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PetHey, I like cats. Can my cats have more than one tail? Specifically normal tails, but prehensiles won't be hated on! yes and please thankLike... your purely fluff cat from a lifestyle? ...Sure? If you mean like a pure fluff 'ware option, also sure, but you get no benefit from multiple tails, and don't pay anymore for them. Ex: Prehensile tails all must work together as if they were one 'tentacle' so to speak.Rules Thread X
MatrixDoes the Diagnostics Commlink App from DT 56 actually have any effect outside of showing off Matrix CM?Nope! Just lets you instantly see if your comlink is damaged, or if a device takes damagedRules Thread X
MagicDo we use the "Fooling Wards" rules in SG 135?We do!Rules Thread X
Augmentation1: Ruling on how 1 pair of cyberfins and one pair of webbed digits stack? 2: Is Geneware expelled by the process of becoming infected in the same way bioware is, or is it safe as "technically not bioware" (Note: I'm not asking about regeneration, I'm asking about the process of becoming infected post gen and how that interacts with ware)Cyberfins and webbed digits do not have any special stacking interaction. You would get +2 limit, +2 to swimming tests, and 150% swim speed. Geneware is not bioware. It isn't even "technically" not bioware. It just isn't bioware.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationCan the prehensile biotail take bioweapons like a stinger or sprayer?YesRules Thread XI
GearWhen cutting through barriers does a Mini-welder have an AP?NoRules Thread XI
QualityDoes my country right or wrong have to be for a nation? or can it be fore something as small as Ork Underground?It is fine to do it for something smaller, as long as your similar in scope for the downsides. The Ork Underground for example would need to have 'assisting an enemy' defined more broadly because its not a nation, like counting KE as an enemy.Rules Thread XI
AdeptDo(es) the Adept Power(s) Facial Sculpt(/Body Sculpt) allow getting rid of mostly cosmetic physical deformities like the SURGE beak? If "yes, for the normal duration of the power", can you re-use the power while still affected by it so nobody will find out that you do in fact have a beak? If no, would a ruling similiar to "it is not physically present if you facial sculpt, but people still feel... something odd about the character", as a reason to retain the negative social modifiers from being a freak, while cosmetically not having the beak in your face?The Facial Sculpt power mentions growing tusks and changing bones and cartilage, it also mentions “Changing Race” the wording is vague and doesn’t give and definitive answers so for now I’m going to say no on facial sculpt. Body sculpt specifically mentions changing the physical appearance of changeling metagenic traits so bodysculpt definitely can change Changeling Mutagenic traits Appearance. So Yes on Bodysculpt No on Facial Sculpt.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationSo apparently striking callouses do not use the cyber implant spec because they are natural weapons so can we take a spec in natural weapons?Striking Callouses just augment regular unarmed attacks, which do not benefit from the natural weapon spec. There deliberately isn't a generic 'punch' spec, while there is for implant weapons.Rules Thread XI
GearAnother question, how big are non inflated survival bubbles? (R&G page 83)Lets call it sleeping bag sized.Rules Thread XI
CombatSo yeah, can we get shields to work with Two Weapon Fighting(As the weapon in the non dominant hand) It makes sense considering shields have been the "second weapon" since ever And makes melee less shit on characters that are not FLRThis has been officially approved by council!Rules Thread XI
Magicif a spirit of man physical masks as someone else, then uses fear on someone, does the fear effect apply to the person that looks like the spirit as well ((aka do they fear the appearance or the spirit itself)).Unless the spirit has realistic form it inherently looks unearthly. Either way, importers don't transfer fear. The object of fear is specific to the casting individual.Rules Thread XI
MagicIf a runner goes in to the Art of Geomancy (143p SG), how would s/he go about finding and holding a mana line to use. And when your in the area of your mana line, would it be alignment to your tradition so that it would add to your limit as well giving a dice pool modifer (dice modifer being from the mana line)? (Aspect mana line is page 122p SG, Alignment is 32p SG)For now no rules exist to control mana lines in the LC so on the NET Geomancy is just not a thing, Sucks i know but them's the breaks. I'll put Geomancy on the List of things to do for the rules team.Rules Thread XI
QualityDoes Agile Defender allow an astrally projecting mage to use LOG instead of AGI for full defense?NoRules Thread XI
WeaponWhat ammo type can or cannot be hand loaded? Can I hand load assault cannon rounds? Grenades? Rockets? Flamethrower fuel? Peak discharge batteries? Yes I want big booms, sue me.Microgrenades yes, normal grenades no. As one is ammunition and the other is a throwing weapon. By RAW all firearm and heavy weapon ammo is legal.Rules Thread XI
MagicWhat is the object resistance of a Metahuman corpse, assuming I wanna Ham a spirit in there? While we’re at it, what’s the resistance of a living Metahuman body, if I wanna possess it while it’s still fresh? How is the damage track handled for possessed corpses?A Metahuman Corpse would be 3 OR. As for… living bodies, refer to the possession mechanics of “force x 2 vs. Int+willpower”. For the time being in the case of a Homunculus spell use Body (So most cases it will be 3) as structure and Worn Armor as Armor and use the Barrier rules.Rules Thread XI
RiggerThe Harley Scorpion comes with Metahuman Adjustment (Troll). A human would have the -2 penalty to drive it correct? If they would be getting the penalty, could you buy one that is adjusted for human use?For the same cost as modifying a vehicle from human to troll Sized you can modify a vehicle from Troll to Human sized.Rules Thread XI
MagicWhen Astral Perceiving, you'd roll perception (astral if you specialized) to be able to see anything or if it was hiding and then if you wanted to read into it, you'd Assense, right?Assensing for bothRules Thread XI
MagicDoes block, parry and dodge work in the astral?Block and Parry both work off astral combat skill and your astral limit or weapon limit. There is no astral equivalent of gymnastics, and thus I don't see how dodge could work.Rules Thread XI
QualityWhen using "Perceptive Defender", the dodge limit is capped at your mental limit. But things like Limbic state: "This system grants a +1 dice pool modifier and increases the Mental limit by its Rating when using Intuition-linked skills." And Practice, Practice, Practice: "Increase your limit by 1 in a single non-combat skill" Let's say your mental limit is 6. For the sake of a defense test, with Practice and Limbic, would the cap be at 6, or at 10?As of this ruling only specific bonuses to Perception (and that is perception in general not a specific perception like visual) or Acrobatics specifically can be use with Perceptive defender or Acrobatic. So in that case “Practice, Practice, Practice” (Perception) would count but limbics would not.Rules Thread XI
GearSo a question popped up about respirators and gasmasks. Can they be added to the same helmet and switched from one to the other, or can you only have one of them in a helmet at a time?You can use both. Don't think about it!Rules Thread XI
MagicDo you need a fetish for each limited spell or only one fetish for all the limited spells?You need to buy a seperate fetish for each limited spell. You may, however, carry them as one fetish. A common example is to have each fetish be a page in a book. You still must buy each page individually but you can just have them function as one object. If a page gets torn out, that fetish gets separated from the others!Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan a program carrier load drone autosofts?NoRules Thread XI
AugmentationDose Kamikaze in a chemical gland conflict with muscle toner and augmentation?Muscle toner can’t combine with augs. Drugs aren’t augs. That it comes from a gland doesn’t make the drug an aug, so no. Kamigland doesn’t trigger the “incompatible with augmentations that …” line.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationDoes Critical strike: Unarmed, apply to only pure unarmed, or any attacks that use the Unarmed Skill (like how critical strike: Blades applies to any Blade skill using attack)?Critical Strike applies when using Unarmed weapons but Critical Strike does not apply to cyberweapons.Rules Thread XI
Resonancecould I use skinlink and a touch attack to hack in melee combat?SureRules Thread XI
CombatCRB states if Physical Overflow is exceeded you die. This is all it says on the matter, and no errata changes it as far as I can find. Do you get knocked unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated when you enter physical overflow? do you keep moving until you bleed out? does a pain editor keep you going if the former is true? Here's the wording that might suggest that you do not in fact go unconscious, from Will to Live "For each rating point in Will to Live, the character gains 1 additional Damage Overflow Box (p. 101). These additional boxes only allow the character to sustain additional damage before dying; they do not raise the threshold at which the character becomes unconscious or incapacitated, nor do they affect modifiers from the damage the character has taken" which applies to stun damage, as you become unconscious/incapacitated when your stun track overflows to physical. As per both Adrenaline Pump and Pain Editor bioware "While the pump is active, you ignore injury modifiers and don’t fall unconscious, even if your Stun Condition Monitor is filled" "this allows you to ignore all injury modifiers, and you even stay conscious when your Stun Condition Monitor is completely full. You feel no pain—you’re blissfully, dangerously, recklessly unaware of the extent of damage you’ve taken without either performing a self-examination (Observe In Detail action) or being informed by a biomonitor (p. 450)"Page 100 in CRB states “Every character has a Condition Monitor that tells the player how much Physical and Stun damage they can take before falling unconscious.” it is a little annoying that there isn’t an “unconscious” state but assume that the character cannot act when unconscious except for “Dead Man’s Trigger” 197 CRB. The effects of “Exceeding the condition Modifiers” on 169 CRB play out as normalRules Thread XI
AugmentationRegarding an FLR with 1 Agi 1 strength in meat. Pg 455-456 or CRB Cyberlimbs have their own Strength and Agility rat- ings. When a particular limb is used for a test (such as leading an attack with your cyberarm), use the attribute for that limb (natural or cyber); in any other case, take the average value of all limbs involved in the task. If a task requires the careful coordination of several limbs, use the value of the weakest limb. For the purposes of the last line is the torso considered a limb? If so seeing as all tasks requiring the whole body would require "coordination of several limbs" would that mean that if a task requires the torso that you default to the torso STR/AGI instead of the average for everything?Use the average.Rules Thread XI
RiggerI was wondering if we could get a ruling of if we could change out the kits on drones that have toolkits in them, like the microweave spider or the proletarian drones. At the moment RAW we can't. (being able to stick medkits where toolkits were before inside a drone would also be helpful, but that might be wishful thinking)You may.Rules Thread XI
MagicI would like to ask for another ruling on if alchemist can use capsule round preps My Argument is this: If the worry is that you can cast multiple spells easier than you could otherwise i would like to point to throwing knife barrage. An alchemist could easily land multiple knives in a turn due to barrages bonuses and a high base dice pool. The only difference between barrage and a gun is that you get some extended range and more ap (which ap is irrelevant to an alchemist because of the bullet dealing little damage on its own). And if your worried about burst fire there is an easy way to solve that, not all bullets hit in a burst so if ya wish to balance it have only one prep hit per burst thus discouraging abusing it due to the large cost of fire multiple rounds. If this point is not sufficient then may I please have a detailed answer on why this is not allowed in the game for future reference. (I. E. if my argument is crap tell me and I will shut up about it)Sure. Alchemy and boolets is a tricky subject because it just is a straight DV upgrade on a gun. While it takes its own skill, it still is really intense and especially on high DV guns with autofire kinda nutso. The reason Alchemy is kosher on bows and throwing weapons is that these are hard to use and while they are strong without alchemy they are something that requires more investment and focus than just eating a minor DV penalty on your firearm and calling it a day. The DV loss on capsule rounds is not really that intense. If you can just cram a fireball into your capsule ammo loaded with a strong drug like neurastun or narcojet+DSMO or whatever, there is literally no reason to not do that. Lowering that gateway helps make the mage-mundane divide worse by making a major DV upgrade even more accessible to mages.Rules Thread XI
RiggerIF you where to add optimization to a limb for piloting. Would it add to handling of a vehicle your in due to the fact that handling is considered a limit for tests?Yes, for the same reason it improves it for weapons.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationIs there a cost to installing/removing ware inside/outside a run? Is a purchase required? What about time requirements?Rules for upgrading ware can be found here. Upgrading Ware Upgrading Grades We use RAW Gear Acquisition rules which can be found on 418 of the CRB your contacts can help with this refer to our Contact rulesRules Thread XI
SocialPage 151 CA Use Logic in place of Charisma for Diplomacy tests. What constitutes a Diplomacy test?Any test that uses the diplomacy spec in negotiation. So not for haggling or shopping, but for trying to change someone's mind about an issue, or get them to see your side, or otherwise like you better.Rules Thread XI
