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Augmentationcould microwire for the cyber grapple gun be stored in a smuggling compartment on the same limb and attached that way? And as a follow up to that, could cyberarms be counted as being strong enough to not need the rappelling gloves?A smuggling compartment can store microwire, yes. Cyberlimbs by default cannot touch microwire without rappelling gloves without taking damage. However, if you can soak 8P, with an AP of -8, reliably, then you don't need rappelling gloves anyway, since the damage is resisted as normal.Rules Thread VIII
InfectedCan Infected buy optional powers straight out of gen, or do they need to wait two months?An infected may buy their first optional power two months after they are approved for play on the 'net.Rules Thread VIII
MagicQuestion about Dedicated Spellslinger.

The quality states: The character also receives a free spell for every rank they possess in the Spellcasting skill at the time of purchasing this quality, including character generation. (emphasis mine)

The question is, if you take the quality at-gen, does the quality override the max of MAGx2 spells at gen?
Dedicated Spellslinger does bypass the restriction on the number of spells you may know at character creation, if only to remove the needless middle step of waiting until after chargen to buy it, since it does not double in price, nothing is affected.Rules Thread VIII
MagicAlrighty, questions twofold:

Can the Fix spell repair Matrix Damage?

Can Armor be cast on Vehicles and Drones? If so, would it follow normal Object Resistance rules?
The 'Fix' spell can repair matrix damage. How the Armor spell interacts with drones & vehicles is still being looked into. As a side note, this is why it is simpler to ask unrelated questions separately.Rules Thread VIII
DrugsIf you take two shots of the same drug, or drugs that give modifiers to the same thing, like Cram for instance, you obviously OD, but would you get +2 Reaction and +2d6 initiative dice? +2 reaction +1d6 dice? Just the default 1+ reaction and +1d6 dice?Drug effects do not stack with other drug effects to the same thing. Taking a dose of cram, and a dose of jazz, will just hurt you, it doesn't make you go faster. Naturally, the larger effect of the set of drugs you are on, will take precedence.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorI have just been told that wearing two different pieces of armor lets you use the specialised armor mods on both. For example, wearing something like second skin with thermal damping under FBA. Confirm?If the armour makes sense to thematically be worn with other pieces of armour, such as cloaks, suits of second skin, form fitting body armour, or the like, with actual clothes, then yes, specialised armour mods from each source can all apply at the same time (But not to the same thing, naturally. Two sources of nonconductivity will not add together to make you super nonconductive.)Rules Thread VIII
DrugsI'd really like for the rules team to take another look at the drugs in Lockdown. We never got a formal ruling on it, and drugs such as Numb seem EXTREMELY unbalanced.Lockdown has been formally reviewed in the past, as is evidenced by the inclusion of some examples of mechanics within it being present in the player rules (The presence of the section on cyber-suites, with reference to suites present in Lockdown.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicHow does Spell Defense interact with spells that don't normally have a defense test, such as Fireball or Ice Sheet?When countering a spell that does not normally have an opposed test, spell defence will make the test become opposed effectively replacing 'hits' in the spell description with 'net hits.' If after the entire procedure is completed, the spell has zero or less net hits, it fizzles, and nothing happens. Any spell which is cast on somebody currently selected for your spell defence can be counterspelled. Spheres/Domes, such as bubbling somebody under your spell defence in a physical or mana barrier will count as being as valid targets for counterspelling.Rules Thread VIII
CombatFor the Biospike in Hard Targets (p185). Can this be used for the Iaijutsu Martial arts technique?

What action does extending a biospike take?

Does the damage bonus to Unarmed Combat from striking calluses (CF p121) apply to damage done with bioweapons that use Unarmed Combat.
The Biospike cannot use Iaijutsu, since it does not require an action to ready, simply being an unarmed attack as part of your body. Striking callus' do not benefit the damage of other bioweapons, such as biospikes.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationI would like to request a ruling on Cyberlimb Optimization (Chrome Flesh, p87), specifically if and (if so) in what cases it can be applied to modular limbs.Cyberlimb optimization can be applied to a full cyberlimb, even if lower sections of the cyberlimb are modular. It may not, however, be placed in the removeable/replacable partial limb, or hand/foot, of a full cyberlimb.Rules Thread VIII
MagicAlso, can we get a specific definition/scope of the Pulse spell? I know it shows up in discussions every now and then, but I also remember it said that "either this spell is hilariously overpowered, or it does nothing."The scope of the pulse spell will be left mostly to GM fiat, with the understanding that most important technology of the sixth world, such as vehicles, cyberdecks, and cyberware, are resistant to it, with the notable exception of archaic technology, and tags.Rules Thread VIII
ToxinsThe Frog Tongue Metagenic quality! If used apply a toxin, is the vector contact? I don't believe it's stated.The Frog Tongue metagenic quality will apply toxins as a contact vector.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsCan you quickdraw throwing weapons?You can quickdraw throwing weapons.Rules Thread VIII
MagicDo you take a penalty for casting through your own Mana Barrier? I have heard opposite answers from two very knowledgeable players.

The Core Rule Book says on Pg 315 Anybody trying to cast a spell through a barrier must contend with the Force of the barrier, which is added to the Defense or the Resistance dice pool. If the spell doesn’t normally have an opposed dice pool, the Spellcasting test becomes an Opposed Test against the Force of the barrier. and on 316

Mana barriers do not affect their creators, who can see through them or pass through them at will and allow others to do so as well.
You do not take a penalty to casting through your own manabarrier, due to 'Mana barriers do not affect their creators, who can see through them or pass through them at will and allow others to do so as well.'Rules Thread VIII
QualityDoes Lightweight increase addiction rating for the purpose of overdose?Lightweight does increase your addiction rating for the purposes of overdose, per drug. If I take one drug that's rating 7 normally, and one drug that's rating 8 normally, instead of resisting 15S (7+ 8), I'd resist 19S (9 + 10)Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes augmented maximum get reduced if your attribute gets a temporary reduction? For instance, if I have an Intuition of 5 and turn on a pain editor, is my augmented max 8 or 9?Augmented max does not get reduced by a temporary reduction, similar to how the opposite is also not true.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes the irouter work wirelessly with external gear as long as you have a 'jack? Like guns, smartguns, extendable batons, silencers, etc.An internal router does function with external gear, yes.Rules Thread VIII
QualityDoes Strive For Perfection cause me to take the -2 for a called shot while using Nerve Strike?Strive for perfection does not cause you to take the -2 called shot penalty when performing a nerve strike, due to the clause 'The assassin must make Called Shots unless he is providing covering fire or acting in a similar capacity where Called Shots would not be practical.'Rules Thread VIII
MagicThe False Impressions/Manascape Illusion spells on Page 20 of Shadow Spells. They state that they can fool Assensing attempts, Psychometry, etc.

