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CombatRules Team would like to announce that the RAW text on Interrupt Actions and Full Defense indicate that you must have the full initiative price of the interrupt action remaining in order to take the interrupt action.

This means you must have 10 initiative on the clock in order to take the Full Defense action. You must have the full price of any interrupt action that does not explicitly state that you may dip below 0 in order to perform it.

It has come to my attention that it has been treated otherwise, and that I should make a public posting to clear up this issue. Hence, this posting.
Rules Team would like to announce that the RAW text on Interrupt Actions and Full Defense indicate that you must have the full initiative price of the interrupt action remaining in order to take the interrupt action.

This means you must have 10 initiative on the clock in order to take the Full Defense action. You must have the full price of any interrupt action that does not explicitly state that you may dip below 0 in order to perform it.

It has come to my attention that it has been treated otherwise, and that I should make a public posting to clear up this issue. Hence, this posting.
Rules Thread V
MagicCan you select "Corrosive Mist" as the element for the [Element] Wall spell listed on page 115 of Street Grimoire? And if so, will the wall in question be allowed to deal acid damage?Yes, and yes.Rules Thread V
MagicHow does the Warrior's Way Barrage enhancement interact with contact trigger alchemical preparations? On top of that, is it useable with any throwing weapon or simply improvised ones? The start of the entry only mentions improvised, but the entry then reads "The adept must have either two or more throwing weapons or a gamemaster-approved handful of improvised weapons readied to use this technique. "Entirely at GM discretion, as there is too much variance, but I suggest allowing only one prep to hit a given target per net hit on narrow choke, and only one period on medium or wide choke.Rules Thread V
MatrixI have a few questions regarding Technomancer abilities, Sprites, and the way they interact.

Does using Cleaner Target: Persona • Duration: P • FV: L + 1 Illegal actions leave traces in the Matrix, but the Resonance can erase a few of them. Make a Simple Software + Resonance [Level] test. For each hit, reduce the target’s Overwatch Score by 1. To reduce a target's Overwatch Score to 0 prevent Overwatch Score from accumulating due to time?

Second; is it possible for a Sprite to share Marks with the Technomancer, or other Sprites the Techno owns, or vice-versa? This seems like it would be written down somewhere in the book but I can't find it anywhere.

Lastly, does a Registered Sprite that has returned to the Resonance lose Marks and OS as though its Persona had been reset?
Using cleaner and dropping OS to 0 will prevent it from continuing to accumulate.

A sprite and a technomancer do not share marks.

A Registered Sprite that returns to the resonance loses all marks and OS as if their persona were reset.
Rules Thread V
MedicineAre the care under fire rules about progressive wounds in BB optional or not?The Care Under Fire rules in Bullets and Bandages are not optional, and are not in effect. They should not be used.Rules Thread V
AugmentationJust wanted to ask if there could be some clarification on the ranges that the 'Weapon Launcher' cyber-weapon upgrade in Chrome Flesh (p92) uses, since it seems somewhat unclear from the description.The Weapon Launcher cyberweapon will use taser ranges, barring future errata.Rules Thread V
MagicWhat happens when a mage who is sustaining a LOS range spell has their line of sight to the effect or target broken?Absolutely nothing. LOS is only required to start the spellRules Thread V
MatrixIs Teamwork applied before or after split dicepool?In general, assume things are applied before a split, though if you are splitting by using two firearms and both are being Diagnostics'd, you may add the bonus twice.Rules Thread V
CombatWhat modifiers affect the riposte and counterstrike interrupt actions from Run&gun? Specifically reach, as others tend to be more universal. Do full defense and (preemptive) dodge/block/parry actions add to the pool?

The intent seems to be that one makes an attack roll where agi is replaced by rea vs an attack roll, in which case reach would not apply. Nor would the defensive interrupts.

Additionaly what defensive actions can be used against clinching? As normal?
Defensive interrupts do not affect Riposte and Counterstrike. Reach does not, either. Defensive interrupts apply against Clinch as usual.Rules Thread V
MagicWhen an initiate is masking, what options are there for the appearance of their aura?

I have been told that it is mundane, higher magic or lower magic.