MagicDoes the Concealment power effect Assencing and/or Ewar? As written it only effects perceptionEWar as you’re implying is substituting EWar w/sensors in Perception checks, so it should conceal against that (because you’re still doing a Perception check, just with a skill substitution). However, it doesn’t work at all on assensing (which is Not Perception, or a perception check). I believe it is UNLIKE spells (see: improved invis) in that it shouldn’t light you up in astral space, but it won’t actually hinder astrally observing entities (spirits or assensing mages) at all.Rules Thread XI
MatrixAre there any restrictions on actions that can be set to run on a device on boot with the Bootstrap program?GM Fiat. GMs are encouraged to allow good faith creativityRules Thread XI
AdeptLike how adapsin can be applied to existing cyberware on the NET, can Burnout's Way be applied to augments you already have? or is it exclusively augments received after getting the qualityBurnouts way applies to all augments you haveRules Thread XI
WeaponWhat mod slots does the carbine have?Side/Stock/Barrel/TopRules Thread XI
RiggerAlright. If i have a drone of reasonably small size (mini or smal) with say cyberarm, can i carry said drone on my back like a bagpack?Sure. Remember though even small drones are heavy though and a GM may rightfully point out carrying capacity may be an issue.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationDoes the body increase from bone density/bone lacing in regards to soaking damage apply for fatigue tests? this is more sudden curiosity rather than "asking for my character's sake"Fatigue damage CRB172 is stun, resisted without any armor. So bone lacing fails two counts (physical damage and armor). Bone density actually DOES somehow help by RAW as its global damage resistance tests (stun or phys, and no mention of armor). Bone density: Yes. Bone lacing: No.Rules Thread XI
SocialCon is a social skill modified by the "social skills modifiers table" (CRB 138, 140, 141). The standard skill check is Con+Cha [Social] v Con+Cha [Social]. By RAW, it appears I've been using Judge Intentions wrong (since starting to play 5e) and have recently seen people being bludgeoned by the specific text for JI by way of saying it in no way can reveal a Con success or be used to notice lies or deceit. The RAW for JI is CRB 152. "Reading another person is also a matter of instinct. A character can use their instincts to guess at the intentions of another person or to gauge how much they can trust someone. Make an Opposed Intuition + Charisma Test against the target’s Willpower + Charisma. This is not an exact science. A successful test doesn’t mean the target will never betray you (intentions have been known to change), and deceptive characters can gain another’s confidence easily. This primarily serves as a benchmark or gut instinct about how much you can trust the person you are dealing with." I've had nearly every GM on Shadownet (and nearly every player in a formal room), when confronted by lies, to 'counter con' (the normal Con+Cha opposed check), or to Judge Intentions (generally Int+Cha vs. the original hits of the Con test). This does not apply the literal text, or the literal roll called out in Judge Intentions of Int+Cha v Wil+Cha. I believe the intent is to give some reasonable chance for people who are not themselves well trained in deception to have some insight they're being lied to. Results of JI have been phrased along the lines of "He's lying and he knows he's lying" for a drastic win on the defender side, to "He's telling the truth but there's something weird here" for a small success by the defender (where the con is lying by omission or similar techniques). Is this alternative defense/resist/check of Judge Intentions to sub for defender Con+Cha[Social] in any way supported on the NET, or a pure house rule that has crept into common usage (and that this thread will answer)? I have been unable to find any thread or ruling referencing this topic directly.By RAW it is Con v. Con you are more than welcome to ask your GM if you can roll JI and most will be fine with it. As for it being used in RP rooms as long as everyone involved with it is cool play on.Rules Thread XI
Weaponcan Close Quarter Firearms (Pistol) apply to Machine PistolsYes, if fired *as* a pistol. Meaning using the pistols skill and on single shot.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you make called shots with the Ares sonic screech rifle?Yes! Note that it uses shotgun choke rules so if used on too wide a choke you may not make called shots.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationSo looking for some, real quick explanation here. You said, and I quote "Augmax is actually racial max +4" Does that mean that my agility one human character can get Muscle Replacement r4, and then take Kami for a +6 to their strength, and be sitting at 7?Errata 4 from the top makes it pretty clear. For sanity's sake, “the maximum bonus for an attribute is always +4, unless specifically excepted.”.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationWhat augments and adept powers stack with Spurs More specifically bone density/lacing Considering that density and lacing would add to the mass of the attack, I feel like the bonus of the damage should apply to it. But it probably doesn't, so asking hereUnfortunately bone density and lacing do not assist spursRules Thread XI
RiggerIs gridlink a standard mod on all vehicles?As of a Fex ruling yesRules Thread XI
GearIs there any reason why ghost boxes are banned? They don't do anything besides give excuses to make up convincing cons.They lack a mechanic to resist their nebulous effects. They are sort of a non item that instantly put GMs on the spotRules Thread XI
CombatCalled shot pin says "If Your DV exceeds the targets clothing armor rating they become pinned with a threshold equal to net hits" that's uh, paraphrasing. Do the net hits add to the DV for the purposes of determining this? Does AP modify it? The text doesn't say (p. 111 Run and Gun)How has this question never been answered? Concder the answer I’m about to give a “For now” answer it may change at a later date. AP does modify the targets armor and Net hits on your attack test modify your DV as well. It would have to otherwise only trolls would be able to reliably Pin people in armored Jackets.Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan drones be equipped with cyberware other than that found in cyberlimbs? more specifically headware, like Junkyard JawDrones cannot take augmentations, Drone arms can take augmentations that can go into appropriate cyberlimbs. Junkyard Jaws have a capacity cost and therefore can be installed into a Drone arm. So short answer is yes, long answer is Yes you can have a Jaw in a Drone Arm.Rules Thread XI
Resonancecan you diagnostics Nanites? (The limbic/neurocortex kind specifically).If they can run wireless, meaning hard nanites, sure. Remember diagnostics only works on wireless gear. So have fun with your wireless nanites! As a personal note, because diagnostics is under a teamwork limit your likely better off diagnosticing something less personally risky.Rules Thread XI
MatrixIs it possible to purchase multiple Configurator programs and store them, inactive, on a cyberdeck, with different configurations stored?NoRules Thread XI
QualityDoes the narcoject trackstopper’s attack’s penalty to enemy AGI reduce their full defense pool with agile defender? Does every attack stack with the previous one? When the enemy is incapacitated can they take defense tests?The Penalty is to the targets Agility any roll that uses Agility is affectedRules Thread XI
MagicWhat happens when you put a Mage Mask on a mage that is already astrally projecting? Does it interrupt their projection, prevent them from returning to their body, or not have any effect until they return to their body (or something else that I didn't think of)?Mage mask doesn’t stop Projection it just makes it more difficult so masking someone who is already projecting doesn’t affect them until they return to their bodies.Rules Thread XI
SkillThrowing another thing: I think Missile Mastery should be ruled to apply to bolas. They are throwing weapons, being an exotic skill doesnt change the fact you throw them at people (And they are not grenades which are the group of throwing weapons that doesnt work with Missile Mastery)Missile Mastery does not apply to Bolas, unfortunatelyRules Thread XI
Resonanceif you use skinlink/similar to direct connect to a device, could you have a sprite utilize that connection to affect the device?I am going to say yes for sanity's sake.Rules Thread XI
MagicAs requested, posting this question here: What is the delineation between the apparent multiple definitions of 'Awakened' in the book? While some sources target mages and adepts specifically, other usages such as that for Initiation simply require the presence of a Magic attribute, in addition to the frequent references to "Awakened from" in the description of Para-critters in Howling Shadows.Awakened would be anything with active magic use (adept powers, or one of the three magical skill groups available) with creatures simply possessing a magic rating and critter powers as Magical but not as Awakened.Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan Swarm be run on devices other than an RCC? does it change the effects of Swarm?You can only run Swarm on an RCC.Rules Thread XI
CritterIf the 'real' math is higher, use the real math. Otherwise use the listed limit. If your reducing an animal's stats through magic, do the reverse. Use the lower of the two values.Rules Thread XI
MagicQuestions regarding Artificing and SG. Do the SG 230 Artifact upgrading rules overwrite the NET upgrading rules in this case? Can you make a New foci and pay the difference in value according to the NET upgrade rules? Would that require you to rebind at full cost or just the differance in cost? Also furthermore can you use a Service contact to do the Artisan check for you as part of the "THE ROLE OF THE ARTISAN SKILL AND ENCHANTING" section on page 224 of SGUse Net Upgrade rules. We have them in place specifically to not punish incremental upgrades in any way. Having contacts with artisan skills allows you to fluff a nicer focus, but is not required. You simply must pay the difference and pass an avail check for the new item.Rules Thread XI
Magicif you throw a throwing weapon using the fling spell, is the limit of the test the accuracy of the weapon or the force/ reagents spent on the spell? do you use your magic instead of your str to determine range? would personalized grip still work to affect the limit?> if you throw a throwing weapon using the fling spell, is the limit of the test the accuracy of the weapon or the force/ reagents spent on the spell? Your physlimit is still the accuracy. Nerd mages can go home. > do you use your magic instead of your str to determine range? Yes, explicitly so. > would personalized grip still work to affect the limit? Yes. Try not to think about it too hard!Rules Thread XI
HMHVVDoes an HMHVV strain I infected character using Essence Drain reduce the interval before Essence Loss happens? Also: if a character has more than 6 essence, do essence spells gain dice?Rules Thread XI
MagicHustling the Mark (154p CA) it says " If you fail this test, you gain a +2 dice pool modifer on your next Con or Negotiation test against the same target." As the point of it is to fake failing so you get them at the end, should that mean if you succeed? If you cast the Incubus Spell (153p CA) If a person failed the test, would they think what they see is out of a place for the area (i mean seeing someone with no clothing on would be odd but it does make them friendly so maybe they don't notice it in that way)Hustling the mark you must FAIL the action to gain the +2 on the next test. "Failed" in this context is could "Fail" to cast the which point the spell has no effect, the target could successfully resist the spell and see through the illusion but the target can't "Fail" to see the illusion they are either under the effects or aren't, and if they are under the effects of that spell and become "The target’s attitude toward the caster becomes friendly (p. 140, SR5).". I hope this answered your question if not feel free to message me on discord or add the question to the new thread.Rules Thread XI
HMHVVWhat happens when you become infected with a lot of ware? (As in sitting comfortably at 0.01) What happens to your essence? There's a lot of confusing language with conflicting terms like 'essence max' 'current essence' etc etc. You normally start at essence 1, magic 1, and can feed to restore lost essence, per (x and y). So, if you start BELOW 1 essence due to augmentations (not essence holes, addiction burnout, or other non-Essence Drain related loss), what is your maximum essence? Current Essence upon Infection? Or, what happens with being successfully strain 1 infected if you start E<1? SOME CONFLICTING BOOK STATEMENTS (REGARDING STRAIN I INFECTED) If the Infected character were to lose Essence to anything other than Essence Loss or some other being using the Essence Drain power on them, that lost point of Essence is subtracted from their maximum Essence (e.g., a vampire loses a point of Essence to a burnout-level addiction; his maximum Essence is now 11 instead of 12). Does this mean their maximum essence is now defined by standard starting essence x2? (As the essence drain critter power explains, you cannot go over 2x your maximum essence) The radical changes made to Infected individuals affects their bioware. Any bioware they possess drops a point of Rating; if it is Rating 1 or has no Rating, it is lost. Cyberware is not as severely affected, but there is a chance that any sub-deltaware implants may be rejected. For each implant, the character must make a Body + Essence (rounded down) (3) Test. On failure, the character’s body attempts to reject the implant, causing inflammation and pain around the implant. This causes one box of Physical damage per day per rejected implant. The character must either have the implant removed or start a course of immuno-suppressant drugs. These drugs cost 100 nuyen a month and provide a –2 dice pool penalty to any Disease Resistance Tests. Does this means nothing happens after that point at all, and the characters start with 1 magic and 1 essence, as per what happens with the infection taking hold, with MAXIMUM ESSENCE just being a catch all term for their NEW pool of essence that they basically spend / acquire in order to buff their stats? Upon awakening, she acquires the appropriate Infected quality for her metatype. She begins her new life with an Essence of 1 and a maximum Magic of 1 + initiate grade (see Infection, Magic, Resonance, and Essence, p. 141) Because that's what THIS seems to indicate The relationship between Essence and Magic is a little trickier for Strain I Infected than it is for others. The Essence Drain power and the Essence Loss weakness mean that an Infected character’s Essence will fluctuate over the course of a campaign. As a character’s Essence changes, so too will his Magic. WHAT DOES IT MEANRules Thread XI
