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Rigging"When you’re jumped into a vehicle, drone, or other device, the limits of that device are increased by the rating of your control rig.This includes vehicle and drone Sensor, Speed, and Handling, and the Accuracy of mounted weapons when used by the rigger." CRB 266

Talking to Rin we were discussing how this worked in relation to acceleration, the consensus was "if its a vehicle test increase the limit no matter what but do not increase the stat". So is that right? that would make more sense then "Becoming one with your machine makes your car go faster" but it could have potential effects on the power of riggers because i think a lot of DM's treat it as "Increase your speed by CR".

Planning a Wheelman run on the 22nd so I'd love to hear back before then one way or another.
ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicDoes magical water (as in, created by a spell) have the same effects as regular water. The -2 for shooting into or through it, the -1dv per meter, the +1 noise per 10 cm, ect. Specifically, if someone cast the spell [Element] Wall and chose water to create a 1 meter thick barrier between them and an attacker, do the usual rules for shooting through/into water apply?ANSWERRules Thread IX
WeaponsCan two bows be used to make two attacks with the multiple attacks action? Assume the character has 4 arms, is ambidextrous, and has two reloaded bows at the start of the turn. The core rulebook does not list bows as one of the compatible weapon types for the multiple attacks option (firearms and melee only), so I'd like clarification before submitting my dual-bow wielding character.ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicElectrical discharge? How does it work? (Page 120 - CHROME FLESH).

The text mentions that the user is as vulnerable to the discharge as anyone else, and there is an electroshock mod for orthoskin on page 116 (Again, CHROME FLESH) that gives the user +4 Body to resist the damage OF said discharge.

Why not armor? Is it resisted only with body on the user? Do they take damage at all whenever they use the mod, or only when they glitch? How do said Gravity spells interact with Vehicles
Treat a vehicles body rating as its strength for the purposes of Gravity Well. Penalties will apply to tests at the GM's discretion, since vehicles don't really have physical attributes included in a dice pool, generally speaking.Rules Thread IX
RacesAre the Sukuyan still banned because in the hard targets ban list it is, but there was a Council ruling to unban everything except the Mutaqua, Loup-garou, and Nosferatu? Thread IX
RiggingCan you mount an atomizer on a drone as a weapon or gear? What size weapon mount would it require?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicFor SR5 280 and the perception check to notice magic, do you have to notice the target of the magic before you can roll to notice the magic?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MatrixWhat skill would you use for playing matrix games? Would prefer an answer that isn't "GM Fiat", since I plan to invest heavily in such a skill and would prefer for that investment not to be worthless depending on what table I am on.Playing matrix games isn't really a defined action in the game, so of coure it will include a healthy amount of GM fiat. However, the closest active skill would be the 'Computers' skill.Rules Thread IX
MagicCan mindnet (108 street grim) affect willing critters. Mind net is based off mind link (CRB 287) that says subject. The subjects can talk, send pictures and emotions over mind net.ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicCan Mysads who don't have access to sorcery, still us adept rituals?Mystic Adepts who don't have sorcery can still use adept ritualsRules Thread IX
AugmentationCHEMGLANDS! If you're always on the drug, but you don't run during the time between addiction tests (say a Kami-gland - two weeks) do you still make an addiction test at the end of the two weeks when the normal addiction test would be made?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicThe pacifist adept ability reduces the limits and "number of 1's required to glitch" of attackers. What happens if either of these is reduced to 0? Does a roll with a 6 or less dice pool with "-3 1's required to glitch" automatically glitch, or still require at least a single rolled 1 to glitch? Does a roll with a limit of 0 automatically fail?ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicCan enemies Run For Your Life to escape the area of a Gravity Well? (Forbidden Arcana, Page 50)An existing 'net houserule on the subject of run for your life is 'You’re allowed to use this for all AoE attacks.' and as such, can use it on area effect spells such as Gravity Well.Rules Thread IX
MagicHow persistent is water/fire/earth created by [Element] Wall once you stop sustaining it?

Can the wall created by [Element] Wall be shaped by Shape [Material]? Would the wall spell be affected at all by Shape [Material] being cast on it? What sort of damage would, say, a earth wall or similar normally non-damaging element do if any? Can Shape [Material] work on any other spells, such as the aura of elemental energies produced by [Element] Aura?

Shape [Material] says it has to reduce the Structure of non-loose materials(presumably to 0). What structure does it have AFTER you finish shaping? Does the structure restore back to normal or something else?
ANSWERRules Thread IX
MagicQi Sculpt: "Qi sculpt allows the adept to remove qi from one power and temporarily add it to another power in which they already have invested power points. For each level of initiate grade, the adept can shift 0.25 PP of one adept power to another power. The enhanced power cannot have more levels than the adept’s Magic rating." (Street Grimoire, pg. 156) It seems, as worded, to move power points from one power to another per activation. Can this metamagic be used multiple times concurrently? Whether or not it's limited to one use seems to have pretty drastic implications about how to use it.ANSWERRules Thread IX
MatrixTechno Errata when?Techno errata will happen when/if it ever becomes official rather than provisional.Rules Thread IX

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