired at target - 1), so if you simple full auto split dice at two people, three bullets at each, each takes a -2. Or, if you complex full auto at two people, 5 bullets at each, each takes a -4. You can split up the bullets in any method/grouping you choose. Recoil applies as normal, every bullet fired being one point.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationIf you nerve strike an FBR, does it reduce the cyberlimb average or the meat stats?Nerve strike on characters with cyberlimbs affects their average agility (If agility is being targeted) rather than their meat agility.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationYes hello is Select Sound Filter 6 and Ultrasound a thing for Improved Sense?Ultrasound can be taken, as established via previous rulings. Select sound filter at rating 6 can also be taken, and functions as the cyberware, with the exception that it cannot be used to transfer recorded (recorded in this sense meaning, sounds you remember.) sounds to other devices, since it's neither a device, nor has wireless capability.Rules Thread VII
MagicWith ally spirits it not very clear whether or not you can take great form spirits powers. So my question is can you? "Each ally also receives one additional power per point of Force, chosen from any powers of spirits appropriate to the conjurer’s tradition."Ally spirits cannot take great form spirit powers.Rules Thread VII
MagicHow much weight can a physical barrier hold per hit? If, for example, I wanted to use it as a bridge. How much speed/body can a physical barrier take from a vehicle using it as a ramp?GM's retain the right to determine the answer to this question as they see fit, depending on the situation involved, but some guidelines for what a barrier could support would be the following:

2 hits: Average metahuman 4 hits: Heavy metahuman (ork, troll, heavily augmented) or light vehicle (bikes and jackrabbits) 6 hits: Average vehicle (cars and vans) 8+ hits: Heavy vehicle (trailers, tanks, trucks.)

But these are, as mentioned, just guidelines. GM's may wish to compare hits on the physical barrier spell to the barrier ratings table on p197 of the CRB, and determine what is reasonable for a barrier to support from there.
Rules Thread VII
SocialWould enthralling performance help in hiding your palming when for example shuffling a deck in your favor, flipping a coin in your favor etcSince those are countered by perception tests, yes, it would.Rules Thread VII
MagicDoes flux give you a bonus dicepool equal to IG grade to the charisma plus magic test to sleaze through *mana barriers? Or if that is not the case does it do anything else relevant for passing *mana barriers? screen shot of relevant info.Flux does not assist with the test to pass through a manabarrierRules Thread VII
AugmentationHow much would a case mod for cybereyes that acts like a rounded LCD display cost?Up to you, within the range of 50-10000nY offered by casemods. It'd be a lot of work to put a price on every casemod anybody asks for.Rules Thread VII
CombatIf you apply a skill such as Gymnastics or Perception to Full Defense tests with Acrobatic/Perceptive Defender, it applies the relevant limit for that skill. If you then have a quality or equipment that increases the limit specifically for that skill, such as Practice Practice Practice, Vision Enhancement, or Cyberlimb Optimization, would that also apply to the skill-based Full Defense tests? (Question also applies to Dodge/Parry/Block)General limit modifiers apply to full defence using perceptive/acrobatic defender (IE: Attention coprocessors limit boost applies, since it's general, but vision enhancements does not, since it's specific to visual perception tests.)Rules Thread VII
ArmorDoes Granite Shell give 2 automatic hits when wearing armor no matter what? Or does it count as Hardened armor, therefore being negated by AP-2? RF 113 Dermal AlterationGranite shell effectively converts 4 of your existing armour into hardened armour, if you're already wearing armour, which will be affected by AP before regular armour, so -2 AP will cancel one of the automatic hits, -4 AP will cancel the second one.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationDoes Used and other grades of Ware affect the price of the drug accompanying the Chemical Gland?The full price for a chemical gland, including the drugs, is modified by the grade of the 'ware.Rules Thread VII
MagicQuestion regarding remote sensing ritual.

Situation: Mage and the rest of the group are in the temporary lodge. Mage is the only one participating in the ritual. Casts the Mind Net spell to link everyone. Can the rest of the team (not the Mage) leave the lodge without breaking the ritual, considering the only part they played was being the target?

Part 2: if the above question is yes, will they then be linked at the standard Remote Sensing range of Force * Magic * 100? Provided the Mage sustaining it stays in the lodge, of course.
Yes to both of these.Rules Thread VII
QualityNow that with the new errata approved you can wear heavy UV treated clothing to reduce the sunlight allergy on infected, can you do so with Nocturna?To a minimum of Mild, yes.Rules Thread VII
MagicWhat happens when you Knock Down a Levitating target? What happens to a spirit that isn't levitating, but can vaguely float whenever it wants as per their description? Is the Knock Down called shot different from the effects of Bolas in either case?A levitating, or otherwise floating target, which is knocked down, still suffers all the effects of being prone, even if they don't fall out of the sky. This means that they suffer any relevant modifiers, and must make a body+willpower (2) test to act normally again. Could be viewed as spinning in place, or knocked off balance, or whatever.Rules Thread VII
MagicSay you have a guard looking at some camera feeds. It's my table, so they get 9 hits on 9 dice. However, they will be limited to the camera's DR of 3 in that. Is that true?The rating of a camera serves to limit how much capacity of modifications it can take, rather than impose a limit. If a person is using a sensor that is not in an array, they use their mental limit for perception tests. If they are using a sensor that is in an array, they have the option of using the sensors rating instead of their own limit.Rules Thread VII
WeaponsCan you use Smashing Blow with natural weapons?Yes, as per this: Natural weapons will count as unarmed attacks.Rules Thread VII
MagicIf a Mage with a possession tradition were to have a spirit possess an object that was a melee weapon could the Mage cash in a favor to get the spirit to use Elemntal Aura and in turn get an Elemental weapon that does an extra Fx2 [Element] damage? I would assume the caster would also take the elemental damage because he would be holding the weapon, but if it is an amount you could reliably soak would this be possible?If a Mage with a possession tradition were to have a spirit possess an object that was a melee weapon could the Mage cash in a favor to get the spirit to use Elemntal Aura and in turn get an Elemental weapon that does an extra Fx2 [Element] damage? I would assume the caster would also take the elemental damage because he would be holding the weapon, but if it is an amount you could reliably soak would this be possible?Rules Thread VII
MagicWicca: If a Gardnerian Wicca performs a ritual with a Goddess Wicca, is there a penalty for cross-tradition ritual casting?There is not, they're both members of the Wiccan tradition outlined on p51 of SGRules Thread VII
AugmentationSo what exactly happens when/if you get a slow-drip chemical gland removed? Do you suffer crash? And if so, for how long? Duration equal to the entire time you had the gland? Or just the duration of a doseage of the drug that was in said gland?If a duration for the crash after removal of a chemical gland is needed, consider it to be the duration of the crash of a single unit of the drug involved.Rules Thread VII
ArmorWhat armor cannot be worn with an FBA, if any? Aside from the PPP pieces that explicitly state they don't stack.FBA can be worn with any armour that doesn't state it won't stack with the FBA, such as PPP. Some common sense will need to be applied, since you can't stack an FBA helmet with a normal helmet, for example, but I'm not about to make a list of what pieces of armour stack with every other pieces of armour.Rules Thread VII
Magicif you have Facial Sculpt or Body Sculpt in a focus, and it shuts off(due to deactivation or Background Counts) what happens to one's face and body? How long until the changes revert for each power?They will revert in the same interval it takes to set the changes in the first place. As an example, since it takes one minute to change your face with facial sculpt, your face will begin reverting as soon as the focus switches off, and complete within one minute.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationDoes the Mnemonic Enhancer bioware add to the limit set by a language for particular social skills? For example, would a person with 6 ranks in Negotiate, 3 ranks in French, and R3 Mnemonic Enhancers be able to use all 6 ranks of their Negotiate skill when speaking French?They do not. They apply a dice pool bonus, they do not alter the rating of the skill.Rules Thread VII
MatrixWould like to point out that the Realistic Form description goes so far as to say spirit toaster could plug into the wall and toast toast. So I actually would expect a realistic form metahuman to have the "N in DNI" and could use trodes fine.That same sentence of realistic form specifies '(though it would have no Matrix link, making it an antique toaster)' (p198, SG), and this, along with the section in possession stating 'Possession does not allow the spirit to operate AR or cybernetic interfaces' (p197, SG) indicates to us if even spirits possessing an individual with trodes/datajack, or the like, cannot use it, then neither can a spirit with realistic form.Rules Thread VII
MagicOkay. So basically, they can do mundane functions if they have the computer skill, but even with a spell like Analyze Device, it doesn't understand the Matrix at large, but just how to work that device better.

Realistic Form is also not realistic enough to simulate Neural functions, now giving it somewhat of a 'realism' limit where one was not really described by RAW.

Am I understanding that correctly?
Okay. So basically, they can do mundane functions if they have the computer skill, but even with a spell like Analyze Device, it doesn't understand the Matrix on a technical level, but just how to work that device better. Additionally, they are still realistic enough to seem metahuman to most, if not all, physical analysis, they simply do not possess the mental capability to use DNI, even when emulating a brain.Rules Thread VII
ContactsSo the quality Dealer connection. Does that apply before, or after modifications has been made to the thing in question?Dealer Connection does not include modificationsRules Thread VII
CritterAnimal Control (Vermin),

What all does that entail? Some critters can manipulate other critters, particularly (but not always) mundane ones. This power lets the critters control the behavior of an animal or a group of animals. Vermin is used to refer to a wide scope of creatures, including Rodents and Various insects such as locusts, roaches, and fleas. Those ones are Vermin without doubt, but some other things are also called Vermin. I mean this guy asks the same question for insurance purposes in this, "What is a 'Vermin'?" I'd love to hear a final word on this eventually, but I figured I'd post a short article written on it. Near the end there is a Court Case on the Subject stating, "in the case of Ben Har Holding Corp. v. Fox, 263 N.Y.S. 695 (1933), the court found that bedbugs, cockroaches, water bugs, and red ants, along with noxious little animals or insects, collectively, as squirrels, rats, mice, worms, flies, bugs, etc. were vermin. The subject of this case, crickets, were found not to be vermin." The official Definition of Vermin is, noun, plural vermin. 1.noxious, objectionable, or disgusting animals collectively, especially those of small size that appear commonly and are difficult to control, as flies, lice, bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, and rats. objectionable or obnoxious person, or such persons collectively. 3.animals that prey upon game, as coyotes or weasels. So, you could allow individual GM's to decide this sort of thing, but I believe that you should at least answer a few questions definitively. Namely, Does the "Animal Control (Vermin)" power affect Mutant and Paranormal Vermin? (Devil Rat, Demon Rat, Glow Rat)

What are, if any, the definite "No's" IE: Nothing bigger than X or No Birds.
Animals from Howling Shadows, or the CRB that qualify as vermin:

Rat Cockroack Crow Devil Rat Demon Rat Glow Rat Digit Nezumi Rook Additionally, certain animals that aren't stated out in the books, such as pigeons, worms, flies, mites (And other small insects along these lines.) may be considered vulnerable to animal control (vermin). If a GM is using a custom magical/techno version of the previously mentioned creatures, it's recommended that they be vulnerable to animal control, unless sapient. If future versions of these animals are printed, consider them grandfathered in unless otherwise stated.

It's also worth remembering that controlling small animals like bugs and rats only lets you control a number of individuals equal to charisma times 5, and that it imparts no special ability to understand the animals or see through their eyes. So you can't use a swarm of flies to scout.
Rules Thread VII
MagicThis is a post from the rules thread that died of old age.

Corollary, could a blind mage use Astral Perception to cast physical spells? (The RAW text states that "auras alone don't give you the mystic link you need to target spells", though that was in the context of projecting, not simply assensing.) This, the latter part of the original post is specifically what I'm curious about since it just got brought up again in general chat.

Is the text quoted above specific to projection or does it apply in general terms?
Line of sight can be established via natural vision, including vision augmentations paid for with essence (Such as thermographic, or low-light, not including ultrasound, radar, or other non-visual sense augmentations.) Individuals who are duel natured + astrally perceiving can cast physical LoS requriing spells on individuals they can see, with a -2 dice pool modifier, for taking an action in the physical world, while astrally perceiving. Characters who are astrally projecting, or in purely astral form, cannot use this to cast physical spells, or spells with physical targets, while astral.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationDoes the smartlink or targeting laser interfere with the cateye's bioware? If so, why? By raw it seems it might, but it doesn't make much sense.I couldn't begin to make sense of why catalyst says they aren't compatible, but they make it pretty clear that they aren't, so, unfortunately, they aren't.Rules Thread VII
QualityCan Black Market Pipeline apply to both cyberware and bioware at the same time, i.e Augmentations?Black Market Pipeline can be applied to the group 'augmentations' rather than any specific subtype.Rules Thread VII
CombatOn the Cold Damage effect from Ice Storm, does it benefit from the spell's AP for the purposes of breaking the target's armor?Cold damage does not take into account the spell's AP for the elemental effect.Rules Thread VII
MagicFor Spotter rituals, it states that the spotter doesn't take part in the teamwork test; does this mean they don't have to be trained in ritual casting? Pages 295-297 Core book. Follow-up: what do non-magi use to resist drain? Adepts: Body+drain like any other adept power with drain? Dual natured critters, or thing with astral perception like pixies and naga?An individual that is capable of being dual-natured (Whether by astrally perceiving, or naturally being dual natured.) can be the spotter for a ritual. If they do not have a tradition (By being a mysad or magician.) then they resist the drain with body+willpower.Rules Thread VII
QualityWould a synthmask be enough to cover a infected from sunlight on the face for the purposes of bringing the sunlight allergy down to mild in conjunction with other full body coverings plus sunglasses. Edit: same question with smart wigs for the back of the head.Synthskin facemask is not enough to qualify for allergy (sunlight) reduction.Rules Thread VII
WeaponsSo uhhh something I've been wondering about bc I've never actually seen someone use it, is how the motion sense trigger for explosives is apparently suppose to work. Pages 181 and 182 says that they use a standard ranged attack test not the normal threshold 3 test. This would explain why the various grenade/missile launchers have accuracy ratings if this was how it worked. Are we doing it this way or no? Secondarily, if this is how they work how does Run For Your Life fit into it? I can't really image you can run from an explosive that's actually touching you.If somebody uses a grenade/rocket on motion sensor trigger, they may fire it directly at somebody using standard ranged attack rules (Weapon skill + agility + modifiers [accuracy] vs. ranged defence.) rather than the normal AoE attack rules of ranged attack with a threshold of 3. If they acheive net hits over the subjects defence, the subject may not run for their lives, as they have been hit with a ranged attack that happens to have an AoE, rather than specifically an AoE attack. On a tie, or miss, the subject can run for their lives as normal, and scatter is rolled by the firer. Others who happen to be in the area of effect may run for their lives as normal.Rules Thread VII
CombatSkill bonuses (not ranks) from ware/magic/specs for full defense tests with qualities like acrobatic defender and perceptive defender, yay or nay?General skill modifiers (Such as synthacardium, natural athlete, or the wireless bonus of an attention coprocessor) apply to full defence with perceptive defender or acrobatic defender. Specific modifiers (Such as vision enhancement only applying to visual perception) do not applyRules Thread VII
Gear1.) How do Shopsoft/Datahost/Mapping System subscriptions affect gameplay? The section on page 81 of chrome flesh (OMNISCIENCE, OR NOT) is somewhat ambiguous. If they work just like datasoft/mapsoft/shopsoft programs from the core book, they only add +1 to the limit to their associated tests. Do they do anything besides that?

2.) Can different leadership actions (mainly "Inspire" and "Rally") be used on teammates over DNI or voice call? If so, are they affected by noise? Can they be done while in Hot/Cold-Sim? 3.) Can an Agent be used to perform the Computer + Device Rating test associated with "CarnivoreGold" from Cutting Aces 144? 4.) Following the Multiple Explosions rule, what is the effect of using a combination of Stun and Physical damage explosives (i.e. a Flash-Bang and a HE Grenade together)? 5.) Can foci hidden in a Biofiber pocket be detected using divination magic? 6.) Are the effects of a Rally test rounded-up or -down? i.e. If a player gets 3 on their Rally test, does the team get 1 or 2 initiative?

7.) How do drug interaction rolls work when you have two-or-more chemical gland implants with gradual release drugs? Do you roll 1 dice or 2+ to determine the drug effect?
1 - They provide no additional mechanical effect, but fluff-wise, they can be used to provide live, real time information on their subject matter, which may provide other effects at GM discretion.

2 - These actions can be used over the matrix, in cold/hot VR, or over a voice call, but are not matrix actions, so they don't take noise modifiers, or receive the hot-sim bonus. However, if you cannot connect due to noise, then no test can be made. 3 - An agent can be used to perform this test on the device it's running on. 4 - Resolve the effects of an explosion separately in the case of combining sources of stun & physical damage, such as the case you mentioned. 5 - Foci in a biofiber pocket can be detected using divination magic. 6 - Rally effectively rounds down for effects, in that you trade two of your successes for each point of initiative. So three hits would get you one initiative.