MagicSo, I was musing about a Shapechange build that lets me turn into a massive blue whale. The only thing I'm aware of that comes close to that is the Meistersinger, an awakened blue whale (Howling Shadows, p66). As per RAW, you cannot shapechange into awakened or paranormal critters. Spieo suggested to ask here, so here I am. Would it be possible to change into paranormal critters (which are based on or close to normal animals), with the caveat of removing all their magical and paranormal abilities and treating them as a mundane animal? Also, does manipulating your body with Increase/Decrease Attribute count for the body requirement of Shapechange, or will that always use your unbuffed Body?I’m going to say no to the Meistersinger based on the 28/12 CM, please feel free to re ask the question when we get a new Rules head. Use Unbuffed, otherwise Mages can “Double buff” themselves buy buffing becoming an animal and buffing again.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationSo how does the capacity on liminal body centaur work? It has 80, and some people were saying each leg takes up 20 of that capacity, but that doesn't make any sense. Legs don't have capacity cost. Also, once the liminal body has been added, does it add to the augmented average?Legs don’t have a Capacity Cost and the Centaur Liminal body says “the user’s lower half is replaced by a cybernetic steed. Four-legged and swift,” so the Liminal body comes with 4 legs and 80 Capacity.Rules Thread XI
MagicDoes reach work in the astral?YesRules Thread XI
ContactWhat, if any, powers can a Group Contact take? (Like from Made Man) What dice do they use (Gear Contacts is the assumption here, since they roll for gear)As a temporary holdover you are free to treat Group Contacts as a 'transforming' contact that can become any contact type with any power set logical for them to have. You must decide before the run meeting, and its locked that way for the run.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationImplant Medic is a nanite system (CF 147) applied to augmentations. The cost is listed as 10% of the implant cost. 1) Like all nanite systems, they require a hard nanohive if you want them to be permanent, correct? 2) Is the cost assessed by the augment's base cost, or the quality-modified cost? I assume the latter, but want to confirm. In that it's transient without a hive, it might be reasonable to be the former, but I honestly don't know. 3) Does it apply to all installed subcomponents inside the implant? Example: Cyber-ear w/tranlsat ear. Since the translat has a wireless function, it could be attacked (and it's DR 2, so bricking it isn't hard). Does the Ear's implant medic if present repair the translat? 4) Related to the above, a modular connector on an ear allows you to hook connector-modified gear (say, a bug scanner) for hands-free normal operation. If the above ear (cyber ear, implant medic, modular connector, translat ear) had a gear attached to it that had wireless functionality (ex: R6 bug scanner with the connector modification), could the bug scanner be repaired by the implant medic if it took matrix damage and was connected via the modular connector in the implant?1) Correct 2) It is the total cost of the implant. That means quality modded and the components as well. If you upgrade you can pay the difference as a 'booster shot.' 3) It works for all components. 4) I am going to call this as a yes if you pay for the modular connection.Rules Thread XI
MagicCan you use shapechange to turn into toxic critters? The non-magical ones obviously Like a pandamoniumIf a critter completely lacks Magic or Resonance scores, it’s ‘mundane’. So it should work by RAW. This makes me exceptionally uncomfortable however, and I believe it would NOT be allowed due to bans on Toxic Things (for PCs). So I think the correct approach would be a combined “Yes” but also add Toxic/Mutant critters on the banned list for PCs. So only NPC shapeshifters can do it.Rules Thread XI
Adeptcan you get adept power enhancements/qualities with certain power requirements, if you have the power in a qi focus?Yes. If you lose the qi foci or turn it off the power goes away too.Rules Thread XI
WeaponIn the text for the Remington Roomsweeper (crb 427) it says it uses shotgun rules but heavy pistol ranges. To clarify, does this mean it uses the Pistols or Longarms active skill?Pistols it is a heavy pistol.Rules Thread XI
Skillcan you get a specialty for Software in complex forms in general, or only in specific complex forms?By Complex form.Rules Thread XI
RiggerCan we unstupid the autosoft rules? By which I mean, can we acknowledge that the Rigger 5.0 line: "Remember also that an autosoft is designed for only a single drone; you cannot slot a Clearsoft autosoft designed for an Aztechnology Crawler into an Evo Proletarian. (Well, you can; it just doesn’t do anything.)" is almost certainly an editing error and only autosofts indicated as such are model specific? Asside from it being brutal on drone skillsets, there is an argument to be made that said paragraph is simply refering to the pre-existing [model] rules in the CRB and simply gave a poor example. (iR5 does have notoriously bad editing.)Agreed. This is a low impact houserule at worst that has a low 'cost' to folks not being aware of it. No one is going to be upset they get an autosoft refund!Rules Thread XI
Drugscan you have a controlled release chemgland containing stim patches? Or would that need to be in a cybergland, since you manually fill those?I assume you mean an Internal Release Chemical Gland which functions as an Auto-injector so sure.Rules Thread XI
Gear259 CRB states that a Keypad Maglock can be bypassed by "rewiring the circuits—another Locksmith + Agility [Physical] (Maglock Rating x 2, 1 Combat Turn) Extended Test." or with use of a Sequencer. As written only Keypads have this work around each other kind requiring a seperate kind of work around. Can this extended test be use on any other kind of Maglock? Traceless walk work on Motion Sensors? as a Sanity check thing 146 CRB about forgery. "Data-based forgeries, like credsticks, documents, and SINs, don’t really hold up well to scrutiny, what with information being so readily available. They can appear almost identical to the original, but any attempt to get it to act like the original (transfer nuyen, pass a SIN check, etc.) reveals the forgery." So the forgery skill can only be used to make something that LOOKS like a SIN right? if it gets checked it is clearly a fake?Each type of lock can have specific mechanics… CRB 359 lists locks by type. The rewire option is under keypad locks, not the others, so isn’t available for the others. No. Traceless walk only protects you from making sound from contact with the floor and penalize hearing based Perception tests. Motion sensors aren’t either of those (and the things that are covered (ground vibration and pressure sensors) are specifically listed as things affected, unlike motion sensors). As distinct from a Fake SIN, or a certified credstick, correct. So you could forge a SIN, but even a R1 scanner will immediately show it to be fake if checked. Likewise, you could forge an ebony credstick (with or without a balance in the millions), but if it’s checked, it’s revealed.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you add DMSO to toxins fired from the gas gun?Yup standard toxin rules applyRules Thread XI
AugmentationCan you get plasteel/ceramic components as a modification to cyberspurs?SureRules Thread XI
DrugDoes the drug Neostigmine on page 19 of bullets and bandages help an individual getting nerve striked?Neostigmine only effects the Paralysis effect, Nerve strike does Paralyse but it also Incapacitates as per "Decrease Attribute" 288 CRB. "If a Physical Attribute is reduced to 0, the victim is incapacitated and paralyzed." So Neostigmine can be used to reduce the duration of the Paralysis but does not help you regain your attributes back meaning you are still incapacitated.Rules Thread XI
SkillCan harpoon guns benefit from the crossbow specialization for Archery? If not could you get a spec in using them?You can spec specifically into harpoons.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you called shot vitals with the MCT/Winchester-Howe Hornet, since it behaves like a hail of bullets rather than explosives?Treat as regular bulletsRules Thread XI
MatrixHow does Configurator interact with the Quick Config qualityIt doesn't. You can quick config the configurator out, but you must wait till you take the reconfigure action againRules Thread XI
ResonanceSustaining a complex form isn't an action correct? If that's correct, how does it (or does it not) interact with the Resonance Riding Echo (which explicitly allows resonance actions.) If it doesn't interact with Resonance Riding, does that make it impossible to sustain a complex form while using mundane electronics or does that mean you can sustain a complex form while using mundane electronics regardless of wether or not you have it?Correct, You may continue to sustain forms while resonance riding.Rules Thread XI
MatrixWhen is the layout for a Configurator program chosen?When you online the programRules Thread XI
DrugIf you have Zero in a gradual release chemical gland (as I cannot find anything that says you can't put it in one), does it count as "administered in a medical environment" for purposes of additional effects?The additional effects of Zero require medical facilities and the drug to be administered by a doctor seeing as the drug is being “Administered” by the gland itself you won't get the bonus.Rules Thread XI
RiggerFor remote control of a drone, do you use the average agility from cyberlimbs? or can you use the agility of a specific armIn the case of Remote Control use the riggers stats In the case of a drone being issued a command to fire it on its own use the same rules as an FLR character, it is up to a GM. A 1 handed weapon will most likely use the arms agility, 2 handed will use either average of both, whole body would use averageRules Thread XI
MagicDo martial arts work in the astral?In general no if they relate to new actions or called shots one can't take on the astral. Martial arts that are generic enhancements, such as kick or multiple opponent defense however do still work.Rules Thread XI
QualityAcording to besker rage, It say all bonuses and penalties become +2, do they become positives in regards to all stats become +2? Or is it the respected positives and negatives become 2 in their field positive 2 and negative 2.The penalties get worse, however you can decide to not use Berserker Rage at all.Rules Thread XI
CombatSplitting the pool with FA attacks reduces the defence modifier of the target to (bullets used)-1. If I am wielding two FA capable weapons and split the pool at two targets, does this apply?Yes. If you fire 10 bullets at each defender each defender will take (Bullets-1) from their defense test. Be aware of the ruling on Recoil from page 175 “When making multiple firearm attacks in a single Action Phase, calculate the total recoil penalty based on the bullets to be fired that round and remove it from your dice pool before splitting the pool for the multiple attacks.”Rules Thread XI
MagicCould refined reagents be allowed, solely for the use of creating magical compounds?And.Could radical reagents be allowed solely for the use in creating inanimate vesselsBoth are granted! You just can't craft them or use them outside of creating objects or reducing index! None of this 'super extra special reagent for casting' nonsense. We may open up crafting later, but for now reagent crafting, and supporting items, are not allowed.Rules Thread XI
AugmentationDoes turning off cyberears or having select sound filter provide immunity or bonus resistance dice (for sound filter) against sound based abilities like Paralyzing howl, Kiai, etc? What about damaging attacks like Sonic screech rifle?It offers the same protection that select sound filters do, which varies from attack method to attack method.Rules Thread XI
MagicCan touch preps be stored in an autoinjector, without going off before being injected?NoRules Thread XI
ResonanceCan a Technomancer with MMRI make use of either Control Rig Booster or Control Rig Optimization?Yes! This is one of those 'don't think too hard about it' moments.Rules Thread XI
CombatCan you burn edge to smackdown tests like fatigue, defense, surprise, etc? I'm asking this since we have rules for smackdown-ing soak in the player rules section?You can smackdown fatigue in a similar way to smackdowning a soak test. Smackdowning a defense test means you get 5 net hits automatically, same with surprise. If for some reason an attack and defense test are both smackdown'ed, abort the infinite recursive loop as a grazing hit on page 173Rules Thread XI
AugmentationGetting flare compensation in a cybereye, or "in a retinal modification" lowers the penalty for a flash-pak to -1 does Improved Sense Flare Compensation count as a "in a cybereye or in a retinal modification" even though it's magic. IMO the reason the aug version lowers it even further is that it's part of the eye itself, as opposed to simply resting on top of (or something like that).As written it is only the installed flarecomp that reduces the penalty to -1, no it doesn’t make sense.Rules Thread XI
MagicDoes a bound spirit have to be materialized for the aid sorcery or aid alchemy service if the summoner is casting the spell or making the achemical prep in the material plane?Yes, as this is 'affecting the material plane.'Rules Thread XI
