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RiggingWhat is the cost for the workshop vehicle mod (Rigger 5.0, 166-167)? The price is missing in the table (R5 keeping to form!), but chummer lists it as 50,000, which is the cost of a "facility". This seems far too steep, since the core book says a "shop" can fit in a van.The shop mod costs the same as a shop from SR5 core, and simply represents the needed space and labor to get everything anchored down. While chummer is fine for minor references most of the time, it isn't an official product and should not be considered an authority on rules sources.Rules Thread I
MatrixDo technomancers with datajacks still need skinlink to use their special brains on things? The description on 452 suggests as much (mental communication between datajacks) but it is not really solid evidenceSkinlink or a Datajack or Trodes can all be used to direct connect for a technomancer using their Living Persona, though Skinlink is by far the simplest. None of the above will bypass, mimic, or in any way affect the use of the Resonance Riding echo.Rules Thread I
MedicineDoing more research into toxins, I've come to realise that the powers presented in the books are on the order of 2-3x too high.

The easiest to get (Avail -), cheapest (5¥) toxin is a 1 Combat Turn, 11 Power, 0 Penetration, Stun Damage and Nausea, Contact and Inhalation Vector: Pepper Punch. Since this is so cheap, we can assume that literally every single NPC has some, either as a spray can or capsule rounds, or deployed as anti intruder fog in a building. The contact vector means that a gas mask is ineffective against this toxin. Thus, we can look at what happens when even a highly toxin resistant runner gets hit with this. Toxin resistance is Body+Willpower+Other modifications. Says 5+5+6 gives 16 dice, which comes to say, 5 toxin resistance hits. The power is then reduced to 6. Our runner then takes six stun damage, and is now nauseated as the power is higher than their willpower of 5, unable to act for 3 combat turns, and taking a -4 wound penalty for 10 minutes. All because a mall cop managed to hit them with a single capsule round. When toxins are used in large areas pacification methods, then the ongoing exposure to a 5¥, unrestricted toxin will kill a wageslave in 12 seconds. With toxins so powerful, they are almost a one shot removal from a situation when a GM uses them against a PC, forcing everyone to invest into armours with chemseal. Gasmasks are ineffective, as there is a single Inhalation vector toxin in the core book which is not also contact.

Given that toxins are one of the very, very few ways of dealing with certain characters in combat, can we talk about how we can make them something other than "I use toxin, you lose" requiring the counter of "I have chemseal, I win"
Remember, an antidote patch will give you 6 more. There is also a drug for nausea.Rules Thread I
AugmentationI would like to ask about a number of highly questionable aspects of full body replacement characters.

Are cyberlimbs and or averaged cyberlimb attributes subject to the augmentation max of attribute+4? Does movement and encumbrance use base agility and strength or averaged agility / strength subject to #2? Does each +3 cyberlimb armour count for encumbrance like all other + armour? Can you get cyberlimb optimisation for any skill? Does said optimisation only apply from limbs actively involved in the skill? Can you raise the accuracy of weapons by selecting a weapons skill?

What is the standard social reaction to someone who is so highly and obviously dangerously augmented?
Cyberlimbs and cyberlimb-related averages are not subject to the augmentation max in relation to a character's personal attributes, due to their replacing the attributes in question. Instead, they are subject to an augmented maximum from enhancements, such as cyberlimb enhancements and redliner, is +4 of their final customized value. They also do not benefit from the Increase Attribute Spell or the use of drugs, which only affect personal attributes.

Movement uses the average of your leg attributes. Encumbrance is the average of all limbs, in keeping with the previous ruling by Slash. Cyberlimb armor no more adds to encumbrance than orthoskin, dermal plating, or bone lacing armor adds to encumbrance, which is to say not at all. You can get cyberlimb optimization for any skill that make sense. It must make use of some limb in the process, but if you can justify other limbs in some way, you are free to. If you have specific questions, you are free to ask if a particular cyberlimb optimization is acceptable in reply to this comment or any other Rules Thread.

Burst has mostly covered this. It is mostly a theme thing, and there is room for variance from table-to-table.
Rules Thread I
RiggingIn regards to Peak-discharge Battery Packs (Run&Gun, page 52), can the satchel or backpack variants be mounted on a drone? I'm specifically asking about a roto-drone, but a general answer would be helpful too. Related to this, most weapons that require energy to fire often mention being tied into a vehicle's power to eliminate the need for battery packs, but how would this work with a drone-mounted weapon?I'd assume itr depends on how big the drone is, and if the pack is within it's lift and carry loadRules Thread I
IdentificationIf I have a fake corp SIN and they scan it, do they think I'm a corp citizen?If your SIN beats their scanner, then yes. Whether they believe their scanner or not is up to them! :DRules Thread I
RiggingAll my questions relate to the Rigger 5.0 book, since it's such a mess :P

The Renraku Pelican (page 137): Can the storage compartment be used as a hidden weapon mount?

