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Augmentation1: Ruling on how 1 pair of cyberfins and one pair of webbed digits stack? 2: Is Geneware expelled by the process of becoming infected in the same way bioware is, or is it safe as "technically not bioware" (Note: I'm not asking about regeneration, I'm asking about the process of becoming infected post gen and how that interacts with ware)Cyberfins and webbed digits do not have any special stacking interaction. You would get +2 limit, +2 to swimming tests, and 150% swim speed. Geneware is not bioware. It isn't even "technically" not bioware. It just isn't bioware.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationCan the prehensile biotail take bioweapons like a stinger or sprayer?YesRules Thread XI
GearWhen cutting through barriers does a Mini-welder have an AP?NoRules Thread XI
QualityDoes my country right or wrong have to be for a nation? or can it be fore something as small as Ork Underground?It is fine to do it for something smaller, as long as your similar in scope for the downsides. The Ork Underground for example would need to have 'assisting an enemy' defined more broadly because its not a nation, like counting KE as an enemy.Rules Thread XI
AdeptDo(es) the Adept Power(s) Facial Sculpt(/Body Sculpt) allow getting rid of mostly cosmetic physical deformities like the SURGE beak?

If "yes, for the normal duration of the power", can you re-use the power while still affected by it so nobody will find out that you do in fact have a beak?

If no, would a ruling similiar to "it is not physically present if you facial sculpt, but people still feel... something odd about the character", as a reason to retain the negative social modifiers from being a freak, while cosmetically not having the beak in your face?
The Facial Sculpt power mentions growing tusks and changing bones and cartilage, it also mentions “Changing Race” the wording is vague and doesn’t give and definitive answers so for now I’m going to say no on facial sculpt.

Body sculpt specifically mentions changing the physical appearance of changeling metagenic traits so bodysculpt definitely can change Changeling Mutagenic traits Appearance.

So Yes on Bodysculpt No on Facial Sculpt.
Rules Thread XI
AugmentationSo apparently striking callouses do not use the cyber implant spec because they are natural weapons so can we take a spec in natural weapons?Striking Callouses just augment regular unarmed attacks, which do not benefit from the natural weapon spec. There deliberately isn't a generic 'punch' spec, while there is for implant weapons.Rules Thread XI
GearAnother question, how big are non inflated survival bubbles? (R&G page 83)Lets call it sleeping bag sized.Rules Thread XI
CombatSo yeah, can we get shields to work with Two Weapon Fighting(As the weapon in the non dominant hand) It makes sense considering shields have been the "second weapon" since ever And makes melee less shit on characters that are not FLRThis has been officially approved by council!Rules Thread XI
Magicif a spirit of man physical masks as someone else, then uses fear on someone, does the fear effect apply to the person that looks like the spirit as well ((aka do they fear the appearance or the spirit itself)).Unless the spirit has realistic form it inherently looks unearthly. Either way, importers don't transfer fear. The object of fear is specific to the casting individual.Rules Thread XI
MagicIf a runner goes in to the Art of Geomancy (143p SG), how would s/he go about finding and holding a mana line to use.

And when your in the area of your mana line, would it be alignment to your tradition so that it would add to your limit as well giving a dice pool modifer (dice modifer being from the mana line)?

(Aspect mana line is page 122p SG, Alignment is 32p SG)
For now no rules exist to control mana lines in the LC so on the NET Geomancy is just not a thing, Sucks i know but them's the breaks. I'll put Geomancy on the List of things to do for the rules team.Rules Thread XI
QualityDoes Agile Defender allow an astrally projecting mage to use LOG instead of AGI for full defense?NoRules Thread XI
WeaponWhat ammo type can or cannot be hand loaded? Can I hand load assault cannon rounds? Grenades? Rockets? Flamethrower fuel? Peak discharge batteries? Yes I want big booms, sue me.Microgrenades yes, normal grenades no. As one is ammunition and the other is a throwing weapon. By RAW all firearm and heavy weapon ammo is legal.Rules Thread XI
MagicWhat is the object resistance of a Metahuman corpse, assuming I wanna Ham a spirit in there?

While we’re at it, what’s the resistance of a living Metahuman body, if I wanna possess it while it’s still fresh?

