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LifestyleAre players allowed to have characters living together to share lifestyle costs? Player A has Character A living with Player B's Character B. Can they split the cost of the Lifestyle, or does each have to pay the full Lifestyle cost?Characters are free to fluff themselves as living together, though they will suffer all consequences any one member brings upon the household, up to and including loss of lifestyle, SIN, and equipment.

They do, however, have to pay the normal amount they would pay individually, the full 100% of the lifestyle, given the difficulty and hesitance GMs are likely to meet with punching a player in the lifestyle.

Yes, this means there are no advantages to living together. Besides the company. Sorry.
Rules Thread II
MagicCan (Great Form) Spirits Endow the Endowment Power?If you can get the requisite hits on a ritual spellcasting test on a spirit of enough force to actually give you a useful level of power, yes, you can get endowed with something like storm or quake. Remember that the spirit's magic is going to be the one fueling the power, you can't skate by wth a force 1 spirit to do this.

This probably favors doomsday cults seeking to usher in their own mini apocalypse more than a PC on the net though. Just saying.

EDIT: Misread the question, the answer is no.
Rules Thread II
DowntimeHi Asked this somewhere else on the net but I think it ended up disappearing into the ether and asked this on Discord(deleted that post) but figured this may be a better place. I was hoping to take advantage of my rat shaman's ability to use any reagents by doing searches for them on my downtime. I was hoping to spend some time (average 3 hours a day) every downtime day(within reason) to find reagents. Buying hits would mean 1 (2 hits from alchemy at 9) reagent per hour or 3 per day(3hours). Does this make sense. Given the bonus for Rat is the reagent thing I was hoping that this could be a handwave solution for all the rolling I would be doing on gear rolling thread to achieve the same thing. (This would mean that I would, when I run, get (amount of days between runs * 3) reagents. Does that make sense? ThanksGreetings, After discussion within the rules team we have concluded that this falls within the domain of each individual GM. The next game you run Murmur in ask the GM if he/she is okay with this idea and if they are then great, if not then you will have to abide by their ruling.Rules Thread II
AugmenationI had just gotten word that one of our new members was told that she could not have bunny styled cyber ears and have them located in a place that is aesthetically pleasing to the player, top of the head. As far as I'm aware from checking Rules in Chrome Flesh (page 74) and Core(page 453) there isn't anything that says that they have to be locate on the sides of the head and at worst should just need a case mod for customized cyberware. At worst this is just Aesthetics and doesn't unbalance the game or make work hard for Chargen or GMs and one of the best thing about Shadownet is that we're more open to letting players the characters that they want to play as long as they are fair and rules legal.Character division has stated to me that they wish this to be in their wheelhouse. Torq or Senate are the people to go to on this one, as I do not feel like arguing with them about it. This thread is not the place for it - though I don't blame you for thinking it might be, this is something of a weird case. EDIT: If Senate or Torq kicks it over to me, I'll make an official ruling. I'm just trying to not step on toes.Rules Thread II
ArmorCan I install Foot Anchors into Armour using Capacity? Can this be generalized to other reasonable cyber being installed in armour? We already allow gear to be installed into cyber instead of armour.Gear that uses capacity can be installed into cyberware, per a previous ruling by a rules head. However, cyberware that uses capacity cannot be installed into armor. Call it game balance, call it the gooblygook that needs neural connections (even if through the end of a cyberlimb), whatever. No spurs in your forearm guards.Rules Thread II
WeaponsApparently the people want bayonets for pistols so they can do this. Officially the block on bayonets mentions it's only allowed for rifle and up. Seeing as it isn't brokeballs insane, would the rules division be amenable to allowing them?Retractible bayonets ought to work fine, there's nothing stopping them from being put on a pistol with the right slot. And also nothing stopping you from never retracting them.Rules Thread II
MedicineStimpatches in autoinjectors, yes or no?Sure thing, bub. (There is no real reason why this would be disallowed, given the normal prices and etc. Note that buying the drug for an autoinjector precludes using that same dose as a patch.)Rules Thread II
AugmentationDoes the cultured bioware limb replacements on page 231 of chrome flesh cost essence?No. The table seems to have a editing error that made the header for limbs a line item, likely a copy-paste or artifact of a previous revision.Rules Thread II
MatrixAfter a question by folks, I now have a question for Rules Division:

Currently, editing a file requires a mark on the file. However, one of the things that can be done with a matrix perception test is finding icons (like files), or finding out what files that an object might be carrying.

With this, is putting a mark on a device necessary to put a mark on the file that the device might contain, or can you directly put marks on files that are on a device that is not wireless off or broadcasting?
Editing a file requires a mark on the file.

Files floating freely in hosts are visible automatically, and can be marked freely and independently of any other icon, though you of course still have to contend with their encryption and data bomb, if any. Files on devices (whether they're in a host or not) share their visibility status (whether they're running silent or not, and whether they're spotted or not) with the device they are on, and use the defensive stats of that device. They do not have a matrix condition track and are not subject to matrix damage in any way. They can, however, be marked independently of the device they are on, assuming that device is visible to you. A device that is running wireless off has an icon as usual, and you can still get marks on it's files as usual. You cannot, however, spot it without a direct connection, making visibility pretty moot. Note that file->device relationship is not a slave->master relationship. A direct connection does not in any way alter that specific use of defense dice, nor does a mark on a file give you a mark on the device it's stored on, or vice versa.