Altering your aura to appear as anything else requires flexible signature.
You can appear as whatever you would like, though it will not alter whether or not you are present on the Astral. Flexible Signature is used to alter the signatures you leave behind when you cast spells, and has nothing to do with your personal aura.Rules Thread V
MagicIs there a way of Quickening a ritual? Specifically Circle of Healing for Oxygenate, if it makes a differenceThere is not, to my knowledge, a way to quicken a ritual, though some rituals allow themselves to be made permenant via a karma expenditure. My knowledge is not total and this post is not meant to close off any method that is enumerated somewhere I am unaware of.Rules Thread V
MagicKay can you qualify for an ordeal before you can actually initiate again?As long as you don't go on a run in the intervening time before you actually can initiate.Rules Thread V
MagicFor the purposes of Silver Tongued Devil, what post errata adept power is required? Additionally, what is the official reference for that adept power?Silver Tongued Devil requires the Commanding Voice power, found in Stolen Souls, on page 191, as opposed to the Commanding Voice power in Street Grimoire, which was removed in the SG errata.Rules Thread V
ArmorCan armor be upgraded to have YNT softweave? Or does it have to be bought that way.A piece of armor may be upgraded after it's purchase with YNT softweave.Rules Thread V
MagicCerebral boosters, being cultured bioware, are basically part of your body. Do you gain the effects of the boosters while using the Shapechance spell?While shapechanged, yes.Rules Thread V
DrugsThe core rulebook lacks an addiction rating and threshold for Deepweed, but the french version of the core rulebook has it as Addiction Rating 4, Threshold 2. Do we use the french rules or ignore their existence?The french rules of Addiction Rating 4, Threshold 2, are appropriate at this time, until Catalyst provides something else.Rules Thread V
ToxinsSo are we allowed to put anything besides toxins/drugs in gas grenades? Things like wood pulp or insecticide? What about putting them in paint grenades? And if so what would the cost of them be?Wood pulp will not be permitted in gas grenades. Insecticide will - a dose will cost 40 nuyen, have an availability of 4, and have no meaningful effect on metahumans (for simplicity as much as anything.) Paint grenades cannot take anything inside them except paint and the tracking paint explicitly enumerated in their entry.Rules Thread V
GearCould parachutes from 4e Arsenal be used on the 'net? Could Houserules be made for wingsuits? Here is a gyazo of the rules for parachutes from 4e Arsenal.While the wording is unclear, I can imagine no reason for them to have a duration if they do not function pre-emptively, so both Neostigmine and Odansetron will function when taken pre-emptively, assuming their duration is still in effect.

They will trigger drug interaction rolls, but will typically not cause overdose to come into play, due to their unique effects.

For the purposes of addiction, they will act as having a Rating of 2 and Threshold of 1, the same as Stim Patches, manly because I can find no other reasonable comparison. If anyone has a better idea, I am open to it.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationAre there any downsides to only getting cyber lower limbs vs full limbs? Voro: You average half with meat for stats using that limb rather than replacing fullyConfirmed for correctness.Rules Thread V
CritterHow do multiple or successive paralyzing howls stack, if at all?The greatest individual one in effect at a time is all that applies.Rules Thread V
ToxinsAre drones and spirits considered immune to toxins and pathogens? Are they immune to biology based attacks / status effects?Drones and spirits are immune to toxins, pathogens, and diseases, as well as anything that reasonably requires a biology. The only specific examples that come to mind are the Sonic Screech rifle (which includes spirits already) and the Fichetti Pain Inducer. Other specific examples should be run by Rules Team if there is any shred of doubt.Rules Thread V
QualityDoes the quality Strive For Perfection have anything to do with melee? For example does the disadvantage apply to attacks with melee requiring you to make called shots? And if so does the halving of the modifier also apply if that is the case?Strive For Perfection fully applies to melee attacks. Sharpshooter applies only to ranged attacks.Rules Thread V
MagicMist Form: The optional rule of taking gear with: Do it do?The optional rule of taking gear with one in Mist Form is in effectRules Thread V
QualityCan dwarves or elves take the Aged quality? Also, are spike babies allowed?No to bothRules Thread V
MatrixRules questions about blind TMs:

Does a technomancer with the blind trait suffer any penalties in interacting with the matrix via his living persona? Could he tell where the objects associated with AROs he percieves near him are in the physical world? Can he interpret video feeds he accesses through the matrix? Does being blind effect his ability to use sensor arrays with the electronic warfare skill?

