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RiggingIf I put one or two articulated mechanical arms (R5, 165/167) on a van, could I use the "special equipment" thing (165-167) to add a rail for them to move on, so they can access all sides of the van? In true R5 fashion, it doesn't specify where arms would be mounted or how they would be restricted in any way.For simplicity's sake, assume the Mechanical Arms (P165 R5) are capable of accessing all sides of any car, truck, van, or motorcycle they are mounted on by default. Reaching things other than the vehicle they are mounted on is based on their mounting location and GM fiat, bearing in mind the length of the arm.Rules Thread X
DrugsChrome Flesh, Page 181 Says

Humans and elves don’t normally possess the constitution to hold their hurlg, and suffer severe and painful stomach cramps (treat as disorientation for the duration of the effect) unless they possess an implant or magic that gives them bonus dice on Toxin Resistance Tests. Having suhch a bonus allows them to ignore the disorientation .

Now, I see here it specifies "an implant or magic" but, is it beyond belief that a quality, such as the dwarves innate Toxin and pathogen resistance (Taking into account the book says dwarves can, and in fact do, drink hurlg without issue) or simply the Toxin Resistance quality, CRB 77, which provides a plus one die pool to resistance tests for toxin, should allow the immunity to hurlgs negative effects?

It ticks one of two boxes, and arguably, the more important box. Which is "Toxin Resistance Dice".
Additional Toxin Resistance dice allow one to consume Hurlg without disorientation, regardless of source, as long as they would be applicable against the Hurlg.Rules Thread X
MagicWhen channeling do the spirit's 2d6 initiative dice add to the base 1d6 initiative dice of the summoner, for a total of 3d6?Channeling doesn't affect initiative except for indirectly by giving stat boosts that may raise initiative. You do not get the spirit's initiative dice.Rules Thread X
WeaponIs a shock glove a viable "reach 0 melee weapon" for a drone mini-mount?

If yes:

◾Would it be okay to fluff it as a set of leads sticking out of the mount rather than an entire shock glove attached to the drone?
Shock gloves are a reach 0 melee weapon. As to final fluffing, as long as the core point gets across I have no objections.Rules Thread X
AugmentationHow does the gradual release chemical gland interact with addiction rules (not crashing)?There is no special exception for addiction for having a chemical gland, save if you don't run a given month your free to not roll addiction next month.Rules Thread X
GearCan you put the pockets from Hard Targets 185 into other stuff or just Armor?You may put Biofiber and Faraday pockets into anything with appropriate capacity - Armor items and cyberware that do not utilize audio/visual enhancement capacity.Rules Thread X
Quality1. can you buy local fame multiple times for different sprawls paying the cost of the quality for each one or would you need national fame at that point (the reason I ask is for situations where the character has done deeds in la and Seattle to make them famous but they are not covered by the same nation) 2. Can you even purchase the fame quality at all after chargen? It says to pick a sprawl, nation, etc at chargen but the quality itself says nothing about not being able to take it after chargen sooo can you or can you not be famous after chargen.Conferring with chargen head for the first part of the question.

Yes, you may buy fame post-gen. Do have a good reason for it, especially if your suddenly globally famous!

EDIT: As established by a later question, national fame is more 'geographic region' fame. Meaning buying it more than once is redundant! If your famous enough to need it twice your probably famous enough for global fame.
Rules Thread X
RiggingRegarding the Garuda drone missile (R5, 149), it says that it launches cluster munitions (plural), but never specifies how these work, or more importantly, how many there are. It also says that they must be purchased separately, and refers to the grenades/rockets/missiles table in core (435), but nothing more specific. It mentions "The Garuda can be outfitted with anti-vehicle, fragmentation, or high explosive warheads.", so one could assume that means it uses the rockets part, but again, it doesn't mention how many you need, if the damage for each separate explosive is separate or combined, if the fact that it's "cluster" munitions means it can overwhelm missile defence systems, etc.

Also, what would be the operational range of this drone, and how would it be recovered? The description implies it can be reused.

Just to cover all my bases here, seeing as it's possible to mount a pair of drone arms on it, could it wield a mono chainsaw? If so, could it hold on to said chainsaw after attacking with it?
There are, at this time, no rules for the cluster munitions of the Garuda drone missile. As a result, they are not usable except in the realm of GM fiat. I would not recommend the purchase of the Garuda missile drone.

The Garuda missile drone has the same operational range as any other aerial drone. Given that it is explicitly not rammed into the target, recovery is no trickier than any other jet-propelled drone. Which, admittedly, might be a little tricky. Buggers are fast.

Sigh. An Ares Garuda Missile, were it to recieve two drone arms, would be capable of operating any melee weapon, the same as any other drone. It would be subject to the normal rules for holding onto melee weapons after an attack from a moving vehicle.
Rules Thread X
AdeptWould a mysad using Critter Form be able to use Adept Powers? If so are there any that wouldn't be able to be used?All adept powers remain online! Do note some (Like commanding voice for example) don't work due to raw biology.Rules Thread X
AugmentationDoes melanin control affect ware? Such as hair growth and tails?Melanin Control will affect Bioware, but not Cyberware.Rules Thread X
RiggerCan we combine a Rigger cocoon and a valkyrie module into one death proof tube for a rigger/decker in their vehicleSureRules Thread X
MagicDoes the -AP from channeled energy aura add to base -AP of attacks or replace any existing -AP of weapons and such? I was curious since AP of energy aura does not add to AP of engulf when a spirit uses it.It is added if you happen to have AP on unarmed attacks.Rules Thread X
GearCould I mod a set of body bag armor and just use it as a dufflebag? Add a meta adjustment for a small species like a gnome or pixie, add a drag handle as a strap, add a faraday pocket or pockets to hide the various metal bits of my gun, and then put something obviously metal inside (like, a suit of chaimail or something) to explain why it set off mad scanners without KE or whoever searching and finding the parts of the gun?MAD scanners function like an MRI - It's not an x-ray device that is stopped by metal. If I put a (ferrous) metal box with a (ferrous) metal letter through a MAD scanner, the scanner could tell me what letter is inside the box. There is no such thing as a meta adjustment for armor, as such.Rules Thread X
Augmentationcan a normie dude with 2 natural arms and a cybertorso get 2 additional cyberarms?NoRules Thread X
AtralCan someone attack a spirit in astral with a weapon foci without being dual natured themselves using the blind fighting penalty?One cannot attack an entity on the astral without being on the astral themselves. Not even with a Blind Fighting penalty.Rules Thread X
AugmentationCan you stick the laser pistol/submachine guns in a cyberlimb pistol/submachine gun mount? It'd really keep up with cyberlich's advanced tech theme.Laser pistol fits into the cyberlimb pistol slot, but would require you to use the external ammo port to function, as there is no way to have a 'half' PDPRules Thread X
QualityQuestion for Trust Fund

Trust fund level one, and supposedly other levels offer a lifestyle to be covered for free, and supply a monthly income of nuyen to the character who takes it. Does this cover things that may be added and or removed using advanced lifestyle rules? Such as the AR Fashion subscriptions? Question For AR Fashion Subscriptions

If you were to take a higher level of AR Subscription, IE Designer, is it safe to assume you would gain access to previous tiers of the subscription aswell? And what Exactly is entailed by a subscription, and each tier?
Trust Fund lifestyles may be upgraded, but you must pay any increases above the base, minimum lifestyle out of pocket. This can, of course, be subsidized by the monthly income.