How is the damage track handled for possessed corpses?
A Metahuman Corpse would be 3 OR. As for… living bodies, refer to the possession mechanics of “force x 2 vs. Int+willpower”. For the time being in the case of a Homunculus spell use Body (So most cases it will be 3) as structure and Worn Armor as Armor and use the Barrier rules.Rules Thread XI
RiggerThe Harley Scorpion comes with Metahuman Adjustment (Troll). A human would have the -2 penalty to drive it correct? If they would be getting the penalty, could you buy one that is adjusted for human use?For the same cost as modifying a vehicle from human to troll Sized you can modify a vehicle from Troll to Human sized.Rules Thread XI
MagicWhen Astral Perceiving, you'd roll perception (astral if you specialized) to be able to see anything or if it was hiding and then if you wanted to read into it, you'd Assense, right?Assensing for bothRules Thread XI
MagicDoes block, parry and dodge work in the astral?Block and Parry both work off astral combat skill and your astral limit or weapon limit. There is no astral equivalent of gymnastics, and thus I don't see how dodge could work.Rules Thread XI
QualityWhen using "Perceptive Defender", the dodge limit is capped at your mental limit. But things like

Limbic state: "This system grants a +1 dice pool modifier and increases the Mental limit by its Rating when using Intuition-linked skills." And Practice, Practice, Practice: "Increase your limit by 1 in a single non-combat skill"

Let's say your mental limit is 6. For the sake of a defense test, with Practice and Limbic, would the cap be at 6, or at 10?
As of this ruling only specific bonuses to Perception (and that is perception in general not a specific perception like visual) or Acrobatics specifically can be use with Perceptive defender or Acrobatic. So in that case “Practice, Practice, Practice” (Perception) would count but limbics would not.Rules Thread XI
GearSo a question popped up about respirators and gasmasks. Can they be added to the same helmet and switched from one to the other, or can you only have one of them in a helmet at a time?You can use both. Don't think about it!Rules Thread XI
MagicDo you need a fetish for each limited spell or only one fetish for all the limited spells?You need to buy a seperate fetish for each limited spell. You may, however, carry them as one fetish. A common example is to have each fetish be a page in a book. You still must buy each page individually but you can just have them function as one object. If a page gets torn out, that fetish gets separated from the others!Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan a program carrier load drone autosofts?NoRules Thread XI
AugmentationDose Kamikaze in a chemical gland conflict with muscle toner and augmentation?Muscle toner can’t combine with augs. Drugs aren’t augs. That it comes from a gland doesn’t make the drug an aug, so no. Kamigland doesn’t trigger the “incompatible with augmentations that …” line.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationDoes Critical strike: Unarmed, apply to only pure unarmed, or any attacks that use the Unarmed Skill (like how critical strike: Blades applies to any Blade skill using attack)?Critical Strike applies when using Unarmed weapons but Critical Strike does not apply to cyberweapons.Rules Thread XI
Resonancecould I use skinlink and a touch attack to hack in melee combat?SureRules Thread XI
CombatCRB states if Physical Overflow is exceeded you die. This is all it says on the matter, and no errata changes it as far as I can find.

Do you get knocked unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated when you enter physical overflow? do you keep moving until you bleed out? does a pain editor keep you going if the former is true? Here's the wording that might suggest that you do not in fact go unconscious, from Will to Live "For each rating point in Will to Live, the character gains 1 additional Damage Overflow Box (p. 101). These additional boxes only allow the character to sustain additional damage before dying; they do not raise the threshold at which the character becomes unconscious or incapacitated, nor do they affect modifiers from the damage the character has taken" which applies to stun damage, as you become unconscious/incapacitated when your stun track overflows to physical. As per both Adrenaline Pump and Pain Editor bioware "While the pump is active, you ignore injury modifiers and don’t fall unconscious, even if your Stun Condition Monitor is filled"

"this allows you to ignore all injury modifiers, and you even stay conscious when your Stun Condition Monitor is completely full. You feel no pain—you’re blissfully, dangerously, recklessly unaware of the extent of damage you’ve taken without either performing a self-examination (Observe In Detail action) or being informed by a biomonitor (p. 450)"
Page 100 in CRB states “Every character has a Condition Monitor that tells the player how much Physical and Stun damage they can take before falling unconscious.” it is a little annoying that there isn’t an “unconscious” state but assume that the character cannot act when unconscious except for “Dead Man’s Trigger” 197 CRB. The effects of “Exceeding the condition Modifiers” on 169 CRB play out as normalRules Thread XI
AugmentationRegarding an FLR with 1 Agi 1 strength in meat.

Pg 455-456 or CRB Cyberlimbs have their own Strength and Agility rat- ings. When a particular limb is used for a test (such as leading an attack with your cyberarm), use the attribute for that limb (natural or cyber); in any other case, take the average value of all limbs involved in the task. If a task requires the careful coordination of several limbs, use the value of the weakest limb.