7 - Whenever you take another drug, in addition to the ones already in your system, roll (number of drugs - 1)d6, for drug interaction purposes.
Rules Thread VII
AugmentationIf one got the bioware tail mod, is it one tail? Or can one fluff it to be multiple? How would that work?The bioware tail (If prehensile) has effects similar to the prehensile functional tail, from p115 of Run Faster. Cosmetically, it can styled as any tail found in the natural world, up to the user, I'm not going to make a list of what it can be, or anything like that. You could certainly buy multiple, if you so chose, but the mechanical effects would be the same, regardless of cosmetics.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationSo I have a few questions:

Can you combine Cybereyes with Tetrachromatic? I find it kinda weird that it's assumed the better eyes are worse at seeing things.

What kind of mounts can melee weapons take? I find it kinda weird that you can't add Chameleon Coating to your melee weapons so you can have your fat Barrett stealth along with your Sleeping Tiger but not your Katana?
Cybereyes can be combined with tetrachromatic vision, since they don't specify any conflict, it's very simple to view cybereyes as just being adapted to take in that type of light now your optic nerve can handle it.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationDo you get the smartgun dice if you use a datajack instead of wireless? Do you get the smartgun dice if you go wireless with an internal router?Simply using a datajack is not enough to grant access to wireless bonus. It must be combined with an internal router, to provide access without actually having your wireless on.

Internal Routers will provide access to all of the wireless bonus' where the mechanical effects do not require access to an outside network. For example, while the smartlink dicepool bonus thematically represents access to weather data and extra processing power, the mechanical effect of +2 dice to shoot your weapon does not require wireless to exist, and thus this effect functions. Other examples of functioning bonuses include most dicepool bonuses from cyberware, perception bonuses from vision and hearing devices, and bonuses to how small an action it takes to utilize a device, such as upgrading the time it takes to extend a baton or seal a chemsuit. However, an internal router will not allows you to make commcalls to people you are not directly connected to, make matrix searches, utilize skillsoft networks, or anything else that has a mechanical effect that requires access to an outside network, as these mechanical effects cannot possibly exist without access to outside data.

Due to the breadth of wireless bonus' in the game, making an extensive list of what does and does not work is not feasible, but consider the default answer to be yes, unless the actual effect of the bonus explicitly would require wireless access to another device to exist.
Rules Thread VII
MagicCan you Great Form another Mage's Bound Spirit? Assuming they were willing.You can only great form your own (The ritual leaders) bound spirits.Rules Thread VII
MatrixIf a Spirit has Realistic Form, and takes the form of a metahuman, can it use Trodes/image link/etc. to interact with AR and Matrix stuff? If not, what if it's an Ally Spirit and it has the Computer Skill and/or has the Spell Anaylze Device in addition to the above?Spirits with access to technical skills, like task and ally spirits, are more capable than most in interacting with augmented reality. They can operate a commlink, make calls, paint a digital picture, program a persona, look up information, delete your browsing history as a last request, and schedule that doctor's appointment to get that thing looked at. However the matrix is still a realm they can't fully understand, even if they can interact with it more smoothly than most. As such they are unable to use skills such as computer, hacking, ewar, software, and cybercombat to hack or alter devices. Their capabilities are essentially limited to functions most general users are capable of, that don't require in depth knowledge of the matrix. Also, considering spirits are lacking the N in DNI, they are incapable of using any form of simsense or DNI.Rules Thread VII
MagicCan you turn off Energy Aura, specifically on muh ally spirit?Energy aura on an ally spirit cannot be switched off, but that isn't necessarily crippling, since it only applies when the creature makes a melee attack, or is, itself, melee attacked.Rules Thread VII
MagicLet's talk about punch adepts and how they interact with implants.

Punch adepts seem to use a few different approaches: raw punching power, bone lacing/density augmented punches, cyber implant weapons and natural weapons. As I eagerly await the completion and approval of The Orichalcum Fister, my troll punchdept with weapon focus jackhammers for arms, bio-claws on his feet and a trusty sidekick companion drone who feeds him and opens doors and such, I would like to consider the interaction of the following powers with a few example augs: cyberspurs, cybernetic fangs, bioclaws and striking calluses. -Killing Hands -Penetrating Strike -Smashing Blow -Any other powers you think might have varying applicability Thanks!

p.s. what are the stats for weapon focus orichalcum bone lacing?
Cyberweapons and bioweapons are distinct in that cyberweapons can be turned into weapon foci, while bioweapons cannot. Since bioweapons, additionally (in general) use the natural weapons spec, it has been decided that they function with the majority of unarmed combat adept powers, while cyberweapons, will not.

If a power needs to be used with unarmed combat, such as smashing blow, penetrating strike, killing hands, or similar, it can be also used with bio-weapons, such as striking callus', or bone spurs. These powers can also be used with bone lacing, or bone density augmentation.

Cyberweapons cannot be used with these powers, but they, instead, can be made into weapon foci, and used with any powers requiring a weapon focus, such as elemental strike.
Rules Thread VII
AugmentationSo for the chameleon possessor upgrade for skin toner in chrome flesh on page 74, does it count as R4 RPC? Or a chameleon suit?Skin toner with a chameleon processor functions as ruthenium polymer coating rating 4 (p86, R&G), including the rules for coverage (In this case, how much skin is exposed.) Additionally, if you're wearing very little (Clothing can't have an armour rating, but can have underwear for modesty reasons.), it also functions as a chameleon suit. (p437, CRB) including wireless bonus.Rules Thread VII
MagicDoes the Reinforce Spell and Spirit Power work on worn Armor? Does it work on vehicles? It gives bonuses to structure rating as well, which would imply that it's meant for barriers, but it also states that it affects 'an object' and does not outright discount that it does not affect worn Armor or Vehicles.The reinforce spell and spirit power applies to barriers and only barriers, not vehicles, nor worn armour. The same goes for the possession power, which does not increase the armour rating of, for example, an armour jacket, if you were to tell it to possess thatRules Thread VII
MagicFor the Realistic Form power in street grimoire on page 198. What can a spirit turn into, can they become a car or a gun and if so do they need fuel or ammo to function or do they always work?The realistic form power cannot be used to turn into anything of mechanical significance. This means that a spirit cannot become a gun, a sword, a motorcycle, a cyberdeck, or any other piece of gear with actual mechanical effects. They can, however, perfectly imitate (On the physical, they're still vulnerable to astral perception unless they also have aura masking, and cannot connect to the matrix.) any object of metahuman size or less that doesn't have mechanical effects, such as a hat, a toaster, a bicycle, a shoe, or the like.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationCan an XM-30 in carbine mode be fitted into a custom Submachine gun implant slot? And while extended/out, can it be modified into the other XM-30 forms for using the different ranges and ammo?The XM-30 cannot be implanted as a cyberweapon, even if in carbine configuration.Rules Thread VII
AugmentationCould a finger tip injector also be used to squirt someone with a dose of DMSO modified drug? As an injector it certainly has the ability to squirt out liquid, but just making sure. To be clear, I just want to be sure that it could be used to dose someone with a contact vector using the appropriate roll.FIngertip injector can be used to apply DMSO'd contact toxins, but it must be used on an immobilised (subdued, or similar) or unaware target.Rules Thread VII
WeaponsFor the HK XM30, do the different configurations change concealability? For example, is the carbine easier to conceal, and the sniper rifle harder?Yes. They use the concealabilities of the appropriate weapon types. If in doubt, ask here or in #ooc-rules about specific cases.Rules Thread VII
WeaponsFor the HK XM30 carbine configuration would you use the assault rifle spec or smg spec for automatics.XM-30 would, in carbine configuration, use the SMG specRules Thread VII
Augmentationcould microwire for the cyber grapple gun be stored in a smuggling compartment on the same limb and attached that way? And as a follow up to that, could cyberarms be counted as being strong enough to not need the rappelling gloves?A smuggling compartment can store microwire, yes. Cyberlimbs by default cannot touch microwire without rappelling gloves without taking damage. However, if you can soak 8P, with an AP of -8, reliably, then you don't need rappelling gloves anyway, since the damage is resisted as normal.Rules Thread VIII
InfectedCan Infected buy optional powers straight out of gen, or do they need to wait two months?An infected may buy their first optional power two months after they are approved for play on the 'net.Rules Thread VIII
MagicQuestion about Dedicated Spellslinger.

The quality states: The character also receives a free spell for every rank they possess in the Spellcasting skill at the time of purchasing this quality, including character generation. (emphasis mine)

The question is, if you take the quality at-gen, does the quality override the max of MAGx2 spells at gen?
Dedicated Spellslinger does bypass the restriction on the number of spells you may know at character creation, if only to remove the needless middle step of waiting until after chargen to buy it, since it does not double in price, nothing is affected.Rules Thread VIII
MagicAlrighty, questions twofold:

Can the Fix spell repair Matrix Damage?

Can Armor be cast on Vehicles and Drones? If so, would it follow normal Object Resistance rules?
The 'Fix' spell can repair matrix damage. How the Armor spell interacts with drones & vehicles is still being looked into. As a side note, this is why it is simpler to ask unrelated questions separately.Rules Thread VIII
DrugsIf you take two shots of the same drug, or drugs that give modifiers to the same thing, like Cram for instance, you obviously OD, but would you get +2 Reaction and +2d6 initiative dice? +2 reaction +1d6 dice? Just the default 1+ reaction and +1d6 dice?Drug effects do not stack with other drug effects to the same thing. Taking a dose of cram, and a dose of jazz, will just hurt you, it doesn't make you go faster. Naturally, the larger effect of the set of drugs you are on, will take precedence.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorI have just been told that wearing two different pieces of armor lets you use the specialised armor mods on both. For example, wearing something like second skin with thermal damping under FBA. Confirm?If the armour makes sense to thematically be worn with other pieces of armour, such as cloaks, suits of second skin, form fitting body armour, or the like, with actual clothes, then yes, specialised armour mods from each source can all apply at the same time (But not to the same thing, naturally. Two sources of nonconductivity will not add together to make you super nonconductive.)Rules Thread VIII
DrugsI'd really like for the rules team to take another look at the drugs in Lockdown. We never got a formal ruling on it, and drugs such as Numb seem EXTREMELY unbalanced.Lockdown has been formally reviewed in the past, as is evidenced by the inclusion of some examples of mechanics within it being present in the player rules (The presence of the section on cyber-suites, with reference to suites present in Lockdown.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicHow does Spell Defense interact with spells that don't normally have a defense test, such as Fireball or Ice Sheet?When countering a spell that does not normally have an opposed test, spell defence will make the test become opposed effectively replacing 'hits' in the spell description with 'net hits.' If after the entire procedure is completed, the spell has zero or less net hits, it fizzles, and nothing happens. Any spell which is cast on somebody currently selected for your spell defence can be counterspelled. Spheres/Domes, such as bubbling somebody under your spell defence in a physical or mana barrier will count as being as valid targets for counterspelling.Rules Thread VIII
CombatFor the Biospike in Hard Targets (p185). Can this be used for the Iaijutsu Martial arts technique?

What action does extending a biospike take?

Does the damage bonus to Unarmed Combat from striking calluses (CF p121) apply to damage done with bioweapons that use Unarmed Combat.
The Biospike cannot use Iaijutsu, since it does not require an action to ready, simply being an unarmed attack as part of your body. Striking callus' do not benefit the damage of other bioweapons, such as biospikes.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationI would like to request a ruling on Cyberlimb Optimization (Chrome Flesh, p87), specifically if and (if so) in what cases it can be applied to modular limbs.Cyberlimb optimization can be applied to a full cyberlimb, even if lower sections of the cyberlimb are modular. It may not, however, be placed in the removeable/replacable partial limb, or hand/foot, of a full cyberlimb.Rules Thread VIII
MagicAlso, can we get a specific definition/scope of the Pulse spell? I know it shows up in discussions every now and then, but I also remember it said that "either this spell is hilariously overpowered, or it does nothing."The scope of the pulse spell will be left mostly to GM fiat, with the understanding that most important technology of the sixth world, such as vehicles, cyberdecks, and cyberware, are resistant to it, with the notable exception of archaic technology, and tags.Rules Thread VIII
ToxinsThe Frog Tongue Metagenic quality! If used apply a toxin, is the vector contact? I don't believe it's stated.The Frog Tongue metagenic quality will apply toxins as a contact vector.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsCan you quickdraw throwing weapons?You can quickdraw throwing weapons.Rules Thread VIII
MagicDo you take a penalty for casting through your own Mana Barrier? I have heard opposite answers from two very knowledgeable players.

The Core Rule Book says on Pg 315 Anybody trying to cast a spell through a barrier must contend with the Force of the barrier, which is added to the Defense or the Resistance dice pool. If the spell doesn’t normally have an opposed dice pool, the Spellcasting test becomes an Opposed Test against the Force of the barrier. and on 316

Mana barriers do not affect their creators, who can see through them or pass through them at will and allow others to do so as well.
You do not take a penalty to casting through your own manabarrier, due to 'Mana barriers do not affect their creators, who can see through them or pass through them at will and allow others to do so as well.'Rules Thread VIII
QualityDoes Lightweight increase addiction rating for the purpose of overdose?Lightweight does increase your addiction rating for the purposes of overdose, per drug. If I take one drug that's rating 7 normally, and one drug that's rating 8 normally, instead of resisting 15S (7+ 8), I'd resist 19S (9 + 10)Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes augmented maximum get reduced if your attribute gets a temporary reduction? For instance, if I have an Intuition of 5 and turn on a pain editor, is my augmented max 8 or 9?Augmented max does not get reduced by a temporary reduction, similar to how the opposite is also not true.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes the irouter work wirelessly with external gear as long as you have a 'jack? Like guns, smartguns, extendable batons, silencers, etc.An internal router does function with external gear, yes.Rules Thread VIII
QualityDoes Strive For Perfection cause me to take the -2 for a called shot while using Nerve Strike?Strive for perfection does not cause you to take the -2 called shot penalty when performing a nerve strike, due to the clause 'The assassin must make Called Shots unless he is providing covering fire or acting in a similar capacity where Called Shots would not be practical.'Rules Thread VIII
MagicThe False Impressions/Manascape Illusion spells on Page 20 of Shadow Spells. They state that they can fool Assensing attempts, Psychometry, etc.

But the Core Rulebook states: 'Though mana-based illusions can be created on the astral plane, their magical auras give them away as illusions to anyone who makes a successful Assensing Test—illusions can’t fool Assensing and cannot be used to disguise or create auras.' By RAW, this would make the spells completely non-functional. So, do they work? As a further note, if someone successfully used False Impressions/Manascape to hide whatever they intended, anyone capable of Astrally Perceiving would just be able to see the spell. Would Manascape be able to hide it's own Spell Signature, since it's an area spell? How about False Impressions?

Assuming the spell does indeed work, if someone passes the LOG+WIL test, do they immediately know it's an Illusion they're seeing through?
The astral illusion spells cannot hide their own nature, and will, upon being assensed, reveal they an illusion spell is present (Not, however, what is under the illusion. The onlooker knows an illusion is present, but does not automatically see through it.) Extended masking, however, can be used to hide their nature.Rules Thread VIII
QualityCan you buy off Metagenic Negative Qualities, right? Especially if you get ware/qualities, etc, that would allow you to logically do so? (ex: Skin Toner with Striking Skin Pigmentation, reconstructive surgery, etc.)Metagenic negative qualities cannot currently be bought offRules Thread VIII
MagicCore says that you in addition to speeding up, you can slow a target's movement rate. What is this resisted by for unwilling Metahumans and Critters?

Is it like the when spirits do Movement on vehicles where they use Magic+Willpower to get hits equal to Body/2 rounded up in order for it to work?

Or, is it resisted at all? Another interpretation seems to be it isn't.
The test for the slowing effect of the movement power will be considered to be an opposed (Magic + Willpower) versus (Strength + Body) test, with the targets movement speed being divided by (net hits) up to a maximum of (spirit force.)

This passed Council with the following votes: Slashandburn777: Timed out Fweeba: Approve Malibi: Approve Morrenz: Approve

jre2: Approve
Rules Thread VIII
MagicNext up, Magerun intensifies: When do you get to do the Mental Manipulation Resistance test? Before the effect sets in? After? Dunno, not sure if it says. Also, what's a "Standard Action" ? Thanks, Control Thoughts.Control Thoughts/Mob minds 'standard action' will be interpreted to mean a complex action, similar to the action required to command people under mob control/control actions. People controlled by this spell take their resistance tests before the orders are followed.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWhat are the consequences of no longer abiding by the prerequisites of an Adept Power?

Example: Xiang has a Weapon Focus and the power "Elemental Weapon (Fire)". She unbinds her weapon focus for whatever ungodly reason (chrm), and then starts binding to a weapon focus again. What does this do to the Adept Power she learned?