AR fashion subscriptions include access to all lower tiers.

I am not going to ascribe every possibility included within AR subscriptions. It is subject to GM interpretation of the text in the moment. If you have specific questions I am happy to answer them.
Rules Thread X
WeaponCan I have/buy a repeating laser? There is no price listed for it and, I really really want one. Are run-rewards my only option? Are they even allowed?Repeating Lasers are not, to my recollection, permitted. Alas, Lockdown.Rules Thread X
CombatDeclaring a called shot removes the bonuses for aiming, correct? Cause you declare the called shot as a free action, which is an action that isn't firing as your next action.Gunna break with RAW and say it does notRules Thread X
GearWhat's the concealability modifier for a Hard-Shell Briefcase and I guess normal Briefcases, by extension? Like, the actual modifier of the briefcase itself. It says in core that an RCC is the size of a Briefcase (Page 226) and the Concealability Modifier of an RCC is -2. I don't think that makes any real sense. Would it just be GM fiat?Consider briefcases to be around size +6 to size +8, by GM fiat. Ignore the line stated RCCs are the size of briefcases. If you wish to have a briefcase-sized RCC, you are free to scale up the concealability as you please up to +8 - note it on your sheet.Rules Thread X
LoreCan you join a Street Grimoire magic group/secret society for not initiation discount? (I've been told in the Rules Channel of the discord that you have to join a player-made group for initiation karma discount, but I was wondering if you could still join the groups in the books.)That is a question for chargen and lore members, if it is an entirely non-mechanical lore thingRules Thread X
RiggerSo...would it be possible to remove/modify the patient compartment on the Dustoff drone so instead of being like rigger cocoon, it would simply be strapped to the person allowing it to be used to do a bit of slow flying?You are free to make your drone unilaterally worse!Rules Thread X
MagicWhat is the interaction between Special Work Area and Alchemy, if any?Alchemy, and arcana, benefit from special work area, but the bonus does not apply to force based rolls that represent you actively working magic, such as finishing a preperation or foci. It does assist in writing an ally formula or designing a focus however, or for making higher grade reagents.Rules Thread X
MatrixSo you can only have 1 copy of a program running on 1 device, so can you have multiple of the same program running on multiple devices acting independently while benifiting from both.

For example a commlink that has a copy of sneak being the master of another device also running sneak?

Can you benefit from the teamwork dice of an Agent running on seperate device as well as the teamwork dice from the agent running on your own device?
You cannot benefit from both programs if your slaved because you are replacing the statline with the master, not augmenting it. So both the slaved device get +2 and the master device get +2, but they don't share the +2, it is just that the slaved device may use the master's final stat if it is higher.

You can benefit from multiple agents teamworking you, but note that decks cannot run agents without a persona, as programs are enhancements to a persona. As such, the agent would need to be on a deck being actively used by someone else at the time.

GMs are, if they feel your getting too frisky with this technique, free to play up the fact that agents technically are not sapient and in complex scenarios, like having to work code with an entirely unrelated agent who it doesn't control, they may do stupid things.
Rules Thread X
RiggerConsidering we tend to mount pretty illegal guns on our rigs, would it be out of stretch to consider the possibility to add shielding to concealed weapon mounts that follow the smuggling compartment shielding rules? I would propose that such shielding can only be applied to vehicular concealed mounts, and is purchased separately for each such mount and the smuggling compartment - effectively allowing runners to add to their mounts' price to add specialised shielding, and without adding to the mounts' mod point cost.Just assume that concealed weapon mounts have enough shielding to make sensors have a rough enough time to need to pass the thresholds listed for visual perception tests in the rules for pop out mounts, in the case of drones. Otherwise, sure, feel free to add on slotless weapon mount shielding on vehicles. Note this shielding only covers the vehicle, if you try to get cute and cram some other trinket into the weapon compartment, even if "it would totally fit," consider the shielding ineffective.Rules Thread X
MagicHedge mages say: "Rituals can be done only if they relate to spells of the chosen category." (FA p43)

What does that mean? Does that mean that each spell catagory can only cast the 1 ritual spell for their type (Prodigal spell for combat, Renascence for manipulation, ect) or can the cast spells related to it?

For example, Most wards are described as "like manabarrier," could a manipulation hedge wizard cast them? Could a detection hedge witch use the Far Sensing or lay sight rituals?
Unfortunately it means only spell enhancement rituals at the moment, going through and manually approving every ritual for hedge mages is a bit untennable.Rules Thread X
GeneralGeneral Question

1. Does a bonus to logic-linked skills apply to all rolls with a skill linked to logic? Does this apply even if the dice pool includes a different attribute: e.g. agility+locksmith to take apart a lock or int+computers for matrix perception?

Specific Questions 1.Is software a logic-linked skill when used to thread complex forms? Does it receive limit and/or dice pool bonuses from drugs or ware which give a bonus to logic-linked skills?

2.Are gunnery and reaction linked to physical attributes, even when used in VR?
Bonuses to a logic-linked skill apply to any pool which is skill+logic. This applies for intuition-linked skill bonuses and similar, as well. As a result, Software when used to thread a complex form is a Resonance-linked skill.Rules Thread X
RiggerIs it possible to have a discounted version of Secondary Propulsion Amphibious (Submersible) for a vehicle that already works as a surface amphibious? Since according to the description it's about making more modifications, I would think it makes sense that there are things that are already factored in the previous elements. IE: "A secondary propulsion system" wouldn't be needed, since any surface water capable vehicle already has that. Asking because I am looking into adding submersible to an actual boat that has an enclosed cabin. Said boat already has waterjet for propulsion, which are a secondary propulsion method proposed for a submersible - meaning this is not a necessary part. Also on the whole, I would suppose the modifications to a boat's body would be less important than for a vehicle that previously did not go into water.There are no situational discounts for alternative propulsion modes, or indeed any vehicle mod, except any that are explicitly stated. None are, to my knowledge, but that is not certain.Rules Thread X
DrugsQuestion on Red Mescaline: Does the disorientation last just 10 minutes (per effect description in CR), or for the entire duration of the drug?

Text: CF p182 ... Duration (18-body) hours, min 1 hour Addiction type: both Effect: +1 Charisma, -2 Reaction, +2 Perception, +1 Willpower, Disorientation ... Red mescaline complements the effects of the street drug psyche, and combining the two is common. Users do not need to make a drug interaction roll when using redmesc and psyche at the same time. I'd suspect it's 10 minutes. CR 409 says "Disorientation causes the victim a -2 dice pool modifier to all actions for ten minutes, due to confusion and disorientation". CF doesn't have an alternative effect for disorientation. And it makes no sense on the face of it that you could have a drug to raise stats by 1, and drop all actions by 2... But what is the ruling on that?

The effect lasts the entire duration of the drug, as it is an effect of the drug!Rules Thread X
Combatif someone full defenses, and then takes the counterstrike interrupt action the next pass, do they still get the full defense bonus?Not for that roll, because counterstrike and riposte are not standard defense tests, and are taken in place of them, but yes for any future attack that turn you don't counterstrike or riposte.Rules Thread X
AugmentationRegarding skillsoft networks: is the -5 to initiative a one time penalty when first loading the skillsoft or an ongoing penalty as long as you have one loaded?The penalty is ongoing.Rules Thread X
MatrixTechno errata when.Now. Existing technos may apply the SP in a manner as beneficial as possible at chargen, meaning that if you had a skill at 8 you raised from 5 post gen, you can't get the karma value of the SP at ranks 7 or 8, but you could 'retroactively' use the SP for rank 6 to get karma back. Ask chargen or rules for help if you need it!Rules Thread X
RiggingCan a drone with 1 body be modded with a downgrade (drone mod to get to 2 mod points) + ECM (vehicle electromagnetic mod costing 2 capacity)?