The GTS Tower drone (page 143): Does it come with a re-trans unit or not? Do it's drone racks count as landing racks? If not, can drone arms be mounted for the purpose of re-racking it's drones? And could said arms do the job if they were primitive arms (page 125)?
The storage compartment cannot be used as a hidden weapon mount, though you could perhaps put a pistol or machine pistol inside, as it is a mid-sized box.

The GTS drone comes with a re-trans unit and a special drone rack that acts as a landing rack for 8 microdrones, with minidrones counting as 2 microdrones. These are a replacement to it's "standard upgrades" line.

Both of these are subject to change with errata, should such be released.
Rules Thread I
MatrixWhat do you think of this idea consensus is that considering it takes a minimum of two actions, and most likely 3 if you are using a tag bullet, that this is ok. You are giving up 1-2 attacks for a moderate bonus to hitting the target with the final attack. We also like how this encourages runners to make cunning plans to set up their opponents for failure by pre-tagging them.

However this action is not to be used as a general bonus for shooting at people because they have a device in their pocket, unless you can somehow get a tag square on someone where shooting them would seriously hurt it won't grant a bonus. The face palming a tag onto someone's back is a yay, just asking to get a bonus because people in general own comlinks is a no. GMs get the final say, and are encourage to reward players for being clever more than for the fact the opponent owns a device.

Of course, you are free to go to town using this to blast away drones or smartlinked guns, or other attacks specifically targeting the device rather than a person with the device
Rules Thread I
LifestyleHow would I go about purchasing a secondary lifestyle location for my character that is just a vehicle garage? The rules state it needs to be at minimum a medium lifestyle, but that's like buying a second house because you want a tool shed. I just need somewhere to store and work on a vehicle or two.A facility of any kind must be tied to a medium lifestyle (or higher), cannot be transferred between lifestyles, and cannot be tied to vehicle-based lifestyles. If the lifestyle is lost, the facility is lost. An automotive facility would have enough space to store a plethora of vehicles, though.Rules Thread I
AugmentationFor number 5, see Run Faster. Page 57.

"Purchasing cyber and bioware is not just about getting those extra dice and edge for your street sam. Every drop of Essence that is lost is a little piece of your character’s soul that is gone forever, a little piece of what connects her to the rest of metahumanity slipping off into oblivion for a few wires. Each piece of obvious ware is a question asked by every passerby. Just how strong is the arm? How fast? Do you use it to shoot people? Punch them in the brain? Bend iron bars and grab the bank vault gold? The kind of cyberarms and cyberlegs that runners and their ilk use are not conventional replacements for lost limbs; they are extra enhancements, circuitry blended with biology to take the body to new heights. Observers often know this, and they look at those who sport these augmentations with a combination of awe, curiosity, and respect. And what about that twitch, that jumpiness those enhanced reflexes give you? They make you touchy, on edge, and possibly unable to handle overly stimulating environments. Every piece of ware that goes into your character is a chance to define their behaviors and mannerisms, their little quirks. Enhance those bones with bioware or bone lacing and fear of elevator trips, wooden stairs, and even jumping on floors in older structures may be a genuine quirk.

As for others like you, well, you got the wires to get an edge, and every other person with the same systems has the same edge and more than likely the same mentality. They’re looking at you as competition, a rival for the top spot on the shadow roster of the megas. An obstacle that may keep them from being the one hired for that big payday. Even if you’re both contracted for the same job, you’ve got to shine brighter, move faster, and curtail more threats."
Page 456, core

Obvious cyberlimbs: These implants are immediately recognizable as artificial limbs unless you cover them with clothing. They are often chromed or matte colors but visibly mechanical in nature. Some folks like them glaringly obvious and outlandish, some find the artificiality repellant and disturbing. This can affect your social dealings in some circles, especially upper-crust society andthe purist crowd.

Synthetic cyberlimbs: Synthetic limbs are disguised as natural limbs. The fact that they’re cybernetic gives them a –8 Concealability (the Cybertechnology skill may replace Perception for this test) when someone’s just looking, but synthetic limbs are obviously artificial to the touch.
Rules Thread I
AugmentationAres screech rifle and cyber ears, will turning them off block the attackNope, the Ares screech rifle may use noise as a vehicle for its attack, but soundwaves pulsing through your body will mess you up even if you can't technically hear it. Likewise, being deaf or puttong on a select sound filter is no defense. Damper earware will give you a +2 bonus to the damage resistance test however.Rules Thread I
RiggingI would like the whole matter on jumped in being remote controled or not to be officialy ruled. If jumped in is NOT being remote control then dont make action taken while jumped in be considered remote controled.