Jack was spitballing some possible readings earlier, most of which I found quite possible. The happiest solution for me would be to be able to learn another Elemental Weapon instead of the one I had previously, but uh, Fire is not that trash of an element so I'd be fine if she just couldn't make use of the power while she doesn't have a weapon focus.
If you no longer meet the prerequisites of an adept power, you may not use that power, until you meet the prerequisites again. Essentially, It becomes locked off, until you have another weapon focus.Rules Thread VIII
RepairSo the Building/Repairing table helps with Imbuing a good bit, and Im sorry I know I asked a question to clarify imbuing, but a more concrete one here would be: Do armorer facilities help in any way?

Also, does the building/repairing table help with handloading? And what's the price for this AR-enabled assist thing in the build-repair table? :D

ty joe luv u
The build/repair tables modifiers & penalties do not apply to the test to imbue/attune in any way, since it is serving as a replacement for ritual spellcasting, rather than being an actual test to build or repair. As the handloading process requires a toolkit, attempting this process with access to a shop or facility will provide +1 die from working conditions, and +1 die from tools. Assume that unless you're attempting to build something entirely new (Such as designing something with engineering for use on a run, via GM fiat.) then augmented reality enhanced plans will be available for the test.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingHey so I heard a mythical thing in Rules chat a couple of times, but I'd be more comfy quoting it if it was actually written down, so here goes! When, if ever, can you substitute the rating of a sensor for your mental limit whilst making Electronic Warfare checks?Whenever you make a perception test, mental limit is used. When making a perception check through a sensor array, and only through a sensor array, you have the option to replace your perception skill with your electronic warfare skill, and you have the option to replace your mental limit with the sensor rating. You can do one or the other, both, or neither.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes the skin toner 'ware work with the Striking skin pigmentation on an Oni?Striking Skin pigmentation and skin toner are compatible, since skin toner is not a' bioware skin augmentation', and both can apply their mechanics at the same time.Rules Thread VIII
SURGEIf a fomorian takes surge and gets arcane arrestor 2, does he effectively have arcane arrestor 3 or does it supersede his natural arrestor making it just level 2A fomorian who SURGE's to take arcane arrestor will have it supercede their existing rating. However, they will only have to buy a single rating, rather than two, to reach the second rating, effectively 'upgrading' their existing quality to rating 2.Rules Thread VIII
MagicThe Berserk imbuement, page 132 of Street Grimoire. 'While in a berserk rage, add one half the initiate grade (round up) to the damage value of attacks made with the item.' RAW, this seems to suggest that firearms or even bows can be imbued with Berserk. Yay or nay?The Berserk imbuement will only increase the damage of melee weapons/attacks.Rules Thread VIII
MagicDoes mana strike count as a magical attack for purposes of wrecking the critter power Regeneration? Since wounds cant be healed with regeneration when attacked by a magical attack. I'm asking this in relation to the fact that it does against spirit hardened armor.Mana Strike counts as a magical attack for the purposes of regeneration.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingSince mini weapon mounts on drones hold reach 0 weapons and that is all, can we just make it a progressive thing for all the other melee weapons? As in a Small would have Reach 1, a Standard can host a reach 2 and finally a Large can host a Reach 3 melee weapon? Or will drones forever be cursed to get drone arms to melee?A standard drone weapon mount can hold any melee weapon, as the closest match to the equivalent 'Light' vehicle weapon mount, which can also do so.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWall Running If you wanna run across instead of up and you use Sprint, do you only get the hits of the sprint in meters or do you also get to use your actual movementThe 'Wall Running' adept power allows you to combine a 'Sprint' action with the usual wall running test (Presumably all as one complex action, since normally wall running and sprint could not be done in one pass), meaning that for horizontal travel, you would make one running + strength [magic] test, for 1 meter per hit. followed by one running + strength [physical] test, for however many meters per hit you have on a normal sprinting test (For most metatypes, this is 2.) It does not allow you to make use of your 'standard' movement rate in this manner.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationI'm looking at fibre optic hair, from chrome flesh 73

The text describes it as being limited "Only by your imagination" and I can imagine hair as transmitting a live feed to act like a window (Like if you've seen the opening scenes of the "Prey" video game) In this way, I can (Potentially) make my metre long thousand dollar haircut look shorter if I were to want to mimic somebody with shorter hair.

What does the net think of this idea?
Fiberoptic hair can change colour dynamically, but it cannot make itself invisible, and disguising your meter long fiberoptic hair as shorter hair by having it emulate the colours of the surface below will just make you have funky looking meter long hair.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationI have several questions concerning the grapple gun (CRB, 449-450), tactical grapple gun (hard targets, 107), cyber grapple gun (CRB, 455), and grapple hand (CF, 87, 89-90).

Firstly, can a cyber grapple gun be a cyber tactical grapple gun? If not, does it have smart link, and if not, can it? If it can't be a tactical cyber grapple, can it use the tactical grapple heads? What is the winch speed on the grapple gun, tactical grapple gun, and cyber grapple gun? The grapple hand has one listed, but the rest don't, apart from the tactical grapple gun which just says "upgraded". Why the hell does a grapple hand take 10 capacity, when a cyber grapple gun only takes 4 and has 4 times the range? Why does the cyber grapple gun have a winch but not rope? What does it take to attach a rope before it fires? Can that be prepared in advance? Can the prepared rope be concealed in a sleeve if the cyber grapple is in an arm?

Most importantly, is the grapple head in the cyber grapple concealed?
A cyber grapple gun is simply the grapple gun from the Core Rule Book, and cannot be the Tactical Grapple Gun from Hard Targets. It does, however, come pre-installed with a smartlink, similar to all other 'cyberguns'

Since it is not a tactical grapple gun, it cannot use the tactical grapple heads. Consider the winch speed on both the grapple gun, and tactical grapple gun, to be identical to that of the grapple hand, for simplicity's sake. Attaching rope to a cyber grapple gun will be a simple action. It can be prepared in advance, but will be about as obvious as a person with a few dozens of meter of rope attached to their arm would be expected to be (IE: Hiding it might be a challenge, but if you don't care about looking odd, then it's fine.) The grapple head in a cyber grapple gun is concealed within the limb, until fired/used.

I couldn't possibly comment as to why the grapple hand costs as much capacity as it does, unfortunately.
Rules Thread VIII
MagicHow does a Mentor Mask manifest for a conjurer? Does it only appear when actively summoning/banishing/binding? What if you are Channeling a spirit? Is it always on, or only when using a power or skill from the spirit?A mentor's mask will affect a summoner in similar ways to how it affects a magician, namely, it will make them much more obvious while summoning, and the spirits they summon will be easier to detect via numinous perception. Subtract 3 from the threshold of any numinous perception checks to notice the presence of the spirit, or its summoning. It is effectively always on, while channeling.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationIs the price/availability of nanoware affected by the ware grade of the hive it's going in?Soft or hard nanites do not have their price/availability change depending on the nanohive they're working with (Effectively the nanohive sustains the nanites, the nanites themselves do not have to change.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicSo, there is a contradiction between the core book and Hard Targets I'd like an official ruling on, so we can end the debate once and for all.

Page 194 of Hard Targets directly conflicts the Chicago Missions rule Clarification. Since the Chicago book and its clarification is much older than the Hard Target book, I would suggest we use the Hard Target ruling. ALCHEMY Alchemy is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled assassin. You can be at home cracking open a cold beer at the same time your mark kicks it. The use of this method takes great care, though, because it can be very easy to miss your target and kill a bystander. If you leave a pillow enchanted with One Less Human in a mark’s hotel room, you better hope the maid is an ork and his mistress is an elf. Because of this, many successful alchemical assassins are often masters of infiltration, sleight of hand and social engineering. Like all hits, intercepting the target is the moment of truth, but an alchemist need not intercept the target personally. They just need the target to encounter their preparation. This is often achieved by getting ahead of the mark and essentially booby-trapping their hotel, car, or any other place you can reliably predict they will be. Preparations of touch spells are preferred for their lower Drain, but certain contracts may require the kind of message only a Fireball can send. One Less and Death Touch are also popular among alchemical killers, particularly those that use enchanted arrows. Turn to Goo can be a nasty trick in the right place, particularly on a bar of soap in the mark’s shower. Enchant the mark’s gas cap with an Ignite spell with a timed trigger for when they are driving to work. All evidence is destroyed, and it looks like a mechanical failure. An Enabler spell enchanting a syringe can make a toxin hit that much harder. Alchemist Initiates have even more options when plying their craft. Besides Masking, which is practically necessary for any spellslinger in this business, Anchoring is a favorite of alchemists. It affords them a much looser timetable and much more precise tools for affecting their chosen target. With a good assensing of the target or a material sample, a preparation can be crafted that will affect the target and only the target (see p. 219, Street Grimoire). In the eyes of some, this is the only thing that separates these type of hitters from terrorists who send mail bombs. PROJECTILES AND ALCHEMY

There are no magic bullets, in a metaphorical sense as well as a literal sense. Since the days of black powder, gun barrels have had rifling that dramatically improves the range and accuracy of projectiles. The downside of this for the alchemist is that any bullet used as a lynchpin will be sufficiently marred while leaving the barrel to destroy any enchantments on that bullet. I have heard plenty of rumors of alchemists buying up old black-powder muskets and blunderbusses produced without rifled barrels, but I hear few rumors of their success. The mere process of firing a bullet from a gun, even one without rifling, is damaging to a bullet. Some very limited success has been found going back even further by eschewing bullets for simple balls. Special musket balls are used—they’re made of steel instead of lead, and deep engraving is usually used to set the enchantment. While these balls have about an even chance of retaining an enchantment after being fired, they suffer from such wild inaccuracy and poor range that you might as well just walk up to the target and throw the ball at them. Looking at the silver lining, if you do somehow manage to hit, those musket balls are absurdly huge by standard caliber measurements, so they pack quite a wallop. Some alchemists have taken to enchanting empty cartridges and loading them into their gun. There are a few advantages to this. For one, it is more comfortable to some. It also makes it more obvious that someone is a threat. Holding out some strange-looking doodad could mean you are a crazy bum or that it is time to geek the mage. Everybody understands what a gun means, though (even if they don’t know it is going to shoot a Manabolt instead of a bullet). Revolvers are particularly popular among this crown because they can load a couple bullets, a couple spells, and use an ammo skip mod to instantly select from whichever they want to fire. It should be noted that the spells aren’t fired by the gun’s hammer coming down but by a mental command trigger. Some advanced alchemists have taken to filling capsule rounds with liquid alchemical preparations. These work great, but ultimately it is just a work-around for their specialization and lack of skill in raw spellcasting. Archery is by far the most popular medium for alchemical projectiles. It is fairly common for talismongers to sell bows and crossbows that are also alchemical foci. Ostensibly this is for avid paracritter hunters, but I think we all know better. While not as long range, as powerful, or as rapid-firing as guns, bows are silent and extremely powerful in the hands of an alchemist. If an arrow fails to pierce a mark’s armor, the spell will still trigger on their aura if it is a contact trigger preparation or can be triggered with a command word.
Alchemical preparations on arrows do have their spell effect in addition to the damage of the arrow (Both resisted separately, of course.)Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationHow does Nephritic Screen interact with stim patch duration?A nephritic screen will reduce the duration of a stimpatch by its rating*10 minutes, to a minimum of 10 minutes.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingConcerning the Secondary Propulsion (Rotor) vehicle mod:

"A rotary secondary propulsion system includes installing the rotors on the top of the vehicle that can fold and partially retract themselves. Additionally, a tail fin with stabilizing rotor is constructed to also retract either into the body, beside, or underneath the vehicle."

How much can it actually be concealed? Can a van with that mod pass as a normal van? Or can any half awake checkpoint guard go "Oh hey, that's a rotor mod"?
A vehicles secondary propulsion is not immediately apparent to observers, however, a detailed examination will reveal its true nature. The exact mechanics for this will be left up GM's with the understanding that it should be possible to possess a vehicle with these modifications in the city of Seattle without constantly being harassed by the police.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorBriefcase shield. If I want to make it 'invisible', do I slap chameleon coating or rpc on it? Is it even possible? Would you lose preinstalled mods on the barrel if you add a short barrel mod to a gun with those?Consider shields to require the 'Chameleon coating' weapon modification to benefit from ruthenium polymer on the main piece of clothing, as if they were weapons alone. Barrel modifications integral to a weapon are not removed by adding the short barrel modification. It simply takes up the barrel slot, so further modifications cannot be added.Rules Thread VIII
MatrixDoes a Gastric Neurostimulator prevent nausea caused in hotsim, such as from Tantrum?A gastric neurostimulator will render the character immune to all sources of nausea, even those from hotsim, or magic.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsCould we add an Avail/Price to Molotovs(Pg.18 SprawlWilds) & Petrol bombs(Pg.24 Splintered State)?Molotov Cocktails from Sprawl Wilds p18 (Throwing weapon, Accuracy 2, DV 7P(fire), AP -) will have a price of 5nY, and availability of -F (or 0F, is another way of writing it.)

Petrol Bombs from Splintered States p24 (Grenade, DV 10P(fire), AP -2, Blast -2/m) will have a price of 25nY, and availability of -F (or 0F, is another way of writing it.) Note, that you need some source of fire to light these, and that the 'Ready weapon' action covers lighting them. GM's are welcome, and even encouraged, to make bad things happen to people who walk around with a lit molotov/petrol bomb for any significant period of time. Naturally, the petrol bomb cannot use the timed or wireless trigger options for grenades, being a bottle of petrol with a rag. It detonates on contact, after being thrown, similar to a grenade on motion sensor.

They both use non aerodynamic grenade ranges.
Rules Thread VIII
ShifterFor shifters, what do the movement descriptions mean, for example ; Movement (x1/ x5/+2) for tigers?The movement speeds for shifters in Run Faster are the movement multipliers for their shifted form (IE: The tiger, rather than having the human x2/x4/+2 movement rate, would have x1/x5/+2, when in tiger form.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicCan the rules team clarify how the Mentor Mask works with adept powers? The book gives an example, but even that doesn't make sense. After a discussion in the rules channel the sort of consensus for what seems logical was that any power that causes drain would activate the mask. Also a power that you have to activate would temporarily cause the mask, like say facial sculpt while you were sculpting your face, but then would stop. Then when you're face shifted back the mask would reappear. That power is a good example because its rendered somewhat (from a logical standpoint, entirely) useless if the mask is active constantly. Moreover powers like traceless walk seem somewhat negated by the mask. And if you have passive abilities like improved agility, just walking would use that power. So basically adepts would be walking masks unless they were constantly turning off their abilities which would screw their action economy. Obviously the Mentor Mask gives another PP so it should come with some drawback. However, it seems that if it were to show up with activated powers it still basically meets the goal it was intended to serve.An adepts mentor's mask is active while you have any powers 'switched on', even passive ones, such as improved reflexes, facial sculpt, or authoritative tone. Yes, this does make some powers somewhat challenging to use subtly, PC's who rely on these abilities are recommended to not take a mentor's mask.Rules Thread VIII
Weapons"Can pistols/machine pistols/smgs get chameleon coating?This question revealed a slight issue with the existing rules, and it was taken to council for a vote on fixing this problem. The alteration to this piece of equipment is written below, and will be added to the Clarifications & Amendments document in due time.

Chameleon Coating (p180, Hard Targets) If a weapon has a side mount, this modification will occupy it. On weapons that do not possess a side mount, such as pistols, this modification can be applied without taking up a mount.

The reasoning for this is that currently, weapons such as pistols, or melee weapons, do not possess side slots, and as such, are incapable of accepting the chameleon coating modification, despite it possessing mechanics for how it functions when applied to small weapons such as pistols. This change allows weapons that could previously not take this modification to accept it, without allowing weapons that can to double up. Essentially, it works similarly to how the gecko grip modification works, but using the side slot, rather than a stock slot.
Rules Thread VIII
RiggingWhat skill(s) do you need to "pilot" a biodrone?When jumped into a biodrone, a rigger uses skills similar to if they were doing the action in question themselves (IE: If they want to have the biodrone run, they need to make a running test, jumping would be a gymnastics test, and so on.) (A rigger jumped into the recipient uses their own skills with a –1 dice pool modifierand the critter’s limits when performing any actions, p182, HS)Rules Thread VIII
QualityCan a person take multiple instances of One Trick Pony? I'd like to think yes, because there are currently 3 techniques unavailable to people without constant use of the quality. Knucklebreaker (disarm) and the two new techniques introduced in FA.You can take multiple instances of One Trick Pony, but you may only possess one of these at character creation.Rules Thread VIII
CombatTies on counterstrike/riposte? What happens? Nothing? Both get hit at base dv?Due to previous rulings on counterstrike/riposte a tie results in a glancing blow for both sides, meaning nothing happens unless somebody is doing something with touch attacks that function on a tie.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWhat skill do you use when attacking with the Spirit Ram power?Spirit Ram uses the unarmed skill, similar to Spirit ClawRules Thread VIII
Augmentationis the duration of Oxygenated Fluorocarbons reduced by a nephritic screen?Oxygenated Fluorocarbons duration ostensibly is reduced by nephritic screens, but, since the duration is measured in weeks, and we say it has a minimum effect of one interval, it can't reduce it to lower than the one week duration it already possesses.Rules Thread VIII
QualitySo how does JOAT interact with Uneducated? Do you go -1 and then double, or do you double and then -1????????Jack of all trades' will reduce the cost of skills affected by uneducated before the cost is doubled.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationCan striking calluses stack with cyberlimbs? Do they stack with cyberweapons?Striking Callus' do not apply their unarmed damage bonus to cyberweapons or bioweapons such as spurs, or bone spikes. They also do not increase the unarmed damage of cyberlimbs themselves (You must hit things with the callus' to get its effect, and callus' cannot be placed on the surface of cyberlimbs.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicHey, it's me finally. I got a few weird alchemy questions that I promised I would thread!