For the purposes of the last line is the torso considered a limb? If so seeing as all tasks requiring the whole body would require "coordination of several limbs" would that mean that if a task requires the torso that you default to the torso STR/AGI instead of the average for everything?
Use the average.Rules Thread XI
RiggerI was wondering if we could get a ruling of if we could change out the kits on drones that have toolkits in them, like the microweave spider or the proletarian drones. At the moment RAW we can't. (being able to stick medkits where toolkits were before inside a drone would also be helpful, but that might be wishful thinking)You may.Rules Thread XI
MagicI would like to ask for another ruling on if alchemist can use capsule round preps

My Argument is this: If the worry is that you can cast multiple spells easier than you could otherwise i would like to point to throwing knife barrage. An alchemist could easily land multiple knives in a turn due to barrages bonuses and a high base dice pool. The only difference between barrage and a gun is that you get some extended range and more ap (which ap is irrelevant to an alchemist because of the bullet dealing little damage on its own). And if your worried about burst fire there is an easy way to solve that, not all bullets hit in a burst so if ya wish to balance it have only one prep hit per burst thus discouraging abusing it due to the large cost of fire multiple rounds.

If this point is not sufficient then may I please have a detailed answer on why this is not allowed in the game for future reference. (I. E. if my argument is crap tell me and I will shut up about it)
Sure. Alchemy and boolets is a tricky subject because it just is a straight DV upgrade on a gun. While it takes its own skill, it still is really intense and especially on high DV guns with autofire kinda nutso. The reason Alchemy is kosher on bows and throwing weapons is that these are hard to use and while they are strong without alchemy they are something that requires more investment and focus than just eating a minor DV penalty on your firearm and calling it a day. The DV loss on capsule rounds is not really that intense. If you can just cram a fireball into your capsule ammo loaded with a strong drug like neurastun or narcojet+DSMO or whatever, there is literally no reason to not do that. Lowering that gateway helps make the mage-mundane divide worse by making a major DV upgrade even more accessible to mages.Rules Thread XI
RiggerIF you where to add optimization to a limb for piloting. Would it add to handling of a vehicle your in due to the fact that handling is considered a limit for tests?Yes, for the same reason it improves it for weapons.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationIs there a cost to installing/removing ware inside/outside a run? Is a purchase required? What about time requirements?Rules for upgrading ware can be found here.

Upgrading Ware Upgrading Grades

We use RAW Gear Acquisition rules which can be found on 418 of the CRB your contacts can help with this refer to our Contact rules
Rules Thread XI
SocialPage 151 CA

Use Logic in place of Charisma for Diplomacy tests.

What constitutes a Diplomacy test?
Any test that uses the diplomacy spec in negotiation. So not for haggling or shopping, but for trying to change someone's mind about an issue, or get them to see your side, or otherwise like you better.Rules Thread XI
MagicDoes the Concealment power effect Assencing and/or Ewar? As written it only effects perceptionEWar as you’re implying is substituting EWar w/sensors in Perception checks, so it should conceal against that (because you’re still doing a Perception check, just with a skill substitution). However, it doesn’t work at all on assensing (which is Not Perception, or a perception check). I believe it is UNLIKE spells (see: improved invis) in that it shouldn’t light you up in astral space, but it won’t actually hinder astrally observing entities (spirits or assensing mages) at all.Rules Thread XI
MatrixAre there any restrictions on actions that can be set to run on a device on boot with the Bootstrap program?GM Fiat. GMs are encouraged to allow good faith creativityRules Thread XI
AdeptLike how adapsin can be applied to existing cyberware on the NET, can Burnout's Way be applied to augments you already have? or is it exclusively augments received after getting the qualityBurnouts way applies to all augments you haveRules Thread XI
WeaponWhat mod slots does the carbine have?Side/Stock/Barrel/TopRules Thread XI
RiggerAlright. If i have a drone of reasonably small size (mini or smal) with say cyberarm, can i carry said drone on my back like a bagpack?Sure. Remember though even small drones are heavy though and a GM may rightfully point out carrying capacity may be an issue.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationDoes the body increase from bone density/bone lacing in regards to soaking damage apply for fatigue tests? this is more sudden curiosity rather than "asking for my character's sake"Fatigue damage CRB172 is stun, resisted without any armor. So bone lacing fails two counts (physical damage and armor). Bone density actually DOES somehow help by RAW as its global damage resistance tests (stun or phys, and no mention of armor). Bone density: Yes. Bone lacing: No.Rules Thread XI
SocialCon is a social skill modified by the "social skills modifiers table" (CRB 138, 140, 141).

