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Gender Female
Race Elf, Japanese
Aura Type Mystic Adept
Essence 6.0
Primary Role Swordswoman
Secondary Role Decker
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Jre2

Summary for GMs


Magical swordsman that strikes enemies on a more fundamental level than mere physical blows, implemented via astral combat and astral gateways.

Notable Qualities

  • Superhuman Psychosis + Mentor Spirit (Thunderbird) + Did You Just Call Me Dumb?
  • Spirit Champion
  • Solid Rep (Yakuza)
  • Social Appearance Anxiety (SAA) 3 + Creature of Comfort (High)

Not mechanical but roleplayed qualities:

  • Revels in Murder: "What do you desire most?" "A really good murder."
  • Distinctive Style: She's always in formal attire except when in FBA or doing Hawaiian Shirt runs.
  • Favored (Fanatic, Physical Barrier Spell) + Prejudiced (Radical, Levitate Spell): "Everyone has an opinion on the best spell, but I'm the only one that's correct"
  • Favored (Fanatic, Blades): "Swords > all"
  • Prejudiced (Outspoken, Matrix Specialists not on an extremely short list): "Unless, immediately upon meeting, they apologize for not being Binary Switch"
  • Favored (Biased, Food that was given for free): "It just tastes better". Possibly because it signals respect, or maybe even she doesn't know why.



Born to an ancient family of demon hunters, Shiki was not only trained in the traditional female arts (eg. koto, naginata, calligaphy, dance, etc) but also in the family's particular style of combat, which consists primarily of techniques that rely on self suggestion and magical enhancement.

She lived alone but with financial assistance from her family, until one day she suddenly awoke in a parking lot with severe muscle atrophy and no memory of her family ties nor their techniques. Moments after, she recalled a plan to use a powerful self suggestion to temporally displace her own memories and then cripple her muscle mass as a desperate measure to hide and protect herself from a dangerous enemy. Arming herself with a fallen nearby knife, she left the lot and began a new life as a shadowrunner.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Black haired female elf wearing a furred red leather jacket over a kimono. Natural eye color is black, but they become red-in-blue when she has killing intent. Wears one or two swords at her side (one much more decadent).
  • Astral form: Similar to her physical appearance but has more formal pure white kimono and loses the jacket.
  • Astral signature: A separating taiji
  • Matrix persona: ???
  • Styles and symbols known for: An unusual style of dress (very formable yet combat ready), swords


Despises other murderers not because of any moral qualms, but out of jealousy; the fact that they were able to act on their murderous desires whereas she has to constrain her own. Additionally, she hates massacres and acts of slaughter, but only on the grounds that they are wasteful and prove the person in question doesn't properly respect killing ("like ordering five steaks when one will do").

Views spirits as ancestors that should be respected in accordance with their age and power.


(TODO: figure out how to annotate these so GMs can easily search for run hooks)


(TODO: figure out how to annotate these so GMs can easily search for run hooks)

Great Deeds

  • (TODO: should these be listed here or on separate pages for each deed?)


  • The Space Mage
  • The Astral Assassin
  • The Slayer of Baelife

Important People and Things Murdered

  • Defeated one of the Ancient Evils of the 4th world. AKA The Kung-Fu Spider
  • Defeated a second Ancient Evil. The Frost Giant.
  • Moved a Great Form Blood Spirit out an airlock, in space.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: Emfaelor Padi



Notable Techniques

The Shiki Special

Notable Possessions

Arayashiki, Muramasa


NameSIN RatingSIN TypeIssued by
Altrouge Brunestud6Corporate FullSaeder-Krupp
Shiki Nanaya4NationalUnited Canadian and American States
Akiha Tohno2NationalUnited Canadian and American States


DateNameWorked With
12 May 2017 06:44:00The Lost WorldShiki
28 May 2017 23:30:00Angels of DeathManabolt

Facts and Fictions

Titles and Great Deeds

Things said and known about them

WhatWho SaidViaThresholdAccuracyReference
Stabbed GaroUnknowable Truth0100The Lost World

Things they said or know about

Skull Island JohnsonGuy is a massive dick, tries to hurry you and get you on his plane as a negotiation tactic, and tries to avoid paying The Switch TaxShadow Community370The Lost World
Skull IslandMana disbursement is messed up based on studying the effects of Mana StaticMatrix Search6100The Lost World
AngelTerrible mage that endangered the runShadow Community330The Lost World

Quotes Involving Them

Said ByAboutWhat
ToasterShiki"Ok so Shiki, what is it you desire most?" "A really good murder"
ToasterShiki“Ok so Shiki what is it you desire most?” “A really good murder.”

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