In general, can drones spend mod points to install (reasonable) vehicle mods? If that isn't possible, can a drone be electronics modded to have an attack stat so that it can be used for the Jam Signals action: could that be done with the add attack rating, add attack dongle, or by installing a commlink and adding an attack dongle to that?

Is there another option which I'm overlooking which lets a rigger use a drone as a jammer?
They cannot.

Drones cannot install vehicle mods. The systems are, sadly, incompatible. A drone can be modded to have an attack stat, however, without the ability to run a persona, that is not a very helpful thing at all, and they cannot take the Jam Signal action.

Stick a jammer inside the drone, operate the jammer as usual. Several drones have the capacity to hold objects - those that don't, a GM may allow you to attach things to, at their discretion. If you wish, you can stick an item with an attack rating inside it, run your persona through that, and then take Jam Signals, for a somewhat broader, if less discriminating, effect.
Rules Thread X
RiggerThe I8 interceptor has two availabilities in Rigger 5.0. Its entry in the back of the book is 16R while the entry in the lists it as 20F. Which one should we go with?Treat the I8 interceptor as 16R.Rules Thread X
GearSo two spidersilk gland questions, Can it hold your weight? It implies that you can rappel by it like a real spider does with its webbing so long as you don't apply too much force to it by swinging? And also, what range do we use when shooting spidersilk?Yes, Light Crossbow ranges.Rules Thread X
CombatStrive for perfection and nerve strike.

Do you/can you make called shots?

Nerve strike doesn't deal damage, would vitals increase the amount of reactiom/agility dropped?

Would called shots do... Anything? My gut says no.

Edit: Splitting the damage could be interesting if allowed, splitting between agility and reaction
Nerve Strike does no damage, and consequently would not benefit from any called shots. You can still Nerve Strike even with qualities that obligate called shots, despite being unable to Call a Shot with Nerve Strike.Rules Thread X
AlchemyWhat size is the atomizer from FA for the purpose of weapon mounts? From page 304 or the CRB, "Command triggers are the only triggers preparation with healing spells can have." should this be interpreted as spells that heal, Heal, Awaken, and Stabiliza, ir as all spells from the health category.The atomizer cannot, at this time, be mounted on drones or vehicles. For the purposes of what triggers are valid, all Health spells should be considered "healing spells."Rules Thread X
GeneralWhere can I find a list of the approved books? I don't want to accidently create a character with stuff from a book that isn't allowed, or try to get advancements that don't exist on ShadownetApproved books are: All English books besides Dark Terrors. Do note we do not generally use some rules modules in some of the books, and if a book has an approvals thread it will detail what is and isn't allowed: Of note we do not use the emergency vehicle rules in Stolen Souls, the care under fire rules in Bullets and Bandages, testing the leash from Forbidden Arcana, or the alternate social conflict resolution rules in Cutting Aces. Furthermore, in rigger 5, drones must be modified with the drone rules, and vehicles must be modified with the vehicle rules. Also be aware that some books contain content mostly irrelevant to a PC in the modern age, like the 2050 throwback book.Rules Thread X
AugmentationSo if i buy a spidersilk gland and have a prehensile tail, rather than putting the gland in my arm, could i put it in my tail and shoot it out of say, a stinger?Yes, with all this entails. For example your tail can't exert as much strength as your arm, and must be free to fire, so no big coats, but it does free up your arm!Rules Thread X
RiggerWhen rigged in, what limit would we use for say, unarmed combat?Handling, subject to change.Rules Thread X
PetsSo ive just found the animal pricing list, and i have a couple of questions, first, are there a pricing/availability for the warform modification, followup to that if the answer is yes, can we combine chimera and warforms?

After that is, if it corresponds to the character, are we allowed to train/have trained animals if bought with a character at gen?

And lastly, can you buy animals with the domesticated quality that wouldn't normally have it, like domestically bred hell hounds for example
So ive just found the animal pricing list, and i have a couple of questions, first, are there a pricing/availability for the warform modification, followup to that if the answer is yes, can we combine chimera and warforms?

No pricing at the moment.

After that is, if it corresponds to the character, are we allowed to train/have trained animals if bought with a character at gen?

Yes, but only if your PC could train them. Chargen's discretion, but if your unedged animal handling is 6 those wolves never would obey you long enough for training, and thus your PC can be denied based on those merits.

And lastly, can you buy animals with the domesticated quality that wouldn't normally have it, like domestically bred hell hounds for example

Nope! This comes down to the concept of taming vs domestication! Domestication takes generations, and isn't a concept of raising the animal.

Undomesticated animals tend to be stronger, but require higher animal training pools and an investment in cerebral boosters. Your average samurai dabbling in animal handling can have a dog. It takes a beastmaster with investment to get a wolf.
Rules Thread X
AdeptElemental Strike allows an adept to use an elemental effect while pawnching people. But what is the AP of it? Page 171 CRB states several varying states based on whether it's an "Open Flame" "Flame Based Weapon" or "Spell" There are arguments for this being any of the three, and i'm happy to state them if so desiredIt is none of the above! Elemental strike, including the AP of the fire, uses the unmodified AP of the attack. We will not go back to the madness that was 4e where elemental strike was the ultimate AP power!Rules Thread X
MagicPutting forward a request to have the previous ruling of Kiai taking a complex action here being overturned in favor of it being either a free action or even a simple action instead. My argument here is that Kiai isn't an actual social roll, like leadership though if it were to be considered similar enough to a social skill I think Intimidate would be a more apt comparison even Kiai's intended effect, nor is it truly like any of the other combat based adept powers, like Elemental Weapon which only requires a simple to activate. The fact that it is an entire complex action to effectively scream really scarily, without being able to do anything else is a bit extreme, more so when considering that the best case scenario is that those in range flee from the adept, assuming net hits exceed targets willpower, or receives a -2 to all actions for combat turns equal to net hits. Since the dicepool is effectively capped at 6+magic, realistically about 12 dice max with a drain of 6 assuming max ranks, where as Leadership dice can easily reach double that if on a face person (Its already at 9 dice on Gil who is definitely not a face.) Mages have access to spells that do the same thing at the same cost sure, but they have more control over who is effected by it and the ability to reduce the action cost via a quality.Rules team is not going to drop the action cost at this time. It is an area-effect magic-scaling effect that can cause opposition to flee. It is not necessary for this to be combined with other actions.Rules Thread X
MagicAre you allowed to Run for your LIfe from an AoE direct spell like Power Ball?If you can somehow detect it, sure. The GM is under no obligation to tell you what spell is being cast or what area its affecting if its a mana spell. You can't even even if a spell is being cast unless you pass a numinous perception roll if it is a mana spell or the caster channels and you realize they are.

So maybe you will run for your life your whole distance possible in response to a heal spell being cast.