The standard skill check is Con+Cha [Social] v Con+Cha [Social]. By RAW, it appears I've been using Judge Intentions wrong (since starting to play 5e) and have recently seen people being bludgeoned by the specific text for JI by way of saying it in no way can reveal a Con success or be used to notice lies or deceit. The RAW for JI is CRB 152. "Reading another person is also a matter of instinct. A character can use their instincts to guess at the intentions of another person or to gauge how much they can trust someone. Make an Opposed Intuition + Charisma Test against the target’s Willpower + Charisma. This is not an exact science. A successful test doesn’t mean the target will never betray you (intentions have been known to change), and deceptive characters can gain another’s confidence easily. This primarily serves as a benchmark or gut instinct about how much you can trust the person you are dealing with." I've had nearly every GM on Shadownet (and nearly every player in a formal room), when confronted by lies, to 'counter con' (the normal Con+Cha opposed check), or to Judge Intentions (generally Int+Cha vs. the original hits of the Con test). This does not apply the literal text, or the literal roll called out in Judge Intentions of Int+Cha v Wil+Cha. I believe the intent is to give some reasonable chance for people who are not themselves well trained in deception to have some insight they're being lied to. Results of JI have been phrased along the lines of "He's lying and he knows he's lying" for a drastic win on the defender side, to "He's telling the truth but there's something weird here" for a small success by the defender (where the con is lying by omission or similar techniques).

Is this alternative defense/resist/check of Judge Intentions to sub for defender Con+Cha[Social] in any way supported on the NET, or a pure house rule that has crept into common usage (and that this thread will answer)? I have been unable to find any thread or ruling referencing this topic directly.
By RAW it is Con v. Con you are more than welcome to ask your GM if you can roll JI and most will be fine with it. As for it being used in RP rooms as long as everyone involved with it is cool play on.Rules Thread XI
Weaponcan Close Quarter Firearms (Pistol) apply to Machine PistolsYes, if fired *as* a pistol. Meaning using the pistols skill and on single shot.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you make called shots with the Ares sonic screech rifle?Yes! Note that it uses shotgun choke rules so if used on too wide a choke you may not make called shots.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationSo looking for some, real quick explanation here. You said, and I quote "Augmax is actually racial max +4" Does that mean that my agility one human character can get Muscle Replacement r4, and then take Kami for a +6 to their strength, and be sitting at 7?Errata 4 from the top makes it pretty clear. For sanity's sake, “the maximum bonus for an attribute is always +4, unless specifically excepted.”.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationWhat augments and adept powers stack with Spurs

More specifically bone density/lacing

Considering that density and lacing would add to the mass of the attack, I feel like the bonus of the damage should apply to it. But it probably doesn't, so asking here
Unfortunately bone density and lacing do not assist spursRules Thread XI
RiggerIs gridlink a standard mod on all vehicles?As of a Fex ruling yesRules Thread XI
GearIs there any reason why ghost boxes are banned? They don't do anything besides give excuses to make up convincing cons.They lack a mechanic to resist their nebulous effects. They are sort of a non item that instantly put GMs on the spotRules Thread XI
CombatCalled shot pin says "If Your DV exceeds the targets clothing armor rating they become pinned with a threshold equal to net hits" that's uh, paraphrasing. Do the net hits add to the DV for the purposes of determining this? Does AP modify it? The text doesn't say (p. 111 Run and Gun)How has this question never been answered? Concder the answer I’m about to give a “For now” answer it may change at a later date.

AP does modify the targets armor and Net hits on your attack test modify your DV as well.

It would have to otherwise only trolls would be able to reliably Pin people in armored Jackets.
Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan drones be equipped with cyberware other than that found in cyberlimbs? more specifically headware, like Junkyard JawDrones cannot take augmentations, Drone arms can take augmentations that can go into appropriate cyberlimbs.

Junkyard Jaws have a capacity cost and therefore can be installed into a Drone arm.

So short answer is yes, long answer is Yes you can have a Jaw in a Drone Arm.
Rules Thread XI
Resonancecan you diagnostics Nanites? (The limbic/neurocortex kind specifically).If they can run wireless, meaning hard nanites, sure. Remember diagnostics only works on wireless gear. So have fun with your wireless nanites! As a personal note, because diagnostics is under a teamwork limit your likely better off diagnosticing something less personally risky.Rules Thread XI
MatrixIs it possible to purchase multiple Configurator programs and store them, inactive, on a cyberdeck, with different configurations stored?NoRules Thread XI
QualityDoes the narcoject trackstopper’s attack’s penalty to enemy AGI reduce their full defense pool with agile defender? Does every attack stack with the previous one? When the enemy is incapacitated can they take defense tests?The Penalty is to the targets Agility any roll that uses Agility is affectedRules Thread XI
MagicWhat happens when you put a Mage Mask on a mage that is already astrally projecting? Does it interrupt their projection, prevent them from returning to their body, or not have any effect until they return to their body (or something else that I didn't think of)?Mage mask doesn’t stop Projection it just makes it more difficult so masking someone who is already projecting doesn’t affect them until they return to their bodies.Rules Thread XI
SkillThrowing another thing: I think Missile Mastery should be ruled to apply to bolas. They are throwing weapons, being an exotic skill doesnt change the fact you throw them at people (And they are not grenades which are the group of throwing weapons that doesnt work with Missile Mastery)Missile Mastery does not apply to Bolas, unfortunatelyRules Thread XI
Resonanceif you use skinlink/similar to direct connect to a device, could you have a sprite utilize that connection to affect the device?I am going to say yes for sanity's sake.Rules Thread XI
MagicAs requested, posting this question here: What is the delineation between the apparent multiple definitions of 'Awakened' in the book? While some sources target mages and adepts specifically, other usages such as that for Initiation simply require the presence of a Magic attribute, in addition to the frequent references to "Awakened from" in the description of Para-critters in Howling Shadows.Awakened would be anything with active magic use (adept powers, or one of the three magical skill groups available) with creatures simply possessing a magic rating and critter powers as Magical but not as Awakened.Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan Swarm be run on devices other than an RCC? does it change the effects of Swarm?You can only run Swarm on an RCC.Rules Thread XI
MagicQuestions regarding Artificing and SG.