But the Core Rulebook states: 'Though mana-based illusions can be created on the astral plane, their magical auras give them away as illusions to anyone who makes a successful Assensing Test—illusions can’t fool Assensing and cannot be used to disguise or create auras.' By RAW, this would make the spells completely non-functional. So, do they work? As a further note, if someone successfully used False Impressions/Manascape to hide whatever they intended, anyone capable of Astrally Perceiving would just be able to see the spell. Would Manascape be able to hide it's own Spell Signature, since it's an area spell? How about False Impressions?

Assuming the spell does indeed work, if someone passes the LOG+WIL test, do they immediately know it's an Illusion they're seeing through?
The astral illusion spells cannot hide their own nature, and will, upon being assensed, reveal they an illusion spell is present (Not, however, what is under the illusion. The onlooker knows an illusion is present, but does not automatically see through it.) Extended masking, however, can be used to hide their nature.Rules Thread VIII
QualityCan you buy off Metagenic Negative Qualities, right? Especially if you get ware/qualities, etc, that would allow you to logically do so? (ex: Skin Toner with Striking Skin Pigmentation, reconstructive surgery, etc.)Metagenic negative qualities cannot currently be bought offRules Thread VIII
MagicCore says that you in addition to speeding up, you can slow a target's movement rate. What is this resisted by for unwilling Metahumans and Critters?

Is it like the when spirits do Movement on vehicles where they use Magic+Willpower to get hits equal to Body/2 rounded up in order for it to work?

Or, is it resisted at all? Another interpretation seems to be it isn't.
The test for the slowing effect of the movement power will be considered to be an opposed (Magic + Willpower) versus (Strength + Body) test, with the targets movement speed being divided by (net hits) up to a maximum of (spirit force.)

This passed Council with the following votes: Slashandburn777: Timed out Fweeba: Approve Malibi: Approve Morrenz: Approve

jre2: Approve
Rules Thread VIII
MagicNext up, Magerun intensifies: When do you get to do the Mental Manipulation Resistance test? Before the effect sets in? After? Dunno, not sure if it says. Also, what's a "Standard Action" ? Thanks, Control Thoughts.Control Thoughts/Mob minds 'standard action' will be interpreted to mean a complex action, similar to the action required to command people under mob control/control actions. People controlled by this spell take their resistance tests before the orders are followed.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWhat are the consequences of no longer abiding by the prerequisites of an Adept Power?

Example: Xiang has a Weapon Focus and the power "Elemental Weapon (Fire)". She unbinds her weapon focus for whatever ungodly reason (chrm), and then starts binding to a weapon focus again. What does this do to the Adept Power she learned?

Jack was spitballing some possible readings earlier, most of which I found quite possible. The happiest solution for me would be to be able to learn another Elemental Weapon instead of the one I had previously, but uh, Fire is not that trash of an element so I'd be fine if she just couldn't make use of the power while she doesn't have a weapon focus.
If you no longer meet the prerequisites of an adept power, you may not use that power, until you meet the prerequisites again. Essentially, It becomes locked off, until you have another weapon focus.Rules Thread VIII
RepairSo the Building/Repairing table helps with Imbuing a good bit, and Im sorry I know I asked a question to clarify imbuing, but a more concrete one here would be: Do armorer facilities help in any way?

Also, does the building/repairing table help with handloading? And what's the price for this AR-enabled assist thing in the build-repair table? :D

ty joe luv u
The build/repair tables modifiers & penalties do not apply to the test to imbue/attune in any way, since it is serving as a replacement for ritual spellcasting, rather than being an actual test to build or repair. As the handloading process requires a toolkit, attempting this process with access to a shop or facility will provide +1 die from working conditions, and +1 die from tools. Assume that unless you're attempting to build something entirely new (Such as designing something with engineering for use on a run, via GM fiat.) then augmented reality enhanced plans will be available for the test.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingHey so I heard a mythical thing in Rules chat a couple of times, but I'd be more comfy quoting it if it was actually written down, so here goes! When, if ever, can you substitute the rating of a sensor for your mental limit whilst making Electronic Warfare checks?Whenever you make a perception test, mental limit is used. When making a perception check through a sensor array, and only through a sensor array, you have the option to replace your perception skill with your electronic warfare skill, and you have the option to replace your mental limit with the sensor rating. You can do one or the other, both, or neither.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes the skin toner 'ware work with the Striking skin pigmentation on an Oni?Striking Skin pigmentation and skin toner are compatible, since skin toner is not a' bioware skin augmentation', and both can apply their mechanics at the same time.Rules Thread VIII
SURGEIf a fomorian takes surge and gets arcane arrestor 2, does he effectively have arcane arrestor 3 or does it supersede his natural arrestor making it just level 2A fomorian who SURGE's to take arcane arrestor will have it supercede their existing rating. However, they will only have to buy a single rating, rather than two, to reach the second rating, effectively 'upgrading' their existing quality to rating 2.Rules Thread VIII
MagicThe Berserk imbuement, page 132 of Street Grimoire. 'While in a berserk rage, add one half the initiate grade (round up) to the damage value of attacks made with the item.' RAW, this seems to suggest that firearms or even bows can be imbued with Berserk. Yay or nay?The Berserk imbuement will only increase the damage of melee weapons/attacks.Rules Thread VIII
MagicDoes mana strike count as a magical attack for purposes of wrecking the critter power Regeneration? Since wounds cant be healed with regeneration when attacked by a magical attack. I'm asking this in relation to the fact that it does against spirit hardened armor.Mana Strike counts as a magical attack for the purposes of regeneration.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingSince mini weapon mounts on drones hold reach 0 weapons and that is all, can we just make it a progressive thing for all the other melee weapons? As in a Small would have Reach 1, a Standard can host a reach 2 and finally a Large can host a Reach 3 melee weapon? Or will drones forever be cursed to get drone arms to melee?A standard drone weapon mount can hold any melee weapon, as the closest match to the equivalent 'Light' vehicle weapon mount, which can also do so.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWall Running If you wanna run across instead of up and you use Sprint, do you only get the hits of the sprint in meters or do you also get to use your actual movementThe 'Wall Running' adept power allows you to combine a 'Sprint' action with the usual wall running test (Presumably all as one complex action, since normally wall running and sprint could not be done in one pass), meaning that for horizontal travel, you would make one running + strength [magic] test, for 1 meter per hit. followed by one running + strength [physical] test, for however many meters per hit you have on a normal sprinting test (For most metatypes, this is 2.) It does not allow you to make use of your 'standard' movement rate in this manner.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationI'm looking at fibre optic hair, from chrome flesh 73

The text describes it as being limited "Only by your imagination" and I can imagine hair as transmitting a live feed to act like a window (Like if you've seen the opening scenes of the "Prey" video game) In this way, I can (Potentially) make my metre long thousand dollar haircut look shorter if I were to want to mimic somebody with shorter hair.

