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Chummer Setup Instructions

(See Character Review Department for how to create a character.)

The chargen department recommends always using at least the most recent stable release of Chummer, with Nightly builds for the newest content and fixes also advised. To configure Chummer, follow the below instructions within the Options menu:

General Tab, Character and Printing:

  • Limbs for Standard Characters should be 5 (2 arms, 2 legs, torso).
  • Defaults for New Characters should be Sum to Ten (because Karma is banned and Priority is just a special case of Sum-to-Ten)
  • Enable Print Notes.

Optional Rules Tab:

  • Check the "ShadowNET Rules" box in the "Custom Data Directories to Use."

House Rules Tab:

  • Check "Use Cyberleg Stats for Movement"
  • Check "Allow skill points to be used to buy specializations for karma-bought skills"
  • Check "Allow characters to exceed their Negative Quality limit" and "Characters do not gain Karma from taking Negative Qualities in excess of their Gameplay Option's limit."

General Tab, Additional Sourcebooks to Use:

  • Save your options, then restart the client. At that point, you can "Toggle all Sourcebooks On/Off." Note that this will deliberately include any books too new for the ruleset to have incorporated; some may not be fully approved yet, and some may be banned on account of being in a foreign language.