AugmentationCan multiple smuggling compartment augmentations be considered to form one larger compartment if installed in the same "location" (like for example in a centaur liminal body)?As per a ruling way back here For now I will be saying No to the combining of multiple Large smuggling compartments, however I suggest rethreading when we get a new Rules head.Rules Thread XI
QualityWith berserker rage 169 SG do the penalties become bonuses or are they worse?They get worse! You can elect to not use the ability, however!Rules Thread XI
MagicWhen rolling initiation do runners have to roll Arcana still to initiate?As per a Fex ruling an Ordeal replaces the Arcana roll.Rules Thread XI
PowerIs Shifter's shift power a sustained power that drops when knocked unconscious?“it remains in its current form until it decides to shift back.”sounds good to me big up to Rouge for that one.Rules Thread XI
WeaponDoes a folded-down PSK-3 (R&G p.32) count as a holdout pistol (-4) or a light pistol (-2) in terms of its concealability modifier for storing in a skin pocket? Also, what's the concealability of a magazine / extended magazine? about the same size as a knife (-2)? The HK Urban Combat (R&G p.36) says that it "is unable to accept further modifications," but does this include accessories such as Personalized Grip, Custom Look, and other mods/accessories that don't actually take up a slot?1) Holdout 2) Ammo clips are -4! Extended we can call a -2 3) Sure yertz it out!Rules Thread XI
MagicOkay, so. If i were to know spells (due to being a 'full' mage as in magician or mysad) and then lost spellcasting due to Dedicated Conjurer, would the spirit be able to use Innate Spell?I am going to say no, they can't use innate spell.Rules Thread XI
CombatSwarm dice bonuses only apply to "actions" by RAW and dogpjing and resisting aren't considered actions so does that mean you don't get the swarm benefit while dodging.Swarms do not get defensive benefits. The swarm does not become harder to hit by having more targets!Rules Thread XI
WeaponWould personalised grip apply to a turret mounted weapon meant for remote firing? Can a rigger use a smart soft or something to control a turret mounted weapon attached to the vehicle they are jumped into? It makes zero sense for it to require an implant/contacts in the eyes when the eyes are completely bypassed.Would personalised grip apply to a turret mounted weapon meant for remote firing? Yes. Don't think about it too hard. It makes zero sense for it to require an implant/contacts in the eyes when the eyes are completely bypassed. A lot of things don't make sense in this crazy, crazy world we pretend to live in. Luckily this does, and you MUST use the program, not your meat eyes.Rules Thread XI
RiggerDo drone limbs have their current/max attributes determined by current body/pilot, or default body/pilot?CurrentRules Thread XI
AugmentationWhen a shifter changes will geneware get ejected from the body?It will not as of a Fex ruling.Rules Thread XI
AdeptIf you where to attune to an XM30...Does it apply to only one version? Or do all the varriants get attuned to because of the nature of the weapon?All variants are attuned.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan the Krime trollbow be used to overdraw past rating 10, since the bow itself goes past rating 10?Overdrawing only works on the Bow weapon.Rules Thread XI
WeaponCan you have Airburst Link on an under-barrel grenade launcher?YeRules Thread XI
AdeptDoes the Adept Power Voice Control (CRB p311) allow a character who is currently Shapechanged into an animal (as per the [Critter] Form or Shapechange spells (SG p118)) to speak as a human?Rules Thread XI
AugmentationBased on the conversation in the Rules channel are Geneware, and Deltware augments the only things not pushed out by regeneration? or is only Deltware covered?As per a Fex ruling Geneware does not get pushed out by Regen.Rules Thread XI
DrugDoes laesal wine/Laes/Lael trigger drug interactions? and are they covered under the "no offensive drug use" or because they have actual resist mechanics, they can be used 'offensively'? (Also with the rule of no offensive drug use, does that mean the effect of Forget-Me-Not that prevents memory drugs from effecting you is actually useless?)Yes Lael does trigger drug interaction. No Laes is not an exception to the “No Offensive drug use” rule. I assume Forget-me-not is there so that if your character suspects mind magic or memory drugs he can take it ahead to be sure.Rules Thread XI
MagicCan any of the animate spells target a corpse for animation?YesRules Thread XI
CombatIf someone is in ar and shooting a gun with remote, raw directly says on page 183 that you shoot with logic, but player rules says we're supposed to shoot with agi apparently. Frankly, thats dumb with remote, and i need to know which were going by.Player rules supercede the RAW rules.Rules Thread XI
QualityDoes the discount on gear for Made Man apply at gen?YesRules Thread XI
AugmentationWould Narco (CF 159) reduce the time Long Haul (CRB 412) knocks you out, and if it does, is it pre or post roll?"Any drug that deals damage when it wears off deals two less damage, and any negative effects that occur when a drug wears off are halved in duration." 159 CF The Negative effects of Long haul is sleeping and potentially stun when taking two doses Narco helps with both of those effect. Narco does not effect the Disorientation effect.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceDoes Redundancy (P.58 Data Trails) give stun boxes to Technomancers? As their stun tract is their Matrix Damage Tract (a power similar to this, Sacrifice, heals the Technomancers stun track to full. I know it's not an approved book yet, but it shows Catalyst supports the idea of Matrix Condition Tract affecting stuff also applies to their stun tract.)"You don’t have a separate Matrix Condition Monitor. Instead, any boxes of Matrix damage you would take hit you directly as Stun damage." CRB 251 Please feel free to reask question 3 after (or during) the approvals from Kill Code, also be aware that until Kill Code has gone through approvals no rulings from Kill Code will affect current rulings.Rules Thread XII
WeaponSo out of curiosity due to the fact stated in the previous thread, stating that carbines have barrels, tops, side, and stock mods, what does that make for the carbines that have slide mounts (under) and various under barrel weapons? I can figure out the setting for the under barrel weapon, however in regards to the Colt M23-A2 what does that mean for the weapon? That the slide mount is useless or?Assume the M23-A2 has an additional under slot with "slide mount (under)" attachedRules Thread XII
AugmentationCan you wear a synthskin mask over an obvious cyberskull to appear normal and can it be bulk modded?"Obvious cyberlimbs: These implants are immediately immediately recognizable as artificial limbs unless you cover them with clothing." 456 CRB This would include Sythskin masks although GM's do get final say and can just say no (Though they are encouraged not to.).Rules Thread XII
MatrixDoes Analystical mind apply to matrix search(it's referenced in Brilliant Heuristics) Does the +2 apply to the matrix search if you have TDNLYes, but GM decides what searches analytical mind applies to. Trust Data not Lore applies to the listed actions no matter what att they use This is subject to change in the 2nd wave of Kill Code approvals Ninja edit: analytical mind stacks with TDNL at GM discretionRules Thread XII
AugmentationCan anyone with Regeneration get Delta-grade augmentations?as of the new Vamp doc infected runners with Regeneration can accept Delta Augmentations post infection we will apply this rules to all cases of runner Regeneration powers.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationCan you swap out the nanites in your hard/soft nanohive?"Hard nanohives can use this communication to reprogram the nanite system it supports—its Rating is the number of different hard nanite systems to which it can convert its nanites" 151 CF "A soft nanohive supports a soft nanosystem, chosen at implanting." As clarification "Chosen at Implanting" is a permanent choice and cannot change by having the hive removed and reinstalled. It sucks but while you can reprogram a Hard Nanohive you will have to get a new Soft Nanohive to get it to work with different Nanites.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceIf a technomancer has a cyberarm with a smuggling compartment, and if they have skinlink, do they count as direct connected to devices inside the smuggling compartment?Ya know what? sure why not? :DRules Thread XII
MagicWhen a possession spirit possesses a drone does it use the Spirit's attributes, or does the spirit enhance the drones attributesUses the spirits attributes. Drones do not have the same attributes as spirits so they cannot be modified, only replaced.Rules Thread XII
CritterWhat the cost of buying a spider from HS 47p? And do you have costs for buying warforms?We do not have costs/avail for warforms and the price/avail for spiders has not been establishedRules Thread XII
Gearhow many datachips can fit in a smuggling compartment?Lots. Work it out, 50> though. "Ranging in size from microscopic to slightly larger than a price tag" 440 CRBRules Thread XII
Magicwhen your initiating do you round up or down, so like, at initiate grade 1 if i took an ordeal would it be 12 karma or 11 karma.round the cost down.Rules Thread XII
Weaponcan the osmium mace take the ceramic/plastisteel parts modification? asking due to the nature of the weapon, having a dense metal core is the entire point of its design.No, since the core of the weapon is metallic and the material itself in integral to the design of the weapon it cannot be hardened against MAD scanners.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationCan steamers (page. 74 CF) hold things other than water?Fluff fluids yes perfumes, coloured liquids, vape juice so you can VN go nuts on your fluff. Can be used to self-administer inhalation vector drugs. the drug Dissipates too quickly to use on others.Rules Thread XII
MagicCan one join an already existing magical group? I ask because apparently RAW makes it so you cannot join after one is formed, yet you obviously can join groups after they've formed from an in universe perspectiveThis question will be revisited when Kill Code comes out as the inclusion of Tribes will probably have an effect on this ruling. So for now no. Please feel free to reask this question when the new rules head comes in.Rules Thread XII
ContactQuestions about group contacts! based on this ruling they are currently morphing contacts that are set at the beginning of a run. So what are they in downtime? can they even be used during downtime? Made Man give you a free group contact but does not specify what connection. So how the heck dose connection work with made man group contacts?This holdover rule will be getting an update eventually we are working on it now. For now we will assume that at the end of runs you can reset the contact and it will stay like that until next run. For now connection functions the same for Group contacts as it does for regular contacts.Rules Thread XII
GearCan Zoe Second Skin be set to be transparent enough to gain the effects of things which require you to be naked, such as Skin Toner? (without stacking of any modifiers, of course, for the use of naked-ware only)Skin toner with Charmeleon Processor gives RPC 4 as does Second skin, both of these don't stack, you can however use Second Skin to see through to your skin.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationIf you have a toxic in your spit (like from a chemical gland) can you spit on a melee weapon to poison it?SureRules Thread XII
TechnomancyIs the Mathemagic echo (P.58 Data Trails) functionally a Math SPU?Based on this ruling from before no they will not be treated the same. The bonus for Mathemagic "Mental Limit for math-intensive actions, such as encryption and decryption, by 2." doesn't really work because "Encryption" (Edit file) limit is Data Processing and "Decryption" (Crack file) is Attack. So Mathemagic will give +2 limit to "Crack File" actions and the action to protect Encrypt files from "Edit file" 239 CRB. "To protect a file, make a Simple Computer + Logic [Data Processing] test." As well as functioning as a Math SPU on top of it.Rules Thread XII
Augmentation"interesting thought with that....if one individual had a modular half arm with dynamic handprint on it (and the advanced synthskin just to make sure) would said individual be able to give it to a friend who also uses modular half arms on the same side so the second individual can get a specific handprint for the first one?" Asking on behalf of dawn-giant-dragonYes.Rules Thread XII
CombatVehicle ram is a melee attack. Can you riposte/counterstrike it?Counterstrike/Riposte is "Test against the opponent’s standard Attack Test." Vehicle tests such as ramming are vehicle test's treated as melee attacks and are not "Standard Attack Tests" so no you may not Riposte or Counterstrike.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationFor the sake of my sanity: Can you have Active Hardwires for skill X, and Reflex Recorder for skill Y at the same time? Them not stacking for the same skill is obvious, but i assume they should work just fine if they are for different things.yesRules Thread XII
TechnomancyDoes resonances link(echo) work with technocritter pets to see if they are in danger if need be.SureRules Thread XII
AugmenationIf you have implant medic nanoware (cf 147) can you reprogram then to target a different piece of ware?Nope. (Feel free to reask this question when we get a new Rules head)Rules Thread XII
ResonanceCan you take an agent with the Resonant Program echo?Resonant Program lets you take a Common or Hacking Program (see Cyberprogram) an Agent is considered Software like an Autosoft and is considered is neither so no.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyHow does Hypermythesia interact with things such as Decaying Dissonance? The former negates glitches on memory tests, while the latter turns them into critical glitchesHyperthymesia. "lets you ignore Memory Test glitches" Decaying Dissonance. "Any glitch on a Memory Test counts as a critical glitch." The Hyperthymesia makes you ignore Glitches before they become critical glitches.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceThe Skinlink Echo has previously been ruled to give direct connection access to the TMs own augs. Does this mean the TM effectively has the functionality of an Internal Router (CF 84) if they have the Skinlink Echo? Internal Router: Using the body’s internal neural network as “wires,” the internal router allows the user’s cybernetics to communicate with one another as if they were wirelessly connected and, if expanded via a datajack or similar broadcast-enabled piece of cyberware, with the rest of the user’s gear. This allows the use of some wireless functionality, such as the quick-loading function of a smartgun or the engagement of a smuggling compartment, but not those that require an outside network or similar function, such as skillwire downloads.Effectively and now Officially Yes.Rules Thread XII