What does the net think of this idea?
Fiberoptic hair can change colour dynamically, but it cannot make itself invisible, and disguising your meter long fiberoptic hair as shorter hair by having it emulate the colours of the surface below will just make you have funky looking meter long hair.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationI have several questions concerning the grapple gun (CRB, 449-450), tactical grapple gun (hard targets, 107), cyber grapple gun (CRB, 455), and grapple hand (CF, 87, 89-90).

Firstly, can a cyber grapple gun be a cyber tactical grapple gun? If not, does it have smart link, and if not, can it? If it can't be a tactical cyber grapple, can it use the tactical grapple heads? What is the winch speed on the grapple gun, tactical grapple gun, and cyber grapple gun? The grapple hand has one listed, but the rest don't, apart from the tactical grapple gun which just says "upgraded". Why the hell does a grapple hand take 10 capacity, when a cyber grapple gun only takes 4 and has 4 times the range? Why does the cyber grapple gun have a winch but not rope? What does it take to attach a rope before it fires? Can that be prepared in advance? Can the prepared rope be concealed in a sleeve if the cyber grapple is in an arm?

Most importantly, is the grapple head in the cyber grapple concealed?
A cyber grapple gun is simply the grapple gun from the Core Rule Book, and cannot be the Tactical Grapple Gun from Hard Targets. It does, however, come pre-installed with a smartlink, similar to all other 'cyberguns'

Since it is not a tactical grapple gun, it cannot use the tactical grapple heads. Consider the winch speed on both the grapple gun, and tactical grapple gun, to be identical to that of the grapple hand, for simplicity's sake. Attaching rope to a cyber grapple gun will be a simple action. It can be prepared in advance, but will be about as obvious as a person with a few dozens of meter of rope attached to their arm would be expected to be (IE: Hiding it might be a challenge, but if you don't care about looking odd, then it's fine.) The grapple head in a cyber grapple gun is concealed within the limb, until fired/used.

I couldn't possibly comment as to why the grapple hand costs as much capacity as it does, unfortunately.
Rules Thread VIII
MagicHow does a Mentor Mask manifest for a conjurer? Does it only appear when actively summoning/banishing/binding? What if you are Channeling a spirit? Is it always on, or only when using a power or skill from the spirit?A mentor's mask will affect a summoner in similar ways to how it affects a magician, namely, it will make them much more obvious while summoning, and the spirits they summon will be easier to detect via numinous perception. Subtract 3 from the threshold of any numinous perception checks to notice the presence of the spirit, or its summoning. It is effectively always on, while channeling.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationIs the price/availability of nanoware affected by the ware grade of the hive it's going in?Soft or hard nanites do not have their price/availability change depending on the nanohive they're working with (Effectively the nanohive sustains the nanites, the nanites themselves do not have to change.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicSo, there is a contradiction between the core book and Hard Targets I'd like an official ruling on, so we can end the debate once and for all.

Page 194 of Hard Targets directly conflicts the Chicago Missions rule Clarification. Since the Chicago book and its clarification is much older than the Hard Target book, I would suggest we use the Hard Target ruling. ALCHEMY Alchemy is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled assassin. You can be at home cracking open a cold beer at the same time your mark kicks it. The use of this method takes great care, though, because it can be very easy to miss your target and kill a bystander. If you leave a pillow enchanted with One Less Human in a mark’s hotel room, you better hope the maid is an ork and his mistress is an elf. Because of this, many successful alchemical assassins are often masters of infiltration, sleight of hand and social engineering. Like all hits, intercepting the target is the moment of truth, but an alchemist need not intercept the target personally. They just need the target to encounter their preparation. This is often achieved by getting ahead of the mark and essentially booby-trapping their hotel, car, or any other place you can reliably predict they will be. Preparations of touch spells are preferred for their lower Drain, but certain contracts may require the kind of message only a Fireball can send. One Less and Death Touch are also popular among alchemical killers, particularly those that use enchanted arrows. Turn to Goo can be a nasty trick in the right place, particularly on a bar of soap in the mark’s shower. Enchant the mark’s gas cap with an Ignite spell with a timed trigger for when they are driving to work. All evidence is destroyed, and it looks like a mechanical failure. An Enabler spell enchanting a syringe can make a toxin hit that much harder. Alchemist Initiates have even more options when plying their craft. Besides Masking, which is practically necessary for any spellslinger in this business, Anchoring is a favorite of alchemists. It affords them a much looser timetable and much more precise tools for affecting their chosen target. With a good assensing of the target or a material sample, a preparation can be crafted that will affect the target and only the target (see p. 219, Street Grimoire). In the eyes of some, this is the only thing that separates these type of hitters from terrorists who send mail bombs. PROJECTILES AND ALCHEMY

There are no magic bullets, in a metaphorical sense as well as a literal sense. Since the days of black powder, gun barrels have had rifling that dramatically improves the range and accuracy of projectiles. The downside of this for the alchemist is that any bullet used as a lynchpin will be sufficiently marred while leaving the barrel to destroy any enchantments on that bullet. I have heard plenty of rumors of alchemists buying up old black-powder muskets and blunderbusses produced without rifled barrels, but I hear few rumors of their success. The mere process of firing a bullet from a gun, even one without rifling, is damaging to a bullet. Some very limited success has been found going back even further by eschewing bullets for simple balls. Special musket balls are used—they’re made of steel instead of lead, and deep engraving is usually used to set the enchantment. While these balls have about an even chance of retaining an enchantment after being fired, they suffer from such wild inaccuracy and poor range that you might as well just walk up to the target and throw the ball at them. Looking at the silver lining, if you do somehow manage to hit, those musket balls are absurdly huge by standard caliber measurements, so they pack quite a wallop. Some alchemists have taken to enchanting empty cartridges and loading them into their gun. There are a few advantages to this. For one, it is more comfortable to some. It also makes it more obvious that someone is a threat. Holding out some strange-looking doodad could mean you are a crazy bum or that it is time to geek the mage. Everybody understands what a gun means, though (even if they don’t know it is going to shoot a Manabolt instead of a bullet). Revolvers are particularly popular among this crown because they can load a couple bullets, a couple spells, and use an ammo skip mod to instantly select from whichever they want to fire. It should be noted that the spells aren’t fired by the gun’s hammer coming down but by a mental command trigger. Some advanced alchemists have taken to filling capsule rounds with liquid alchemical preparations. These work great, but ultimately it is just a work-around for their specialization and lack of skill in raw spellcasting. Archery is by far the most popular medium for alchemical projectiles. It is fairly common for talismongers to sell bows and crossbows that are also alchemical foci. Ostensibly this is for avid paracritter hunters, but I think we all know better. While not as long range, as powerful, or as rapid-firing as guns, bows are silent and extremely powerful in the hands of an alchemist. If an arrow fails to pierce a mark’s armor, the spell will still trigger on their aura if it is a contact trigger preparation or can be triggered with a command word.
Alchemical preparations on arrows do have their spell effect in addition to the damage of the arrow (Both resisted separately, of course.)Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationHow does Nephritic Screen interact with stim patch duration?A nephritic screen will reduce the duration of a stimpatch by its rating*10 minutes, to a minimum of 10 minutes.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingConcerning the Secondary Propulsion (Rotor) vehicle mod:

"A rotary secondary propulsion system includes installing the rotors on the top of the vehicle that can fold and partially retract themselves. Additionally, a tail fin with stabilizing rotor is constructed to also retract either into the body, beside, or underneath the vehicle."