Fireballs and other physical spells are visible enough for you to run for your life accurately.
Rules Thread X
QualityAssuming one has perfect time and thus able to have 2 free actions. If one was to do called shots and split the dice pool to hit multiple people, would the called shot work only for one person? Or stack for all the targets you pick, applying the dice pool penalty for each roll?You can called shot to all the targets, taking the DP on every roll.Rules Thread X
AdeptDoes a adepts increased reflexes power stack with drugs? I know it mentions it doesn't stack with tech or magic that increases reflexes but I wasn't quite sure if drugs are tech.Increased Reflexes is allowed to stack with drugs.Rules Thread X
MatrixSo CRB 237 states

When a defense test calls for a Mental attribute, use the owner’s rating. Even if she isn’t currently defending or even interacting with the device, her previous interactions and settings affect the defense test. If a device is completely unattended, the Device Rating stands in for any Mental attributes an icon needs but doesn’t have. For example, a device that an owner sets and forgets, like a door lock, uses its Device Rating in place of Intuition as part of the defense pool against a Control Device action.

Does that mean runners can leave their Master on "Set and Forget" and make use of its natural FW+DR or will DR always be replaced with its owners Mental stats.
DR will always be replaced with it's owner's mental attributes for shadowrunners. Device Rating is only a standin for security devices and the similar attached to fixed locations. Incidentally, these tend to be low DR.Rules Thread X
RiggerIf a melee weapon is in a mount, like the ares duelists, do we use gunnery or the weapon skill for that?If it is mounted its gunnery.Rules Thread X
QualityWhats the status of the Fame Quality between LA and Seattle? I have been told that because they are two seperate Nations that only Fame Global would count for both.National fame isn't strictly nation bound so much as bound to a Nation like area. So you could take it for the UCAS, or just the west coast if you would like! As such it depends on the context of your national fame. Because Seattle is very isolated from the rest of the UCAS geographically unless your National Fame is specific in a way that makes you more relevant to Canmericans than to West Coasters (Such as playing in a national league sports team completely irrelevant to anyone across the border 5 meters from ya) its likely that your National Fame is relevant as far as LA.Rules Thread X
RiggerIs Life Support mod a necessity when a vehicle (in this case a boat) is modded with Secondary Propulsion: Amphibious - Submersible?

Both mods mention they make the vehicle water tight, only Life Support II mentions air reserves for the passengers.

If Life Support II is required, can a discount on either and/or both mods be considered in mod points/nuyen for the overlap?
A vehicle can reasonably be assumed to have a half-hour of air for a single occupant per seat without Life Support. This is subject to adjustment by GMs on the basis of Life Support 2 should be assumed to provide air for an extended span of time - at a minimum, 12 man-hours per seat, but ultimately up to GM fiat.Rules Thread X
LifestyleHow out of the question is a shared lifestyle? Say in the case of four pirates living on the same boat. It seems to make very little sense for everybody to pay full rent since there is no rent so to speak.Shared lifestyles have significant drawbacks. Unfortunately, those drawbacks are impossible to model in a living community, and as such, are not permitted on ShadowNET. Fluff is permitted.Rules Thread X
RiggerCan drone mounted weapons take the Trigger Removal mod?Yes. Thematically it could be seen as a modification that removes any internal mechanism that connects the gun to the drone and forces it to fire the gun wirelessly, meaning the gun is now wireless. Remember that drones with firearms are illegal in Seattle.Rules Thread X
AugmentationOn behalf of another in regards to Liminal body, Centaur:

Does it require 4 skimmers to gain the speed benefit? Does the speed double, triple or quadruple? Does the speed doubling stack with liminal body centaur's doubling? I told him tentatively this is what I think it will and will contact him if I was incorrect: He requires 4 skimmers to gain the speed boost, the speed boost is only double but it does stack with liminal body centaur's double for x4 total.

Another question this one for me: Would you consider legs as viable for cyberlimb optimization longarms? Hadn't considered the idea until I saw all these people with quadruple optimizations for other stuff like melee of various kinds (Stabilization/stance matters more for recoil than strength particularly for automatic weapons. Might throw on foot anchors for RC too.)
Does it require 4 skimmers to gain the speed benefit?

Yes. Does the speed double, triple or quadruple? When stacking multipliers, stack them additively. For example, skimmers+liminal body (Centuar) stack out to triple. As skimmers are a bonus for having all your feet as a skimmer, rather than a bonus per-pair, you don't gain any extra benefit from being a centuar, besides obviously having an extra +1 to your speed multiplier. Does the speed doubling stack with liminal body centaur's doubling? Yes, additively. Would you consider legs as viable for cyberlimb optimization longarms? Hadn't considered the idea until I saw all these people with quadruple optimizations for other stuff like melee of various kinds (Stabilization/stance matters more for recoil than strength particularly for automatic weapons. Might throw on foot anchors for RC too.)

Yes, but you need to be using the limb to shoot the longarm in some way. No points for laying down, sitting, ect.
Rules Thread X
RiggerLooking to confirm the stock model does indeed have a Valkyrie since it's a drone so adding one aftermarket is a no-go I'm told.Stock module has a Valkyrie.Rules Thread X
MagicWe have a Small Shaman's Initiation group being put together, by RAW everyone has to repay the cost to reform the group every time a new member is added however as part of an LC this would make getting new members involved more difficult.

This would be one of the few times I feel we would have to stray from RAW for the better of the community,

So would it be possible that once the group is formed only new member have to pay to join?

Group Bond Ritual Rules are on 129 SG.
Once its set its set.Rules Thread X
TypoSo someone told me recently that the autosoft typo in r5, page 127 is being used? The autosoft example using a crawler was confirmed a typo by the writer in a different reddit thread, are we really using that?PM me the source on it being a typo.Rules Thread X
RiggerCould we have a quote on a garage modification for vehicles? Possibly for differently sized vehicles. We want to store jetskis on a boat.You cannot.Rules Thread X
MagicPlease explain how to use an atomizer and what capabilities they have.

Does the atomizer allow health spell command preps to be prepared with a contact trigger? The atomizer description on FA pg 193 reads: " This enables both healing and poison effects that would normally be command triggered to be created as contact triggers while retaining efficacy. " If health preps can be used in the atomizer, do they need to be prepared as contact or command preps for use in an atomizer?

Can a drone operate an atomizer with drone arms? Would there be a penalty or test if a drone had only primitive drone arms and wanted to use the atomizer on a willing target?
Health preparations may be created as contact trigger preps. They will only function if put into an atomizer and triggered as normal for an atomizer. There is no other way to trigger a contact trigger health preparations. A drone may not operate an atomizer, for the benefit of my sanity. This is subject to change at a later dateRules Thread X
RiggerAnd, finally, do drones take off hand penalties while your rigged in?Only if the weapon is not in a weapon mount.Rules Thread X
GearFollowing PrincessPilfer's struggle with getting a fraggin bag that has capacity for enhancements and/or fits different kinds of gear like super illegal weapons, would it be possible to develop bag rules? Hashtag NotRules but I can give my 2 cents or submit something if Rules are too busy. Because what B&E / infiltration person skimps on a good bag?Probably notRules Thread X
RiggerConcerning the secondary propulsion modes available for vehicles (R5, 157), are the handling/speed stats of those modes affected by control rigs?YesRules Thread X

This spell (SG pg 116) is cool but has an issue. There are errata which states: "Change the first sentence of the second paragraph from “The spellcaster must achieve enough hits to beat the item’s Object Resistance threshold (p. 295, SR5)” to “The spellcaster must achieve enough hits to beat thresholds as follows: public grid (2), local grid (4), global grid (6).” Additionally, change the second sentence of the third paragraph from “Every point of Force of this spell above 3 adds one to a hacker’s Overwatch Score each minute” to “For every net hit on the Spellcasting Test above 4, increase all Overwatch Scores of hackers in the affected area by 1D6 per minute.” Finally, the sub-head of the spell should be changed from “(Physical)” to “(Environmental).” Questions: This implies that it is an area spell, but doesn't add the area tag to the range. Does this spell target a single device or an area? If it targets a single object as the stat line suggests, can it target a technomancer to reduce noise for their living persona?

