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Reddit account: /u/SeeroftheNight

Discord: Star#5503



 Completed on
A Thaumaturgist's Night Out6 July 2018
Anarchy in a Bottle29 June 2019
Angels of GOD19 April 11 JL
Basics in Thaumaturgy22 September 2018
Draconic Origins10 November 2018
Free and Open Source26 August 2018
Lethal Code1 September 2018
Light of the World9 February 2019
Sanctuaries and Spirits6 August 2018
Spectral Justice6 January 2019
Starting Over From Zero29 September 2018
Things That Go Bump In the Night31 October 2018


I currently have no style guide. Some general principles I try to follow when GMing:

I work with the players, not against them.

I try to tell a larger story.

I tend not to be too harsh but I still believe in consequences for foolish or dangerous actions.