How much control does one have over a command trigger prep outside of targeting? Mostly asking for the purpose of spells like Magic Fingers and Levitate. Does the person who triggered the prep act as the caster for the sake of controlling the sustained prep or would the action made by the prep have to be decided while the alchemist was making the prep? Edit: Now realizing illusion spells are a thing and...more questions related. Would the illusion have to be pre-programmed into the prep or done on the fly? Can the person who triggered the Mana/Powerblade prep be the effective caster for the sake of actually wielding the prep? Can one use "dud" aerodynamic grenades for the sole purpose of propelling an area prep with grenade ranges? Can the Spell Shaping metamagic be used with alchemical preps by applying the penalty to the preps spellcasting check? (Possibly not worth but something cool I want in muh life.) Would you have to know the actual Spellcasting Spell formula for Rituals that require a spell or would having the Alchemical Preparation formula and possibly a prep on hand be enough? Sorry to go on and on with the weird questions, just kinda hype to be playing an alchemist and I wanna know the memes I can be!

Edit: So uh. Can you actually reconsider the whole Alter Ballistics dual natured bullets not working against spirit's immunity to weapons? Kinda makes no sense that this wouldn't work, they are blatantly magical.
Command triggered preparations can be controlled by the individual who activates them, as if they had cast the spell.

Timed & Contact preparations must have their instructions 'programmed in' when created. The individual who triggers a manablade/powerblade preparation can be considered to the caster, for the purposes of using the blade. Otherwise a situation is created where nobody can use the mana/power blade, as the preparation is the caster. You could even use a real aerodynamic grenade, if you so wished. An alchemical preparation is enough to count as the 'spell' for the purposes of learning spell based rituals. Spell shaping cannot be used with alchemy, due to its limitation to spellcasting tests.

It takes somewhat more than just being an active lynchpin for something to bypass immunity to normal weapons. Trying to beat up a spirit with an active power focus would not bypass immunity to normal weapons, nor would loading capsule rounds with dual natured bacteria (FAB II). As such, the ruling that alter ballistics on bullets does not bypass immunity to normal weapons will remain.
Rules Thread VIII
MagicHey post-gen are adept ways still 20 karma? I know they are, but this needs to go into the doc methinks because people keep assuming it's 40 and I've had some chargen cases that thought this tooAdept ways do not double in cost post-chargen, unlike most qualitiesRules Thread VIII
MagicDoes the adept light body also add to vertical height when jumping? Or only horizontal?Adept Light Body adds to your agility for purposes of jumping distance, meaning it only applies to horizontal distance, since agility is not a factor in determining vertical jumping maximum distance.Rules Thread VIII
DowntimeIs there any way infected can eat people in downtime/not expend essence this month if they didn't go on runs?An infected who does not go on any runs in a month will, similar to lifestyle rules, not gain or lose any essence, it is assumed they will maintain.Rules Thread VIII
QualityCan positive metagenic qualities be purchased post gen? Can negative metagenic qualities be bought off?Additional positive metagenic qualities cannot be purchased post-gen. Currently, negative metagenic qualities cannot be bought off, however, this is on the list of things that will be looked into at some point by the rules team.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsAre there any rules we can use for weapons cases? Shieldings, chameleon coating, security measures, anything along those measures players can take to protect their weaponry while out and about?Unfortunately, no rules exist for weapon cases, shieldings, security measures, or the like.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorSo can we get a clarification on Acid damage and how that thing interacts with non-worn armor? Also structures?Acid damage will affect armour worn by individuals/entities, and the armour of structures. Effectively, it will not function on a creatures/person's inherent armour, whether that be a spirits 'hardened armour' from materialisation, the armour rating provided by bone lacing, an armour spell/mystic armour, or a troll's dermal deposits, but will function on armour they're wearing.Rules Thread VIII
MagicAre Hose and Tsunami allowed for PCs? They are mentioned in Bloody Business pg 155 in an NPC stat block, but they do have mechanics to go with them. spells 'Hose' and 'Tsunami' will be approved for use on the 'net. Consider them to be identical to Flamethrowe & Fireball respectively, with the exception of having the water elemental effect, rather than the fire elemental effect. It's worth remembering that the water elemental effect means the spells do not cause any damage to condition monitors directly, so they leave something to be desired as combat spells, although they do have some significant utility use.Rules Thread VIII
MatrixCan you stack the Noise Reduction bonus from multiple Datajacks?Yes, due to previous precedent, and examples of datajack stacking existing in 5e mechanics already (Such as in some of the cyber-suites from Chrome Flesh.)Rules Thread VIII
SpaceFor spess run I've been looking over the space rules in R&G page 162f and I noticed something funny. Let's take a look at the movement rules of Heavy Gravity! "A standing vertical jump gets a half meter per 2 hits with the Physical Limit serving as the maximum distance. Not a lot of slam dunks going on in those heavy-G basketball games."

That last sentence is kind of ironic considering p.135 of the CRB "For a vertical jump, it’s the same test, but you get half a meter of altitude per hit and the maximum you can jump is 1.5 times your height"

So yes, it's more difficult to jump higher in heavy-G, although if you have the dice for it, you can theoretically jump even higher than you ever could in normal gravity. So, here's my question. In favor of coolness and making the game make a bit more sense, could we adapt a houserule that makes vertical jumps on Earth more awesome, aka allowing you to jump a bit higher than like... 2 meters if you're a shortie?
A house rule to alter maximum jumping height is not being considered at this moment.Rules Thread VIII
MagicCan you use Fetishes for Preps?you cannot use fetishes for alchemical preparationsRules Thread VIII
MagicHow does the Linguistics adept power work here? Do we do a roll per event? Do we get X amount of rolls a month? Just want to make sure I do this right when I start my troll :)The linguistics power can only be used actively during a run, at the discretion of the GM running the game, rather than passively during downtime.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsWith the entanglement called shot, do mono whips also apply to the called shot? Or is it only bullwhips?Entanglement can be used with monowhips. No it does not make a lot of sense.Rules Thread VIII
QualityRules as Written, Prototype Transhuman says: "While you must pay the normal cost in nuyen of the bioware and otherwise follow all character creation rules, you do not incur any essence cost. So, essentially, you gain up to 1 point of free Essence to be used exclusively on bioware. These special organs were genetically grown into you from your inception—they are as much a natural part of you as your liver or heart." (CF, pg. 55)

This is awkward, as we have been ruling that Used grade cannot be Cultured. And yet, looking into that, there isn't any RAW to prevent this... nor has that ruling been written down in the Player Rules, the Clarifications & Amendments, or in any of these Rules Threads. So, I would like to figure out which it is. Clearly, you can't have literally Used 'ware that is Cultured or Prototype Transhuman. However, in the "A Word About Quality" section of Chrome Flesh (pg. 70), it points out that "Used" also maps to "cheap knockoff." Therefore, it could be permissible to allow Used-grade ware for these purposes.

So, in the spirit of Pope's Great Documentation Project, could we get a ruling for the ages?
Cultured bioware cannot be used grade, nor can used grade bioware be used with the free essence from the 'Prototype Transhuman' quality.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsWhat's the accuracy on a bayonet (both retractable an the detachable ones)? The books don't seem to have that for them.Consider Bayonets & Retractible Bayonets to have a base accuracy of 5, same as the polearm.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsThe Cougar Collapsible Spear, if installed Ceramic/Plasteel Components, does it lose the Wireless capability to extend as a free action?yes, it does lose that capability when the ceramic/plasteel components modifications is applied to it.Rules Thread VIII
MagicStillness of the Void seems to have a few contentious possible readings. Must you stay stationary to keep it up or only for the initial five minutes?

The way I understood it is that you stay perfectly still for five minutes and then reap the benefits for eight hours, although there seem to be other possible ways of interpreting the text. The reason I've read it this way is the line "to enter this state, the adept must remain still [...]"

It might also be me hoping that there's alternatives to Athlete's Way :P
A character must only remain motionless for 5 minutes, to activate stillness of the void. Then they may use these abilities as normal for 8 hours, remaining fully mobile.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWhen you initiate, must you take a metamagic from the art you initiated into at that initiate grade, or can you take one from an earlier grade/ a power point?When a magician initiates, they can choose a metamagic from an art they have access too, or they can choose an art they don't have access too. When they choose an art, they also get one ritual, enchantment, or metamagic, from that art, for free. What this means, essentially, is that you cannot gain access to one art, and gain a metamagic from a different art, all in one initiation.Rules Thread VIII
DrugsSo uh, just doublechecking, but Drug Tolerant and Narco doesn't apply to magical addictions like the Sleep, Sustenance and Focus Addiction ones? X.xDrug Tolerant applies to all addiction tests, even magical ones. Narco is specifically for chemical drugs, and would not apply to BTL's or magical addictions, such as foci.Rules Thread VIII
QualityWith the metagenic quality "Natural Venom" how is the Exhaled version handled? Is there a roll, does it act as a gas grenade spreading throughout the area?Exhalation use of the 'Natural Venom' quality will function similarly to the 'exhalation spray' function of a chemical gland (Chrome Flesh, p112)Rules Thread VIII
EdgeCan you spend edge to push the limit or reroll misses on a spell used through Arcane Improviser?As you must spend edge to use arcane improviser initially, you may not spend edge on either the spellcasting roll, or the drain resistance roll.Rules Thread VIII
MagicPer question to Joe, Adept Healer in new Forbidden Arcana states that Adept Healer healing using Empathic Healing is Drain (presumably to prevent two adepts with it from healing the damage down to minimal/nothing back and forth). This also implies regular Empathic Healing is not Drain (it has never been treated as such before, AFAIK, and is not by RAW drain). Ruling?Standard Adept Healer does not deal transferred damage as drainRules Thread VIII
MagicWhat does the +1 DV to unarmed attacks from the Beast's Way Claws enhancement work with?Beast's way claws enhancement stacks with the damage from bone lacing/density, damage from crit-strike, and the damage from callus' but none of the other bio/cyberweapons.Rules Thread VIII
EdgeWith the entanglement called shot, do mono whips also apply to the called shot? Or is it only bullwhips?

Say you split the dice pool to attack multiple people. If you burn edge to smack down with 4 net hits, do you hit everyone you target or only one?

And with the bioclaws when it says bought in pair the user gets +1 reach, does it stack if the person buys two pairs of claws for both hands and feet?
Burning edge on split dice gets 4 net hits on all targets. Claws do add reach when they're used per pair, meaning a person with 4 limbs of claws could have 2 reach.Rules Thread VIII
MagicDoes the Kinesics Power apply to all Assensing tests or are there some restrictions to this? To clarify, does it give you an effect similar to masking without having masking? Do you then get to add the dice to masking once you have masking? What about Stillness of the Void?Kinesics provides bonus dice to resist tests to read your emotions meaning that if somebody were attempting to do so via assensing, it would apply as a bonus dice pool to the resistance test and would create one if the individual did not possess masking (Essentially in that scenario, they would have a pool of (kinesics ratng) ) Stillness of the void only increases the threshold of the assensing test to astrally track the individual in question.Rules Thread VIII
QualitySo, if you pick up orthoskin through PT, can you get the skin upgrades later or can you not due to the rules of PT? Even with the upgrades having their own essence cost?If you have orthoskin via Prototype Transhuman, you may augment that 'ware with orthoskin modifications such as Sharkskin, Sealskin, chemical repulsion, so on, as they are seperate pieces of 'ware that require the orthoskin, rather than directly the orthoskin themselves.Rules Thread VIII
Augmentation'Some related questions about cyberlimbs:

Is it possible to detect cyberlimbs that are completely covered by normal clothing using visual/audio means? If so, is it a fixed threshold or is it opposed between the observer and concealer? Can extra steps be taken in advance (i.e. disguise skill) to better conceal the limbs against detection in this fashion?

Related question: can a player (or service contact/street doc) swap cyberlimb mods in-and-out without the mods degrading to "used" quality?'
How possible it is to detect non bulk-modded obvious cyberlimbs that are concealed via clothes is up to the GM to determine, with the details of the situation in question, but it should be assumed that, without bulk modification, a cyberlimb can be completely covered in clothing without looking particularly unusual, aside from the fact that you're wearing clothing on all of your skin.

Augmentations, with the exception of geneware, can be removed, swapped, or replaced, in the same individual, without losing grade. This is not a timely procedure and should be considered a full day affair, requiring access to a medical facility and trained staff. This makes it somewhat impractical to perform during most runs.

This procedure will cause physical damage if performed during a run as per p451 of the CRB. If the augmentations in question do not cost essence (IE: They cost capacity in a cyberlimb, cybereyes, or similar.) then the procedure still takes the same period of time, but does not cause damage.'
Rules Thread VIII
MagicPer discussion with Fweeba earlier, want to understand the general functionality of the Sneaking skill on the astral.As per the line 'You only need to roll the dice when your target is trying to hide or when you’re trying to observe in detail—then you make an Assensing Test to see what you can see.' p312, CRB,

This following section should cover all the uses of sneaking involving the astral, and the intersection of astral and meatspace. Additionally, this should clear up the misconception that is held by some, that astral perception bypasses a sneaking roll entirely, which is not the case.

When an astral form is trying to hide from a dual natured form, or another astral form, the appropriate roll is: Logic + Sneaking [Astral] vs. Intuition + Assensing [Astral]

When a dual natured, or mundane form, is trying to hide from an astral form, the appropriate roll is: Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Assensing [Astral]

When a dual natured, or mundane form, is trying to hide from a dual natured form, the appropriate roll is: Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Assensing [Astral] (If the target is trying to spot you with astral senses.) Or Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Perception [Mental] (If the target is trying to spot you with physical senses.) (Note that if an individual is astrally perceiving, rather than naturally dual natured, they receive a -2 dice pool penalty to their sneaking test. Additionally, if trying to spot somebody with mundane means while astrally perceiving, they take a -2 penalty to their perception test.)

And, naturally, when a mundane form is trying to hide from a mundane form, it is simply

Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Perception [Mental]
Rules Thread VIII
MagicCan we like, standardize the way Imbuing and shit works? Together with Object Resistances? And adress that requirement of "same Imbuer" RAW that constantly is ignored? Because you keep hearing all these conflicting talks, and then there's no mechanical explanation to how to get your hands on these cold-steel-forged 3OR weapons. And what if you mod the weapon after Imbue?look into it, but don't expect anything soon.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationThere was an old ruling by /u/VoroSR on modular limbs, stating that they did not require both the modular connector and the modular limb modifier, just one or the other. It seems this was never threaded, as I can't find any reference to it. I believe the justification was that the ruling was more in line with (at least what Voro considered to be) the intent of the modular limb system by the writers. In any case, since it can't be found, I believe this issue needs to be discussed again, if only to see if Bunny is currently legal or not.To have a modular cyberlimb, both the upper segment, and lower segment, of a connection, is required. Essentially, this means that you must have a modular cyberlimb, which generally has less capacity than a standard cyberlimb, to attach to a replaceable modular connector.Rules Thread VIII
DrugsHow do you handle making addiction tests on drugs that have a rating higher than the amount of weeks available? Like, say you have so many foci on that the rating is just so high it goes past the R-weeks? Is there a minimum 1 week delay? Do you just do it at the start and end of the session? Do you make the test every combat turn? XDWhen the addiction rating of something that requires addiction tests exceeds 10, consider the addiction tests to be once per week.Rules Thread VIII
CombatHow is a failed counter strike/riposte resolved for damage?

Do hits on the 'defending' attack roll act as hits on the defense test? For example. assuming a base dv of 10... The attacker scores 5 hits, the defender attempts to cs and gets 2 hits. Would attacker's dv be 15 or 13?

And a follow up question... would reading the defense help counterstriking?
Counterstrike/Riposte both have the caveat 'In place of the standard Defense Test' which implies they function as the opposed test to the attack roll. This, in addition to the fact that taking this action and failing counts as not defending is never mentioned anywhere in Run & Gun, leads me to the conclusion that hits on the defence test of CS/Riposte do reduce the hits of the incoming attack roll, even if you fail. Reading the defence does apply to the test to CS/RiposteRules Thread VIII
AugmentationSpidersilk Gland :

How much weight can it hold? What's it's range? (I know the length is 20ft, but you can have it detach and have it go further... no?) It says it has charges, but no way of regaining them. Do you buy them? If so how much do they cost? Do you produce the silk? How long does it take to replenish? It takes 5 rounds to untangle yourself from spidersilk, no matter what. Do we want to keep that? Can I use spidersilk to hammer toss someone? If yes, what skill would that be?