QualityTeam Player (KC 97) seems to imply that HotF and BF cannot be done as teamwork tests without the quality. The quality does an excellent job of laying out how it works WITH the quality (and our approvals doc), as far as all participants getting mark(s) and OS. and that Sprites/Agents cannot participate with the Team Player variety. Previous practice at many ShadowNET tables had, at a minimum, Agents and Sprites performing Matrix Teamwork tests constantly. Including for mark granting. to the point that custom rulings limited how many could actually assist. Q: Can matrix tests use Teamwork Tests? Which ones? Can sprites/agents participate? Q: Can Agents/Sprites continue to assist marking tests, without/despite Team Player, so long as the Agent/Sprite gets OS but no marks themselves (making it worse than the Teamwork called out in Team Player)? Q: Can other personas (not agents/sprites) do any of these things if sprites/agents can't? For the blue moon runs with more than one matrix operator?Agents/sprites and leadership continue to apply, however without the quality another technomancer/decker cannot teamwork Hack in the Fly or Brute Force.Rules Thread XII
WeaponAre the wireless bonuses of throwing knives and syringes exclusive to themselves? both do the same thing but my question is can I mix throwing knives and syringes and have their wireless bonuses apply to both types of projectile? Example: say I throw 4 throwing knives and one throwing syringe on my turn. Would I then receive a +4 bonus to either my next knife or syringe or would it be a +3 to my next knife and a +1 to my next syringe?Sure mix em up.Rules Thread XII
MagicWhen doing the nine paths ordeal do you use augmented stat or base statAugmentedRules Thread XII
ContactCan you get a teacher contact for martial arts? Can you get a service, or teacher, contact to assist you in learning complex forms/spells?"Along with the standard rules for martial arts and specializations, ShadowNET also allows characters to work with their trainers to reduce this training time to one week. This training also costs 500¥." This should require your trainer to be competent in the related skill associated with the Martial Art in question. CFs and Spells are currently being discussed with Contact head.Rules Thread XII
MagicDo you need a separate ritual for a possession version of a spirit, when using Calling? Or could you use Calling: guardian spirit, to cover both materialization and possessionBuying a spirit calling ritual spell, gives you access to any spirit including those the mage doesn't normally summon so the spell will be "Calling ritual "Wild Hunt" ". Refer to the specific spirit you are calling to whether they are a possession or normal spirit and the spirit will appear as that. It mentions "Materialization" but ignore that in the case of possession spirits though a vessel should be prepared for them within the circle. Its ultimately up to GMs how the Calling ritual plays out (it being very fluffy and not crunchy at all) GMs might pick the spirits optional powers, make them appear possessed or materialized or what form they should take. Just be aware that ultimately Calling will be GM Fiat powered by design. Please feel free to reask this question when we get a new rules head.Rules Thread XII
DrugDoes the disorient from Red Mescaline only apply for the first ten minutes of the drug?YupRules Thread XII

Does a gradual release chemical gland for oxygenated fleurocarbons kill you?

It shouldn't, as the dose refreshes after the last one is over. This is why you don't overdose on other drugs with a chemical gland, even if they have particularly long dose times such as red mescaline or Nitro, or hell, Zero. And presumably part of why Cereprax and Long Haul were banned, because you would basically kill yourself after the first 'cycle' as it were.

This is also why addiction is such an issue with the chemical gland, as you're never allotted time off of the drug, whenever the last dose ends the new one begins, causing another roll for addiction.

If its ruled that gradual release normally disperses the chemical over the course of a day, which is why the concerns of drug duration aren't a problem. Then I don't see why an Oxyfleuro gland couldn't disperse it over the course of a week.

Each does of the drug is administered after the end of the previous dose meaning you won't over dose on any drug inside of a gland by being on more than one dose at a time. CLARIFICATIONS: for Addiction Test roll 1 a day for each day during a run you are on the drug for simplicity reasons. Also Assume that the Chemical Gland Produces a "Lifetime supply" ignoring statements about "The gland produces a single dose every twenty-four hours and can hold as many as four doses at once". Ignore the ruling about "These compounds must be naturally occurring and not synthetic" because SR5 does not make a mechanical distinction between the two and relying on fluff is inaccurate to say the least.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceCould you use Resonance Channel (P.252 CRB) to bypass a Faraday cage? Could you use Resonance Channel to bypass noise created from things other than distance? (I don't see why a spam zone would affect the resonance/why you couldn't bypass the spam zone by going through the resonance channel for example)Faraday Cage does not add Noise it separates the inside of the cage from the outside of the cage Noise Reduction has no effect on a Faraday Cage. and while the answer is currently NO for resonance channel reducing noise from sources other then distance, please feel free to reask this question during or after Kill Code approvals.Rules Thread XII
MagicDoes the spirit power "Guard" protect against things like Radiation?Anything that would normally be covered by "Fatigue from Environment" (CRB 172) is covered, including radition fatigue damage. Each test avoided will eat up 1 service.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceDoes the complex form Editor bypass encryption and/or data bombs? if you copy a file with it, do these things come along with it?Yes. When a file is copied you become the new owner, as such you will have the passcode for the data bomb. And because of the lack of mechanics surrounding editing an encrypted file (because currently if a file is encrypted NOBODY can edit it even the owner, meaning that....every one who wants to edit a file better make sure they have a decker handy to unlock it for them.....) as a fix the ruling below will be in place. The owner of a file can open the file as though it was not encrypted as can anyone else who the owner of the file gives access too.Rules Thread XII
PowerMist Form (RF 133).. is this optional rule in effect? Are there any caveats on what can be carried with you/attempted to be turned to mist per the rule in Run Faster?As of your new doc yes players will be able to use this optional powerRules Thread XII
CombatCan I throw looper rounds at cameras instead of shooting them out of a gun? It seems their effect is on impact so I am wondering if a throwing adept could just chuck oneThrowing bullets does not make them go off, GMs can allow you to make trick shots/called shots if they want.Rules Thread XII
Advancementas your learning a spell, can you train other things? like skills and so on?"While learning the spell, you must devote eight hours of each day to learning the spell, otherwise you fail and must start all over." Any left over time is free to do what you want with as long as you spend the 8 hours a day.Rules Thread XII
QualityCan you stack vomeronasal organ and photographic memory for +2 memory tests for scents?Vomeronasal organ does not add to memory tests. Photographic memory applies to all tests including scent based memories.Rules Thread XII
GearDo the Bates-Brown tactical combat boots (SL 131) count as additional armor? (E.g. ballistic mask or forearm guards)Nope they don't add to armor encumbrance.Rules Thread XII
CombatCan nerve strike work with touch attacks? Something to note is that touch attacks dont benefit from net hits and nerve strike depends on net hits Can you call shots with touch attacks? If so does a called shot vitals increase the base damage done by shock weapons using a touch attack?Touch only-attacks as of Run and Gun state. "Weapons such as the shock glove or baton can inflict damage during a touch-only attack. These attacks don’t benefit from net hits from the attack to increase Damage Value" This implies the effect of not counting net hits only applies to shock based weapons. And seeing as touch attack is just a modifier to a normal attack you can combine it with a called shot. Be aware of a previous ruling here So to reiterate CSV+Touch fine. CSV+Shock fine. CSV+Touch+Shock fine. Nervestrike+Touch fine. Shock+Touch no net hits. Nervestrike+CSV, CSV has no effect.Rules Thread XII
WeaponDoes the bonus from seeker shafts (187 HT) stack with smart link? And should they be F Avail? it kind of odd for a high tech arrow to be military tech only.YesRules Thread XII
AdeptCan an adept using Body Sculpt appear to have more arms to impersonate a nartaki? I was told yes, but the arms would be non functional. How non functional are we talking about?Shiva Arms provide the following effects. "The character may hold and carry double the number of objects than normal. These so-called Shiva arms or Kali arms can be moved independently," "Characters with Shiva Arms can wield multiple weapons: firearms, melee weapons, or a combination of the two." "The character can use the Multiple Attacks Free Action (p. 164, SR5) with firearms in their extra hands," "Characters with the Shiva Arms quality suffer social stigma and modifiers (see Freaks sidebar, p. 123)." The power acts accordingly. "The Power does not allow the adept to mimic and express and changeling metagenetic traits. All of their attributes, skills, and powers remain unchanged; only their physical appearance is altered." As long as you use none of the abilities mentioned in the Shiva arms you can have them, this means the arms cannot act independently, hold objects or weapons, offer extra "Multiple attacks", or give you the "Freaks modifiers" (GMs however may choose to apply it). Functionality wise, the arms are somewhat vestigial and will follow the "Main arms" movement, and cannot pick up objects on their own.Rules Thread XII
Augmentationif Narco would reduce dice you roll to determine how long you sleep by 4d6, or would you roll the dice and then halve the results?Half the result.Rules Thread XII
Resonancetwo questions for Resonance Signatures 1) do you need to have detected the persona (if they're running silent) in order to detect the resonance signature? 2) can you tell if an entity is dissonant from the signature?"Other Resonance beings (technomancers, sprites, and ... others) can detect a Resonance signature by getting at least 3 hits on a Matrix Perception Test; noticing a signature comes in addition to the usual questions you get to ask." This implies that you have to have spotted the icon if you get over 3 hits on this test to spot the persona in question on of your question (assuming you are a TM too) is "Can I get their Resonance Signature." follow rules for MPer as per 241 CRB. Ninja Edit There currently are no mechanics for spotting weather someone is dissonant or not as "dissonant technomancers still follow the basic rules of technomancers (see p.249, SR5)," 164 DT GMs are encouraged to let Player characters ask the question and have it be answered with the same test as Spotting someones resonance signiture.Rules Thread XII
Magicdoes that limit on AV for foci effect Artifcing?As of a council Ruling it does not if you can craft it you can keep it.Rules Thread XII
QualityDoes Magnesense (160 CF) function like electroception/Technosense, the SURGE power? As it doesn't list thresholds for detecting things. And can it detect cyberware, as those are electronics/have power sources Second question also Is there a way for technomancers to get Technosense without SURGEing? Seems like something they should be able to do1) GM fiat unfortunately, treat as standard perception, GM sets the threshold you match it. 2) if they are metal they should show up. 3) Don't think so ask Chargen.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationI may or may not have made a mistake and gotten the induction connector thingie on an implanted Cyberdeck without really thinking about it. Can I 'lay-on-hands' to get the magic electronic touch and get the connection as if I was holding the deck in my hands or am I gonna be headbutting a lot of drywall in the future?Technically the latter, but "you’ve got a deck in your body." is the text for the implant, technically its headware but feel free to fluff it how you want. GM has final say tho.Rules Thread XII
CombatHow do i "seat the barrel against a target" during combat using Remington 995? Could i simply do it whenever im close enough, or perhaps would some sort of touch-attack shenanigans be required?There is no associated mechanic. Close enough to touch will be enough, GM's are welcome to incur a standard (-4) called shot penalty if they like.Rules Thread XII
DrugDoes the paralysis from Trance effect matrix actions? or does it only effect physical ones?"paralyzed and unable to take physical actions for 1 hour. Even if the target is not paralyzed, he suffers a –2 dice pool modifier for the next hour." It mentions Physical actions so the -2 dice pool for paralysis only effects physical actions.Rules Thread XII