How much can it actually be concealed? Can a van with that mod pass as a normal van? Or can any half awake checkpoint guard go "Oh hey, that's a rotor mod"?
A vehicles secondary propulsion is not immediately apparent to observers, however, a detailed examination will reveal its true nature. The exact mechanics for this will be left up GM's with the understanding that it should be possible to possess a vehicle with these modifications in the city of Seattle without constantly being harassed by the police.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorBriefcase shield. If I want to make it 'invisible', do I slap chameleon coating or rpc on it? Is it even possible? Would you lose preinstalled mods on the barrel if you add a short barrel mod to a gun with those?Consider shields to require the 'Chameleon coating' weapon modification to benefit from ruthenium polymer on the main piece of clothing, as if they were weapons alone. Barrel modifications integral to a weapon are not removed by adding the short barrel modification. It simply takes up the barrel slot, so further modifications cannot be added.Rules Thread VIII
MatrixDoes a Gastric Neurostimulator prevent nausea caused in hotsim, such as from Tantrum?A gastric neurostimulator will render the character immune to all sources of nausea, even those from hotsim, or magic.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsCould we add an Avail/Price to Molotovs(Pg.18 SprawlWilds) & Petrol bombs(Pg.24 Splintered State)?Molotov Cocktails from Sprawl Wilds p18 (Throwing weapon, Accuracy 2, DV 7P(fire), AP -) will have a price of 5nY, and availability of -F (or 0F, is another way of writing it.)

Petrol Bombs from Splintered States p24 (Grenade, DV 10P(fire), AP -2, Blast -2/m) will have a price of 25nY, and availability of -F (or 0F, is another way of writing it.) Note, that you need some source of fire to light these, and that the 'Ready weapon' action covers lighting them. GM's are welcome, and even encouraged, to make bad things happen to people who walk around with a lit molotov/petrol bomb for any significant period of time. Naturally, the petrol bomb cannot use the timed or wireless trigger options for grenades, being a bottle of petrol with a rag. It detonates on contact, after being thrown, similar to a grenade on motion sensor.

They both use non aerodynamic grenade ranges.
Rules Thread VIII
ShifterFor shifters, what do the movement descriptions mean, for example ; Movement (x1/ x5/+2) for tigers?The movement speeds for shifters in Run Faster are the movement multipliers for their shifted form (IE: The tiger, rather than having the human x2/x4/+2 movement rate, would have x1/x5/+2, when in tiger form.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicCan the rules team clarify how the Mentor Mask works with adept powers? The book gives an example, but even that doesn't make sense. After a discussion in the rules channel the sort of consensus for what seems logical was that any power that causes drain would activate the mask. Also a power that you have to activate would temporarily cause the mask, like say facial sculpt while you were sculpting your face, but then would stop. Then when you're face shifted back the mask would reappear. That power is a good example because its rendered somewhat (from a logical standpoint, entirely) useless if the mask is active constantly. Moreover powers like traceless walk seem somewhat negated by the mask. And if you have passive abilities like improved agility, just walking would use that power. So basically adepts would be walking masks unless they were constantly turning off their abilities which would screw their action economy. Obviously the Mentor Mask gives another PP so it should come with some drawback. However, it seems that if it were to show up with activated powers it still basically meets the goal it was intended to serve.An adepts mentor's mask is active while you have any powers 'switched on', even passive ones, such as improved reflexes, facial sculpt, or authoritative tone. Yes, this does make some powers somewhat challenging to use subtly, PC's who rely on these abilities are recommended to not take a mentor's mask.Rules Thread VIII
Weapons"Can pistols/machine pistols/smgs get chameleon coating?This question revealed a slight issue with the existing rules, and it was taken to council for a vote on fixing this problem. The alteration to this piece of equipment is written below, and will be added to the Clarifications & Amendments document in due time.

Chameleon Coating (p180, Hard Targets) If a weapon has a side mount, this modification will occupy it. On weapons that do not possess a side mount, such as pistols, this modification can be applied without taking up a mount.

The reasoning for this is that currently, weapons such as pistols, or melee weapons, do not possess side slots, and as such, are incapable of accepting the chameleon coating modification, despite it possessing mechanics for how it functions when applied to small weapons such as pistols. This change allows weapons that could previously not take this modification to accept it, without allowing weapons that can to double up. Essentially, it works similarly to how the gecko grip modification works, but using the side slot, rather than a stock slot.
Rules Thread VIII
RiggingWhat skill(s) do you need to "pilot" a biodrone?When jumped into a biodrone, a rigger uses skills similar to if they were doing the action in question themselves (IE: If they want to have the biodrone run, they need to make a running test, jumping would be a gymnastics test, and so on.) (A rigger jumped into the recipient uses their own skills with a –1 dice pool modifierand the critter’s limits when performing any actions, p182, HS)Rules Thread VIII
QualityCan a person take multiple instances of One Trick Pony? I'd like to think yes, because there are currently 3 techniques unavailable to people without constant use of the quality. Knucklebreaker (disarm) and the two new techniques introduced in FA.You can take multiple instances of One Trick Pony, but you may only possess one of these at character creation.Rules Thread VIII
CombatTies on counterstrike/riposte? What happens? Nothing? Both get hit at base dv?Due to previous rulings on counterstrike/riposte a tie results in a glancing blow for both sides, meaning nothing happens unless somebody is doing something with touch attacks that function on a tie.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWhat skill do you use when attacking with the Spirit Ram power?Spirit Ram uses the unarmed skill, similar to Spirit ClawRules Thread VIII
Augmentationis the duration of Oxygenated Fluorocarbons reduced by a nephritic screen?Oxygenated Fluorocarbons duration ostensibly is reduced by nephritic screens, but, since the duration is measured in weeks, and we say it has a minimum effect of one interval, it can't reduce it to lower than the one week duration it already possesses.Rules Thread VIII
QualitySo how does JOAT interact with Uneducated? Do you go -1 and then double, or do you double and then -1????????Jack of all trades' will reduce the cost of skills affected by uneducated before the cost is doubled.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationCan striking calluses stack with cyberlimbs? Do they stack with cyberweapons?Striking Callus' do not apply their unarmed damage bonus to cyberweapons or bioweapons such as spurs, or bone spikes. They also do not increase the unarmed damage of cyberlimbs themselves (You must hit things with the callus' to get its effect, and callus' cannot be placed on the surface of cyberlimbs.)Rules Thread VIII
MagicHey, it's me finally. I got a few weird alchemy questions that I promised I would thread!