Either it is or it isnt, having that cleared out will finaly put a few issues to rest. As it stands riggers gets the worst of both world. An action is considered remote controled if it were to put a nerf on an action, if the action were to be better done if it were considered remote controled, its not. I would like, once and for all to set the matter straight.

Is jumped in considered the same as remote controled or are we RAW on this one and follow the 4 type of control. Manual, Remote Operation ( from control device matrix action ), Jumped in as per rigger special, and autopilot. Or do we include Jumped in in the same bag as the control device matrix action.
There are four types of control. Manual, remote, jumped in, and autonomous.

Manual is driving a cat or firing a turret hands-on. Controlling a vehicle with the wheel, or firing a turret that is mounted on a vehicle with your hands, are both complex actions. The former is Reaction + The appropriate skill, with a limit of handling, assuming a vehicle test is needed.The latter is agility + gunnery, with a limit of the weapon's accuracy. Remote control is controlling a drone or vehicle through your commlink, RCC, cyberdeck, or other matrix device. This can be done in AR or VR. Either way, you use the Control Device action, which requires marks or ownership. This uses the same type of action as listed above. If done in AR, you use the same attributes as you would in meat. If done in cold-sim VR, you substitute your logic in for agility and your intuition in for reaction, and make use of your cold-sim initiative. If done in hot-sim VR, you substitute attributes the same as in cold-sim, make use of your hot-sim VR, and gain a +1 on any vehicle tests, including firing a mounted weapon. In any case, you use the lower of the prescribed limit or the Data Processing attribute of the device you're using to perform the action. Jumped-in control is done by taking the time to jump-in to a vehicle with a rigger interface through a control rig (or a particular technomancer echo.) This is a complex action if in AR, or a simple action if already in VR. If you are plugged directly into your RCC or vehicle/drone, this is a simple action regardless of current matrix state. Either way, you require 3 marks or ownership of the vehicle or drone in question, and you end up in your choice of coldsim or hotsim. You use the appropriate coldsim or hotsim initiative, increase any limits you might face and your dice pools for actions performed by the vehicle/drone by the rating of your control rig, and must resist half of any physical damage the vehicle takes (after soak) as biofeedback damage. Any actions you take while jumped in require the same action type as they would for anyone else, but any Vehicle Tests (as described in Make a Vehicle Test, and explicitly excluding opposed rolls) have their thresholds reduced by the rating of your control rig. And since you're in VR, you make use of your logic in place of your agility, and your intuition in place of your reaction. You are also not limited by your data processing. Autonomous drones or vehicles make use of Pilot+relevant autosofts, are limited by the appropriate limit for the action, roll Pilotx2+4d6 for initiative, and act as a dogbrain would.

Note that the specific attributes used in VR vs. AR are subject to change. The rulebooks are unclear and I wish to speak with Council about making a unilateral ruling on the matter. The action types, however, are not - it is always a complex action to fire a weapon that is mounted on a drone or vehicle.
Rules Thread I
MedicineDoes a single antidote patch work for any toxin or do we need a patch for a specific one?

Antidote patch: Add the rating of an antidote patch to any toxin resistance tests made within twenty minutes after it has been applied. The window to apply an antidote patch after being poisoned is often very narrow, depending on the toxin (Toxins, Drugs, and BTLs, p. 408).

Also, do these stack? Can I wear 2 or 3 patches?
RAW holds and antidote patches work on any toxin resistance test. I like to think that due to advances in Japanese Reflexology the antidote patch can draw any toxin out of your body regardless of if you place it on your feet or not, but in reality we know that slap patches can be smart tech. The trauma patch when set to wireless on will stabilize a gunshot wound just as well as a nerve gas, the antidote patch probably is more 'specialized' and can figure things out without wireless. The fact that the phrasing is "any toxin resistance test" rather than "tests to resist that (that being the toxin the antidote patch would hypothetically be keyed towards) toxin" also indicates their general use. They also do not stack, but your local pharmacy wouldn't mind you trying a whole box at a time each run, just to be sure! For the sake of both my sanity, the difficulty of balancing any other option, and to avoid people attempting to use antidote patches as ersatz armor, only a single antidote patch will apply to any given toxin resistance test.Rules Thread I
LifestyleSo I do need to buy a house to get a tool shed? Is there any way I can get a facility attached to a lower lifestyle? And if not, can I rent out the actual living part? Cause it's never going to be used. I just need storage and the workshop/facility.You cannot get it attached to a lower lifestyle. It does not have to have an actual home - if you were to use it as a home, it would more accurately reflect office space that you're living in than an actual house - but that is the minimum lifestyle on the 'net for a facility (and is in fact more generous than strict RAW.)Rules Thread I

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