Could it target a non-technomancer, and reduce noise for their persona when they go into VR?
The spell is not an area spell. It targets a single target, which may be a person or a device.

If cast upon a technomancer, it would affect their living persona.

If cast upon a person, it would affect their persona if their persona was through an implanted device within their person. If cast upon a device, it would affect any persona run through that device.
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Magic"Some advanced alchemists have taken to filling capsule rounds with liquid alchemical preparations. These work great, but ultimately it is just a work-around for their specialization and lack of skill in raw spellcasting." hard targets page 194. question is can we do this on the net?NoRules Thread X
Mix1. BOWS

a. Can two bows be used to make two attacks with the multiple attacks action? Assume the character has 4 arms to hold said bows. The core rulebook does not list bows as one of the compatible weapon types for the multiple attacks option (firearms and melee only). b. Does the focused archery adept ability give all the advantages of having more strength when firing a bow with higher rating? e.g. increase damage, AP, Range 2. PACIFIST ADEPT a. What's a general guideline for what actions count as violent? e.g. mind control, drugging someone, restraining someone and putting cuffs on them b. The pacifist adept ability reduces the limits and "number of 1's required to glitch" of attackers. What happens if either of these is reduced to 0? c. Does an attack roll with a 6 or less dice pool with "-3 1's required to glitch" automatically glitch, or does every roll require at least a single rolled 1 to glitch? d. Does a roll with a limit of 0 automatically fail? 3. ALCHEMY a. Is there a limit to the number of contact preps that can be activated in a combat phase? b. What about preps delivered outside of your turn by other characters or drones? c. Does the atomizer allow health spell command preps to be prepared with a contact trigger? The atomizer description on FA pg 193 reads: " This enables both healing and poison effects that would normally be command triggered to be created as contact triggers while retaining efficacy. " d. If so, do they need to be prepared as contact or command preps for use in an atomizer? Can alchemist contacts do this for you? e. Can an atomizer be mounted on a drone, and if so, what size drone weapon mount is required. f. Can a pair of primitive drone arms successfully operate an atomizer on a willing target? g. If a contact prep is placed onto a drone, what is the proper roll for having the drone deliver the prep to an unwilling target? A ramming maneuver, unarmed attack, melee weapon attack, or any of these? Does the prep trigger on a glancing blow? h. If a drone with a contact prep on it makes a melee attack, is it possible for it to choose not to trigger the contact prep during the attack? i. Can contact preps be triggered while the alchemist is in VR? j. Can an alchemist contact provide an "Alter Ballistics" prep? Would they need the contact power that gives them advance alchemy metamagic, since that is a pre-req to the alter ballistics mastery? k. Can you activate a contact prep on an item by pressing the prep against the item and a living aura at the same time? l. Can contact preps be activated by pressing them against small living things with auras? e.g. keep a mouse in a cage next to a medusa coil holding a prep, and activate the AOE spell on the mouse by ordering the coil to press the prep against the mouse. 4. DRONE SWARMS a. If I have 10 drones in a swarm, each armed with an injector pen containing a different drug or toxin, can I order the swarm to inject a person with a specific toxin, and not have the swarm indiscriminately inject the person with all 10 drugs? Can the other drones just act as a distraction. b. How much can a swarm be spread out in space? if I order a swarm of 10 drones to keep eyes on the 10 people in a facility, can it split up across the facility and keep eyes on them while still helping each other by sharing processing power and information about the location and facing of each target; would this be effectively splitting the swarm up? c. Can a swarm spread out to have 10 meters minimum spacing to limit vulnerability to area damage? d. Can drones lend swarm bonuses to actions they themselves cannot perform? e.g. a minidrone with only melee weapons helping target a ranged weapon attack by another drone in its swarm. e. Does the swarm bonus apply to defense tests? 5. TECHNOMANCERS a. Does the new errata about complex forms having to follow the aug cap mean that infusion complex forms max out at a +4 bonus to matrix attributes? b. Can you sustain an infusion ability, then boost that matrix attribute above the force of the infusion ability without losing the infusion bonus? e.g. infuse sleaze at force 5 on a 5-sleaze himitsu to push sleaze to 10, then activate smoke and mirrors to push the himitsu's sleaze up to 15 6. ANTHRO DRONES a. Can an anthro-drone get an autosoft for the palming skill, in order to hide items in worn clothing? b. Can a drone-operator use their own skill to hide items on the drone, and if so what would the roll be? 7. ASTRAL COMBAT a. What is the guideline for which physical combat actions don't apply to astral combat? b. Can astral forms be restrained using clinch or subdue rules? c. Are there any limitations to defense interrupt actions which can be taken in astral combat? d. Does the osmium mace's str-based bonuses to damage code key off of STR or CHA in astral combat? e. Does reach matter in astral combat? f. How does the hardened mystic armor from the Spirit's Strength magical compound interact with armor from the Mystic Armor spell? g. When a creature with dual natured astrally projects, is the body still dual natured or is the astral part of their form the astral projection? h. Can a dual-natured creature still use their natural weapons while astrally projecting, and if so do they use the astral combat or unarmed skills? 8. MISC

a. Why can't we have nice things?
1a. Bows cannot be used to make multiple attacks.

1b. An adept with Focused Archery may functionally increase their strength by their rating in Focused Archery for the purposes of firing a bow. This is subject to augmented maximum, and does not have any impact on the bow itself - they must possess a bow of the appropriate rating and use arrows of the appropriate rating in order to benefit from this greater strength. Drain for multiple shots per Turn applies as written.

2a. GM fiat. "With end effect or intent of causing harm" is a good guideline. 2b. If a roll would require 0 or less 1s in order to glitch, assume it instead requires a single 1 in order to glitch, for sanity's sake, and damn catalyst for not stating one way or the other. 2c. See 2b. 2d. A roll with a limit of 0 (or less) automatically fails, unless an effect would allow you to ignore that limit (notably, Pushing the Limit by spending edge.) The roll is still rolled as usual.

3a. There is no limit to the number of contact preps that may be activated in a combat turn, initiative pass, or action phase, but each one generally requires at least a single action (by some party) of some type in order to activate. 3b. See 3a. 3c. Please note this as a seperate question, as it will require more consideration. 3d. See 3c. 3e. An atomizer cannot, at this time, be mounted on a drone. 3f. Please include with 3c/d. 3g. A ramming maneuver, if successful or glancing, will trigger any contact preps, assuming the maneuver is made against a valid living target that would, in another circumstance, trigger the preparation. 3h. Preparations never have any "choice" to go off or not to go off. Either the conditions are met, or they are not. In the case of contact triggers, this is contact with an appropriate aura. 3i. Contact preps will still trigger while the alchemist that made them is in VR or unconscious. 3j. Please direct this question to Contacts team. I have no mechanical concerns with Alter Ballistics out of an alchemist contact except for my pre-existing misgivings about alchemist contacts in general. 3k. You cannot activate a contact prep on a target other than a living being with an aura - specifically, the being that triggered it. 3l. Your specific example is not valid, as the medusa drone is not legal. Are you seriously suggesting using small animals to trigger AOE contact preps? Have you heard of "command" preps? Timed preps? We're not going to get into "I pull out the bag of kittens" necromancy from 3.x here.