Is the quality worth fewer points for a TM, the way it is for a character that can astrally sense?
Nah you're good buddy, visual is just the most common way to interact with the matrix. Effectively you can instead "hear" the matrix, the way I like to explain blind technomancers is they're like whales, echo-locating in the ocean. You'd have to be doing trace actions to get the exact locations but with training you might be able to avoid most people on the street if they happen to have a commlink or other wireless device active. Won't help in a crowd though.

Not rules so I can't make a ruling, but it's unlikely that he can view video feeds, the blind quality isn't just physical damage to eyes but also some form of damage or disuse of the visual cortex that needs to be repaired (by buying off the quality and having a surgery). Depends on what's in the array, ultrasound/cyberware/MAD/microphones/couple others might work for pinging things and getting a rough idea of what's happening, but visual light is out, possibly infrared too. Again not rules but that seems like how things would shake out.

As for the quality costing less, no, astral sight is way better than using workarounds that deckers or reasonably tech literate blind runners could use.
Rules Thread V
MagicCan a character gain an aligned BGC at their home, or the location of their magical lodge? Voro said a 2 aspected BGC would naturally develop where a lodge would be placed, but directed me to thread it.

The reason I ask this question is because without access to an aligned BGC it is very difficult to make Artificing viable, and I'm interested in going that direction for a character. For the aid of the rules team in determining how to rule on this issue (in game balance terms), here is what an aligned BGC 2 would allow an artificer to do. The benefits from a BGC higher than 2 over a BGC of 2 are negligible. TL;DR You can get higher-availability foci without a private run, and early foci for much cheaper, but only you can upgrade them. The cost/benefit tapers off quickly, and goes quite negative if the mage was only intending to get power foci; with other foci the total cost becomes better. My personal opinion is that it isn't very optimal, but that it is interesting! And I'd like to try out the concept. Acquire a low-rating power foci for much less money, with only a limited investment of karma. Artificing 1, spec: power focus and 6 magic would trivially allow the acquisiton of a rating 2 power focus for the cost of ~3 RVP. Normally a Rating 2 power focus would cost 18 RVP. The Artificing 1 and spec would cost 9 karma, meaning that the character would gain, via this strategy, approximately 6 RVP (we are assuming that magic would be increased independently). The primary drawback of this strategy is that the focus could only be upgraded by the character in question, and the artificing math gets a lot worse over time. Other foci types would also come at a discount, but in practice the nuyen cost of non-power foci at such low rating is very small. Higher-rating power foci would require increasing skill investment, and likely also the investment of a second power focus and a qi focus to boost artisan. Getting a rating 3 foci 40% of the time would require the investment of 25 RVP in exchange for a discount of 24 RVP -- a loss of 1 RVP net. A rating 4 foci 40% of the time would require 52 RVP investment and generate savings of 32 RVP. A rating 5 40% of the time would require 73 karma and yield a discount of 40. At higher ratings, however, scumming for good rolls becomes and effective strategy (see below). Additionally, large spans of downtime (during which no runs are possible) are required for these attempts. The character would receive substantial discounts to foci beyond their power foci. This would push the RVP saved by artificing into positive territory, but would likely require the character to purchase niche and non-optimal foci. The character might get lucky and get a stronger-than-average foci than they intended. This ends up being the optimal strategy for higher-rating foci; a rating 5 can be gotten 24% of the time with an investment of only 43 karma (savings of 40). However, it would take, on average, a month, and numerous six-day periods wherein no running was possible.

For more detail, feel free to look at my spreadsheet, under the "artificing" tab.
Any character with a Force 6 or higher lodge can be assumed to have a BGC of 2 aligned towards their tradition within that lodge.

Any character with a Force 1 to Force 5 lodge can be assumed to have a BGC of 1 aligned towards their tradition within that lodge.

This includes temporary lodges made through reagents.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationWhen a cyberlimb addon has both an essence and a capacity listed,

If you install it into the meat, you pay only the essence, correct?

If you install it into the cyber, you pay only the capacity, correct?
That is correct, assuming your post remains uneditedRules Thread V
MagicCan a Bone Spike be made into a weapon foci?It cannot.Rules Thread V
CritterDoes Called Shot: Vitals stop the regeneration power? If no for unspecified use, Does it stop regen if the player specifically states they are targeting the head?It does not automatically, but may at GM discretionRules Thread V
WeaponsSo what exactly are the concealability mods for the different crossbows? The special one from R&G included, as core just says "crossbow" at +6 and nothing else.Pistol Crossbows are +0 concealability. Light Crossbows are +5 concealability, Medium are +6, Heavy are +7. These values are close enough to the core book's listing for "crossbows" that if the GM is not aware, they will not make a grevious mistake - it is also acceptable to simply assume that any non-pistol crossbow is +6.Rules Thread V
AugmentationI'm bumping these questions again. Additionally, I have 2 more:

1.) Does geneware (Narco, Double Elastin, etc...) become rejected if a character gets HMHVV infected? Normally, only deltaware is compatible with HMHVV, but geneware doesn't have grades.