Do the SG 230 Artifact upgrading rules overwrite the NET upgrading rules in this case? Can you make a New foci and pay the difference in value according to the NET upgrade rules? Would that require you to rebind at full cost or just the differance in cost?

Also furthermore can you use a Service contact to do the Artisan check for you as part of the "THE ROLE OF THE ARTISAN SKILL AND ENCHANTING" section on page 224 of SG
Use Net Upgrade rules. We have them in place specifically to not punish incremental upgrades in any way. Having contacts with artisan skills allows you to fluff a nicer focus, but is not required. You simply must pay the difference and pass an avail check for the new item.Rules Thread XI
Magicif you throw a throwing weapon using the fling spell, is the limit of the test the accuracy of the weapon or the force/ reagents spent on the spell?

do you use your magic instead of your str to determine range?

would personalized grip still work to affect the limit?
> if you throw a throwing weapon using the fling spell, is the limit of the test the accuracy of the weapon or the force/ reagents spent on the spell?

Your physlimit is still the accuracy. Nerd mages can go home. > do you use your magic instead of your str to determine range? Yes, explicitly so. > would personalized grip still work to affect the limit?

Yes. Try not to think about it too hard!
Rules Thread XI
MagicHustling the Mark (154p CA) it says " If you fail this test, you gain a +2 dice pool modifer on your next Con or Negotiation test against the same target." As the point of it is to fake failing so you get them at the end, should that mean if you succeed? If you cast the Incubus Spell (153p CA) If a person failed the test, would they think what they see is out of a place for the area (i mean seeing someone with no clothing on would be odd but it does make them friendly so maybe they don't notice it in that way)Hustling the mark you must FAIL the action to gain the +2 on the next test.

"Failed" in this context is could "Fail" to cast the which point the spell has no effect, the target could successfully resist the spell and see through the illusion but the target can't "Fail" to see the illusion they are either under the effects or aren't, and if they are under the effects of that spell and become "The target’s attitude toward the caster becomes friendly (p. 140, SR5).".

I hope this answered your question if not feel free to message me on discord or add the question to the new thread.
Rules Thread XI
MagicSo, I was musing about a Shapechange build that lets me turn into a massive blue whale. The only thing I'm aware of that comes close to that is the Meistersinger, an awakened blue whale (Howling Shadows, p66). As per RAW, you cannot shapechange into awakened or paranormal critters. Spieo suggested to ask here, so here I am. Would it be possible to change into paranormal critters (which are based on or close to normal animals), with the caveat of removing all their magical and paranormal abilities and treating them as a mundane animal? Also, does manipulating your body with Increase/Decrease Attribute count for the body requirement of Shapechange, or will that always use your unbuffed Body?I’m going to say no to the Meistersinger based on the 28/12 CM, please feel free to re ask the question when we get a new Rules head. Use Unbuffed, otherwise Mages can “Double buff” themselves buy buffing becoming an animal and buffing again.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationSo how does the capacity on liminal body centaur work? It has 80, and some people were saying each leg takes up 20 of that capacity, but that doesn't make any sense. Legs don't have capacity cost. Also, once the liminal body has been added, does it add to the augmented average?Legs don’t have a Capacity Cost and the Centaur Liminal body says “the user’s lower half is replaced by a cybernetic steed. Four-legged and swift,” so the Liminal body comes with 4 legs and 80 Capacity.Rules Thread XI
MagicDoes reach work in the astral?YesRules Thread XI
ContactWhat, if any, powers can a Group Contact take? (Like from Made Man) What dice do they use (Gear Contacts is the assumption here, since they roll for gear)As a temporary holdover you are free to treat Group Contacts as a 'transforming' contact that can become any contact type with any power set logical for them to have. You must decide before the run meeting, and its locked that way for the run.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationImplant Medic is a nanite system (CF 147) applied to augmentations. The cost is listed as 10% of the implant cost. 1) Like all nanite systems, they require a hard nanohive if you want them to be permanent, correct? 2) Is the cost assessed by the augment's base cost, or the quality-modified cost? I assume the latter, but want to confirm. In that it's transient without a hive, it might be reasonable to be the former, but I honestly don't know. 3) Does it apply to all installed subcomponents inside the implant? Example: Cyber-ear w/tranlsat ear. Since the translat has a wireless function, it could be attacked (and it's DR 2, so bricking it isn't hard). Does the Ear's implant medic if present repair the translat? 4) Related to the above, a modular connector on an ear allows you to hook connector-modified gear (say, a bug scanner) for hands-free normal operation. If the above ear (cyber ear, implant medic, modular connector, translat ear) had a gear attached to it that had wireless functionality (ex: R6 bug scanner with the connector modification), could the bug scanner be repaired by the implant medic if it took matrix damage and was connected via the modular connector in the implant?1) Correct