4a. For sanity's sake, assume all pens are expended, but only one (of your choice), is injected and takes effect, similar to firing capsule rounds. 4b. Assume a swarm must meet the following conditions. A - Possess line of sight to each other drone in the swarm, unless that line of sight would be blocked only by another drone in the swarm and no other intervening bodies. B - The closest drone to the entity the swarm is performing actions on or against must be no closer to that entity than they are from the furthest drone they are swarmed with. C - All drones within a swarm must be within a 50m diameter sphere. D - All other conditions given by Rules Team (none at the time of this writing) and by the rules text relating to them within SR5e. E - Exceptions to A and B are permissable under GM fiat when the swarm is surrounding a given target they are acting against. 4c. See above. 4d. All drones in a swarm must be able to perform any given action the swarm attempts to perform. 4e. The swarm bonus does not provide additional dice to tests that are not actions, such as defense and soak.

5a. Infusion complex forms cap out as given in the text of the form and the book. For the time being, in relation to the ASDF array of a persona or device, assume that they are not subject to the augmented max, as they are not traditional attributes, and are instead more akin to Accuracy than Agility. 5b. Any alteration to the attribute already altered by an Infusion of [Attribute] Complex Form will cause the complex form to cease to function immediately.

6a. An anthrodrone may not get an autosoft for the palming skill. 6b. A drone operator may not, at this time, utilize palming to hide items on a drone. Something about the way the move, and my reluctance to, as they say, make shit up.

7a. Martial Arts are not applicable on the Astral Plane. Actions relating to melee combat in general, and not a specific skill, are applicable on the Astral Plane. 7b. Astral forms are not subject to subdual or clinching. 7c. The only limitations on defensive interrupt actions that are able to be utilized in Astral Combat are detailed above in 7a. This, to my knowledge, leaves Full Defense as the only applicable action, but I could be wrong. Please let me know if I am. 7d. The Osmium Mace's effects key off of Charisma in the Astral Plane. 7e. Reach, much like whether or not you have hands, is not relevant on the Astral Plane. 7f. Hardened Mystic Armor from any source and regular Mystic Armor from any source interact in the same manner as Hardened Armor and Armor interact - the Hardened Armor is reduced by any penetration, then any leftover penetration is applied to regular Armor. The effects of the new value of Hardened Armor are applied, and then the sum total of the two are rolled to reduce damage, if appropriate, and receiving the benefits of any automatic hits that may be granted by the hardened armor that remains. 7g. The body of a projecting Dual Natured being is not Dual Natured until their return. 7h. Dual Natured creatures may use their natural weapons while projecting, but must do do so using their Astral attributes, rather than having a choice or being forced to use Physical attributes.

8a. Fuck you.
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GearGiven that the default grapple hook is not defined at all, can it be something like this, so that it can actually latch onto things as opposed to medieval level hook technology? It doesn't do anything that any of the tactical grapple heads do mechanically.

Additionally, could arachnofibre rope (mentioned here be purchased separately? Or is it exclusive to the tactical grapple?

If it is not available, can I confirm that a 120m length of reinforced standard rope can fit in 2 capacity cyberware smuggling compartment?
I'm not really sure what you expect from your first paragraph.

Arachnofibre rope cannot be purchased seperately, as it's not statted. Sorry.

I'll give you 100m of Reinforced Standard Rope in a smuggling compartment, but nothing else. Even 100m of paracord-sized rope is pretty generous for "fits in smuggling compartment."
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AdeptSo as of the Errata for SG Commanding voice (170 SG) has been changed to authoritative voice because there is Commanding voice in SS (191 SS).

Silver-tongued Devil (159 SG) add bonuses to Commanding voice and has the prerequisite of Commanding voice.

Is this referring to SS Commanding voice? or does Silver-tongued Devil now apply to Authoritative tone.
Silver Tongued Devil requires the SS version of Commanding VoiceRules Thread X
SkillsSo an odd question popped into my mind when looking though stats of one of my charecters....Does Jumping...From the use of the gymnastics skill...Use movement...Yes. If you run out of movement your 'hanging' in the air! This isn't as weird as it sounds, remember that each turn is 3 seconds and your not actually stationary, it just means that if someone gets a pass before you they have the reaction time to shoot you mid jump!Rules Thread X
WeaponHard target says in the ammo skip mod's description "This mod can be applied to any weapon with a cylinder or drum magazine" the problem is though is that it requires an underbarrel mod slot. There is no revolver that I have found that has an underbarrel mod slot, and they are the only weapons that use a cylinder! Because of that none of them can take it, even though the book says they should be able to, has the Lamat 2072 with a built-in one, and talks about ammo skipped revolvers multiple times. So can a revolver take an ammo skip or not on the net?Ammo skip no longer requires a slot as it makes the modification incoherent.Rules Thread X
MatrixI am trying to get an understanding of how matrix locations and physical locations are realted.

◾If while in the matrix I go somewhere and perceive the icons do I gain a general idea of where they are or do I have to preform a trace Icon first?

◾If I am using matrix perception on a group of people in front of me do I know which icons are on which persons? How would this be affected by viewing them through a drone?
There is no translocation within the matrix, except into hosts. Distance is always calculated based on you actual location of your device (or your brain, for a Techno) The degree to which you know where icons are or how they match up with real world locations without running a Trace Icon action is up to your GM, but is generally going to be "not very"Rules Thread X
WeaponAs it stands by RAW, drones cannot mount exotic ranged weapons, flamethrowers and lasers (maybe some other category I forgot) as the weapon mounts table for drones has no entry for these. (Drones weapon mounts table R5 124).

Obviously I'm not rules but may I propose adding these weapons as following, by taking inspiration from vehicle mounts sizes: ◾Large/Huge: add Flamethrowers and Exotic Ranged Weapons ◾Heavy: add Lasers

(Flamethrowers and Exotic Ranged Weapons are actually somewhere between Large and Huge if we use vehicle mounts sizes as a basis. I proposed a repartition that seemed logical to me).
Huge drone mounts may also mount Flamethrowers and Exotic Ranged Weapons. Heavy drone mounts may also mount Lasers. They are considered to have power as per vehicle-provided power for the runtime of the drone.Rules Thread X
MagicSo, as most of us know with the two spells of mindlink, and mindnet, your able to communicate immages, emotions, and other senses to one another as a way of communication. However, it's stated that mindlink lets willing subjects within touching range send these thoughts to one another, and with mind net, it says a willing group of people. Now it's obvious that mindnet wouldn't work, but what classfies as willing subjects with mindlink? I understand that metahumans count...But what about things like animals? Or spirits? They should technically be considered subjects under the RAW of mindlink...Willing or not is a different matter together however, if somehow another subject besides metahumans was willing, would mindlink work?In order to be a subject of Mindlink or Mindnet, one must be a metahuman or a metasapient.Rules Thread X
MagicHow does the [Enhanced Smell] Cryptesthesia spell work? it's found in Street Grimoire, p. 108. The spell seems to mimic the effects of headware cybernetic enhancements, which include the Olfactory Booster (Core book p. 452).Consider it as a rating 2 olfactory booster. The primary effect of the spell is to allow you to smell things to a degree of sophistication that is otherwise impossible for a metahuman, like smelling emotions or specific chemical compounds, more than a dicepool bonus.Rules Thread X
QualityCan a Nataki use Modular Connector, Shoulder to bypass the freaks modifier to social trests? That is assuming that both of their extra arms are not connected. Edit: I feel like I have asked this question before, but I can't remember. If this is a repeat I apologize. It would depend on where the connection is on the arm is what I am thinking.It is reasonable to assume that a GM should not apply the Freaks modifier to a person for having extra arms if they do not, in fact, have extra arms. That said, they'll still be a bit weird, for having two shoulders. The modifier is probably still appropriate if they're wearing tight-fitting clothing, for example.Rules Thread X
GearMy question comes in several parts. It concerns the relationshp between cameras, sensor arrays, helmets, and datajacks/trodes. YES I am aware that you can just wear goggles. I’m not interested in finding easier ways to solve this problem; I would like a direct answer.