How much control does one have over a command trigger prep outside of targeting? Mostly asking for the purpose of spells like Magic Fingers and Levitate. Does the person who triggered the prep act as the caster for the sake of controlling the sustained prep or would the action made by the prep have to be decided while the alchemist was making the prep? Edit: Now realizing illusion spells are a thing and...more questions related. Would the illusion have to be pre-programmed into the prep or done on the fly? Can the person who triggered the Mana/Powerblade prep be the effective caster for the sake of actually wielding the prep? Can one use "dud" aerodynamic grenades for the sole purpose of propelling an area prep with grenade ranges? Can the Spell Shaping metamagic be used with alchemical preps by applying the penalty to the preps spellcasting check? (Possibly not worth but something cool I want in muh life.) Would you have to know the actual Spellcasting Spell formula for Rituals that require a spell or would having the Alchemical Preparation formula and possibly a prep on hand be enough? Sorry to go on and on with the weird questions, just kinda hype to be playing an alchemist and I wanna know the memes I can be!

Edit: So uh. Can you actually reconsider the whole Alter Ballistics dual natured bullets not working against spirit's immunity to weapons? Kinda makes no sense that this wouldn't work, they are blatantly magical.
Command triggered preparations can be controlled by the individual who activates them, as if they had cast the spell.

Timed & Contact preparations must have their instructions 'programmed in' when created. The individual who triggers a manablade/powerblade preparation can be considered to the caster, for the purposes of using the blade. Otherwise a situation is created where nobody can use the mana/power blade, as the preparation is the caster. You could even use a real aerodynamic grenade, if you so wished. An alchemical preparation is enough to count as the 'spell' for the purposes of learning spell based rituals. Spell shaping cannot be used with alchemy, due to its limitation to spellcasting tests.

It takes somewhat more than just being an active lynchpin for something to bypass immunity to normal weapons. Trying to beat up a spirit with an active power focus would not bypass immunity to normal weapons, nor would loading capsule rounds with dual natured bacteria (FAB II). As such, the ruling that alter ballistics on bullets does not bypass immunity to normal weapons will remain.
Rules Thread VIII
MagicHey post-gen are adept ways still 20 karma? I know they are, but this needs to go into the doc methinks because people keep assuming it's 40 and I've had some chargen cases that thought this tooAdept ways do not double in cost post-chargen, unlike most qualitiesRules Thread VIII
MagicDoes the adept light body also add to vertical height when jumping? Or only horizontal?Adept Light Body adds to your agility for purposes of jumping distance, meaning it only applies to horizontal distance, since agility is not a factor in determining vertical jumping maximum distance.Rules Thread VIII
DowntimeIs there any way infected can eat people in downtime/not expend essence this month if they didn't go on runs?An infected who does not go on any runs in a month will, similar to lifestyle rules, not gain or lose any essence, it is assumed they will maintain.Rules Thread VIII
QualityCan positive metagenic qualities be purchased post gen? Can negative metagenic qualities be bought off?Additional positive metagenic qualities cannot be purchased post-gen. Currently, negative metagenic qualities cannot be bought off, however, this is on the list of things that will be looked into at some point by the rules team.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsAre there any rules we can use for weapons cases? Shieldings, chameleon coating, security measures, anything along those measures players can take to protect their weaponry while out and about?Unfortunately, no rules exist for weapon cases, shieldings, security measures, or the like.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorSo can we get a clarification on Acid damage and how that thing interacts with non-worn armor? Also structures?Acid damage will affect armour worn by individuals/entities, and the armour of structures. Effectively, it will not function on a creatures/person's inherent armour, whether that be a spirits 'hardened armour' from materialisation, the armour rating provided by bone lacing, an armour spell/mystic armour, or a troll's dermal deposits, but will function on armour they're wearing.Rules Thread VIII
MagicAre Hose and Tsunami allowed for PCs? They are mentioned in Bloody Business pg 155 in an NPC stat block, but they do have mechanics to go with them. spells 'Hose' and 'Tsunami' will be approved for use on the 'net. Consider them to be identical to Flamethrowe & Fireball respectively, with the exception of having the water elemental effect, rather than the fire elemental effect. It's worth remembering that the water elemental effect means the spells do not cause any damage to condition monitors directly, so they leave something to be desired as combat spells, although they do have some significant utility use.Rules Thread VIII
MatrixCan you stack the Noise Reduction bonus from multiple Datajacks?Yes, due to previous precedent, and examples of datajack stacking existing in 5e mechanics already (Such as in some of the cyber-suites from Chrome Flesh.)Rules Thread VIII
SpaceFor spess run I've been looking over the space rules in R&G page 162f and I noticed something funny. Let's take a look at the movement rules of Heavy Gravity! "A standing vertical jump gets a half meter per 2 hits with the Physical Limit serving as the maximum distance. Not a lot of slam dunks going on in those heavy-G basketball games."

That last sentence is kind of ironic considering p.135 of the CRB "For a vertical jump, it’s the same test, but you get half a meter of altitude per hit and the maximum you can jump is 1.5 times your height"

So yes, it's more difficult to jump higher in heavy-G, although if you have the dice for it, you can theoretically jump even higher than you ever could in normal gravity. So, here's my question. In favor of coolness and making the game make a bit more sense, could we adapt a houserule that makes vertical jumps on Earth more awesome, aka allowing you to jump a bit higher than like... 2 meters if you're a shortie?
A house rule to alter maximum jumping height is not being considered at this moment.Rules Thread VIII
MagicCan you use Fetishes for Preps?you cannot use fetishes for alchemical preparationsRules Thread VIII
MagicHow does the Linguistics adept power work here? Do we do a roll per event? Do we get X amount of rolls a month? Just want to make sure I do this right when I start my troll :)The linguistics power can only be used actively during a run, at the discretion of the GM running the game, rather than passively during downtime.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsWith the entanglement called shot, do mono whips also apply to the called shot? Or is it only bullwhips?Entanglement can be used with monowhips. No it does not make a lot of sense.Rules Thread VIII
QualityRules as Written, Prototype Transhuman says: "While you must pay the normal cost in nuyen of the bioware and otherwise follow all character creation rules, you do not incur any essence cost. So, essentially, you gain up to 1 point of free Essence to be used exclusively on bioware. These special organs were genetically grown into you from your inception—they are as much a natural part of you as your liver or heart." (CF, pg. 55)

This is awkward, as we have been ruling that Used grade cannot be Cultured. And yet, looking into that, there isn't any RAW to prevent this... nor has that ruling been written down in the Player Rules, the Clarifications & Amendments, or in any of these Rules Threads. So, I would like to figure out which it is. Clearly, you can't have literally Used 'ware that is Cultured or Prototype Transhuman. However, in the "A Word About Quality" section of Chrome Flesh (pg. 70), it points out that "Used" also maps to "cheap knockoff." Therefore, it could be permissible to allow Used-grade ware for these purposes.