2) It is the total cost of the implant. That means quality modded and the components as well. If you upgrade you can pay the difference as a 'booster shot.' 3) It works for all components.

4) I am going to call this as a yes if you pay for the modular connection.
Rules Thread XI
MagicCan you use shapechange to turn into toxic critters? The non-magical ones obviously Like a pandamoniumIf a critter completely lacks Magic or Resonance scores, it’s ‘mundane’. So it should work by RAW. This makes me exceptionally uncomfortable however, and I believe it would NOT be allowed due to bans on Toxic Things (for PCs). So I think the correct approach would be a combined “Yes” but also add Toxic/Mutant critters on the banned list for PCs. So only NPC shapeshifters can do it.Rules Thread XI
Adeptcan you get adept power enhancements/qualities with certain power requirements, if you have the power in a qi focus?Yes. If you lose the qi foci or turn it off the power goes away too.Rules Thread XI
WeaponIn the text for the Remington Roomsweeper (crb 427) it says it uses shotgun rules but heavy pistol ranges. To clarify, does this mean it uses the Pistols or Longarms active skill?Pistols it is a heavy pistol.Rules Thread XI
Skillcan you get a specialty for Software in complex forms in general, or only in specific complex forms?By Complex form.Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan we unstupid the autosoft rules?

By which I mean, can we acknowledge that the Rigger 5.0 line: "Remember also that an autosoft is designed for only a single drone; you cannot slot a Clearsoft autosoft designed for an Aztechnology Crawler into an Evo Proletarian. (Well, you can; it just doesn’t do anything.)" is almost certainly an editing error and only autosofts indicated as such are model specific?

Asside from it being brutal on drone skillsets, there is an argument to be made that said paragraph is simply refering to the pre-existing [model] rules in the CRB and simply gave a poor example. (iR5 does have notoriously bad editing.)
Agreed. This is a low impact houserule at worst that has a low 'cost' to folks not being aware of it. No one is going to be upset they get an autosoft refund!Rules Thread XI
Drugscan you have a controlled release chemgland containing stim patches? Or would that need to be in a cybergland, since you manually fill those?I assume you mean an Internal Release Chemical Gland which functions as an Auto-injector so sure.Rules Thread XI
Gear259 CRB states that a Keypad Maglock can be bypassed by "rewiring the circuits—another Locksmith + Agility [Physical] (Maglock Rating x 2, 1 Combat Turn) Extended Test." or with use of a Sequencer.

As written only Keypads have this work around each other kind requiring a seperate kind of work around. Can this extended test be use on any other kind of Maglock? Traceless walk work on Motion Sensors? as a Sanity check thing 146 CRB about forgery. "Data-based forgeries, like credsticks, documents, and SINs, don’t really hold up well to scrutiny, what with information being so readily available. They can appear almost identical to the original, but any attempt to get it to act like the original (transfer nuyen, pass a SIN check, etc.) reveals the forgery."

So the forgery skill can only be used to make something that LOOKS like a SIN right? if it gets checked it is clearly a fake?
Each type of lock can have specific mechanics… CRB 359 lists locks by type. The rewire option is under keypad locks, not the others, so isn’t available for the others.

No. Traceless walk only protects you from making sound from contact with the floor and penalize hearing based Perception tests. Motion sensors aren’t either of those (and the things that are covered (ground vibration and pressure sensors) are specifically listed as things affected, unlike motion sensors).

As distinct from a Fake SIN, or a certified credstick, correct. So you could forge a SIN, but even a R1 scanner will immediately show it to be fake if checked. Likewise, you could forge an ebony credstick (with or without a balance in the millions), but if it’s checked, it’s revealed.
Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you add DMSO to toxins fired from the gas gun?Yup standard toxin rules applyRules Thread XI
AugmentationCan you get plasteel/ceramic components as a modification to cyberspurs?SureRules Thread XI
DrugDoes the drug Neostigmine on page 19 of bullets and bandages help an individual getting nerve striked?Neostigmine only effects the Paralysis effect, Nerve strike does Paralyse but it also Incapacitates as per "Decrease Attribute" 288 CRB.