2.) Do Power foci add a bonus to a metasapient's magic abilities? For example, centaurs have the search power. If an awakened centaur has a power focus, could they add it's bonus to their dice rolls with the search power?
Geneware will not be rejected on the sole basis of being Infected, but the Regeneration power will push it out (regardless of source.) Power Foci do add to metasapient powers which involve Magic as an attribute in the roll.Rules Thread V
MagicIs it possible to change from one adept way to another? If yes, what happens to a metamagic that your prior way enabled you to access? does it stay? go away?It is possible to change adept ways. It costs 20 karma to do so. You retain all metamagics and other benefits of the art that you may have acquired, but are unable to gain new metamagics, rituals, and other perks except from the single, individual Path you are following at the time. You lose all power point discounts, but gain new ones according to your new path. This may result in a loss or gain in total power points spendable.Rules Thread V
RiggingWith the ban on Weapon Mounts from the core rulebook. what happens to drone that comes with a weapon mount, i.e the steel lynx. do we get refunded the cost of the weapon mount in order to buy the R5 version or do we just eat the cost?You should assume they come with the equivalent mount in R5Rules Thread V
RiggingIf I wanted to use the Glue spell on a car during a car chase, would the car count as one target, or would it require the Glue Strip spell for each tire (assuming that the car's mode of movement was wheeled)? Additionally, during the resistance test that the car would get on its turn, what would be used for its body and strength? Would speed play a role in the roll? Would a crash test possibly become involved if the car were to fail to resist completely? In short: Glue Strip and Cars: what happens?The car would count as a single object.

The car's body and strength are both equal to it's Body score. Speed is not a factor.

Crash tests are at GM discretion.
Rules Thread V
MatrixWhen a personas is running on a device, they form a single icon. Given that Reboot Device explicitly calls out that you cannot reboot personas: A runner cannot in any way reboot a deck or comm in active use?One cannot perform the Reboot Device action on a device running a persona, except for their own persona. Nor can they perform it on any persona that is not running through a device.Rules Thread V
AugmentationCan you have a reloading slide and a hidden arm slide in the same arm?YesRules Thread V
CritterWhat statblock would be used to refluff as a Fox?Raccoon. It is imperfect but the closest I can find.Rules Thread V
QualityIs there anything preventing me from stacking the cost reductions from Made Man, Black Market Pipeline, & Dealer Connection? It's an, uh, rather important question for me because my character may be stuck in chargen limbo until it's answered, since that's one of the few ways I can think of to make obtaining an Ares Venture at gen somewhat viable.The bonuses do stack if you manage to overlap that much and invest that hard, but my impression was always that such bonuses did not apply at chargen. It skews their value heavily, particularly with broad categories. If you contest this, though, I am willing to have my team look at it.Rules Thread V
MagicIs it possible to get a hold of multiple "Adept Spell" Qi Foci that you can toggle separately in order to cast a variation of spells?You may only have one Adept Spell Qi Focus bound at a time. If you wish to unbind it, you may change what spell you have. You may not have one bound if you have the Adept Spell power yourself.Rules Thread V
WeaponsAt the request of voro, scythes use what skill?Scythes use the "Blades" skill. If this causes a conflict on your sheet, please inform the Rules or Chargen heads and we'll get it sorted out.Rules Thread V
MagicCan you use a formula multiple times, to learn the spell with and without fetishes?You cannot. A fetish'd spell is it's own formula.Rules Thread V
QualityCan I ignore some of the penalties from deformity for Snek? Like locksmith, for instance. Having a snake tail instead of legs should have no impact on something like that.You cannot, in fact, ignore the penalties on qualities you have on your sheet. Even if they don't make total sense.Rules Thread V
WeaponsI have a series of questions about underwater weapons:

1.) Can the FN-AAL (R&G 26) use regular ammo variants like APDS and Ex-ex? 2.) Would grenade launchers used underwater face any penalties besides the -2 dice pool (R&G 158)? It seems kind of silly to launch grenades underwater, but per the RAW this seems like the best weapon to use against sea creatures.