Formatting is for clarity and sanity, more mine than yours. ;] SR5 443 states: Cameras may also be upgraded with vision enhancements and audio enhancements. SR5 444 states in “Vision Enhancements” category: A number of options are available for installation in visual sensors and imaging devices from contacts to cameras. And clearly lists “Smartlink” in this category SR5 446 states in the "Sensor Functions" category: If a function has the same name as an imaging or audio device, it’s the same as its description in those sections, with a Capacity equal to its Rating And lists “camera” in the Sensor Functions table to the right of the descriptions. Therefore, it could be concluded from this text that a camera that is part of a sensor array can be upgraded with the smartlink system. SR5 445 states: When you use the sensor array for Perception Tests, you may use your Electronic Warfare skill in place of your Perception skill, and you may use the sensor’s Rating as your limit. This implies that you can, to some extent, “see” through the sensor array. It also states: Sensors can be put into devices that have capacity. This is generally accepted to include a Helmet, and common sense (...I know) would dictate a cap of Rating 3 based on the size descriptions of the different housings (basically treating the helmet as the equivalent of a handheld device in terms of sensor space). Since it is trivial for a runner to send another runner video from any camera feed (including, but not limited to, cybereyes and AR goggles), and it’s clear that a user with a DNI can view that video in their HUD without the need for goggles or contacts, can we then assume that: if a runner has a camera mounted in their helmet as part of a sensor array and that helmet is connected to their datajack that they should be able to see through the camera, if they were to close their flesh/cyber eyes? If this is true, and this camera has the smartlink system installed, can the runner use the smartlink system with their smartgun through the DNI, the same as if they were looking through their normal eye? Assuming that neither the runner nor their target were in cover (empty hallway, nothing to hide behind, nowhere to go), would using a weapon this way incur any penalties? I know this is a convoluted question, and that it may be down to GM fiat. If it won’t work, that’s fine. But I’d like an answer that’s based on a fair reading of the rules, not just conjecture.

As an addendum, if a user is blinded, as in by the use of a flash bang, are they then also unable to use the camera to see out of (assuming they switched to the camera AFTER being blinded, and that the camera itself had flare compensation)? This is merely out of curiosity and is not the main focus of my question.
A sensor, be it a single sensor or part of an array, placed in a helmet is limited to Rating 2, per P446 Core.

A runner with closed eyes, but with no other impedements to their ability to perceive visually, may view a camera that is appropriately fed to them via DNI. A camera, placed into a sensor array, does not have a listed capacity and may not take enhancements as a result. A runner viewing through a camera with a smartlink placed in the camera will gain any and all appropriate benefits of that smartlink, though GMs are free to apply penalties or disallow use in cases where the camera is in a location that does not work as a visual tool for firing the gun - such as if the camera is placed at a notably different angle than the firing axis of the gun, or if the camera does not have vision of any of the entities firing or being fired upon.

Flash-bangs do not blind or otherwise subject one to any visual penalties above and beyond any wound modifiers they may suffer from the stun damage taken.
Rules Thread X
Qualityes the Revenant Adept ability allow you to reattach freshly severed limbs on top of your injuries?Nah, that would get in the way of your arm regrowing before people's eyes. This is assuming your limb is cut off during or shortly before you use reverant adept. Once its healed its healed, and if your arm is a healed over stump it regenerates into that.Rules Thread X
AugmentationsAre linguasoft covered by the SkillSoft subscription that supplies r1 KnowSofts?Linguasofts are covered by Skillsoft Subscriptions under the same category as other knowsoftsRules Thread X
QualityCan you upgrade the ware you get from PT?Nope, it is not actually 'ware.Rules Thread X
ArmorI propose that the Chemical Protection armor mod be houseruled to count against acid attacks. As it stands, every other type of allowed elemental damage has a counter. It feels like Catalyst just forgot to mention that chem protect should work against acid.Any such vote would have to go through Council, and it is not in the habit of the current Rules head to propose rulings that are counter to the RAW mandate. That said, it is likely he would abstain in such a vote.Rules Thread X
QualityDoes Jack of all trades master of none apply to knowledge skills? chummer is taking 1 karma off for ranks 1-5 and increasing cost on ranks 6-13 like the merit would normally due to active skills, and it stacks it with things like linguist so, for example, the first three ranks of a language cost 1 karma each. I am guessing that because jack of all trades does not specify between active skills and knowledge skills chummer applies it to all skills. Is this how the trait works on the net though?Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None does apply to Knowledge and Language SkillsRules Thread X
AugmentationWould it be possible to, without being an actual changeling and just taking a quality, probably the deformity one, make a character through biomods and severe biosculpting make something similar to either a WoW naga, or a traditional MTG or fantasy naga, with the big tail and everything? taking the quality and fluffing it as part of the surgery? I'm aware theres already a snake/lamia person here, but that was through pure changling, i would like to know if by taking that quality and a combination of all the relevant biomods, if fluffing the deformity quality for the tail as part of say, severe biosculpting, if it was possible to do this on a non changlingThat is well beyond the capabilities of biosculpting. So no.Rules Thread X
AugmentationSo metatype modification exists, and the gist is. It makes one metatype indistinguishable from another. Now, trolls are really big and don't seem overly Covered by this. But there's also a mod just for trolls, which is Troll Reduction. Which says "A troll can look like a giant human" If I were to combine the "Giant Human" and some vat time to "Shorten Limbs and change scent glands" would I be able to have a troll become human sized, If still very tall?Your still a very tall human, its just your limbs aren't freakishly loverlong slenderman style. Your unusual looking but not overtly a freak. An expert may guess your a reduced troll, or an insanely perceptive person. Otherwise your just "Maybe a human who has one of those gland problems basketball players sometimes have."

Troll reduction also doesn't make you look fully human. What it does is make your uggo troll features like facial dermal deposits go away. Your a "Kawaii anime troll" in essence.