"If a Physical Attribute is reduced to 0, the victim is incapacitated and paralyzed."

So Neostigmine can be used to reduce the duration of the Paralysis but does not help you regain your attributes back meaning you are still incapacitated.
Rules Thread XI
SkillCan harpoon guns benefit from the crossbow specialization for Archery? If not could you get a spec in using them?You can spec specifically into harpoons.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you called shot vitals with the MCT/Winchester-Howe Hornet, since it behaves like a hail of bullets rather than explosives?Treat as regular bulletsRules Thread XI
MatrixHow does Configurator interact with the Quick Config qualityIt doesn't. You can quick config the configurator out, but you must wait till you take the reconfigure action againRules Thread XI
ResonanceSustaining a complex form isn't an action correct?

If that's correct, how does it (or does it not) interact with the Resonance Riding Echo (which explicitly allows resonance actions.)

If it doesn't interact with Resonance Riding, does that make it impossible to sustain a complex form while using mundane electronics or does that mean you can sustain a complex form while using mundane electronics regardless of wether or not you have it?
Correct, You may continue to sustain forms while resonance riding.Rules Thread XI
MatrixWhen is the layout for a Configurator program chosen?When you online the programRules Thread XI
DrugIf you have Zero in a gradual release chemical gland (as I cannot find anything that says you can't put it in one), does it count as "administered in a medical environment" for purposes of additional effects?The additional effects of Zero require medical facilities and the drug to be administered by a doctor seeing as the drug is being “Administered” by the gland itself you won't get the bonus.Rules Thread XI
RiggerFor remote control of a drone, do you use the average agility from cyberlimbs? or can you use the agility of a specific armIn the case of Remote Control use the riggers stats

In the case of a drone being issued a command to fire it on its own use the same rules as an FLR character, it is up to a GM.

A 1 handed weapon will most likely use the arms agility, 2 handed will use either average of both, whole body would use average
Rules Thread XI
MagicDo martial arts work in the astral?In general no if they relate to new actions or called shots one can't take on the astral. Martial arts that are generic enhancements, such as kick or multiple opponent defense however do still work.Rules Thread XI
QualityAcording to besker rage, It say all bonuses and penalties become +2, do they become positives in regards to all stats become +2? Or is it the respected positives and negatives become 2 in their field positive 2 and negative 2.The penalties get worse, however you can decide to not use Berserker Rage at all.Rules Thread XI
CombatSplitting the pool with FA attacks reduces the defence modifier of the target to (bullets used)-1. If I am wielding two FA capable weapons and split the pool at two targets, does this apply?Yes. If you fire 10 bullets at each defender each defender will take (Bullets-1) from their defense test. Be aware of the ruling on Recoil from page 175 “When making multiple firearm attacks in a single Action Phase, calculate the total recoil penalty based on the bullets to be fired that round and remove it from your dice pool before splitting the pool for the multiple attacks.”Rules Thread XI
MagicCould refined reagents be allowed, solely for the use of creating magical compounds?And.Could radical reagents be allowed solely for the use in creating inanimate vesselsBoth are granted! You just can't craft them or use them outside of creating objects or reducing index! None of this 'super extra special reagent for casting' nonsense. We may open up crafting later, but for now reagent crafting, and supporting items, are not allowed.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationDoes turning off cyberears or having select sound filter provide immunity or bonus resistance dice (for sound filter) against sound based abilities like Paralyzing howl, Kiai, etc? What about damaging attacks like Sonic screech rifle?It offers the same protection that select sound filters do, which varies from attack method to attack method.Rules Thread XI
MagicCan touch preps be stored in an autoinjector, without going off before being injected?NoRules Thread XI
ResonanceCan a Technomancer with MMRI make use of either Control Rig Booster or Control Rig Optimization?Yes! This is one of those 'don't think too hard about it' moments.Rules Thread XI
CombatCan you burn edge to smackdown tests like fatigue, defense, surprise, etc? I'm asking this since we have rules for smackdown-ing soak in the player rules section?You can smackdown fatigue in a similar way to smackdowning a soak test. Smackdowning a defense test means you get 5 net hits automatically, same with surprise. If for some reason an attack and defense test are both smackdown'ed, abort the infinite recursive loop as a grazing hit on page 173Rules Thread XI
AugmentationGetting flare compensation in a cybereye, or "in a retinal modification" lowers the penalty for a flash-pak to -1 does Improved Sense Flare Compensation count as a "in a cybereye or in a retinal modification" even though it's magic. IMO the reason the aug version lowers it even further is that it's part of the eye itself, as opposed to simply resting on top of (or something like that).As written it is only the installed flarecomp that reduces the penalty to -1, no it doesn’t make sense.Rules Thread XI
MagicDoes a bound spirit have to be materialized for the aid sorcery or aid alchemy service if the summoner is casting the spell or making the achemical prep in the material plane?Yes, as this is 'affecting the material plane.'Rules Thread XI
AugmentationCan multiple smuggling compartment augmentations be considered to form one larger compartment if installed in the same "location" (like for example in a centaur liminal body)?As per a ruling way back here For now I will be saying No to the combining of multiple Large smuggling compartments, however I suggest rethreading when we get a new Rules head.Rules Thread XI
QualityWith berserker rage 169 SG do the penalties become bonuses or are they worse?They get worse! You can elect to not use the ability, however!Rules Thread XI
MagicWhen rolling initiation do runners have to roll Arcana still to initiate?As per a Fex ruling an Ordeal replaces the Arcana roll.Rules Thread XI
PowerIs Shifter's shift power a sustained power that drops when knocked unconscious?“it remains in its current form until it decides to shift back.”sounds good to me big up to Rouge for that one.Rules Thread XI
WeaponDoes a folded-down PSK-3 (R&G p.32) count as a holdout pistol (-4) or a light pistol (-2) in terms of its concealability modifier for storing in a skin pocket?