4.) Do cyberfins and the power-swimming adept power stack (additive-ly or multiplicative-ly)?
The FN-AAL Gyrojet pistol cannot use regular ammo variants. The original R+G errata lists it's valid ammo types.

Grenade launchers, uh, apparently don't face any penalties underwater beyond what's listed in R+G.

Cyberfins and the power-swimming adept power stack additively.
Rules Thread V
WeaponsDid not find anything by searching and apparently this is something that needs a post that can be pointed to as it comes up from time to time.

Hand loaded ammo. How does the availability work? When you hand load yourself?

When buying them ready made from other people?
The availability when hand-loading rounds yourself is 4R for materials - notably, the extra gunpowder or more potent bullet-bits or whatever handwavium you're stuffing in there - and the cost of these materials is 10% of the round's cost. The availability when purchasing them from a third party is equal to the availability of the base round +4 (maintaining whatever Restricted/Forbidden status it may have had before), and the cost is 135% of the base round.Rules Thread V
MagicDoes a shapeshifter's Magic attribute go up by 1 in Metahuman form when you got the Magic A Priority? I don't understand why they have 6 Magic by the way, but it's going to be one of life's mysteries for me I suppose. Maybe animals are just naturally worse at magic.Shapeshifters will get unfucked after Catalyst finishes their errataRules Thread V
EdgeDoes burning edge ensure the PC's survival until the end of the scene? For example, say a PC falls off a cliff and burnt edge to survive the fall. Does burning edge protect the PC from the fall or can it also protect the PC from the environmental damage from being left with broken legs.Burning edge to invoke Not Dead Yet ensures PC survival until the end of the scene. As a rule, burning edge to invoke Not Dead Yet should ensure that one survives the scene, assuming they do not make an effort to re-enter the scene. It also should ensure they survive the run; if the runner takes it as a hard exit from the run, they should survive the run, as well, though it does not protect them from consequences such as not getting paid, notoriety, and ticking off their employer. However, none of these consequences should be equivalent to a "rocks fall, you die", even if it requires twisting the plot - a faked death, or something along those lines... They are in danger of dying again. If they simply lay there, they would appear to be dead, and through some contrivance of the plot, survive without burning further edge. If they continue to act - which is an option at the discretion of the GM - they would then be at risk of death, which could still be avoided by burning edge (again) to invoke Not Dead Yet.Rules Thread V
WeaponsShadowrun 4E p161-162 of Arsenal:

Large firearms (anything rifle-sized and larger) are typically used with two hands. A character wielding a large firearm with only one hand will suffer a –2 dice pool modifier to ranged attacks (–1 for trolls).

Is this rule in effect?
This rule is in effect, but is subject to changeRules Thread V
RiggingSo in terms of the tools/parts modifier on the build/repair table, What exactly is the modifier for having a facility? Superior just says +1 or more and I'd want to know the exact bonusFor each step you exceed what is required for the task, you may recieve a +1. That is to say, if the task requires a tool kit and you have a shop, you get +1. If it requires a tool kit and you have a facility, you get a +2. If it requires a shop, and you have a facility, you get a +1. If it doesn't require anything, though, you can't recieve bonuses by shoehorning in a kit or shop or w/e.Rules Thread V
CritterQUESTION 1: Can a metahuman(or metasapient) use some of the critter cyberware listed on page 181 of Howling Shadows? I am specifically curious about Chameleon Pelt, in a PC which already has fur.

QUESTION 2: Is Chameleon Pelt compatible with any armor? It does not specifically say otherwise(other than being compatible with dermal plating and orthoskin), although logic dictates that full body armor(even full body critter armor) would obviously negate any benefits from Chameleon Pelt.

QUESTION 3: There are mention of titanium tooth and claw caps, but nothing mechanical listed except for a price of 500 nuyen. Unless rules are released for that, am assuming that those are non-functional, do not alter anything, and are for appearances only like casemods(or simply can't be purchased), correct? On page 181 as well.
Metasapients do not have access to critter cyberware, sorry. It opens up a lot of cases that are not supported by fluff.

Chameleon Pelt is not compatible with armor. It will still provide a -2 to perception checks in light armor, such as a vest-equivalent, but any jacket-style or full body armor will negate it entirely. However, it counts towards coverage for any Ruthenium Polymer Coating armor you may have.