MatrixThreading cuz might as well: Can you perform reckless hacking without having sleaze or attack(so just on actions that dont use either)For now Reckless Hacking is only usable with actions Actions with Sleaze or Attack as their LIMIT. This is subject to change in Wave 2 approvals.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyCan Sprites drive drones? The only way we think we've found would be to default pilot (so no aerospace Sprites), potentially with a second sprite (Machine) Diagnostic the vehicle to give the piloting sprite bonus dice. Answer may depend partly on the Diagnostics question in this thread.As sprites have no ranks in pilot, they cannot use diagnostics to assist themselves. They may default as long as they have the appropriate marks (or their compiler is the owner) by using the control device action. It is GM fiat if they have to make a test for basic actions a player wouldn't need to.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationCan cybergills breathe air as well as water?Bioware gills can and it also mentions in Gills 113 CF "gills are the bioware version of cybergills, operating in a similar way but lacking the ability to switch modes" Now Cybergills doesn't mention any modes but it does mention "allow water to be fully flushed out after emerging from submersion" So assume that Cybergills have 2 modes, one for breathing air, the other for water.Rules Thread XII
Magic"Spellblades Spellblades cannot be stacked on top of normal weapons. Are not affected by the quality Witness My Hate Spellblades only bypass armor when used against spirits Spellblades take into account Armor + Body/Willpower on Shadownet except when used against spirits." as of the player rulesRules Thread XII
MatrixFrom the KC Approvals Doc: “You can illegally change a device’s owner with a Hardware toolkit and a Hardware + Logic [Mental] (24,1 hour) Extended Test. Performing this test requires access to the Matrix; a glitch results in the authorities being notified.” (25 KC) Is it possible to put the device being tinkered with in a faraday cage and getting your matrix access from outside and connecting the two via cable so an angry owner won't come looking for you within the minute, or is the only way to safely steal an item by killing the owner first or other creative solutions?No, the device itself must be connected to the matrix. The entity that manages device ownership will not accept a change unless it can talk directly to the device being changed throughout the process.Rules Thread XII
QualityHow is Brand Loyalty handled when the fluff says that for every item a comparable item from a competitor likely exists?Use the standard piece of gear outlined in the books.Rules Thread XII
QualityHow does Immunization (164 CF) works? the line of text got cut off " For every dose administered past the first," there even a "," at the end, and does the net use the similar agent rule? (maybe it cuts the power of toxics down by half like similar agent but that just my two bits) what toxics would count as neurotoxins and other quick-acting compounds? (for Immunization )Immunization is banned on the NET probably because....of its lack of functionalityRules Thread XII
MagicIs there a sustaining range for touch health spells or do I simply need to touch the target and it is sustained for however long I hold it regardless of distanceBased on the ruling here. And 281 CRB mentions clearly what is needed to cast the spell but not what it neaded to sustaining the spells. 294 CRB states in the sustained powers for critters. "As with sustained spells, line of sight does not have to be maintained after the power takes hold of its target." This implies that once the spell has been cast using the correct method (LoS, touch, ect) that it can be sustained without maintaining touch or LoS. as for distance it is not mentioned a good rule of thumb would be Magic*100 meters but ultimately up to the GM. Be aware of BGC, Barriers, ect.Rules Thread XII
AdvancementIf you have skill wires or Channeling, can you train your self with the Instruction skill?You cannot train yourself using instruction, instruction is from tutor to "student" if you are using the instruction skill you are not the "student".Rules Thread XII
DrugsAre we following the optional rules on page 53 of Chrome Flesh? could one consider the PAB unit itself an availability 14, 120K nuyen purchase? or does that priceline only apply for getting treatments from one, and the units themselves are not at all available for player characters to purchase, relying on GM fiat to allow their use?Because of the difficulty of defining which drugs effect which mental illness, for now we will not be using these rules. (Please feel free to ask this question again when we get a New rules head.) "The Proceedure" is AV 14 120k purchase 1 full reprogramming only is covered by the cost.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationWhat limbs do shifters have for the purposes of cyberlimbs? Would it be two arms and two legs, or four legs? And if the former, would it cost anything to be able to use thumbs and as forelegs for running?2 arms, 2 legs.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationOcular drone: This enhancement only affects one eyeball per purchase. A small spyball drone is placed in your ocular cavity. The spyball functions as a normal cybereye (with all the relevant enhancements) until you remove it and control it as though it were a Horizon Flying Eye (p. 465). When it’s out and you have only one eye, you suffer a –3 dice pool penalty to all tasks. If you replace both eyes with drones, you’re effectively blind while those drones are operating apart from you. An ocular drone is obviously not available as a retinal modification. -3 to all tasks What about things that don't need sight? Like VR Decking, or VR Rigging, like into the eye especially? CRB 453RAW its clear, however GM's are encouraged to not include visual penalties on tasks which are not visual in natureRules Thread XII
AdeptCould an Adept pick up a foci with 'Memory Displacement', and then lose the foci, thus losing the memory?"Once the predetermined time has elapsed, the memory returns." this happens regardless of whether the power is on or off. This predetermined time for Sanity's sake can be no longer than a year and a day.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceDoes fading/drain count as a damage resistance test?Fading/Drain is not considered a damage resistance test and does not combine with ware/drugs ect that help with "Damage resistance test's" unless the text specifies drain/fading.Rules Thread XII
ToxinAs asked in the rules chat, can the "Hit Em Where It Counts" called shot be used with other injection vector weapons, such as, stingers, injection arrows, throwing syringes, etcYesRules Thread XII
AugmentationCan Chameleon Processor and Skin Toner work with hair and/or full body fur?For simplicity, yes.Rules Thread XII
MagicGot in to a argument that anyone effect by Mental magic and breaking free from it. I was told that any one was effect by Mental magic automatically gets the test and get a free Complex Action (meaning it does not taken a action) to break free even though they don't know they are under mind magic. My argument is that they only get the resistance test if they take the Complex Action to do it and why would people just take the action if they do not know if they being effect by Mental magic. "A victim of mental manipulation spell may roll to notice the magical effect according to the usual rules for Perceiving Magic" I believe that they need to notice the mental manipulation spell to take the action or maybe the mage try's to make them think something they would never think (like killing the guy who saved his life two times and get on well) As for "The one being controlled can take this action even if they wouldn’t get an action because of the spell.", Not all Mental magic force them to use their action, like Control thoughts can make a person like you but they get to pick how they act on that. The exception is Control action where I think they would get the action to try and break free as the spell is forcing the actions. ""the target may take a Complex Action on their turn to resist" I like to point out that they use the word "may" meaning the target to can choose not to resist (I don't see that happening unless like someone trying to kill them and they feel the need to take care of that 1st) So why would a person just stop what they are doing to try and break free of a spell they have no idea is there when they do have a spell on them. Also do you use "the target may take a Complex Action on their turn to resist by making a Logic + Willpower Test with a dice pool penalty equal to the spell’s Force"penalty part here, i know missions and a few other place don't use this rule as High force mind magic can make it hard/impossible to break free."Mental: Targets resist these spells with Logic + Willpower. Keep track of your net hits, as they determine how long you can sustain the spell. While the spell is sustained, the target may take a Complex Action on their turn to resist by making a Logic + Willpower Test with a dice pool penalty equal to the spell’s Force; every hit the target gets reduces the caster’s net hits by 1. The one being controlled can take this action even if they wouldn’t get an action because of the spell. The spell ends when your net hits are reduced to zero. A victim of mental manipulation spell may roll to notice the magical effect according to the usual rules for Perceiving Magic (p. 280). Some of the less subtle mental spells (Control Actions) are pretty obvious, but more subtle spells (like Control Thoughts) can be pretty insidious." Lets take Control Thoughts for instance. CRB 269 So the logic+willpower section is a resist to the spell being cast if the target wins this roll the effect of the spell lasts 0 passes this ALWAYS happens (GMs can decide the target will automatically fail if they choose, counting all of the casters hits as Net hits.). If the caster wins they get Net hit passes, every pass the person being controlled gets an action to resist reducing number of Net hits that the caster got and therefore the time that the effect lasts, this resist pool is (L+W) -force of the spell the target can choose not to do this roll but will ALWAYS have the option (GMs might chose for the Target to not resist) however force may reduce the resist pool to 0 and if so the Target doesn't have many options but to wait it out unless their pool gets above 0 (say with Magical Gaurd/counterspelling from a mage). as for noticing magic, at ANY point during the spell being cast, ANYONE can take a simple action using the rules for perceiving magic on 280 to try and work out who is casting, this includes the target, though there time is probably better spent breaking free. So order of operations is. Resist initial spellcasting (L+W vs Spellcasters pool) net hits determining length. If the result is greater then 0 then every pass the target can resist with (L+W)-F this can be 0 dicepool, hits from this resist reduce the net hits of the spellcaster. ANYONE nearby (as determined by GM) can spend a simple action to Percieve magic (280 CRB) including target. A GM can choose for the Target to Not resist because they are "Surprised" or "Unaware" that is up to the GM to make the Target auto fail. I hope this answers your question.Rules Thread XII
CombatCan you combine called shot: bullseye burst (R&G 116) and Brain Blaster (R&G 119) when using the Hammerli Gemini (SL 31)?The gemini is capable of firing 3 times in one action as a complex and explicitly is allowed to do a brain blaster, so yes you can combine themRules Thread XII
TechnomancyWhen using Complex Form Overdrive on Reaction Enhancers plus Wired Reflexes, what happens? How does the increasing reaction work with their wireless bonuses?"Reaction from the two augmentations can be above +4 if both systems have wireless activated." As written this may be subject to change come Wave 2.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationIf something has internal router, can you direct connect to all of their cyberware by connecting to an external piece of cyberware?Yes. Assume that all gear is directly connected and use the rules accordingly.Rules Thread XII
MagicIf you cast mana net (114 Sg) on a physical target, do they use Strength + Body or Willpower + Charisma (or is Willpower + Charisma for astral targets only?) There is the Physical keyword but no Mana Keyword, Physical key word is B+S so maybe it is Willpower + Charisma. it the only Mana Keyword spells in the game and there never put the rules for them in.Mana Bind and Mana Net can ONLY be cast on astral Targets. For Physical Targets you must use Bind or Net bind.Rules Thread XII
QualityAre we using this optional rule from page 158 of Chrome Flesh? "An exceedingly small number of individuals express these variant metahuman phenotypes naturally, with some phenotype being as rare as one in a billion. One phenotype adjustment can be taken as a Positive quality during character creation (with gamemster approval) with a Karma cost equal to the cost of the adjustment divided by 2,000 nuyen, rounded up + 3. As a natural mutation, this quality doesn’t affect your Essence."Go for it.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationCan you put a datatap into a fingertip compartmentThe Data Tap is considered to have a conceal-ability modifier similar to a commlink (-4). The fingertip compartment can conceal items with a conceal-ability modifier of -6, therefore cannot fit a commlink.Rules Thread XII