More questions here
The spidersilk gland can be considered to reasonably hold your own weight, and that of your equipment. More than this is up to the GM to determine, depending on the situation.

Its attacks have a 20m range. These glands replenish over time, one use per hour. While it taking 5 turns to untangle yourself from spidersilk, regardless of other factors, is silly, it's not worth a house rule to fix, but GM's are free to call for other tests to free yourself, such as escape artist, or strength + body to tear it. The last part of this question (Can I use spidersilk to hammer toss someone? If yes, what skill would that be?) is entirely up to the GM of a table in question.

This is all pending an errata from Chrome Flesh, if it ever happens, of course
Rules Thread VIII
QualityOk not sure if its been answered already but with trustfund 3 (RF 151) do you gain 1000 nuyen a month or pay 1000 nuyen a month?

I ask because trust fund one and three are worded "trust fund income covers a Middle lifestyle with 500 nuyen left over each month." and "the income covers a High Lifestyle with 1,000 nuyen left over." Whereas Trust fund 2/4 are worded "the income covers a Low Lifestyle but offers the character 2,000 + (3D6 x 100) nuyen each month thanks to a deal with their landlord to rip off the trustee." and "the money covers a Middle Lifestyle and offers 3,000 + (6d6 x 100) nuyen thanks to one of those special deals".

The two differant wordings made me assume that Trust 1/3 you have to pay 500 or 1000 a month while 2/4 give you money on top.
Trust Fund levels 1 & 3 give money of the amounts specified, rather than leaving some for the user of this quality to cover.Rules Thread VIII
DowntimePlease properly document how downtime is handled on ShadowNET. I have the following questions:

Up until when can you spend downtime? very single day of downtime you didnt spend in your career retroactively // no downtime retroactively usable at all or // only up to your last run retroactively? How is initiating handled on ShadowNET? Do you have to dedicate the entire month of downtime for an initiation, or do you only have the opportunity to initiate again after a full month, and the process basically takes no actively used downtime at all that you could spend on other things? Following up on Initiations, how are Ordeals handled? Can you retroactively apply ordeals? Up to when? Can I bank an ordeal at the start of my career and use it to initiate ten runs in? Can I bank 2 ordeals and initiate twice in a row? Can I bank ordeals at all?

Furthermore, I have heard rumors of Close Combat Teachers / Senseis being able to teach someone Martial Arts for the reduced nuyen price teachers offer. Is this true?
You can retroactively spend downtime up to the point at which your previous run concluded.

An initiation is an extended test, not a use of downtime. As such, you can initiate, and still use the month in which you initiated as downtime.

Ordeals follow the same rule as regular downtime, IE: If your last run was an ordeal, you can apply it to an initiation you're making now. You cannot retroactively turn a standard initiation into an ordeal, nor bank them for future usage (They are not a resource to be spent.)

Whether close combat teachers can teach martial arts for a reduced price, or not, is a matter for contacts division of lore, as that's their scope, and I'm not going to rule on contact matters for them when it's not required.
Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationLooking for a slew of clarifications on the mechanics of chem glands.

If you have two gradual release chem glands with two drugs (say, psyche and novacoke), do you ever need to roll drug interactions if you don't take any other drugs? What if you add a third gradual release gland with a different drug? What if one of those glands releases Zero? If properly installed can it keep you from rolling drug interactions entirely?

The addiction quality gives you negative modifiers if you are in withdrawal. Can you be in withdrawal of a drug that you have in a gradual release gland? How?
Gradual release glands do not have to roll for interaction amongst themselves, but if you add any other drug to the mix, that is not in a gradual release gland, you must roll for interaction between all of your drugs at once.

(For example, I have three gradual release glands, and I take a dose of GUTS to become immune to the fear power. I now must roll 3d6 for drug interaction.)

Zero only cancels the drug interactions of itself, and only if administered in a medical setting by a trained professional. Essentially, if you're on four drugs, but one of them is zero that was administered medically, you only need to roll interaction for three drugs (2d6 interaction)

You cannot be in withdrawal while you possess a chemical gland for the drugs you are addicted too, but a GM is entirely welcome to impose other modifiers, depending on the situation, for being on drugs. (IE: A chemical gland of kamikaze might not leave you in withdrawal, but it will make socialising of any type hard.)
Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes Cephalopod Skull's -3 to damage resistance tests apply to all damage resistance tests, or just the tests involving Called shots such as Vitals & Head?Cephalopod Skull's penalty to damage resistance only applies on called shots to the affected location, including called shot vitals.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationSome clarification about snatcher ware:

Breast Implants 2.0 / False Face allow for specific reshaping, if one has Body Sculpted their form with the adept power, does this somehow block the ware from working on their specific areas?

I guess I also should ask for clarification on the dice pools as well - I assumed dice pools to disguise would NOT stack and only impart the best one but having it in writing would help clarify things.
Body sculpt does work with false face/breast implants 2.0, and the dice from any of these sources stack, within reason (For example, facial sculpt would clearly not stack with the bonus dice from a false face.)Rules Thread VIII
Combat"In general, assume things are applied before a split, though if you are splitting by using two firearms and both are being Diagnostics'd, you may add the bonus twice." This was posted in an earlier rules thread. Do you only add it to two pools, or do you add it to 3 when there are 3 targets?All modiifers to an attack test (With the excepiton of to spellcasting) apply before the dice pool of the attack is split. This means that diagnostics, even if applied to multiple weapons being used, will all apply to the same test, and all be limited by one count of the maximum skill rating applicable. This supercedes any previous rulings on the matter, and means the diagnostics applies to only one test, not multiple.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationCould a 2 capacity smuggling compartment hold a 120m length of standard rope? I ask because both times I've used a grapple, it's been to save someone in a split second decision, and I'd rather not have the rope break or slice them apart. Also, if it can't hold a standard rope, could several microwire ropes be braided together to increase break strength?You can fit standard rope into a smuggling compartment.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingWhat vehicles can hold FBA or MilSpec in the smuggling compartment? I imagine it would be based on the vehicles body attribute, but rigger 5 lists it as GM discretion.Any actual car (IE: Not a motorcycle) can fit a suit of FBA, or light milspec, in the smuggling compartment. Larger armours such as heavy milspec, or heavy security, require a van or larger to be stored in the smuggling compartment.Rules Thread VIII
CombatOn Called Shots with an effect, such as Fatigued or Winded, that have an effect based on the 'Original DV' of the attack, what is the Original DV? Is the "original DV" the weapon's DV? The weapon+nethits? Is it limited by any DV Limit on the called shot? Is it reduced by soak? If I shot a shotgun with a DV of 16 and got 4 net hits, using a called shot with a DV limit of 10 and the target soaked 15 of the damage, is the "Original DV" in this case, for determining secondary effects, 20, 16, 10, or 5?Original DV of an attack that asks for it in a called shot is the base damage, before net hits or reduction from soak.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorCan you remove mods from armor?yesRules Thread VIII
ArmorCan you fit R6 Medkit into YNT Forearm Guards?A rating 6 medkit can fit into any armour that has the capacity for it. If YNT softweaved forearm guards can fit a R6 medkit's capacity, they can be put into it, although they may look somewhat bulky.Rules Thread VIII
MagicSeeing as Signal Rating is not a thing in 5e, what does the spell Interference actually do?The interference spell was errata'ed in the SG errata a while back.Rules Thread VIII
MagicHi, out of need for documentation, this was potentially ruled in the past but we didn't have a clarification doc then What foci can be tattoos?Only Qi foci can be tattoos, despite what the section on Tattoo magic in Street Grimoire says. (As ever, catalyst is completely vague about what exactly they mean, and as such, it is being interpreted that this does not override the core rulebooks statements on foci.)Rules Thread VIII
QualityDo the Beast's Way and Spiritual Way come with free mentor spirits like the text implies?Beasts/Spiritual way does come with a free mentor spirit. If you already possess a mentor spirit, you may reduce the cost of the way by the base karma cost of the mentor spirit.Rules Thread VIII
MagicMissile mastery and barrage wording is kind of weird. Almost weird enough to suggest being limited to improvised throwing weapons for the benefits. Any clarifications? Can you barrage with normal throwing weapons? Does missile mastery work with normal throwing weapons?

Killing hands and knucks. Can one still set the damage to stun at will when using knucks? Or would you have to find other means? This is an odd one, but it has come up before... so might as well ask here for a written finality. Kick attack technique - are you required to fluff attacks as kicks to gain the benefits? How much freedom do we have with fluffing what knucks are, assuming we use their damage code and they are still somehow obviously a weapony thing? Handwraps pls?

Would attune/imbue alliance help with knucks' accuracy?
Both Barrage & Missile Mastery work with improvised, and regular throwing weapons.

Killing hands does not interact with knucks in any way. You can fluff kick attack however you want, that's between you and the GM of your table, but for the purposes of any mechanical effects (For example, if you were to have higher cyberarm strength than leg strength), they use your legs. Same thing as above, fluff it however you want, from weighted sapper gloves, big spikey knuckledusters, to ultra-modern densiplast gloves, so long as it's still mechanically identical, and clearly a weapon.

If a set of knucks were attuned/imbued, their accuracy would be increased, and since their accuracy keys off your physical limit, your accuracy for the knucks alone would become physical limit + initiate grade. This increase does not assist any other uses of physical limit.
Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationSo skin toner wireless bonus.

Must be naked, aka no "worn armor" Do armor accessories like forearm guards and masks count as "worn armor"?

What if they have RPC on them?
Armour accessories don't count as worn armour for the purposes of skin toner, within reason. A ballistic mask or similar small piece of armour won't interfere enough to break the effect, but a ballistic shield or cloak will.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingIf I put one or two articulated mechanical arms (R5, 165/167) on a van, could I use the "special equipment" thing (165-167) to add a rail for them to move on, so they can access all sides of the van? In true R5 fashion, it doesn't specify where arms would be mounted or how they would be restricted in any way.For simplicity's sake, assume the Mechanical Arms (P165 R5) are capable of accessing all sides of any car, truck, van, or motorcycle they are mounted on by default. Reaching things other than the vehicle they are mounted on is based on their mounting location and GM fiat, bearing in mind the length of the arm.Rules Thread X
DrugsChrome Flesh, Page 181 Says

Humans and elves don’t normally possess the constitution to hold their hurlg, and suffer severe and painful stomach cramps (treat as disorientation for the duration of the effect) unless they possess an implant or magic that gives them bonus dice on Toxin Resistance Tests. Having suhch a bonus allows them to ignore the disorientation .

Now, I see here it specifies "an implant or magic" but, is it beyond belief that a quality, such as the dwarves innate Toxin and pathogen resistance (Taking into account the book says dwarves can, and in fact do, drink hurlg without issue) or simply the Toxin Resistance quality, CRB 77, which provides a plus one die pool to resistance tests for toxin, should allow the immunity to hurlgs negative effects?

It ticks one of two boxes, and arguably, the more important box. Which is "Toxin Resistance Dice".
Additional Toxin Resistance dice allow one to consume Hurlg without disorientation, regardless of source, as long as they would be applicable against the Hurlg.Rules Thread X
MagicWhen channeling do the spirit's 2d6 initiative dice add to the base 1d6 initiative dice of the summoner, for a total of 3d6?Channeling doesn't affect initiative except for indirectly by giving stat boosts that may raise initiative. You do not get the spirit's initiative dice.Rules Thread X
WeaponIs a shock glove a viable "reach 0 melee weapon" for a drone mini-mount?

If yes:

◾Would it be okay to fluff it as a set of leads sticking out of the mount rather than an entire shock glove attached to the drone?
Shock gloves are a reach 0 melee weapon. As to final fluffing, as long as the core point gets across I have no objections.Rules Thread X
AugmentationHow does the gradual release chemical gland interact with addiction rules (not crashing)?There is no special exception for addiction for having a chemical gland, save if you don't run a given month your free to not roll addiction next month.Rules Thread X
GearCan you put the pockets from Hard Targets 185 into other stuff or just Armor?You may put Biofiber and Faraday pockets into anything with appropriate capacity - Armor items and cyberware that do not utilize audio/visual enhancement capacity.Rules Thread X
Quality1. can you buy local fame multiple times for different sprawls paying the cost of the quality for each one or would you need national fame at that point (the reason I ask is for situations where the character has done deeds in la and Seattle to make them famous but they are not covered by the same nation) 2. Can you even purchase the fame quality at all after chargen? It says to pick a sprawl, nation, etc at chargen but the quality itself says nothing about not being able to take it after chargen sooo can you or can you not be famous after chargen.Conferring with chargen head for the first part of the question.

Yes, you may buy fame post-gen. Do have a good reason for it, especially if your suddenly globally famous!

EDIT: As established by a later question, national fame is more 'geographic region' fame. Meaning buying it more than once is redundant! If your famous enough to need it twice your probably famous enough for global fame.
Rules Thread X
RiggingRegarding the Garuda drone missile (R5, 149), it says that it launches cluster munitions (plural), but never specifies how these work, or more importantly, how many there are. It also says that they must be purchased separately, and refers to the grenades/rockets/missiles table in core (435), but nothing more specific. It mentions "The Garuda can be outfitted with anti-vehicle, fragmentation, or high explosive warheads.", so one could assume that means it uses the rockets part, but again, it doesn't mention how many you need, if the damage for each separate explosive is separate or combined, if the fact that it's "cluster" munitions means it can overwhelm missile defence systems, etc.

Also, what would be the operational range of this drone, and how would it be recovered? The description implies it can be reused.

Just to cover all my bases here, seeing as it's possible to mount a pair of drone arms on it, could it wield a mono chainsaw? If so, could it hold on to said chainsaw after attacking with it?
There are, at this time, no rules for the cluster munitions of the Garuda drone missile. As a result, they are not usable except in the realm of GM fiat. I would not recommend the purchase of the Garuda missile drone.

The Garuda missile drone has the same operational range as any other aerial drone. Given that it is explicitly not rammed into the target, recovery is no trickier than any other jet-propelled drone. Which, admittedly, might be a little tricky. Buggers are fast.

Sigh. An Ares Garuda Missile, were it to recieve two drone arms, would be capable of operating any melee weapon, the same as any other drone. It would be subject to the normal rules for holding onto melee weapons after an attack from a moving vehicle.
Rules Thread X
AdeptWould a mysad using Critter Form be able to use Adept Powers? If so are there any that wouldn't be able to be used?All adept powers remain online! Do note some (Like commanding voice for example) don't work due to raw biology.Rules Thread X
AugmentationDoes melanin control affect ware? Such as hair growth and tails?Melanin Control will affect Bioware, but not Cyberware.Rules Thread X
RiggerCan we combine a Rigger cocoon and a valkyrie module into one death proof tube for a rigger/decker in their vehicleSureRules Thread X
MagicDoes the -AP from channeled energy aura add to base -AP of attacks or replace any existing -AP of weapons and such? I was curious since AP of energy aura does not add to AP of engulf when a spirit uses it.It is added if you happen to have AP on unarmed attacks.Rules Thread X
GearCould I mod a set of body bag armor and just use it as a dufflebag? Add a meta adjustment for a small species like a gnome or pixie, add a drag handle as a strap, add a faraday pocket or pockets to hide the various metal bits of my gun, and then put something obviously metal inside (like, a suit of chaimail or something) to explain why it set off mad scanners without KE or whoever searching and finding the parts of the gun?MAD scanners function like an MRI - It's not an x-ray device that is stopped by metal. If I put a (ferrous) metal box with a (ferrous) metal letter through a MAD scanner, the scanner could tell me what letter is inside the box. There is no such thing as a meta adjustment for armor, as such.Rules Thread X
Augmentationcan a normie dude with 2 natural arms and a cybertorso get 2 additional cyberarms?NoRules Thread X
AtralCan someone attack a spirit in astral with a weapon foci without being dual natured themselves using the blind fighting penalty?One cannot attack an entity on the astral without being on the astral themselves. Not even with a Blind Fighting penalty.Rules Thread X
AugmentationCan you stick the laser pistol/submachine guns in a cyberlimb pistol/submachine gun mount? It'd really keep up with cyberlich's advanced tech theme.Laser pistol fits into the cyberlimb pistol slot, but would require you to use the external ammo port to function, as there is no way to have a 'half' PDPRules Thread X
QualityQuestion for Trust Fund

Trust fund level one, and supposedly other levels offer a lifestyle to be covered for free, and supply a monthly income of nuyen to the character who takes it. Does this cover things that may be added and or removed using advanced lifestyle rules? Such as the AR Fashion subscriptions? Question For AR Fashion Subscriptions

If you were to take a higher level of AR Subscription, IE Designer, is it safe to assume you would gain access to previous tiers of the subscription aswell? And what Exactly is entailed by a subscription, and each tier?
Trust Fund lifestyles may be upgraded, but you must pay any increases above the base, minimum lifestyle out of pocket. This can, of course, be subsidized by the monthly income.

