Scrubbing Out

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EVO Johnson hired the team to clean up a remote research facility in antarctica


Dredge(Stuttrboy), Revenant, Train Wreck, Goldie(Anthony), Tamp

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Dredge had his aura memorized by the security shaman, however all opfor were eliminated before EVO could get a debriefing agent over to have the aura mindnetted to them. negotiated for more money and expenses goldie did matrix searches, hacked facility through 10 noise Dredge turned astral scouting into an astral brawl team planned assault, had their contact drive them in to just outside short pulse radar range hiked 10km through the tundra dropped the patrol from stealth dynamic entried in, killing the rest of the security executed scientists, melted data storage, planted charges, turned facility to ash