EDIT: If any of this is unclear, feel free to ask for elaboration.
Rules Thread II
AugmenationSensitive system: It specifically applies to cyberware and doubles cyberware essence costs. It also makes bioware impossible, as immune systems reject it. What does this do to genemods, as those were added after the core book? Double essence cost like cyberware, regular essence cost as it doesn't specifically mention genemods(and genemods are usually immutable in terms of essence cost), or impossible to apply like bioware? Also, what would buying off Sensitive System involve(other than the karma cost)?Hey there friendo, your chargen buddy Torq here

Buying off the quality would require something of a private run in addition to its normal costs.

Best regards, Torq torq torq.
Rules Thread II
AugmentationReposting from rules chat, since this is useful info.

Me: Say I have cyberlegs with max customised agility and strength, and enhanced agility and strength too, but also have modular connectors for feet. Do the feet also need to be customised/enhanced?

Voro: Customization and enhancement flows "down" limbs. So if you have a modular lower arm, it can use the enhancements and customizations of the upper arm above it (or it's own instead, though you can't add them together or split them)
Confirming this is correct.Rules Thread II
MagicFor the purposes of shifters: does clothing shift with you when you change form or does it get left behind?Your clothing and belongings don't shift with you I am afraid. The actual out and out rules on the shift power are in, of all books, Aetherology, and its specifically noted that clothing does not change.Rules Thread II
WeaponsWhat's the Net's opinion on barrel mods for guns? Cause it's kinda stupid that longbarrel means you can't mount a gas vent system or a suppressor.Since you asked.... The ruling on the field stands. Shadowrun gun systems are dumb, but they are RAW and they work, and will not be houseruled.Rules Thread II
MagicSpirit pacts :DSpirit Pacts are disallowed for Player Characters on ShadowNET. This will be reflected in the Player Rules.... Soon (tm).Rules Thread II
AugmentationSo, I've got a couple of questions to ask, may as well drop them here.

1) Does the shapechange spell interact with cyberware at all? By which I mean, if somebody with a significant amount of 'ware were to use it, would it push all of it out of them similar to other transformation stuff, or is it a case of, since it's paid for with essence, it transforms with them. The secondary question to this, is, if it does transform with them, do they gain the effects of the 'ware while in another form, or does it effectively disappear until they're back in their normal body?

2) Can the RPC built stock on a suit of sleeping tiger be upgraded to R4 for the cost of one rating, or can it only be upgraded by replacing the entire coating with a new set at R4? Same question for most stock mods, really, such as upgrading the R2 gas vents on an FN-HAR to R3.
The shapechange spell interacts with cyberware as follows.

Cyberware and bioware that requires actual activation of some kind does not function. Cyberware and bioware that provide passive benefits (including but not limited to attribute bumps that can always be on) funtion normally. Bear in mind augmented maximums with these!

Cyberlimbs do not function in any way, and anything within them can only function in any capacity that does not require motion - you can still use your orientation system, but you cannot fire a cybergun.
Rules Thread II
AugmentationEdit: They do not. Confirmed by members of the rules team. Question on synaptic boosters, I would like clarification on whether they are capable of being stacked with other initiative bonuses such as drugs on the net, or if they are unable to stack as this core book sentence on page 461 indicates "The synaptic booster cannot be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement."I realize this was answered in skype chat, but you are in fact correct that the book saying it cannot be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement meaning it can't be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement :PRules Thread II
RiggingSo, bit of a question from OOC chat earlier today, can an RCC run any of the programs listed in the books, or only the ones from the list of programs that may be handy for riggers from page 269 of the CRB. For example, if an RCC was modded using device modification rules from Data Trails, to have a sleaze attribute of one, could programs like 'Stealth' or 'Smoke and Mirrors' be ran on that RCC to further boost the sleaze rating, or could 'Browse' be ran on an RCC, improving its ability to perform matrix searches.An RCC is capable of running any program. A program altering a statistic that the base device does not have will have no effect. As such, unless you mod your RCC to have a sleaze rating, Smoke and Mirrors will have no effect. Unless you mod your RCC to have an attack rating, Decryption will have no effect. So on and so forth.Rules Thread II
RiggingMy questions to you are: Say I have an anthro drone and I have customized the limbs on it. Say I now want to use a skill linked to AGI, STR, or BOD, such as shooting a gun that's being held in a drone arm. Do I use my AGI, my LOG, or the drone arm's AGI in this case, or can I pick whatever's highest? Also! I'm currently working under the assumption that, as per HT190 if you're controlling a drone and using a weapon in a weapon mount it's gunnery + log, if you're using a weapon held in drone arms it's gunnery + ???, what's the ??? and is the rest of it correctWhen firing a weapon from a weapon mount, regardless of drone type, it's Gunnery + Agility in AR, or Gunnery + your choice of Agility or Logic in VR (jumped in or not) When firing a weapon from a drone's arms, whether a cyberweapon inside them or a gun held in it's hands, it is the drone's arm's agility (averaged if it's a two handed weapon and the arms have different agilities) + the appropriate weapon skill, which will never be Gunnery - it would be Automatics for an Assault Rifle, Longarms for a shotgun, what have you.Rules Thread II

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