AR fashion subscriptions include access to all lower tiers.

I am not going to ascribe every possibility included within AR subscriptions. It is subject to GM interpretation of the text in the moment. If you have specific questions I am happy to answer them.
Rules Thread X
WeaponCan I have/buy a repeating laser? There is no price listed for it and, I really really want one. Are run-rewards my only option? Are they even allowed?Repeating Lasers are not, to my recollection, permitted. Alas, Lockdown.Rules Thread X
CombatDeclaring a called shot removes the bonuses for aiming, correct? Cause you declare the called shot as a free action, which is an action that isn't firing as your next action.Gunna break with RAW and say it does notRules Thread X
GearWhat's the concealability modifier for a Hard-Shell Briefcase and I guess normal Briefcases, by extension? Like, the actual modifier of the briefcase itself. It says in core that an RCC is the size of a Briefcase (Page 226) and the Concealability Modifier of an RCC is -2. I don't think that makes any real sense. Would it just be GM fiat?Consider briefcases to be around size +6 to size +8, by GM fiat. Ignore the line stated RCCs are the size of briefcases. If you wish to have a briefcase-sized RCC, you are free to scale up the concealability as you please up to +8 - note it on your sheet.Rules Thread X
LoreCan you join a Street Grimoire magic group/secret society for not initiation discount? (I've been told in the Rules Channel of the discord that you have to join a player-made group for initiation karma discount, but I was wondering if you could still join the groups in the books.)That is a question for chargen and lore members, if it is an entirely non-mechanical lore thingRules Thread X
RiggerSo...would it be possible to remove/modify the patient compartment on the Dustoff drone so instead of being like rigger cocoon, it would simply be strapped to the person allowing it to be used to do a bit of slow flying?You are free to make your drone unilaterally worse!Rules Thread X
MagicWhat is the interaction between Special Work Area and Alchemy, if any?Alchemy, and arcana, benefit from special work area, but the bonus does not apply to force based rolls that represent you actively working magic, such as finishing a preperation or foci. It does assist in writing an ally formula or designing a focus however, or for making higher grade reagents.Rules Thread X
MatrixSo you can only have 1 copy of a program running on 1 device, so can you have multiple of the same program running on multiple devices acting independently while benifiting from both.

For example a commlink that has a copy of sneak being the master of another device also running sneak?

Can you benefit from the teamwork dice of an Agent running on seperate device as well as the teamwork dice from the agent running on your own device?
You cannot benefit from both programs if your slaved because you are replacing the statline with the master, not augmenting it. So both the slaved device get +2 and the master device get +2, but they don't share the +2, it is just that the slaved device may use the master's final stat if it is higher.

You can benefit from multiple agents teamworking you, but note that decks cannot run agents without a persona, as programs are enhancements to a persona. As such, the agent would need to be on a deck being actively used by someone else at the time.

GMs are, if they feel your getting too frisky with this technique, free to play up the fact that agents technically are not sapient and in complex scenarios, like having to work code with an entirely unrelated agent who it doesn't control, they may do stupid things.
Rules Thread X
RiggerConsidering we tend to mount pretty illegal guns on our rigs, would it be out of stretch to consider the possibility to add shielding to concealed weapon mounts that follow the smuggling compartment shielding rules? I would propose that such shielding can only be applied to vehicular concealed mounts, and is purchased separately for each such mount and the smuggling compartment - effectively allowing runners to add to their mounts' price to add specialised shielding, and without adding to the mounts' mod point cost.Just assume that concealed weapon mounts have enough shielding to make sensors have a rough enough time to need to pass the thresholds listed for visual perception tests in the rules for pop out mounts, in the case of drones. Otherwise, sure, feel free to add on slotless weapon mount shielding on vehicles. Note this shielding only covers the vehicle, if you try to get cute and cram some other trinket into the weapon compartment, even if "it would totally fit," consider the shielding ineffective.Rules Thread X
MagicHedge mages say: "Rituals can be done only if they relate to spells of the chosen category." (FA p43)

What does that mean? Does that mean that each spell catagory can only cast the 1 ritual spell for their type (Prodigal spell for combat, Renascence for manipulation, ect) or can the cast spells related to it?

For example, Most wards are described as "like manabarrier," could a manipulation hedge wizard cast them? Could a detection hedge witch use the Far Sensing or lay sight rituals?
Unfortunately it means only spell enhancement rituals at the moment, going through and manually approving every ritual for hedge mages is a bit untennable.Rules Thread X
GeneralGeneral Question

1. Does a bonus to logic-linked skills apply to all rolls with a skill linked to logic? Does this apply even if the dice pool includes a different attribute: e.g. agility+locksmith to take apart a lock or int+computers for matrix perception?

Specific Questions 1.Is software a logic-linked skill when used to thread complex forms? Does it receive limit and/or dice pool bonuses from drugs or ware which give a bonus to logic-linked skills?

2.Are gunnery and reaction linked to physical attributes, even when used in VR?
Bonuses to a logic-linked skill apply to any pool which is skill+logic. This applies for intuition-linked skill bonuses and similar, as well. As a result, Software when used to thread a complex form is a Resonance-linked skill.Rules Thread X
RiggerIs it possible to have a discounted version of Secondary Propulsion Amphibious (Submersible) for a vehicle that already works as a surface amphibious? Since according to the description it's about making more modifications, I would think it makes sense that there are things that are already factored in the previous elements. IE: "A secondary propulsion system" wouldn't be needed, since any surface water capable vehicle already has that. Asking because I am looking into adding submersible to an actual boat that has an enclosed cabin. Said boat already has waterjet for propulsion, which are a secondary propulsion method proposed for a submersible - meaning this is not a necessary part. Also on the whole, I would suppose the modifications to a boat's body would be less important than for a vehicle that previously did not go into water.There are no situational discounts for alternative propulsion modes, or indeed any vehicle mod, except any that are explicitly stated. None are, to my knowledge, but that is not certain.Rules Thread X
DrugsQuestion on Red Mescaline: Does the disorientation last just 10 minutes (per effect description in CR), or for the entire duration of the drug?

Text: CF p182 ... Duration (18-body) hours, min 1 hour Addiction type: both Effect: +1 Charisma, -2 Reaction, +2 Perception, +1 Willpower, Disorientation ... Red mescaline complements the effects of the street drug psyche, and combining the two is common. Users do not need to make a drug interaction roll when using redmesc and psyche at the same time. I'd suspect it's 10 minutes. CR 409 says "Disorientation causes the victim a -2 dice pool modifier to all actions for ten minutes, due to confusion and disorientation". CF doesn't have an alternative effect for disorientation. And it makes no sense on the face of it that you could have a drug to raise stats by 1, and drop all actions by 2... But what is the ruling on that?

The effect lasts the entire duration of the drug, as it is an effect of the drug!Rules Thread X
Combatif someone full defenses, and then takes the counterstrike interrupt action the next pass, do they still get the full defense bonus?Not for that roll, because counterstrike and riposte are not standard defense tests, and are taken in place of them, but yes for any future attack that turn you don't counterstrike or riposte.Rules Thread X
AugmentationRegarding skillsoft networks: is the -5 to initiative a one time penalty when first loading the skillsoft or an ongoing penalty as long as you have one loaded?The penalty is ongoing.Rules Thread X
MatrixTechno errata when.Now. Existing technos may apply the SP in a manner as beneficial as possible at chargen, meaning that if you had a skill at 8 you raised from 5 post gen, you can't get the karma value of the SP at ranks 7 or 8, but you could 'retroactively' use the SP for rank 6 to get karma back. Ask chargen or rules for help if you need it!Rules Thread X
RiggingCan a drone with 1 body be modded with a downgrade (drone mod to get to 2 mod points) + ECM (vehicle electromagnetic mod costing 2 capacity)?

In general, can drones spend mod points to install (reasonable) vehicle mods? If that isn't possible, can a drone be electronics modded to have an attack stat so that it can be used for the Jam Signals action: could that be done with the add attack rating, add attack dongle, or by installing a commlink and adding an attack dongle to that?

Is there another option which I'm overlooking which lets a rigger use a drone as a jammer?
They cannot.

Drones cannot install vehicle mods. The systems are, sadly, incompatible. A drone can be modded to have an attack stat, however, without the ability to run a persona, that is not a very helpful thing at all, and they cannot take the Jam Signal action.

Stick a jammer inside the drone, operate the jammer as usual. Several drones have the capacity to hold objects - those that don't, a GM may allow you to attach things to, at their discretion. If you wish, you can stick an item with an attack rating inside it, run your persona through that, and then take Jam Signals, for a somewhat broader, if less discriminating, effect.
Rules Thread X
RiggerThe I8 interceptor has two availabilities in Rigger 5.0. Its entry in the back of the book is 16R while the entry in the lists it as 20F. Which one should we go with?Treat the I8 interceptor as 16R.Rules Thread X
GearSo two spidersilk gland questions, Can it hold your weight? It implies that you can rappel by it like a real spider does with its webbing so long as you don't apply too much force to it by swinging? And also, what range do we use when shooting spidersilk?Yes, Light Crossbow ranges.Rules Thread X
CombatStrive for perfection and nerve strike.

Do you/can you make called shots?

Nerve strike doesn't deal damage, would vitals increase the amount of reactiom/agility dropped?

Would called shots do... Anything? My gut says no.

Edit: Splitting the damage could be interesting if allowed, splitting between agility and reaction
Nerve Strike does no damage, and consequently would not benefit from any called shots. You can still Nerve Strike even with qualities that obligate called shots, despite being unable to Call a Shot with Nerve Strike.Rules Thread X
AlchemyWhat size is the atomizer from FA for the purpose of weapon mounts? From page 304 or the CRB, "Command triggers are the only triggers preparation with healing spells can have." should this be interpreted as spells that heal, Heal, Awaken, and Stabiliza, ir as all spells from the health category.The atomizer cannot, at this time, be mounted on drones or vehicles. For the purposes of what triggers are valid, all Health spells should be considered "healing spells."Rules Thread X
GeneralWhere can I find a list of the approved books? I don't want to accidently create a character with stuff from a book that isn't allowed, or try to get advancements that don't exist on ShadownetApproved books are: All English books besides Dark Terrors. Do note we do not generally use some rules modules in some of the books, and if a book has an approvals thread it will detail what is and isn't allowed: Of note we do not use the emergency vehicle rules in Stolen Souls, the care under fire rules in Bullets and Bandages, testing the leash from Forbidden Arcana, or the alternate social conflict resolution rules in Cutting Aces. Furthermore, in rigger 5, drones must be modified with the drone rules, and vehicles must be modified with the vehicle rules. Also be aware that some books contain content mostly irrelevant to a PC in the modern age, like the 2050 throwback book.Rules Thread X
AugmentationSo if i buy a spidersilk gland and have a prehensile tail, rather than putting the gland in my arm, could i put it in my tail and shoot it out of say, a stinger?Yes, with all this entails. For example your tail can't exert as much strength as your arm, and must be free to fire, so no big coats, but it does free up your arm!Rules Thread X
RiggerWhen rigged in, what limit would we use for say, unarmed combat?Handling, subject to change.Rules Thread X
PetsSo ive just found the animal pricing list, and i have a couple of questions, first, are there a pricing/availability for the warform modification, followup to that if the answer is yes, can we combine chimera and warforms?

After that is, if it corresponds to the character, are we allowed to train/have trained animals if bought with a character at gen?

And lastly, can you buy animals with the domesticated quality that wouldn't normally have it, like domestically bred hell hounds for example
So ive just found the animal pricing list, and i have a couple of questions, first, are there a pricing/availability for the warform modification, followup to that if the answer is yes, can we combine chimera and warforms?

No pricing at the moment.

After that is, if it corresponds to the character, are we allowed to train/have trained animals if bought with a character at gen?

Yes, but only if your PC could train them. Chargen's discretion, but if your unedged animal handling is 6 those wolves never would obey you long enough for training, and thus your PC can be denied based on those merits.

And lastly, can you buy animals with the domesticated quality that wouldn't normally have it, like domestically bred hell hounds for example

Nope! This comes down to the concept of taming vs domestication! Domestication takes generations, and isn't a concept of raising the animal.

Undomesticated animals tend to be stronger, but require higher animal training pools and an investment in cerebral boosters. Your average samurai dabbling in animal handling can have a dog. It takes a beastmaster with investment to get a wolf.
Rules Thread X
AdeptElemental Strike allows an adept to use an elemental effect while pawnching people. But what is the AP of it? Page 171 CRB states several varying states based on whether it's an "Open Flame" "Flame Based Weapon" or "Spell" There are arguments for this being any of the three, and i'm happy to state them if so desiredIt is none of the above! Elemental strike, including the AP of the fire, uses the unmodified AP of the attack. We will not go back to the madness that was 4e where elemental strike was the ultimate AP power!Rules Thread X
MagicPutting forward a request to have the previous ruling of Kiai taking a complex action here being overturned in favor of it being either a free action or even a simple action instead. My argument here is that Kiai isn't an actual social roll, like leadership though if it were to be considered similar enough to a social skill I think Intimidate would be a more apt comparison even Kiai's intended effect, nor is it truly like any of the other combat based adept powers, like Elemental Weapon which only requires a simple to activate. The fact that it is an entire complex action to effectively scream really scarily, without being able to do anything else is a bit extreme, more so when considering that the best case scenario is that those in range flee from the adept, assuming net hits exceed targets willpower, or receives a -2 to all actions for combat turns equal to net hits. Since the dicepool is effectively capped at 6+magic, realistically about 12 dice max with a drain of 6 assuming max ranks, where as Leadership dice can easily reach double that if on a face person (Its already at 9 dice on Gil who is definitely not a face.) Mages have access to spells that do the same thing at the same cost sure, but they have more control over who is effected by it and the ability to reduce the action cost via a quality.Rules team is not going to drop the action cost at this time. It is an area-effect magic-scaling effect that can cause opposition to flee. It is not necessary for this to be combined with other actions.Rules Thread X
MagicAre you allowed to Run for your LIfe from an AoE direct spell like Power Ball?If you can somehow detect it, sure. The GM is under no obligation to tell you what spell is being cast or what area its affecting if its a mana spell. You can't even even if a spell is being cast unless you pass a numinous perception roll if it is a mana spell or the caster channels and you realize they are.

So maybe you will run for your life your whole distance possible in response to a heal spell being cast.

Fireballs and other physical spells are visible enough for you to run for your life accurately.
Rules Thread X
QualityAssuming one has perfect time and thus able to have 2 free actions. If one was to do called shots and split the dice pool to hit multiple people, would the called shot work only for one person? Or stack for all the targets you pick, applying the dice pool penalty for each roll?You can called shot to all the targets, taking the DP on every roll.Rules Thread X
AdeptDoes a adepts increased reflexes power stack with drugs? I know it mentions it doesn't stack with tech or magic that increases reflexes but I wasn't quite sure if drugs are tech.Increased Reflexes is allowed to stack with drugs.Rules Thread X
MatrixSo CRB 237 states

When a defense test calls for a Mental attribute, use the owner’s rating. Even if she isn’t currently defending or even interacting with the device, her previous interactions and settings affect the defense test. If a device is completely unattended, the Device Rating stands in for any Mental attributes an icon needs but doesn’t have. For example, a device that an owner sets and forgets, like a door lock, uses its Device Rating in place of Intuition as part of the defense pool against a Control Device action.

Does that mean runners can leave their Master on "Set and Forget" and make use of its natural FW+DR or will DR always be replaced with its owners Mental stats.
DR will always be replaced with it's owner's mental attributes for shadowrunners. Device Rating is only a standin for security devices and the similar attached to fixed locations. Incidentally, these tend to be low DR.Rules Thread X
RiggerIf a melee weapon is in a mount, like the ares duelists, do we use gunnery or the weapon skill for that?If it is mounted its gunnery.Rules Thread X
ContactFixers take the cash out of the final price, which includes extra cash bonus dice! Remember, they are in the business of linking people to people and don't personally do anything, the finder's fee represents the value of their efforts, which includes being extra urgent!Rules Thread X
QualityWhats the status of the Fame Quality between LA and Seattle? I have been told that because they are two seperate Nations that only Fame Global would count for both.National fame isn't strictly nation bound so much as bound to a Nation like area. So you could take it for the UCAS, or just the west coast if you would like! As such it depends on the context of your national fame. Because Seattle is very isolated from the rest of the UCAS geographically unless your National Fame is specific in a way that makes you more relevant to Canmericans than to West Coasters (Such as playing in a national league sports team completely irrelevant to anyone across the border 5 meters from ya) its likely that your National Fame is relevant as far as LA.Rules Thread X
RiggerIs Life Support mod a necessity when a vehicle (in this case a boat) is modded with Secondary Propulsion: Amphibious - Submersible?