Also, what's the concealability of a magazine / extended magazine? about the same size as a knife (-2)?

The HK Urban Combat (R&G p.36) says that it "is unable to accept further modifications," but does this include accessories such as Personalized Grip, Custom Look, and other mods/accessories that don't actually take up a slot?
1) Holdout

2) Ammo clips are -4! Extended we can call a -2

3) Sure yertz it out!
Rules Thread XI
MagicOkay, so. If i were to know spells (due to being a 'full' mage as in magician or mysad) and then lost spellcasting due to Dedicated Conjurer, would the spirit be able to use Innate Spell?I am going to say no, they can't use innate spell.Rules Thread XI
CombatSwarm dice bonuses only apply to "actions" by RAW and dogpjing and resisting aren't considered actions so does that mean you don't get the swarm benefit while dodging.Swarms do not get defensive benefits. The swarm does not become harder to hit by having more targets!Rules Thread XI
WeaponWould personalised grip apply to a turret mounted weapon meant for remote firing? Can a rigger use a smart soft or something to control a turret mounted weapon attached to the vehicle they are jumped into? It makes zero sense for it to require an implant/contacts in the eyes when the eyes are completely bypassed.Would personalised grip apply to a turret mounted weapon meant for remote firing?

Yes. Don't think about it too hard. It makes zero sense for it to require an implant/contacts in the eyes when the eyes are completely bypassed.

A lot of things don't make sense in this crazy, crazy world we pretend to live in. Luckily this does, and you MUST use the program, not your meat eyes.
Rules Thread XI
RiggerDo drone limbs have their current/max attributes determined by current body/pilot, or default body/pilot?CurrentRules Thread XI
AugmentationWhen a shifter changes will geneware get ejected from the body?It will not as of a Fex ruling.Rules Thread XI
AdeptIf you where to attune to an XM30...Does it apply to only one version? Or do all the varriants get attuned to because of the nature of the weapon?All variants are attuned.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan the Krime trollbow be used to overdraw past rating 10, since the bow itself goes past rating 10?Overdrawing only works on the Bow weapon.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you have Airburst Link on an under-barrel grenade launcher?YeRules Thread XI
AugmentationBased on the conversation in the Rules channel

are Geneware, and Deltware augments the only things not pushed out by regeneration?

or is only Deltware covered?
As per a Fex ruling Geneware does not get pushed out by Regen.Rules Thread XI
DrugDoes laesal wine/Laes/Lael trigger drug interactions?

and are they covered under the "no offensive drug use" or because they have actual resist mechanics, they can be used 'offensively'?

(Also with the rule of no offensive drug use, does that mean the effect of Forget-Me-Not that prevents memory drugs from effecting you is actually useless?)
Yes Lael does trigger drug interaction.

No Laes is not an exception to the “No Offensive drug use” rule.

I assume Forget-me-not is there so that if your character suspects mind magic or memory drugs he can take it ahead to be sure.
Rules Thread XI
MagicCan any of the animate spells target a corpse for animation?YesRules Thread XI
CombatIf someone is in ar and shooting a gun with remote, raw directly says on page 183 that you shoot with logic, but player rules says we're supposed to shoot with agi apparently. Frankly, thats dumb with remote, and i need to know which were going by.Player rules supercede the RAW rules.Rules Thread XI
QualityDoes the discount on gear for Made Man apply at gen?YesRules Thread XI

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