Titanium tooth and claw caps have no mechanical effects - they likely exist to reduce the chance of damaging their claws, or to allow more potential for their claws, but these are not well represented and thus have no tied-in mechanics.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationCan the NANOMAINTENANCE SYSTEM (rigger 5, p 165) glitch? It only gets 4 dice maximum, so glitches are pretty likely eventually. Also, can you buy hits with NANOMAINTENANCE SYSTEM? If so, could you wait 4 hours at rating 1 (or 2 hours at rating 2) and buy one hit at those intervals?The Nanomaintenance System can glitch, but I suggest GMs be extremely gentle with it at worst. It should, at most, impact the function of the Nanomaintenance System, and it's ability to repair, rather than the thing it is repairing. You can buy hits, but you cannot mix pools - you can only buy hits if you have all 4 dice in the one roll.Rules Thread V
WeaponsCan the built in timer on a grenade be modified? For example, to be at the end of the current combat turn or a later turn?It is a non-check for someone without Gremlins, Computer Illiterate, Uneducated, or a similar quality to set the timer to run longer - such as a grenade being set to go off in a minute - however, such a thing, at GM discretion, cannot be undone or delayed, causing it to be a narrative-time effect only. One cannot rig a grenade to go off sooner than it otherwise would.Rules Thread V
MagicA Mysad who loses a point of magic, for any reason, buys it back with karma. Does he get the PP back? If not, can he spend the 5 karma to get it back instead?

RAW says no, meaning that the PP is lost forever and the only way to get more is to initiate, but I was wondering if /u/VoroSR had an alternative in mind for this. Since right now it means a bad encounter with an essence drain puts even more of a dent on a mysad than just having to buy back their magic would cause.

Mr. Ryouichi told me to thread it. C:
You cannot get the PP back. You cannot spend a mere 5 karma to get it back, though you can still select a Power Point as a metamagic when you next initiate. Ultimately, Essence Drain only occurs in situations where you could simply die instead, so being set back from it is not especially bad.Rules Thread V
MatrixCan you attach a program carrier to a commlink? Does a program carrier including the program cost then prevent the use of agents in program carriers?You can modify a program carrier into a commlink using the rules for adding a module to a device in Data Trails. Note that this precludes any other modifications to the device in question.

Given the fact that a large number of people have already done so...

A program carrier includes the cost of the program, unless that program costs more than a normal Hacking program (250 nuyen), in which case you must pay for and make the availability roll for the program seperately. For the purposes of the previous statement, agents will function as programs.
Rules Thread V
AugmentationWhat affects if any would Mnemonic Vault have on the use of Laes?Mnemonic Vault does not alter the use of Laes or Lael. Sorry.Rules Thread V
DrugsLots of questions about BTL chips from the 'rules' chat on Discord:

1.) Does NARCO affect BTL chips? 2.) Do BTL chips trigger a drug interaction roll if taken with a drug? 3.) Can 2 BTL chips be slotted simultaneously? Will this trigger an interaction roll?

4.) Do AGI/STR bonuses from BTL chips affect Cyberlimbs? (for that matter, do drugs affect cyberlimbs?)
Narco does not affect BTL chips.

BTL chips do trigger drug interactions, as well as overdoses. They also stack with drugs and other BTL chips. You can have 2 BTL chips slotted simultaneously. This triggers drug interaction rolls and overdoses as usual.

Drugs and BTLs do not affect cyberlimbs.
Rules Thread V
WeaponsDo unarmed weapons gain bonuses to unarmed damage? For example, say I have Bone Lacing, does the bonus to bone lacing stack with Knucks? If not, then why does putting on a weapon decrease my damage?They do not. Putting on a weapon decreases your damage in the same way that hitting someone with boxing gloves on decreases your damage.

I suggest GMs allow you to use your better unarmed damage, though, except in cases where the knucks (or what have you) have something different about them - notably being weapon foci.