So, in the spirit of Pope's Great Documentation Project, could we get a ruling for the ages?
Cultured bioware cannot be used grade, nor can used grade bioware be used with the free essence from the 'Prototype Transhuman' quality.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsWhat's the accuracy on a bayonet (both retractable an the detachable ones)? The books don't seem to have that for them.Consider Bayonets & Retractible Bayonets to have a base accuracy of 5, same as the polearm.Rules Thread VIII
WeaponsThe Cougar Collapsible Spear, if installed Ceramic/Plasteel Components, does it lose the Wireless capability to extend as a free action?yes, it does lose that capability when the ceramic/plasteel components modifications is applied to it.Rules Thread VIII
MagicStillness of the Void seems to have a few contentious possible readings. Must you stay stationary to keep it up or only for the initial five minutes?

The way I understood it is that you stay perfectly still for five minutes and then reap the benefits for eight hours, although there seem to be other possible ways of interpreting the text. The reason I've read it this way is the line "to enter this state, the adept must remain still [...]"

It might also be me hoping that there's alternatives to Athlete's Way :P
A character must only remain motionless for 5 minutes, to activate stillness of the void. Then they may use these abilities as normal for 8 hours, remaining fully mobile.Rules Thread VIII
MagicWhen you initiate, must you take a metamagic from the art you initiated into at that initiate grade, or can you take one from an earlier grade/ a power point?When a magician initiates, they can choose a metamagic from an art they have access too, or they can choose an art they don't have access too. When they choose an art, they also get one ritual, enchantment, or metamagic, from that art, for free. What this means, essentially, is that you cannot gain access to one art, and gain a metamagic from a different art, all in one initiation.Rules Thread VIII
DrugsSo uh, just doublechecking, but Drug Tolerant and Narco doesn't apply to magical addictions like the Sleep, Sustenance and Focus Addiction ones? X.xDrug Tolerant applies to all addiction tests, even magical ones. Narco is specifically for chemical drugs, and would not apply to BTL's or magical addictions, such as foci.Rules Thread VIII
QualityWith the metagenic quality "Natural Venom" how is the Exhaled version handled? Is there a roll, does it act as a gas grenade spreading throughout the area?Exhalation use of the 'Natural Venom' quality will function similarly to the 'exhalation spray' function of a chemical gland (Chrome Flesh, p112)Rules Thread VIII
EdgeCan you spend edge to push the limit or reroll misses on a spell used through Arcane Improviser?As you must spend edge to use arcane improviser initially, you may not spend edge on either the spellcasting roll, or the drain resistance roll.Rules Thread VIII
MagicPer question to Joe, Adept Healer in new Forbidden Arcana states that Adept Healer healing using Empathic Healing is Drain (presumably to prevent two adepts with it from healing the damage down to minimal/nothing back and forth). This also implies regular Empathic Healing is not Drain (it has never been treated as such before, AFAIK, and is not by RAW drain). Ruling?Standard Adept Healer does not deal transferred damage as drainRules Thread VIII
MagicWhat does the +1 DV to unarmed attacks from the Beast's Way Claws enhancement work with?Beast's way claws enhancement stacks with the damage from bone lacing/density, damage from crit-strike, and the damage from callus' but none of the other bio/cyberweapons.Rules Thread VIII
EdgeWith the entanglement called shot, do mono whips also apply to the called shot? Or is it only bullwhips?

Say you split the dice pool to attack multiple people. If you burn edge to smack down with 4 net hits, do you hit everyone you target or only one?

And with the bioclaws when it says bought in pair the user gets +1 reach, does it stack if the person buys two pairs of claws for both hands and feet?
Burning edge on split dice gets 4 net hits on all targets. Claws do add reach when they're used per pair, meaning a person with 4 limbs of claws could have 2 reach.Rules Thread VIII
MagicDoes the Kinesics Power apply to all Assensing tests or are there some restrictions to this? To clarify, does it give you an effect similar to masking without having masking? Do you then get to add the dice to masking once you have masking? What about Stillness of the Void?Kinesics provides bonus dice to resist tests to read your emotions meaning that if somebody were attempting to do so via assensing, it would apply as a bonus dice pool to the resistance test and would create one if the individual did not possess masking (Essentially in that scenario, they would have a pool of (kinesics ratng) ) Stillness of the void only increases the threshold of the assensing test to astrally track the individual in question.Rules Thread VIII
QualitySo, if you pick up orthoskin through PT, can you get the skin upgrades later or can you not due to the rules of PT? Even with the upgrades having their own essence cost?If you have orthoskin via Prototype Transhuman, you may augment that 'ware with orthoskin modifications such as Sharkskin, Sealskin, chemical repulsion, so on, as they are seperate pieces of 'ware that require the orthoskin, rather than directly the orthoskin themselves.Rules Thread VIII
Augmentation'Some related questions about cyberlimbs:

Is it possible to detect cyberlimbs that are completely covered by normal clothing using visual/audio means? If so, is it a fixed threshold or is it opposed between the observer and concealer? Can extra steps be taken in advance (i.e. disguise skill) to better conceal the limbs against detection in this fashion?

Related question: can a player (or service contact/street doc) swap cyberlimb mods in-and-out without the mods degrading to "used" quality?'
How possible it is to detect non bulk-modded obvious cyberlimbs that are concealed via clothes is up to the GM to determine, with the details of the situation in question, but it should be assumed that, without bulk modification, a cyberlimb can be completely covered in clothing without looking particularly unusual, aside from the fact that you're wearing clothing on all of your skin.

Augmentations, with the exception of geneware, can be removed, swapped, or replaced, in the same individual, without losing grade. This is not a timely procedure and should be considered a full day affair, requiring access to a medical facility and trained staff. This makes it somewhat impractical to perform during most runs.

This procedure will cause physical damage if performed during a run as per p451 of the CRB. If the augmentations in question do not cost essence (IE: They cost capacity in a cyberlimb, cybereyes, or similar.) then the procedure still takes the same period of time, but does not cause damage.'
Rules Thread VIII
MagicPer discussion with Fweeba earlier, want to understand the general functionality of the Sneaking skill on the astral.As per the line 'You only need to roll the dice when your target is trying to hide or when you’re trying to observe in detail—then you make an Assensing Test to see what you can see.' p312, CRB,

This following section should cover all the uses of sneaking involving the astral, and the intersection of astral and meatspace. Additionally, this should clear up the misconception that is held by some, that astral perception bypasses a sneaking roll entirely, which is not the case.