Magicdoes the net use any of the optional, you not a flying critter but you can say use magic to fly so here are ways to count as having skill ranks for flying rules from page 38 FA?PCs may buy ranks in the Flight active skill for the same price as any other active skill and is linked to AGI PCs may roll any skill in the Athletics group or Pilot Aircraft + AGI in place of the flight skill with a -1 penalty to their pool.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyWhat are the limits and behavior of the Sprite Power "Diagnostics"? CRB 257 The power states Teamwork test, but then does not mention limitations on the granted dice pool (unlike normal Teamwork, crb49). Teamwork: Requires a leader. Action time for the entire test is the same as the test being performed (teamwork on a simple is a simple, teamwork on a complex, is a complex. Yes?) Limit goes up by 1 for each assistant for the leader's roll. Leader's dice pool goes up by 1 for each assistant's hit on their check, with a limit of the leader's rank in the skill being helped. Diagnostics says Teamwork. Then says always a Simple Hardware+Level [Data Processing] test; if any hits are rolled, the character gets a +1 limit bonus, and each hit adds 1 die to the character's dice pool to use or repair the item. My read is that it is indeed not a standard teamwork test, and the sprite is adding a flat 'successes' to your pool. If you get a pool. Other threads have required the device to be Diagnostic'd must be wireless enabled, or directly connected to by the Technomancer who compiled the sprite (Skinlink, other direct-connect methods?). What is the correct read on how this power operates? Is its flavor of Teamwork compatible with normal Teamwork tests? Example: Machine sprite uses Diagnostics on a car. The user of the car now gets X dice to operate or repair it, regardless of the skill used. (X depends on the answers above, if it's limited by the driver, or only the sprite's ability to grant dice. Effect is on the car, so does switching drivers change the bonus? Can another person help them drive with a standard Teamwork test (which are capped by the leader's pilot ranks? Both?). Can another mechanic help them repair the car (same as driving?)It's a teamwork test so it adds the sprite’s hits to the users dicepool up to the person making the test’s ranks and +1 to the limit assuming at least 1 hit is scored by the sprite. The sprite can use diagnostics on a device the compiler has a direct connection to as per a previous ruling, this includes datajack, data tap, or skinlink As long as the sprite/compiling techno can maintain a connection the power continues. You may add as many people to the teamwork test as you like, but are always limited to ranks in extra diceRules Thread XII
AugmentationWhen using modular limbs, can you have the shoulder connectors at a grade higher than the limbs? Example, can we put standard limbs in alphaware sockets? Alpha limbs in used sockets? Etc Strength and agility "Flow Down" the arm in question, meaning if I have an "Obvious full limb" with customised to 6 agility/strength it goes into the attached modular lower limb. So say we then give that lower limb enhanced 3/3 strength/agility, does that give the full arm 9 agility/strength?Mod connectors must be the same rating as the limb, No the values don't add or split.Rules Thread XII
CombatWhat called shot, if any, would be used to dismember someone with a bladed weapon?Probably Finishing move? CSV? Shits entirely Fiat but finishing move would be the closest.Rules Thread XII
GearCan you have the armor, unarmed damage boost, and famage to barehanded attackers benefits of smartskin (cf 151) all active at once?The extra Unarmed and Blades Damage is simply part of the Wireless bonus, as long as your as wireless on you can make use of this. As for the Armor and Damage to attackers however are referred to as "A secondary smartskin setting changes the smart materials into microspines" with the armor bonus being "While active". So you must be active to make use of the "secondary smartskin setting" meaning that. Yes you can make use of all 3 things at once.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyCan the editor complex form be allowed to crack files as mentioned in the quality Curiosity killed the cat?Yes but the +2 only applies to the Crack file test.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationWhat mods can be installed onto implanted custom cyberweapons? Basing of what the regular ones get, im assuming you could get most barrel mods at least?Cyberguns may only take modifications listed specifically for them (crb 458). However, weapons installed using the custom cybergun rules (cf 90) retain the mods they come standard withRules Thread XII
AugmentationSo by RAW there is no restriction to what can and cannot taken for cyberlimb optimisation which could include resonance or magical skills. the current exsamples all lead to Physical skills, except for Preformance (social) So where do we draw the line? is technical skills ok? can i take +2 while hacking and DNI'd? can I take cyberlimb optimisation Summoning?You cannot optimize cyberlimbs for resonance, magic, or matrix actions. Reason being, if you're not using the limb, optimization probably isn't going to do anythingRules Thread XII
CombatDoes it still take a simple action to ready a cybergun?YesRules Thread XII
Augmentation"Can I have an oxygenated fluorocarbon gradual release gland. Y/N" important consideration, are oxygenated fluorocarbons "Naturally occurring and not synthetic" "Will it kill me. Y/N" important consideration, see below Taking into account the way glands actually work (one dose is built every 24 hours) and that the dose is administered throughout the day as its built (as per the modification of the chemical gland. It at no point mentions that the time to build a dose of the drug is altered to be slower, faster, or meet the duration of the drug.) On day two, it is a brand new dose. An example is that plant analogy. I have a two liter water bottle for my plant, this will keep it watered for a week. I can give it all to my plant and wait for a week before before giving it another two litres. Or, I can attach the water bottle to the water system, and make it drip. Meaning as it is filled from the reservoir it drips into the plant, and refills again, and continues to drip, effectively drowning the plant on day two.Each does of the drug is administered after the end of the previous dose meaning you won't over dose on any drug inside of a gland by being on more than one dose at a time. CLARIFICATIONS: for Addiction Test roll 1 a day for each day during a run you are on the drug for simplicity reasons. Also Assume that the Chemical Gland Produces a "Lifetime supply" ignoring statements about "The gland produces a single dose every twenty-four hours and can hold as many as four doses at once". Ignore the ruling about "These compounds must be naturally occurring and not synthetic" because SR5 does not make a mechanical distinction between the two and relying on fluff is inaccurate to say the least.Rules Thread XII
Combatapparently there a old Rules Thread from Fex on the fling spell where you don't use the force of the spell as the limit but the physical limit of the mage, this break so many things, like the rules of manipulation spells, the fact that I can cast the spell at force 1 and have the limit higher, That I can't use the spell if my physical limit goes to hell. Can we just get that fixed?Overruling previous ruling Limit for using the fling spell for throwing anything, including a thrown weapon is the force of the spell or reagents spent, if any. Your magic is the str for the purposes of range and damage Personalized grips do not increase the accuracy when using the fling spell on thrown weapons.Rules Thread XII
MatrixIf I'm in VR, can I "control device" my own Cyberlimbs? Can this be combined with imagery (cameras, drone feeds, teammate image link feeds, etc) to control my arms to shoot people (imagery assisted shooting penalty -3 apply)? Can this circumvent Sleepwaker/Sublime -10 to physical action penalties and similar effects, since I am NOT physical (though I'm using the matrix through a device to perform a physical action)?The control device action can be used on cyberlimbs, including your own, to do simple things (walking, picking up objects, ect), but any action that would require a check is subject to the -10 penalty. You could combine it with shooting using imagery, but the -10 still applies on top of it.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceDoes the effects of the programs Shredder (DT56) and Nuke-from-Orbit (DT57) work with Editer CF(252 Core) Can you use Hitchhiker as a TM to take people in the Resonant Realms?Yes you can use either assuming you can access the programs and the CF at the same time (Eg. Resonance Program (Nuke from Orbit)). Ninja Edit Yes you can use Hitchhiker as a TM with the Resonance Program page 116 in DT even explicitly calls out that it can be used and some of the interactions. Second Ninja Edit As for the Resonance realms no a TM cannot bring someone else to the resonance well through anything other than a rift as of 162 DTRules Thread XII
ResonanceIf you use resonance riding, and you have Resonance Program echos, do you still have access to those programs?"the technomancer cannot use their Living Persona or benefit from any of the Living Persona’s attributes, or perform the Compile Sprite, Register Sprite, or Thread Complex Form actions. All other Resonance actions are available." DT59 it does not call out Echo's, and seeing as you would have to be using an Echo to resonance ride, I'm going to say you can use Echo's while Riding.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceIs software still a logic linked skill when using it to thread a complex form?when threading a complex form software is Resonance based.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationIs Datajack -> Datajack+ covered by the upgrade rules? Can you have multiple D+ in the same way you can have multiple Datajacks?Sure. Yes you can have multiple D+ and they do stack.Rules Thread XII
Technomancyusing the Cyberadept Daemon, is the 'resonance lost by cyberware' (KC: 90) a lifetime max or just a max per submersion?For now the max resonance that can be ever gotten back from the Cyberadept Daemon is 6. This is subject to change come Wave 2 approvals.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationCan I sell cultured bioware? Like say I no longer want my cerebral booster... for whatever reason, can I only throw it into the local trashcan? Or could I fence it to like... a ghoul or something like thatNo, unfortunately cultured bioware is individually tailored to each person and the resale value is close to 0.Rules Thread XII
ResonanceAre resonance actions blocked by a Faraday cage?Faraday cages are poorly defined at best, (The word Faraday Cage only comes up 3 times in the CRB, 2 of those are part of the same table). All we have to go on is "a Faraday cage used in select sections of the building can cut off access from the outside completely." This seems like plot protection at best, assume that while inside a faraday you cannot access the outside matrix and while outside one you cannot access inside the Faraday Cage, this goes for Matrix and Resonance actions.Rules Thread XII
AugmentationWhat is required to reprogram hard nanites to another type? If I need my nanite hunters to do anti-rad duties, what do I do? Am I reprogramming the hive, and it scoops up the little guys and re-issues them, or reprogramming the nanites to do different things?For run purposes we will assume all it takes is a trip to a cyberdoc and about an hour of work for now because there are no mechanics for it.Rules Thread XII
Magic1) I looked and while Catalyst made offical errata to fix homunculi movement, they didn't correct Charisma, so assume that the charisma of homunculi is 0 and that their base damage is 0 for astral combat. 2) Replace the word "Watcher" with "Homunculus" so Homunculi have F/2 skill ranks. 3) "The homunculus obeys the leader’s commands as much as possible within the limitations of its physical capabilities." You can make em as small as you like be aware that if your lil dude is the size of a marble climbing stairs would most likely be outside "limitations of its physical capabilities." As for resistances "As Animate" for now, feel free to reask this question when we get a new rules head.Rules Thread XII
MatrixCan you use Control Device to shoot through multiple drones at once?"During his Action Phase, a character may take two Simple Actions, though only one can be an attack action." (CRB 164) What constitutes an attack action is decided by your GM, but...actual attacks with weapons are definitely considered attacks.Rules Thread XII
QualityHow are we feeling about giving Metagenic Negatives the ability to be bought off as usual? Also, how are we feeling about making surge weapons unarmed using the natural weapons specialty? Put it through the usual channels if you have to!Metagenic Negatives will not be available to be bought off for the time being please feel free to reask this question when the next rules head comes in. And for now YES you can use Unarmed and the Natrual Weapons Spec for MELEE Surge and natural weapons gained from Metatype, Metavarient, Metasapient, Infection and Dracomophis.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyDoes a device need to be providing a die pool bonus to a character before a use of the Diagnostics power on that device can aid them via Teamwork? eg, Bob the Street Sam is using his Praetor submachine gun to shoot at a bunch of horrifying mutant rats. Bill, his brother and friend, has sent a Sprite to aid him via his Wirelessly-on gun, using diagnostics to help him aim (either by bodging up a pseudosmartlink which Bob lacks otherwise, or even by directly controlling the fire rate of the gun to only 'shoot' when it is pointed at the enemy, $div.narrativereason). Does this use of Diagnostics pan out in Bob's favour? What about if it was on a Drone using its Sensor Suite to paint silhouettes of the enemy on otherwise-impenetrable smoke via virtual vision? Does the bonus granted by Diagnostics apply to multiple entities if the device in question is providing a significant bonus to multiple entities? eg, Brandon the Rigger is running his RCC out of the back of a van as his swarm of rotodrones cover the retreating rebel forces. Ben, his friend and brother, puts his hand on the RCC and goes into a trance, sending his Machine Sprite to aid Brandon in his desperate attempt to stop corporate forces from putting paid to the Soda Rebellion once and for all. Does this work out for Ben and Brandon? Or does only one Roto receive the bonus? If multiple Machine Sprites use Diagnostics on the same piece of gear, do their Diagnostics stack together up to the normal limit for Teamwork Tests? If not, what happens if multiple Machine Sprites use Diagnostics on different pieces of gear all pointing to the same check? eg, Bertrand the Mage is trying to follow the trail of a serial killer using his Cybernose. Brent, his brother and friend, reaches out to touch his friend's nose, imparting the will of the resonance into the nasal organ. However, Brent lacks the raw power of Ben and Bill, and resorts to sending all his active sprites (machine sprites, as Brent only uses that type of sprite) to aid the function of his friend's cybernose. Does this work out for Brent and Bertrand? Would it be different if Brent sent one sprite to aid the nose, and one to aid Bertrand's Attention CoProcessor?Does a device need to be providing a die pool bonus to a character before a use of the Diagnostics power on that device can aid them via Teamwork? - Nope Diagnostics just helps people use the item Does the bonus granted by Diagnostics apply to multiple entities if the device in question is providing a significant bonus to multiple entities? - If multiple people are using the same piece of gear yes. If multiple Machine Sprites use Diagnostics on the same piece of gear, do their Diagnostics stack together up to the normal limit for Teamwork Tests? If not, what happens if multiple Machine Sprites use Diagnostics on different pieces of gear all pointing to the same check? - Treat it as multiple Assistants on 1 test.