We gotta have sanity restrictions on this, it isn't an Eclipse Phase resleeving choice, and things like gnome trolls and troll gnomes are a bit insane.
Rules Thread X
AdeptQi Sculpt: "Qi sculpt allows the adept to remove qi from one power and temporarily add it to another power in which they already have invested power points. For each level of initiate grade, the adept can shift 0.25 PP of one adept power to another power. The enhanced power cannot have more levels than the adept’s Magic rating." (Street Grimoire, pg. 156) It seems, as worded, to move power points from one power to another per activation. Can this metamagic be used multiple times concurrently? Whether or not it's limited to one use seems to have pretty drastic implications about how to use it.Qi Sculpt may be used multiple times at once. Each instance of drain is suffered seperately. It is subject to all other listed limitations.Rules Thread X
CombatDoes Penetrating Strike apply to natural weapons, specifically the bite attacks of infected?Penetrating Strike applies only to basic Unarmed attacksRules Thread X
MagicHow does the Armor Spell interact with non-living things like Vehicles and Drones? It should be able to affect them, since it's a Manipulation spell rather than a Health spell. Does Object Resistance apply?The Armor spell cannot be anchored on Vehicles or Drones, as they lack an aura, and the spell is not explicitly designed to be anchored on vehicles or drones.Rules Thread X
AugmentationWhat levels of biosculpting is needed to achieve certain kinds of effects? For example, what level of biosculpting would be: Animal ears, full body fur(if you want it to be permanent or whatever), different looking eyes, cosmetic claws, sharp teeth, cosmetic tail, digitigrade legs(fluff only), animal snout(fluff only), pawpads, etc. Other examples are good too, that's just what I could think of off the top of my head.Bug the current rules head on discord as this is an individual judgement thing each timeRules Thread X
MagicCan/Do we allow PC's to access the 'hose' and 'tsunami' spells mentioned in the statblock of some of the enemies in Bloody Business? They're 'statted' in a note in said statblock like this 'Hose and tsunami work like flamethrower and fireball, only with water elemental effect as described in street-grimoire.'PCs may access the Hose and Tsunami spells. Note they do not actually deal damage to tracks - they have the water elemental effect.Rules Thread X
MagicCalled Shots with spells like Lightning Bolt and similar, yay or nay?You cannot utilize Called Shots with Spellcasting.Rules Thread X
InfectedIf you create an Infected (Vampire) who got Infected when he was let's say around 60 years old (and so is eligible for the Aged quality).

Would the Infection restore his physical prowess or just stop his aging process from that point on?

In other words, is it possible for an Infected character to have the aged quality?
You may take aged on a vampire!Rules Thread X
ResonanceTechnomancer skinlink:

If I touch a person, what can I direct connect to (iwirelessly capable augments, but turned wireless off at the time)? Wired reflexes would seem to be a yes. Eyes? Ears? Headware? Any augment that can be wireless on? How does this situation change when the target has an Internal Router (so all devices are connected within their body, so you can DNI normally wireless-only functions, or at least that's how I read the Internal Router perks)? Case in point, TM shakes a person's hand. TM has physical initiative to generally get two passes in a turn, and makes the handshake linger for a few seconds. Can they Puppeteer a wireless-off augment (that can be wireless on) to Invite Mark (3 marks), and then command the implant to turn wireless on before the person releases the handshake? On an unwitting target, how noticeable would this be, assuming all prereqs are met, and the ruling is 'yes, you can get wireless implants via skinlink this way'?

Admittedly niche, but potentially interesting for physical intrusion or social engineering Technomancers picking up marks (at the potential cost of fade) and opening attack surfaces the target things are closed.
If I touch a person, what can I direct connect to (iwirelessly capable augments, but turned wireless off at the time)? Wired reflexes would seem to be a yes. Eyes? Ears? Headware? Any augment that can be wireless on?

You must physically touch the 'ware in question. Meaning, in order: No unless they were subject to bodily trauma, yes if you touched their eye, yes if you touched their ears, no unless their head was cracked open, and only if your touching it. Internal routers don't affect this. You must physically touch the device to get the connection, and a person's flesh is not a device. Routers merely allow the device to function offline, but don't affect direct connections at all, which skinlink is. Case in point, TM shakes a person's hand... This ONLY works if the hand is 'ware. On an unwitting target, how noticeable would this be

Most people, even matrix experts, don't even know echos exist, let alone that skinlink is one. If someone touched your hand and had an unusually long handshake and you didn't seem to cast a spell it would hardly be noticable. Palming is useful here.
Rules Thread X
MagicAspected Summoners with Spectral Warden (40 FA) use Binding to use Watchers and Homunculi? even though they can't spellcast can they still learn the spells Homunculi or Watcher?YesRules Thread X
AugmenationBy RAW characters with Gradual release Chem Glands have to make a test every time their addiction test comes up, can we A buy hits? B do mass rolls, C Only do rolls on a month that we run?Only C applies, allowing you to 'skip' a month if you didn't run the previous month. You must otherwise roll every time the addiction test comes upRules Thread X
MagicHow does sweep’s stun damage interact with elemental aura/body or channeled energy aura? Since the latter is always physical damage.The damage is convertedRules Thread X
CombatAnd mason also wanted me to ask about Preemptive blocking, dodging and parryings interactions with counterstrike.No defensive action enhances riposte or counterstrike unless explicitly stated as they are not standard defense tests.Rules Thread X
AlchemyDoes putting a timed prep in a vault of ages stop the timer?In order to preserve GM sanity, at this time, putting a timed prep into a Vault of Ages will not stop the timer. If a prep would go off while in a Vault of Ages, it instead fizzles, harmlessly, having no effect.Rules Thread X
RiggerWhat are the rules governing swapping weapons onto / out of vehicle or drone weapon mounts? So far there are rules to move the whole mount, but not the weapons inside.It is effectively the same as swapping the entire mount. Converting a weapon to fit in a mount or to be fireable by hand has no cost and can be done without a roll during downtime.Rules Thread X
AugmentationDoes the wireless bonus from a rating 3 nanohive allow you to push the rating of cortical amplifier nanites up to 4?The rating limits on nanites are a limit on installation rating, except in cases where a higher rating is nonsensical. To my knowledge, there are no such cases.Rules Thread X
MagicCan you get a limited ritual spell? To be cast with a fetish? Edit: On this note, fetish/limited touch spells?You may utilize a Limited version of a touch-range spell. You may not acquire or utilize a Limited version of a Ritual spell. If you are casting a Ritual that casts another spell, and you only know that spell as a Limited version, you gain none of the benefits of the fetish, but you must still possess the fetish in order to cast that spell.Rules Thread X
CombatDoes bonus initiative from drugs, ware, qualities, or spells add to astral initiative?This ruling supercedes the ruling in Rules Thread VII. Astral initiative is not subject to any bonuses or modifiers except those that explicitly state they apply to Astral Initiative, with the exception of Blitz, which applies on the Astral in the same manner as in the meat world.Rules Thread X
AdeptSo, if one imbues a focus (for the sake of clarity lets assume its a weapon focus as this is where it'll happen the most) and then later upgrades that focus using the upgrade rules, do you then have to re-imbue the focus with whatever it was imbued with before, there by being subjected to the resistance test at the new force again?You have to be able to accomplish the imbuing for the new item. If you can't, you must decide between keeping it imbued or getting the upgrade. Retry is delivery time, in real time.Rules Thread X
PetHey, I like cats. Can my cats have more than one tail? Specifically normal tails, but prehensiles won't be hated on! yes and please thankLike... your purely fluff cat from a lifestyle? ...Sure? If you mean like a pure fluff 'ware option, also sure, but you get no benefit from multiple tails, and don't pay anymore for them. Ex: Prehensile tails all must work together as if they were one 'tentacle' so to speak.Rules Thread X
MatrixDoes the Diagnostics Commlink App from DT 56 actually have any effect outside of showing off Matrix CM?Nope! Just lets you instantly see if your comlink is damaged, or if a device takes damagedRules Thread X
MagicDo we use the "Fooling Wards" rules in SG 135?We do!Rules Thread X

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