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This refers to information one would gain by keeping up with gossip tossed around in the shadows.

Information Knowable By Shadow Community

HitsAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracyReferenceDate
7SolomonTrained in social infiltration with an unnaturally hard-to-spot-in-a-crowd manUnknowable Truth95All Men Must Serve2017-10-07
4GaroSomehow landed a taser shot that had enough power to one-hit kill a RoadmasterManabolt99All Men Must Serve2017-10-07
2Jack WireQuite the competent infiltrator. I do wish he could sit still for more than a minute though.Goldfinch100Black and White2017-05-28
3Jack WireReally good Face. 10/10 would work with again.Angel100Black and White2017-05-28
3GreaseBit of an asshole, but damn is he good at his job!Angel30Black and White2017-05-28
4Alfred PeltierSeems like this J is doing some blood mage hunting. He's being rather coy about it however.Goldfinch85Black and White2017-05-28
1GreaseSmooth as butter. Has some weird hobbies.Jack Wire100Black and White2017-05-28
3GoldfinchAs always, excellent with all things Matrix. Pretty much qualifies as stand-in for Shiki's Binary Switch taxAngel100Black and White2017-05-28
1AngelDoesn't like getting paid.Jack Wire10Black and White2017-05-28
5Adam BellHe murdered everyone on a black-ops site in Amazonas. He also mind-hacked the security spiderSmogg99Bonny Sailor Boy I2017-05-25
5Adam BellHe murdered all passengers on a space shuttleSmogg99Bonny Sailor Boy II2017-06-11
5Adam BellHe murdered all security and analysts on a black-ops space station and enslaved the security AISmogg99Bonny Sailor Boy III2017-06-23
3AngelShould have asked for more moneyJawbreaker36I Like The Rain2017-05-25
5Sea-TacThose guys are a bunch of idiotsJawbreaker80I Like The Rain2017-05-25
4Adam BellI think you'll find that I have the power to enforce my demandsAdam Bell100It's Aviation Time, And All I Do Is Fly2019-08-04
3JawbreakerShould have asked for more money while he was facing!Angel30Jawbreaker Should Have Asked For More Money
5GoldfinchSeems like he's starting to make plans for something big. Passed me the contact info for some corp guy, even he said he has no clue what's his deal, only that he's making him an interesting offer.Joe Schmo100Joe Schmo
4Adam BellHe likes to punch people through their heartSmogg90Luna, Luna2018-10-06
3HumanisThere are a few orks who actively support Humanis scum. Brothers, its time to weed these traitors outJawbreaker80Nazi Punks Fuck Off!2017-04-30
6Adam BellHe murdered a Mr. Johnson involved in destruction of a target in spaceSmogg80Red-Hot2017-08-12
4Adam BellHe is a superhuman murderous technomancer matrix illusionist enhanced by alien nanotechSmogg59Red-Hot2017-08-12
1Binary SwitchBinary Switch is an SK runnerHerr Brackhaus95Rumor/Binary Switch Is an SK Runner
5OttoOtto is still alive and is probably hiding somewhere in the BarrensJawbreaker50Seattle Municipal Code - Section 222017-05-24
3Yarsack IronmasterProperly paid the runners for their work, with no problems on either sideFixers100Speak The Word2017-05-21
3AlibiWe killed a pair of martial artist twins, in honorable melee combat. They seemed to be bred as the living keys to the vault, probably earned the eternal wrath of their family.Jawbreaker80Temperature2017-07-16
3Iron ChefShe sent me a cake with a design of Rex melting in green acid, as the icingJawbreaker100The Devil's Right Hand2017-05-04
5Devil's hand JohnsonThere was likely never any gun, Rex was likely a good person and the J is probably a Humanis supporterJawbreaker50The Devil's Right Hand2017-05-04
2BaelifeHe betrayed me, his own fixer. He even called up in advance to boast.Emfaelor Padi100The Great Escape2016-12-04
3Skull Island JohnsonGuy is a massive dick, tries to hurry you and get you on his plane as a negotiation tactic, and tries to avoid paying The Switch TaxShiki70The Lost World2017-05-12
3AngelTerrible mage that endangered the runShiki30The Lost World2017-05-12
3AngelActively detrimental to the missionGaro20The Lost World2017-05-12
4Draco FoundationWe handed them a pair of blood mages for free. One was a fragging serial killerJawbreaker70The Rain It Pours2017-06-07