Both mods mention they make the vehicle water tight, only Life Support II mentions air reserves for the passengers.

If Life Support II is required, can a discount on either and/or both mods be considered in mod points/nuyen for the overlap?
A vehicle can reasonably be assumed to have a half-hour of air for a single occupant per seat without Life Support. This is subject to adjustment by GMs on the basis of Life Support 2 should be assumed to provide air for an extended span of time - at a minimum, 12 man-hours per seat, but ultimately up to GM fiat.Rules Thread X
LifestyleHow out of the question is a shared lifestyle? Say in the case of four pirates living on the same boat. It seems to make very little sense for everybody to pay full rent since there is no rent so to speak.Shared lifestyles have significant drawbacks. Unfortunately, those drawbacks are impossible to model in a living community, and as such, are not permitted on ShadowNET. Fluff is permitted.Rules Thread X
RiggerCan drone mounted weapons take the Trigger Removal mod?Yes. Thematically it could be seen as a modification that removes any internal mechanism that connects the gun to the drone and forces it to fire the gun wirelessly, meaning the gun is now wireless. Remember that drones with firearms are illegal in Seattle.Rules Thread X
AugmentationOn behalf of another in regards to Liminal body, Centaur:

Does it require 4 skimmers to gain the speed benefit? Does the speed double, triple or quadruple? Does the speed doubling stack with liminal body centaur's doubling? I told him tentatively this is what I think it will and will contact him if I was incorrect: He requires 4 skimmers to gain the speed boost, the speed boost is only double but it does stack with liminal body centaur's double for x4 total.

Another question this one for me: Would you consider legs as viable for cyberlimb optimization longarms? Hadn't considered the idea until I saw all these people with quadruple optimizations for other stuff like melee of various kinds (Stabilization/stance matters more for recoil than strength particularly for automatic weapons. Might throw on foot anchors for RC too.)
Does it require 4 skimmers to gain the speed benefit?

Yes. Does the speed double, triple or quadruple? When stacking multipliers, stack them additively. For example, skimmers+liminal body (Centuar) stack out to triple. As skimmers are a bonus for having all your feet as a skimmer, rather than a bonus per-pair, you don't gain any extra benefit from being a centuar, besides obviously having an extra +1 to your speed multiplier. Does the speed doubling stack with liminal body centaur's doubling? Yes, additively. Would you consider legs as viable for cyberlimb optimization longarms? Hadn't considered the idea until I saw all these people with quadruple optimizations for other stuff like melee of various kinds (Stabilization/stance matters more for recoil than strength particularly for automatic weapons. Might throw on foot anchors for RC too.)

Yes, but you need to be using the limb to shoot the longarm in some way. No points for laying down, sitting, ect.
Rules Thread X
RiggerLooking to confirm the stock model does indeed have a Valkyrie since it's a drone so adding one aftermarket is a no-go I'm told.Stock module has a Valkyrie.Rules Thread X
MagicWe have a Small Shaman's Initiation group being put together, by RAW everyone has to repay the cost to reform the group every time a new member is added however as part of an LC this would make getting new members involved more difficult.

This would be one of the few times I feel we would have to stray from RAW for the better of the community,

So would it be possible that once the group is formed only new member have to pay to join?

Group Bond Ritual Rules are on 129 SG.
Once its set its set.Rules Thread X
TypoSo someone told me recently that the autosoft typo in r5, page 127 is being used? The autosoft example using a crawler was confirmed a typo by the writer in a different reddit thread, are we really using that?PM me the source on it being a typo.Rules Thread X
RiggerCould we have a quote on a garage modification for vehicles? Possibly for differently sized vehicles. We want to store jetskis on a boat.You cannot.Rules Thread X
MagicPlease explain how to use an atomizer and what capabilities they have.

Does the atomizer allow health spell command preps to be prepared with a contact trigger? The atomizer description on FA pg 193 reads: " This enables both healing and poison effects that would normally be command triggered to be created as contact triggers while retaining efficacy. " If health preps can be used in the atomizer, do they need to be prepared as contact or command preps for use in an atomizer?

Can a drone operate an atomizer with drone arms? Would there be a penalty or test if a drone had only primitive drone arms and wanted to use the atomizer on a willing target?
Health preparations may be created as contact trigger preps. They will only function if put into an atomizer and triggered as normal for an atomizer. There is no other way to trigger a contact trigger health preparations. A drone may not operate an atomizer, for the benefit of my sanity. This is subject to change at a later dateRules Thread X
RiggerAnd, finally, do drones take off hand penalties while your rigged in?Only if the weapon is not in a weapon mount.Rules Thread X
GearFollowing PrincessPilfer's struggle with getting a fraggin bag that has capacity for enhancements and/or fits different kinds of gear like super illegal weapons, would it be possible to develop bag rules? Hashtag NotRules but I can give my 2 cents or submit something if Rules are too busy. Because what B&E / infiltration person skimps on a good bag?Probably notRules Thread X
RiggerConcerning the secondary propulsion modes available for vehicles (R5, 157), are the handling/speed stats of those modes affected by control rigs?YesRules Thread X

This spell (SG pg 116) is cool but has an issue. There are errata which states: "Change the first sentence of the second paragraph from “The spellcaster must achieve enough hits to beat the item’s Object Resistance threshold (p. 295, SR5)” to “The spellcaster must achieve enough hits to beat thresholds as follows: public grid (2), local grid (4), global grid (6).” Additionally, change the second sentence of the third paragraph from “Every point of Force of this spell above 3 adds one to a hacker’s Overwatch Score each minute” to “For every net hit on the Spellcasting Test above 4, increase all Overwatch Scores of hackers in the affected area by 1D6 per minute.” Finally, the sub-head of the spell should be changed from “(Physical)” to “(Environmental).” Questions: This implies that it is an area spell, but doesn't add the area tag to the range. Does this spell target a single device or an area? If it targets a single object as the stat line suggests, can it target a technomancer to reduce noise for their living persona?

Could it target a non-technomancer, and reduce noise for their persona when they go into VR?
The spell is not an area spell. It targets a single target, which may be a person or a device.

If cast upon a technomancer, it would affect their living persona.

If cast upon a person, it would affect their persona if their persona was through an implanted device within their person. If cast upon a device, it would affect any persona run through that device.
Rules Thread X
Magic"Some advanced alchemists have taken to filling capsule rounds with liquid alchemical preparations. These work great, but ultimately it is just a work-around for their specialization and lack of skill in raw spellcasting." hard targets page 194. question is can we do this on the net?NoRules Thread X
Mix1. BOWS

a. Can two bows be used to make two attacks with the multiple attacks action? Assume the character has 4 arms to hold said bows. The core rulebook does not list bows as one of the compatible weapon types for the multiple attacks option (firearms and melee only). b. Does the focused archery adept ability give all the advantages of having more strength when firing a bow with higher rating? e.g. increase damage, AP, Range 2. PACIFIST ADEPT a. What's a general guideline for what actions count as violent? e.g. mind control, drugging someone, restraining someone and putting cuffs on them b. The pacifist adept ability reduces the limits and "number of 1's required to glitch" of attackers. What happens if either of these is reduced to 0? c. Does an attack roll with a 6 or less dice pool with "-3 1's required to glitch" automatically glitch, or does every roll require at least a single rolled 1 to glitch? d. Does a roll with a limit of 0 automatically fail? 3. ALCHEMY a. Is there a limit to the number of contact preps that can be activated in a combat phase? b. What about preps delivered outside of your turn by other characters or drones? c. Does the atomizer allow health spell command preps to be prepared with a contact trigger? The atomizer description on FA pg 193 reads: " This enables both healing and poison effects that would normally be command triggered to be created as contact triggers while retaining efficacy. " d. If so, do they need to be prepared as contact or command preps for use in an atomizer? Can alchemist contacts do this for you? e. Can an atomizer be mounted on a drone, and if so, what size drone weapon mount is required. f. Can a pair of primitive drone arms successfully operate an atomizer on a willing target? g. If a contact prep is placed onto a drone, what is the proper roll for having the drone deliver the prep to an unwilling target? A ramming maneuver, unarmed attack, melee weapon attack, or any of these? Does the prep trigger on a glancing blow? h. If a drone with a contact prep on it makes a melee attack, is it possible for it to choose not to trigger the contact prep during the attack? i. Can contact preps be triggered while the alchemist is in VR? j. Can an alchemist contact provide an "Alter Ballistics" prep? Would they need the contact power that gives them advance alchemy metamagic, since that is a pre-req to the alter ballistics mastery? k. Can you activate a contact prep on an item by pressing the prep against the item and a living aura at the same time? l. Can contact preps be activated by pressing them against small living things with auras? e.g. keep a mouse in a cage next to a medusa coil holding a prep, and activate the AOE spell on the mouse by ordering the coil to press the prep against the mouse. 4. DRONE SWARMS a. If I have 10 drones in a swarm, each armed with an injector pen containing a different drug or toxin, can I order the swarm to inject a person with a specific toxin, and not have the swarm indiscriminately inject the person with all 10 drugs? Can the other drones just act as a distraction. b. How much can a swarm be spread out in space? if I order a swarm of 10 drones to keep eyes on the 10 people in a facility, can it split up across the facility and keep eyes on them while still helping each other by sharing processing power and information about the location and facing of each target; would this be effectively splitting the swarm up? c. Can a swarm spread out to have 10 meters minimum spacing to limit vulnerability to area damage? d. Can drones lend swarm bonuses to actions they themselves cannot perform? e.g. a minidrone with only melee weapons helping target a ranged weapon attack by another drone in its swarm. e. Does the swarm bonus apply to defense tests? 5. TECHNOMANCERS a. Does the new errata about complex forms having to follow the aug cap mean that infusion complex forms max out at a +4 bonus to matrix attributes? b. Can you sustain an infusion ability, then boost that matrix attribute above the force of the infusion ability without losing the infusion bonus? e.g. infuse sleaze at force 5 on a 5-sleaze himitsu to push sleaze to 10, then activate smoke and mirrors to push the himitsu's sleaze up to 15 6. ANTHRO DRONES a. Can an anthro-drone get an autosoft for the palming skill, in order to hide items in worn clothing? b. Can a drone-operator use their own skill to hide items on the drone, and if so what would the roll be? 7. ASTRAL COMBAT a. What is the guideline for which physical combat actions don't apply to astral combat? b. Can astral forms be restrained using clinch or subdue rules? c. Are there any limitations to defense interrupt actions which can be taken in astral combat? d. Does the osmium mace's str-based bonuses to damage code key off of STR or CHA in astral combat? e. Does reach matter in astral combat? f. How does the hardened mystic armor from the Spirit's Strength magical compound interact with armor from the Mystic Armor spell? g. When a creature with dual natured astrally projects, is the body still dual natured or is the astral part of their form the astral projection? h. Can a dual-natured creature still use their natural weapons while astrally projecting, and if so do they use the astral combat or unarmed skills? 8. MISC

a. Why can't we have nice things?
1a. Bows cannot be used to make multiple attacks.

1b. An adept with Focused Archery may functionally increase their strength by their rating in Focused Archery for the purposes of firing a bow. This is subject to augmented maximum, and does not have any impact on the bow itself - they must possess a bow of the appropriate rating and use arrows of the appropriate rating in order to benefit from this greater strength. Drain for multiple shots per Turn applies as written.

2a. GM fiat. "With end effect or intent of causing harm" is a good guideline. 2b. If a roll would require 0 or less 1s in order to glitch, assume it instead requires a single 1 in order to glitch, for sanity's sake, and damn catalyst for not stating one way or the other. 2c. See 2b. 2d. A roll with a limit of 0 (or less) automatically fails, unless an effect would allow you to ignore that limit (notably, Pushing the Limit by spending edge.) The roll is still rolled as usual.

3a. There is no limit to the number of contact preps that may be activated in a combat turn, initiative pass, or action phase, but each one generally requires at least a single action (by some party) of some type in order to activate. 3b. See 3a. 3c. Please note this as a seperate question, as it will require more consideration. 3d. See 3c. 3e. An atomizer cannot, at this time, be mounted on a drone. 3f. Please include with 3c/d. 3g. A ramming maneuver, if successful or glancing, will trigger any contact preps, assuming the maneuver is made against a valid living target that would, in another circumstance, trigger the preparation. 3h. Preparations never have any "choice" to go off or not to go off. Either the conditions are met, or they are not. In the case of contact triggers, this is contact with an appropriate aura. 3i. Contact preps will still trigger while the alchemist that made them is in VR or unconscious. 3j. Please direct this question to Contacts team. I have no mechanical concerns with Alter Ballistics out of an alchemist contact except for my pre-existing misgivings about alchemist contacts in general. 3k. You cannot activate a contact prep on a target other than a living being with an aura - specifically, the being that triggered it. 3l. Your specific example is not valid, as the medusa drone is not legal. Are you seriously suggesting using small animals to trigger AOE contact preps? Have you heard of "command" preps? Timed preps? We're not going to get into "I pull out the bag of kittens" necromancy from 3.x here.

4a. For sanity's sake, assume all pens are expended, but only one (of your choice), is injected and takes effect, similar to firing capsule rounds. 4b. Assume a swarm must meet the following conditions. A - Possess line of sight to each other drone in the swarm, unless that line of sight would be blocked only by another drone in the swarm and no other intervening bodies. B - The closest drone to the entity the swarm is performing actions on or against must be no closer to that entity than they are from the furthest drone they are swarmed with. C - All drones within a swarm must be within a 50m diameter sphere. D - All other conditions given by Rules Team (none at the time of this writing) and by the rules text relating to them within SR5e. E - Exceptions to A and B are permissable under GM fiat when the swarm is surrounding a given target they are acting against. 4c. See above. 4d. All drones in a swarm must be able to perform any given action the swarm attempts to perform. 4e. The swarm bonus does not provide additional dice to tests that are not actions, such as defense and soak.

5a. Infusion complex forms cap out as given in the text of the form and the book. For the time being, in relation to the ASDF array of a persona or device, assume that they are not subject to the augmented max, as they are not traditional attributes, and are instead more akin to Accuracy than Agility. 5b. Any alteration to the attribute already altered by an Infusion of [Attribute] Complex Form will cause the complex form to cease to function immediately.

6a. An anthrodrone may not get an autosoft for the palming skill. 6b. A drone operator may not, at this time, utilize palming to hide items on a drone. Something about the way the move, and my reluctance to, as they say, make shit up.

7a. Martial Arts are not applicable on the Astral Plane. Actions relating to melee combat in general, and not a specific skill, are applicable on the Astral Plane. 7b. Astral forms are not subject to subdual or clinching. 7c. The only limitations on defensive interrupt actions that are able to be utilized in Astral Combat are detailed above in 7a. This, to my knowledge, leaves Full Defense as the only applicable action, but I could be wrong. Please let me know if I am. 7d. The Osmium Mace's effects key off of Charisma in the Astral Plane. 7e. Reach, much like whether or not you have hands, is not relevant on the Astral Plane. 7f. Hardened Mystic Armor from any source and regular Mystic Armor from any source interact in the same manner as Hardened Armor and Armor interact - the Hardened Armor is reduced by any penetration, then any leftover penetration is applied to regular Armor. The effects of the new value of Hardened Armor are applied, and then the sum total of the two are rolled to reduce damage, if appropriate, and receiving the benefits of any automatic hits that may be granted by the hardened armor that remains. 7g. The body of a projecting Dual Natured being is not Dual Natured until their return. 7h. Dual Natured creatures may use their natural weapons while projecting, but must do do so using their Astral attributes, rather than having a choice or being forced to use Physical attributes.

8a. Fuck you.
Rules Thread X
GearGiven that the default grapple hook is not defined at all, can it be something like this, so that it can actually latch onto things as opposed to medieval level hook technology? It doesn't do anything that any of the tactical grapple heads do mechanically.

Additionally, could arachnofibre rope (mentioned here be purchased separately? Or is it exclusive to the tactical grapple?

If it is not available, can I confirm that a 120m length of reinforced standard rope can fit in 2 capacity cyberware smuggling compartment?
I'm not really sure what you expect from your first paragraph.

Arachnofibre rope cannot be purchased seperately, as it's not statted. Sorry.

I'll give you 100m of Reinforced Standard Rope in a smuggling compartment, but nothing else. Even 100m of paracord-sized rope is pretty generous for "fits in smuggling compartment."
Rules Thread X
AdeptSo as of the Errata for SG Commanding voice (170 SG) has been changed to authoritative voice because there is Commanding voice in SS (191 SS).

Silver-tongued Devil (159 SG) add bonuses to Commanding voice and has the prerequisite of Commanding voice.