When an astral form is trying to hide from a dual natured form, or another astral form, the appropriate roll is: Logic + Sneaking [Astral] vs. Intuition + Assensing [Astral]

When a dual natured, or mundane form, is trying to hide from an astral form, the appropriate roll is: Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Assensing [Astral]

When a dual natured, or mundane form, is trying to hide from a dual natured form, the appropriate roll is: Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Assensing [Astral] (If the target is trying to spot you with astral senses.) Or Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Perception [Mental] (If the target is trying to spot you with physical senses.) (Note that if an individual is astrally perceiving, rather than naturally dual natured, they receive a -2 dice pool penalty to their sneaking test. Additionally, if trying to spot somebody with mundane means while astrally perceiving, they take a -2 penalty to their perception test.)

And, naturally, when a mundane form is trying to hide from a mundane form, it is simply

Agility + Sneaking [Physical] vs. Intuition + Perception [Mental]
Rules Thread VIII
MagicCan we like, standardize the way Imbuing and shit works? Together with Object Resistances? And adress that requirement of "same Imbuer" RAW that constantly is ignored? Because you keep hearing all these conflicting talks, and then there's no mechanical explanation to how to get your hands on these cold-steel-forged 3OR weapons. And what if you mod the weapon after Imbue?look into it, but don't expect anything soon.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationThere was an old ruling by /u/VoroSR on modular limbs, stating that they did not require both the modular connector and the modular limb modifier, just one or the other. It seems this was never threaded, as I can't find any reference to it. I believe the justification was that the ruling was more in line with (at least what Voro considered to be) the intent of the modular limb system by the writers. In any case, since it can't be found, I believe this issue needs to be discussed again, if only to see if Bunny is currently legal or not.To have a modular cyberlimb, both the upper segment, and lower segment, of a connection, is required. Essentially, this means that you must have a modular cyberlimb, which generally has less capacity than a standard cyberlimb, to attach to a replaceable modular connector.Rules Thread VIII
DrugsHow do you handle making addiction tests on drugs that have a rating higher than the amount of weeks available? Like, say you have so many foci on that the rating is just so high it goes past the R-weeks? Is there a minimum 1 week delay? Do you just do it at the start and end of the session? Do you make the test every combat turn? XDWhen the addiction rating of something that requires addiction tests exceeds 10, consider the addiction tests to be once per week.Rules Thread VIII
CombatHow is a failed counter strike/riposte resolved for damage?

Do hits on the 'defending' attack roll act as hits on the defense test? For example. assuming a base dv of 10... The attacker scores 5 hits, the defender attempts to cs and gets 2 hits. Would attacker's dv be 15 or 13?

And a follow up question... would reading the defense help counterstriking?
Counterstrike/Riposte both have the caveat 'In place of the standard Defense Test' which implies they function as the opposed test to the attack roll. This, in addition to the fact that taking this action and failing counts as not defending is never mentioned anywhere in Run & Gun, leads me to the conclusion that hits on the defence test of CS/Riposte do reduce the hits of the incoming attack roll, even if you fail. Reading the defence does apply to the test to CS/RiposteRules Thread VIII
AugmentationSpidersilk Gland :

How much weight can it hold? What's it's range? (I know the length is 20ft, but you can have it detach and have it go further... no?) It says it has charges, but no way of regaining them. Do you buy them? If so how much do they cost? Do you produce the silk? How long does it take to replenish? It takes 5 rounds to untangle yourself from spidersilk, no matter what. Do we want to keep that? Can I use spidersilk to hammer toss someone? If yes, what skill would that be?

More questions here
The spidersilk gland can be considered to reasonably hold your own weight, and that of your equipment. More than this is up to the GM to determine, depending on the situation.

Its attacks have a 20m range. These glands replenish over time, one use per hour. While it taking 5 turns to untangle yourself from spidersilk, regardless of other factors, is silly, it's not worth a house rule to fix, but GM's are free to call for other tests to free yourself, such as escape artist, or strength + body to tear it. The last part of this question (Can I use spidersilk to hammer toss someone? If yes, what skill would that be?) is entirely up to the GM of a table in question.

This is all pending an errata from Chrome Flesh, if it ever happens, of course
Rules Thread VIII
QualityOk not sure if its been answered already but with trustfund 3 (RF 151) do you gain 1000 nuyen a month or pay 1000 nuyen a month?

I ask because trust fund one and three are worded "trust fund income covers a Middle lifestyle with 500 nuyen left over each month." and "the income covers a High Lifestyle with 1,000 nuyen left over." Whereas Trust fund 2/4 are worded "the income covers a Low Lifestyle but offers the character 2,000 + (3D6 x 100) nuyen each month thanks to a deal with their landlord to rip off the trustee." and "the money covers a Middle Lifestyle and offers 3,000 + (6d6 x 100) nuyen thanks to one of those special deals".

The two differant wordings made me assume that Trust 1/3 you have to pay 500 or 1000 a month while 2/4 give you money on top.
Trust Fund levels 1 & 3 give money of the amounts specified, rather than leaving some for the user of this quality to cover.Rules Thread VIII
DowntimePlease properly document how downtime is handled on ShadowNET. I have the following questions:

Up until when can you spend downtime? very single day of downtime you didnt spend in your career retroactively // no downtime retroactively usable at all or // only up to your last run retroactively? How is initiating handled on ShadowNET? Do you have to dedicate the entire month of downtime for an initiation, or do you only have the opportunity to initiate again after a full month, and the process basically takes no actively used downtime at all that you could spend on other things? Following up on Initiations, how are Ordeals handled? Can you retroactively apply ordeals? Up to when? Can I bank an ordeal at the start of my career and use it to initiate ten runs in? Can I bank 2 ordeals and initiate twice in a row? Can I bank ordeals at all?

Furthermore, I have heard rumors of Close Combat Teachers / Senseis being able to teach someone Martial Arts for the reduced nuyen price teachers offer. Is this true?
You can retroactively spend downtime up to the point at which your previous run concluded.

An initiation is an extended test, not a use of downtime. As such, you can initiate, and still use the month in which you initiated as downtime.

Ordeals follow the same rule as regular downtime, IE: If your last run was an ordeal, you can apply it to an initiation you're making now. You cannot retroactively turn a standard initiation into an ordeal, nor bank them for future usage (They are not a resource to be spent.)

Whether close combat teachers can teach martial arts for a reduced price, or not, is a matter for contacts division of lore, as that's their scope, and I'm not going to rule on contact matters for them when it's not required.
Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationLooking for a slew of clarifications on the mechanics of chem glands.