In short - feel free to fluff your brawler as throwing on some brass knuckles before he pummels the shit out of people. But if those knuckles are weapon foci, or are coated with a toxin, or something like that, then you deal the damage according to them, not to your base unarmed damage.
Rules Thread V
MagicIf bgc applies a dice penalty to anything derived from mag attribute or an adept power... How can you centre it away given your centering compensation is liked to MAG?Adept Centering is not a test, it is an action that provides a reduction in penaltiesRules Thread V
CritterCan a Dual Natured creatures Natural Weapons bypass Immunity to Natural Weapons? Followup, if it's "sometimes" can we get a list of what does and does not?Natural weapons on a Dual Natured creature can only if used in Astral Combat, and only by creatures with the Dual Natured critter power, rather than one who simply happens to be dual natured at the time.Rules Thread V
MagicFor the Shape Material spell, Is Shape Metal specific enough?It is not.Rules Thread V
CombatWhat firing mode is required to make use of Suppressive Fire?In order to use Suppressive Fire, a firearm must be in the Full Auto fire mode, or must have an explicit statement saying it is permitted to use the Suppressive Fire action.Rules Thread V
MagicI have a question about the 'Improved Ability' adept power, as it pertains to social skills: Do the limits imposed by language rating affect extra dice granted by this power? i.e. a runner has 6 ranks in a language, 6 ranks in Con, and 3 ranks in Improved Ability (Con). Do they use 6 or 9 dice when using Con in that language? Another question, do the upgrade rules apply to Vehicles?The upgrade rules do not apply to vehicles or drones, but may apply to some vehicle or drone modifications.Rules Thread V
RiggingThe GMC Armadillo (pg 54 in Rigger V) has a plethora of listed standard equipment. Do you choose one when you buy the car? Can you buy extra selections and switch out based on your needs as the fluff seems to indicate?Pick one to come with it. You may purchase extra ones. Avail (-) and costs 6000 nuyen each, for now.Rules Thread V
RewardAre taxes are 1) Taxed at the end of the run 2) Taxed before WFTP/WFTM?Taxes kick in after WFTP/WFTM.Rules Thread V
QualitiesI know this is a lot of work, but hopefully it'll clear up some confusion. Can /u/VoroSR and /u/tempusrimeblood provide a list of what is required to buy off Negative Metagenic Qualities? If you'd rather handle it case-by-case that's fine, but a list would be nice.Character Review department is currently working on a list for joint review regarding quality purchases. It is likely that metagenic qualities will not be included - they're famously difficult to get around having. Cosmetic surgery is easy, but there's still lots of freaks around 'cuz it doesn't really work on SURGEd folk, iirc.Rules Thread V
MagicWhat does stat does guidance spirit use in place for the ritual spellcasting skill when using Divination?Spirits/sprites use their force/level for skills in general, with attributes modified depending on their type. Don't know if divination is different.Rules Thread V
MagicCan an aspected mages learn the Invocation metamagic?Not to any useful degree, unfortunately. My apologiesRules Thread V
MagicHow is the dice pool for casting multiple spells as part of one action determined? The RAW states to add casting modifiers after splitting pools, but doesn't specify which modifiers apply like this or whether the same modifier can be used more than once.

Is the following situation allowed, and if so what are the dice pools? A Magician wants to cast 3 stunbolts at 3 different targets 6 magic 6 Spellcasting with a spec in combat spells Mentor spirit (dragonslayer) giving +2 to combat spells Spellcasting focus (Combat) Force 4 Spends an edge to add 7 dice to the rolls Background count is 3 Does the mage need to use the multiple attacks free action in addition to the multiple spells complex action to cast the spell? Can he target multiple spells at a single target? Could he cast 6 stunbolts, since he has 6 magic?

Does it depend on whether the spells are combat spells or not? What if the mage wanted to cast 6 physical barriers at once, and had spec, mentor spirit, and focus bonuses for manipulation spells?
The focus, spec, mentor effect and background count are all applied after the split. Edge is always applied explicitly before, as are magic+spellcasting.

He cannot cast 6 stunbolts. There are clauses preventing this.

Splitting works identically regardless of the type of spell.
Rules Thread V
MagicThreading this as asked by Voro. Would a bgc under a qi foci rating be enough to reduce the foci so that the power granted by the foci would no longer work? Example being a bgc 1 reducing a rating 6 ir1 foci to 5 and the foci being unable to sustain the ir1.Qi foci will only be negatively impacted if they are entirely shut off, for sanity's sake. This ruling is subject to change, though I don't expect it to.Rules Thread V
MatrixWhen commlinks are equipped with Attack or Stealth Dongles, are they capable of making Attack or Sleaze actions, such as Brute Force or Hack on the Fly?Yes.Rules Thread V

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