Is this referring to SS Commanding voice? or does Silver-tongued Devil now apply to Authoritative tone.
Silver Tongued Devil requires the SS version of Commanding VoiceRules Thread X
SkillsSo an odd question popped into my mind when looking though stats of one of my charecters....Does Jumping...From the use of the gymnastics skill...Use movement...Yes. If you run out of movement your 'hanging' in the air! This isn't as weird as it sounds, remember that each turn is 3 seconds and your not actually stationary, it just means that if someone gets a pass before you they have the reaction time to shoot you mid jump!Rules Thread X
WeaponHard target says in the ammo skip mod's description "This mod can be applied to any weapon with a cylinder or drum magazine" the problem is though is that it requires an underbarrel mod slot. There is no revolver that I have found that has an underbarrel mod slot, and they are the only weapons that use a cylinder! Because of that none of them can take it, even though the book says they should be able to, has the Lamat 2072 with a built-in one, and talks about ammo skipped revolvers multiple times. So can a revolver take an ammo skip or not on the net?Ammo skip no longer requires a slot as it makes the modification incoherent.Rules Thread X
MatrixI am trying to get an understanding of how matrix locations and physical locations are realted.

◾If while in the matrix I go somewhere and perceive the icons do I gain a general idea of where they are or do I have to preform a trace Icon first?

◾If I am using matrix perception on a group of people in front of me do I know which icons are on which persons? How would this be affected by viewing them through a drone?
There is no translocation within the matrix, except into hosts. Distance is always calculated based on you actual location of your device (or your brain, for a Techno) The degree to which you know where icons are or how they match up with real world locations without running a Trace Icon action is up to your GM, but is generally going to be "not very"Rules Thread X
WeaponAs it stands by RAW, drones cannot mount exotic ranged weapons, flamethrowers and lasers (maybe some other category I forgot) as the weapon mounts table for drones has no entry for these. (Drones weapon mounts table R5 124).

Obviously I'm not rules but may I propose adding these weapons as following, by taking inspiration from vehicle mounts sizes: ◾Large/Huge: add Flamethrowers and Exotic Ranged Weapons ◾Heavy: add Lasers

(Flamethrowers and Exotic Ranged Weapons are actually somewhere between Large and Huge if we use vehicle mounts sizes as a basis. I proposed a repartition that seemed logical to me).
Huge drone mounts may also mount Flamethrowers and Exotic Ranged Weapons. Heavy drone mounts may also mount Lasers. They are considered to have power as per vehicle-provided power for the runtime of the drone.Rules Thread X
MagicSo, as most of us know with the two spells of mindlink, and mindnet, your able to communicate immages, emotions, and other senses to one another as a way of communication. However, it's stated that mindlink lets willing subjects within touching range send these thoughts to one another, and with mind net, it says a willing group of people. Now it's obvious that mindnet wouldn't work, but what classfies as willing subjects with mindlink? I understand that metahumans count...But what about things like animals? Or spirits? They should technically be considered subjects under the RAW of mindlink...Willing or not is a different matter together however, if somehow another subject besides metahumans was willing, would mindlink work?In order to be a subject of Mindlink or Mindnet, one must be a metahuman or a metasapient.Rules Thread X
MagicHow does the [Enhanced Smell] Cryptesthesia spell work? it's found in Street Grimoire, p. 108. The spell seems to mimic the effects of headware cybernetic enhancements, which include the Olfactory Booster (Core book p. 452).Consider it as a rating 2 olfactory booster. The primary effect of the spell is to allow you to smell things to a degree of sophistication that is otherwise impossible for a metahuman, like smelling emotions or specific chemical compounds, more than a dicepool bonus.Rules Thread X
QualityCan a Nataki use Modular Connector, Shoulder to bypass the freaks modifier to social trests? That is assuming that both of their extra arms are not connected. Edit: I feel like I have asked this question before, but I can't remember. If this is a repeat I apologize. It would depend on where the connection is on the arm is what I am thinking.It is reasonable to assume that a GM should not apply the Freaks modifier to a person for having extra arms if they do not, in fact, have extra arms. That said, they'll still be a bit weird, for having two shoulders. The modifier is probably still appropriate if they're wearing tight-fitting clothing, for example.Rules Thread X
GearMy question comes in several parts. It concerns the relationshp between cameras, sensor arrays, helmets, and datajacks/trodes. YES I am aware that you can just wear goggles. I’m not interested in finding easier ways to solve this problem; I would like a direct answer.

Formatting is for clarity and sanity, more mine than yours. ;] SR5 443 states: Cameras may also be upgraded with vision enhancements and audio enhancements. SR5 444 states in “Vision Enhancements” category: A number of options are available for installation in visual sensors and imaging devices from contacts to cameras. And clearly lists “Smartlink” in this category SR5 446 states in the "Sensor Functions" category: If a function has the same name as an imaging or audio device, it’s the same as its description in those sections, with a Capacity equal to its Rating And lists “camera” in the Sensor Functions table to the right of the descriptions. Therefore, it could be concluded from this text that a camera that is part of a sensor array can be upgraded with the smartlink system. SR5 445 states: When you use the sensor array for Perception Tests, you may use your Electronic Warfare skill in place of your Perception skill, and you may use the sensor’s Rating as your limit. This implies that you can, to some extent, “see” through the sensor array. It also states: Sensors can be put into devices that have capacity. This is generally accepted to include a Helmet, and common sense (...I know) would dictate a cap of Rating 3 based on the size descriptions of the different housings (basically treating the helmet as the equivalent of a handheld device in terms of sensor space). Since it is trivial for a runner to send another runner video from any camera feed (including, but not limited to, cybereyes and AR goggles), and it’s clear that a user with a DNI can view that video in their HUD without the need for goggles or contacts, can we then assume that: if a runner has a camera mounted in their helmet as part of a sensor array and that helmet is connected to their datajack that they should be able to see through the camera, if they were to close their flesh/cyber eyes? If this is true, and this camera has the smartlink system installed, can the runner use the smartlink system with their smartgun through the DNI, the same as if they were looking through their normal eye? Assuming that neither the runner nor their target were in cover (empty hallway, nothing to hide behind, nowhere to go), would using a weapon this way incur any penalties? I know this is a convoluted question, and that it may be down to GM fiat. If it won’t work, that’s fine. But I’d like an answer that’s based on a fair reading of the rules, not just conjecture.

As an addendum, if a user is blinded, as in by the use of a flash bang, are they then also unable to use the camera to see out of (assuming they switched to the camera AFTER being blinded, and that the camera itself had flare compensation)? This is merely out of curiosity and is not the main focus of my question.
A sensor, be it a single sensor or part of an array, placed in a helmet is limited to Rating 2, per P446 Core.

A runner with closed eyes, but with no other impedements to their ability to perceive visually, may view a camera that is appropriately fed to them via DNI. A camera, placed into a sensor array, does not have a listed capacity and may not take enhancements as a result. A runner viewing through a camera with a smartlink placed in the camera will gain any and all appropriate benefits of that smartlink, though GMs are free to apply penalties or disallow use in cases where the camera is in a location that does not work as a visual tool for firing the gun - such as if the camera is placed at a notably different angle than the firing axis of the gun, or if the camera does not have vision of any of the entities firing or being fired upon.

Flash-bangs do not blind or otherwise subject one to any visual penalties above and beyond any wound modifiers they may suffer from the stun damage taken.
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Qualityes the Revenant Adept ability allow you to reattach freshly severed limbs on top of your injuries?Nah, that would get in the way of your arm regrowing before people's eyes. This is assuming your limb is cut off during or shortly before you use reverant adept. Once its healed its healed, and if your arm is a healed over stump it regenerates into that.Rules Thread X
AugmentationsAre linguasoft covered by the SkillSoft subscription that supplies r1 KnowSofts?Linguasofts are covered by Skillsoft Subscriptions under the same category as other knowsoftsRules Thread X
QualityCan you upgrade the ware you get from PT?Nope, it is not actually 'ware.Rules Thread X
ArmorI propose that the Chemical Protection armor mod be houseruled to count against acid attacks. As it stands, every other type of allowed elemental damage has a counter. It feels like Catalyst just forgot to mention that chem protect should work against acid.Any such vote would have to go through Council, and it is not in the habit of the current Rules head to propose rulings that are counter to the RAW mandate. That said, it is likely he would abstain in such a vote.Rules Thread X
QualityDoes Jack of all trades master of none apply to knowledge skills? chummer is taking 1 karma off for ranks 1-5 and increasing cost on ranks 6-13 like the merit would normally due to active skills, and it stacks it with things like linguist so, for example, the first three ranks of a language cost 1 karma each. I am guessing that because jack of all trades does not specify between active skills and knowledge skills chummer applies it to all skills. Is this how the trait works on the net though?Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None does apply to Knowledge and Language SkillsRules Thread X
AugmentationWould it be possible to, without being an actual changeling and just taking a quality, probably the deformity one, make a character through biomods and severe biosculpting make something similar to either a WoW naga, or a traditional MTG or fantasy naga, with the big tail and everything? taking the quality and fluffing it as part of the surgery? I'm aware theres already a snake/lamia person here, but that was through pure changling, i would like to know if by taking that quality and a combination of all the relevant biomods, if fluffing the deformity quality for the tail as part of say, severe biosculpting, if it was possible to do this on a non changlingThat is well beyond the capabilities of biosculpting. So no.Rules Thread X
AugmentationSo metatype modification exists, and the gist is. It makes one metatype indistinguishable from another. Now, trolls are really big and don't seem overly Covered by this. But there's also a mod just for trolls, which is Troll Reduction. Which says "A troll can look like a giant human" If I were to combine the "Giant Human" and some vat time to "Shorten Limbs and change scent glands" would I be able to have a troll become human sized, If still very tall?Your still a very tall human, its just your limbs aren't freakishly loverlong slenderman style. Your unusual looking but not overtly a freak. An expert may guess your a reduced troll, or an insanely perceptive person. Otherwise your just "Maybe a human who has one of those gland problems basketball players sometimes have."

Troll reduction also doesn't make you look fully human. What it does is make your uggo troll features like facial dermal deposits go away. Your a "Kawaii anime troll" in essence.

We gotta have sanity restrictions on this, it isn't an Eclipse Phase resleeving choice, and things like gnome trolls and troll gnomes are a bit insane.
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AdeptQi Sculpt: "Qi sculpt allows the adept to remove qi from one power and temporarily add it to another power in which they already have invested power points. For each level of initiate grade, the adept can shift 0.25 PP of one adept power to another power. The enhanced power cannot have more levels than the adept’s Magic rating." (Street Grimoire, pg. 156) It seems, as worded, to move power points from one power to another per activation. Can this metamagic be used multiple times concurrently? Whether or not it's limited to one use seems to have pretty drastic implications about how to use it.Qi Sculpt may be used multiple times at once. Each instance of drain is suffered seperately. It is subject to all other listed limitations.Rules Thread X
CombatDoes Penetrating Strike apply to natural weapons, specifically the bite attacks of infected?Penetrating Strike applies only to basic Unarmed attacksRules Thread X
MagicHow does the Armor Spell interact with non-living things like Vehicles and Drones? It should be able to affect them, since it's a Manipulation spell rather than a Health spell. Does Object Resistance apply?The Armor spell cannot be anchored on Vehicles or Drones, as they lack an aura, and the spell is not explicitly designed to be anchored on vehicles or drones.Rules Thread X
AugmentationWhat levels of biosculpting is needed to achieve certain kinds of effects? For example, what level of biosculpting would be: Animal ears, full body fur(if you want it to be permanent or whatever), different looking eyes, cosmetic claws, sharp teeth, cosmetic tail, digitigrade legs(fluff only), animal snout(fluff only), pawpads, etc. Other examples are good too, that's just what I could think of off the top of my head.Bug the current rules head on discord as this is an individual judgement thing each timeRules Thread X
MagicCan/Do we allow PC's to access the 'hose' and 'tsunami' spells mentioned in the statblock of some of the enemies in Bloody Business? They're 'statted' in a note in said statblock like this 'Hose and tsunami work like flamethrower and fireball, only with water elemental effect as described in street-grimoire.'PCs may access the Hose and Tsunami spells. Note they do not actually deal damage to tracks - they have the water elemental effect.Rules Thread X
MagicCalled Shots with spells like Lightning Bolt and similar, yay or nay?You cannot utilize Called Shots with Spellcasting.Rules Thread X
InfectedIf you create an Infected (Vampire) who got Infected when he was let's say around 60 years old (and so is eligible for the Aged quality).

Would the Infection restore his physical prowess or just stop his aging process from that point on?

In other words, is it possible for an Infected character to have the aged quality?
You may take aged on a vampire!Rules Thread X
ResonanceTechnomancer skinlink:

If I touch a person, what can I direct connect to (iwirelessly capable augments, but turned wireless off at the time)? Wired reflexes would seem to be a yes. Eyes? Ears? Headware? Any augment that can be wireless on? How does this situation change when the target has an Internal Router (so all devices are connected within their body, so you can DNI normally wireless-only functions, or at least that's how I read the Internal Router perks)? Case in point, TM shakes a person's hand. TM has physical initiative to generally get two passes in a turn, and makes the handshake linger for a few seconds. Can they Puppeteer a wireless-off augment (that can be wireless on) to Invite Mark (3 marks), and then command the implant to turn wireless on before the person releases the handshake? On an unwitting target, how noticeable would this be, assuming all prereqs are met, and the ruling is 'yes, you can get wireless implants via skinlink this way'?

Admittedly niche, but potentially interesting for physical intrusion or social engineering Technomancers picking up marks (at the potential cost of fade) and opening attack surfaces the target things are closed.
If I touch a person, what can I direct connect to (iwirelessly capable augments, but turned wireless off at the time)? Wired reflexes would seem to be a yes. Eyes? Ears? Headware? Any augment that can be wireless on?

You must physically touch the 'ware in question. Meaning, in order: No unless they were subject to bodily trauma, yes if you touched their eye, yes if you touched their ears, no unless their head was cracked open, and only if your touching it. Internal routers don't affect this. You must physically touch the device to get the connection, and a person's flesh is not a device. Routers merely allow the device to function offline, but don't affect direct connections at all, which skinlink is. Case in point, TM shakes a person's hand... This ONLY works if the hand is 'ware. On an unwitting target, how noticeable would this be

Most people, even matrix experts, don't even know echos exist, let alone that skinlink is one. If someone touched your hand and had an unusually long handshake and you didn't seem to cast a spell it would hardly be noticable. Palming is useful here.
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MagicAspected Summoners with Spectral Warden (40 FA) use Binding to use Watchers and Homunculi? even though they can't spellcast can they still learn the spells Homunculi or Watcher?YesRules Thread X
AugmenationBy RAW characters with Gradual release Chem Glands have to make a test every time their addiction test comes up, can we A buy hits? B do mass rolls, C Only do rolls on a month that we run?Only C applies, allowing you to 'skip' a month if you didn't run the previous month. You must otherwise roll every time the addiction test comes upRules Thread X
MagicHow does sweep’s stun damage interact with elemental aura/body or channeled energy aura? Since the latter is always physical damage.The damage is convertedRules Thread X
CombatAnd mason also wanted me to ask about Preemptive blocking, dodging and parryings interactions with counterstrike.No defensive action enhances riposte or counterstrike unless explicitly stated as they are not standard defense tests.Rules Thread X
AlchemyDoes putting a timed prep in a vault of ages stop the timer?In order to preserve GM sanity, at this time, putting a timed prep into a Vault of Ages will not stop the timer. If a prep would go off while in a Vault of Ages, it instead fizzles, harmlessly, having no effect.Rules Thread X
RiggerWhat are the rules governing swapping weapons onto / out of vehicle or drone weapon mounts? So far there are rules to move the whole mount, but not the weapons inside.It is effectively the same as swapping the entire mount. Converting a weapon to fit in a mount or to be fireable by hand has no cost and can be done without a roll during downtime.Rules Thread X
AugmentationDoes the wireless bonus from a rating 3 nanohive allow you to push the rating of cortical amplifier nanites up to 4?The rating limits on nanites are a limit on installation rating, except in cases where a higher rating is nonsensical. To my knowledge, there are no such cases.Rules Thread X
MagicCan you get a limited ritual spell? To be cast with a fetish? Edit: On this note, fetish/limited touch spells?You may utilize a Limited version of a touch-range spell. You may not acquire or utilize a Limited version of a Ritual spell. If you are casting a Ritual that casts another spell, and you only know that spell as a Limited version, you gain none of the benefits of the fetish, but you must still possess the fetish in order to cast that spell.Rules Thread X
CombatDoes bonus initiative from drugs, ware, qualities, or spells add to astral initiative?This ruling supercedes the ruling in Rules Thread VII. Astral initiative is not subject to any bonuses or modifiers except those that explicitly state they apply to Astral Initiative, with the exception of Blitz, which applies on the Astral in the same manner as in the meat world.Rules Thread X
AdeptSo, if one imbues a focus (for the sake of clarity lets assume its a weapon focus as this is where it'll happen the most) and then later upgrades that focus using the upgrade rules, do you then have to re-imbue the focus with whatever it was imbued with before, there by being subjected to the resistance test at the new force again?You have to be able to accomplish the imbuing for the new item. If you can't, you must decide between keeping it imbued or getting the upgrade. Retry is delivery time, in real time.Rules Thread X
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