If you have two gradual release chem glands with two drugs (say, psyche and novacoke), do you ever need to roll drug interactions if you don't take any other drugs? What if you add a third gradual release gland with a different drug? What if one of those glands releases Zero? If properly installed can it keep you from rolling drug interactions entirely?

The addiction quality gives you negative modifiers if you are in withdrawal. Can you be in withdrawal of a drug that you have in a gradual release gland? How?
Gradual release glands do not have to roll for interaction amongst themselves, but if you add any other drug to the mix, that is not in a gradual release gland, you must roll for interaction between all of your drugs at once.

(For example, I have three gradual release glands, and I take a dose of GUTS to become immune to the fear power. I now must roll 3d6 for drug interaction.)

Zero only cancels the drug interactions of itself, and only if administered in a medical setting by a trained professional. Essentially, if you're on four drugs, but one of them is zero that was administered medically, you only need to roll interaction for three drugs (2d6 interaction)

You cannot be in withdrawal while you possess a chemical gland for the drugs you are addicted too, but a GM is entirely welcome to impose other modifiers, depending on the situation, for being on drugs. (IE: A chemical gland of kamikaze might not leave you in withdrawal, but it will make socialising of any type hard.)
Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationDoes Cephalopod Skull's -3 to damage resistance tests apply to all damage resistance tests, or just the tests involving Called shots such as Vitals & Head?Cephalopod Skull's penalty to damage resistance only applies on called shots to the affected location, including called shot vitals.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationSome clarification about snatcher ware:

Breast Implants 2.0 / False Face allow for specific reshaping, if one has Body Sculpted their form with the adept power, does this somehow block the ware from working on their specific areas?

I guess I also should ask for clarification on the dice pools as well - I assumed dice pools to disguise would NOT stack and only impart the best one but having it in writing would help clarify things.
Body sculpt does work with false face/breast implants 2.0, and the dice from any of these sources stack, within reason (For example, facial sculpt would clearly not stack with the bonus dice from a false face.)Rules Thread VIII
Combat"In general, assume things are applied before a split, though if you are splitting by using two firearms and both are being Diagnostics'd, you may add the bonus twice." This was posted in an earlier rules thread. Do you only add it to two pools, or do you add it to 3 when there are 3 targets?All modiifers to an attack test (With the excepiton of to spellcasting) apply before the dice pool of the attack is split. This means that diagnostics, even if applied to multiple weapons being used, will all apply to the same test, and all be limited by one count of the maximum skill rating applicable. This supercedes any previous rulings on the matter, and means the diagnostics applies to only one test, not multiple.Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationCould a 2 capacity smuggling compartment hold a 120m length of standard rope? I ask because both times I've used a grapple, it's been to save someone in a split second decision, and I'd rather not have the rope break or slice them apart. Also, if it can't hold a standard rope, could several microwire ropes be braided together to increase break strength?You can fit standard rope into a smuggling compartment.Rules Thread VIII
RiggingWhat vehicles can hold FBA or MilSpec in the smuggling compartment? I imagine it would be based on the vehicles body attribute, but rigger 5 lists it as GM discretion.Any actual car (IE: Not a motorcycle) can fit a suit of FBA, or light milspec, in the smuggling compartment. Larger armours such as heavy milspec, or heavy security, require a van or larger to be stored in the smuggling compartment.Rules Thread VIII
CombatOn Called Shots with an effect, such as Fatigued or Winded, that have an effect based on the 'Original DV' of the attack, what is the Original DV? Is the "original DV" the weapon's DV? The weapon+nethits? Is it limited by any DV Limit on the called shot? Is it reduced by soak? If I shot a shotgun with a DV of 16 and got 4 net hits, using a called shot with a DV limit of 10 and the target soaked 15 of the damage, is the "Original DV" in this case, for determining secondary effects, 20, 16, 10, or 5?Original DV of an attack that asks for it in a called shot is the base damage, before net hits or reduction from soak.Rules Thread VIII
ArmorCan you remove mods from armor?yesRules Thread VIII
ArmorCan you fit R6 Medkit into YNT Forearm Guards?A rating 6 medkit can fit into any armour that has the capacity for it. If YNT softweaved forearm guards can fit a R6 medkit's capacity, they can be put into it, although they may look somewhat bulky.Rules Thread VIII
MagicSeeing as Signal Rating is not a thing in 5e, what does the spell Interference actually do?The interference spell was errata'ed in the SG errata a while back.Rules Thread VIII
MagicHi, out of need for documentation, this was potentially ruled in the past but we didn't have a clarification doc then What foci can be tattoos?Only Qi foci can be tattoos, despite what the section on Tattoo magic in Street Grimoire says. (As ever, catalyst is completely vague about what exactly they mean, and as such, it is being interpreted that this does not override the core rulebooks statements on foci.)Rules Thread VIII
QualityDo the Beast's Way and Spiritual Way come with free mentor spirits like the text implies?Beasts/Spiritual way does come with a free mentor spirit. If you already possess a mentor spirit, you may reduce the cost of the way by the base karma cost of the mentor spirit.Rules Thread VIII
MagicMissile mastery and barrage wording is kind of weird. Almost weird enough to suggest being limited to improvised throwing weapons for the benefits. Any clarifications? Can you barrage with normal throwing weapons? Does missile mastery work with normal throwing weapons?

Killing hands and knucks. Can one still set the damage to stun at will when using knucks? Or would you have to find other means? This is an odd one, but it has come up before... so might as well ask here for a written finality. Kick attack technique - are you required to fluff attacks as kicks to gain the benefits? How much freedom do we have with fluffing what knucks are, assuming we use their damage code and they are still somehow obviously a weapony thing? Handwraps pls?

Would attune/imbue alliance help with knucks' accuracy?
Both Barrage & Missile Mastery work with improvised, and regular throwing weapons.

Killing hands does not interact with knucks in any way. You can fluff kick attack however you want, that's between you and the GM of your table, but for the purposes of any mechanical effects (For example, if you were to have higher cyberarm strength than leg strength), they use your legs. Same thing as above, fluff it however you want, from weighted sapper gloves, big spikey knuckledusters, to ultra-modern densiplast gloves, so long as it's still mechanically identical, and clearly a weapon.

If a set of knucks were attuned/imbued, their accuracy would be increased, and since their accuracy keys off your physical limit, your accuracy for the knucks alone would become physical limit + initiate grade. This increase does not assist any other uses of physical limit.
Rules Thread VIII
AugmentationSo skin toner wireless bonus.

Must be naked, aka no "worn armor" Do armor accessories like forearm guards and masks count as "worn armor"?

What if they have RPC on them?
Armour accessories don't count as worn armour for the purposes of skin toner, within reason. A ballistic mask or similar small piece of armour won't interfere enough to break the effect, but a ballistic shield or cloak will.Rules Thread VIII

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