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyIf you target a device with a sustained complex form or sustained power and it goes wireless off, does it still effect it? Can you "Control Device" a cyber limb and you can control device your own cyber limbs? edit got told to add Page 162 Hard Targets, the "Puppeteer" on limb control as a reference.If you lose connection to the device, your sustained CF or sprite power stops. You may use control device for simple things ((picking up objects, handshakes, walking, ect)), but anything that would require a roll ((shooting a gun, sprinting, throwing a grenade, picking s lock)) is still subject to the -10 penalty.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyCurrent approvals require the refurb pi-tac owner to perform the repairs 'themselves'. Do summoned minions count as 'themselves' for allowable resources? Specifically: Can a Task spirit with the Hardware skill fix a refurbished pi-tac owned by its summoner? Can a drone with Hardware skill and a toolkit (and presumably a drone arm) fix a refurbished pi-tac owned by its owner/operator/rigger? Can a Machine Sprite use its Hardware skill to repair a refurbished pi-tac for its compiler? Does it need thumbs, or can it use Hardware skill in general (much like it would presumably use Hardware to repair matrix damage on gear despite it being purely digital)? I guess more formally, can a Machine Sprite use the Hardware Skill for all normal uses right out of the box, and it's a Catalyst "don't think about it too hard" kind of thing? And the same for other Sprite skills.Yes a Task Spirit can, as can a drone with Hardware, as can a sprite. The test does not require a toolkit.Rules Thread XII
QualityDoes Brilliant Heuristics really halve the time for all Data Processing Matrix Actions? Or more precisely, does it affect anything other than Matrix Search? What determines a Data Processing action (limit is [Data Processing]? Something else?)?Brilliant Heuristics only halves the time for Matrix search actions. This is subject to change with coming Wave 2 approvals.Rules Thread XII
TechnomancyTwo questions regarding a technomancers Echoes. 1: If a technomancer is affected by the shapechange spell, do they retain the ability to use their echoes? 2: how about their living persona I believe they should still have access to the abilities, if only because mages/adepts retain their abilities that don't rely on speech. And augments mostly carry over to the new formYes for both for simplicity sake.Rules Thread XII
MagicHow do magic spells, drugs and augs stack?up to your augmax of +4Rules Thread XII
AugmentationCan you add normal weapon mods to custom cyberguns? (cf. 90) Can you shove guns you already own into a cyberarm?CYBER-IMPLANT WEAPONS "Unless otherwise noted, the following weapons cannot accept accessories and use either the Unarmed Combat (Cyber-Implant Weaponry) skill if melee-based, or Exotic Weapon (the particular cyber-implant weapon) if ranged." CF 90 Be aware that . CYBERGUN MODIFICATION "Modification of a normal gun into a cyber-implant version costs are shown on the following chart, while Availability is increased by 4." CF 90 So you can still Smartlink the gun if you implant it (and it is a necessity). As for slapping your own pre existing weapon into an arm it is fine you will still have to roll AV for the cyberlimb modifications to implant the weapon, also any modifications will be removed from the weapon upon implantation and a new "Smartgun System" will be installed if necessary.Rules Thread XII
Combatcan we take a look at this rapid draw ruling from a year ago? What I am mainly asking for is a more clearly laid out post of exactly how rapid works with both firearms and melee weapons. I am mainly asking this because the old post had to be amended and is generally laid out in a way that is hard to read and mixed with an Iajutsu questionThe quick draw simple action, when used with the rapid-draw adept power, lets you make a test to ready and attack with any weapon that is holstered, secured via a sling, or held at a ‘low-ready’ position ((i.e. in hand but not raised)). Lajutsu is the same but only applies to melee weapons.Rules Thread XII
MagicComplicated scenario: Mage has masking and extended masking. Illusions don't normally fool spirits at all (They're easily assensible as spell auras, for example, and are often in the wrong world). Manascape (Shadow spells, p20): This spell is designed to pass illusions to the target’s magical senses. While it cannot create auras of astral images where none are present, it can change their appearance to anyone using Assensing, Psychometry, Sensing, or the Astral Window spell. False Impression only affects the image of a single spell or astral form, while Manascape changes the appearance of an area. Trid phantasm (CRB291) and Improved invisibility (CRB291) are both physical illusions. Could they be 'passed' to target senses to make illusions real enough to astral entities to have them make resistance checks or be fooled? Extended masking is added as an additional layer, since it can hide the spell being sustained as well (so there is no 'gosh, I can see that guy has an illusion spell-aura, I wonder what it is?' in play). For that second example, would this be a long sought-after invis vs. spirits, if you can manage to pass both the Masking resist to assensing AND the 'is it a believable illusion' spell resist?Improved Invisibility covers you for the meat world, Manascape/False Impressions covers the Astral realm, if you masking both of your sustained spells. If all of the spells beat the Resist of the Target, the Target will not see you on either realm. You might want to add Stealth to that too to hide your sound in meat-space.Rules Thread XII
AdeptIs it possible to take a Weapon Skill Specialization that applies to the Powerblade/Manablade spells. If so would it be a matter of choosing a Specialization in the shape of your choice for materializing them, or would you need to specify it as a Powerblade or Manablade Specialization?You can have them manifest as the weapon type you're specialized in. Alternatively, you can have a specialization of 'Spells', which allows use of any blade regardless of what they're manifested as.Rules Thread XIII
Magicthe imbue item ritual does not have the adept tag yet adepts can perform it (so says the paragraph under adepts and rituals), so can an adept get help from fwends during the ritual, unlike normal adept rituals? (as rituals with the adept tag do not allow assistance)Yes, per the rules for teamwork. Helpers will need to be awakened in order to resist the drain of the sealing step.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptCan the Powerblade spell be combined with Martial Arts after they have been created? Reason being unlike Manablades they can interact with Non-living objects allowing the user to manipulate opposing weapons and movement with them by the spell description. And skills wise after casting it’s completely reliant on Blades or ClubsThey are effectively a weapon, and can be used with all martial arts allowing the use of blades or clubs(dependent on what weapon you conjure it as). Powerblades are physical, manablades are subject to GM Fiat on unusable martial arts because of their immaterial status however(such as Riposte).Rules Thread XIII
ContactThe Legitimate Work contact power allows contacts to have an active skill. Would it be possible to have a contact with the Arcana active skill roll an extended test for creating an Ally Spirit Formula?Currently, no. The work would take close to a week or longer, and would require a significant investment of the contacts time not represented by contact rules.Rules Thread XIII

I've just done some play testing with Garrotes with Cappin', and we've found a couple questions that need to be answered. - Are opponents locked out from using "Physical Actions" as per Subduing Combat? Garrotes claim to be "Similar" to subduing combat, notable difference is the way in which the threshold increases (For every attack) and that there is a modifier to the DV and there is AP. a few examples. Are Garrote subject to the normal Subdual enhancements, IE, Buffout, Constrictors Crush and Crushing Jaws. Or are these where it is "Similar" and not "The same as" subduing combat

- If I use 'Called Shot - Forearm' to "Initiate" the attack, does that work at all? Or am I limited to "Called Shot: Neck" - Following the previous question, is the Subdual damage of STR+4s Ap-6 or STR+6p ap-8 limited by the Called Shots DV Limit, seeing as it's not an attack?

- When "Improving Your Grip" do you continue to take the called shot penalty, considering you already have their location pinned? does the threshold decrease by the defenders hits each test? RAW Subdual only decreases the total threshold if the defender gains more hits in the "Tighten your grip" move

- Does the threshold they need to break out effect the DV of the attack in the same way as Net Hits would a normal melee attack?

- ` a successful Knock Out of Hands called shot or similar attack that breaks the attacker’s grip. `. What constitues "Or similar attack" Besides "Called Shot: Disarm/Knucklebreaker"? Is the hold released if we are knocked prone?

Mildly unrelated

- Is there a test to maintain the grip on your weapon when you are knocked down, or am I making that up?

Yes. Treat it as subduing combat in every way, except for what it states was changed. Replace any unarmed combat rolls with garrote rolls. They are subject to all modifiers to subduing combat and thus can benefit from constrictor's Crush and Crushing Jaws. However buffout does not apply because it's a weapon and not your hands. You must use a called shot to the neck. No other body part works. You are not limited by the called shot DV limit, as you are not dealing damage with the called shot. (you deal damage through subdue). You do not take the called shot penalty, and you also gain a +2 due to superior position. The threshold does not decrease by the defenders hits each test(yes, it's doable to make the threshold effectively impossible, subdue is nasty like that). The DV of the attack is not affected at all ever by net hits. It is flat damage, no roll required. Anything that would force them to drop something they're holding would count. Knockdown on you would count, knockdown on the target would not. You and the target can be at different posture states(consider prone in this instance to be more like a disadvantageous position that results in a bellyflop if you let go) Nope. Your weapon you can continue to hold when knocked down.Rules Thread XIII
Socialcurrently Hustling the Mark from cutting cutting aces page 154, is ruled here that you must fail the test to get the dice pool modifier, by fail i mean the target must win, if the user wins then he goes not get anything. The entire point is to fake failure, not truly fail. There something very wrong when a person with 20 con dice can't do the set up for a con vs someone with like 4 dice at all but someone with like 8 dice has like some shot (-6 to that from Hustling the Mark )Unsure on the question here? Regardless, I'll leave it up to GM Fiat and player creativity to stack enough negative modifiers in order to fail.Rules Thread XIII
QualityCan the heat from an active MOS be used to heat up a cold blooded character and offset the cold blooded quality.If you have the proper protection to prevent damage being taken. Sure!Rules Thread XIII
MagicCan an aspected conjurer (without the spectral warden quality) learn the summon ally spirit ritual as part of initiation into the Invocation High Magic?Yes, learning a ritual as part of an initiation waives the learning roll. As they can use the summon ally spirit ritual, they can learn it as well.Rules Thread XIII
QualityCan ghouls buy off their limited sight negative quality? Or do they need to get cybereyes I think they should be able to, given the fact it's just cataracts and they can otherwise get surgery to appear metahuman (as opposed to looking infected)For consistency with earlier editions and lack of precedent in 5E, cybereyes are the only way to cure ghoul blindness. You do not need to spend extra karma to use and benefit from cybereyes.Rules Thread XIII
CombatCould we get quickdraw sheaths, or a new ruling on that?Anything that states it can hold a pistol or smaller(including machine pistols) can hold weapons of Concealability 0 or less. Anything that states light pistol or less can hold concealability -2 or smaller. This applies specifically only to holsters and arm slides. EDIT: Also concealed quick-draw holsters can hold weapons with concealability 0 or less. It wasn't listed there, so listing it here now.Rules Thread XIII
MagicIf you make a item that will become a foci out of material from a metaplane, would that effect the OR of the test?No, it would have OR as normal for the type. Also, obtaining material from a metaplane is currently not possible except through GM fiat.Rules Thread XIII
MagicIs it possible to have elemental weapon (water) as an adept power? And if so how would the effect be treatedYou use the elemental damage effects for water as detailed in Street Grimoire. Specifically page 105 details the elemental effects of water.Rules Thread XIII
MatrixI am the firewall only specifies "Defense tests" Does this mean dual natured beings with access to AR get this benefit in astral combat?I Am The Firewall requires an AR feed. Implicitly, this AR feed must visibly see the attack, or the attacker. As an astral attack requires either the attacker or the defender to be entirely beyond the reach of technology, I Am The Firewall never applies unless there is visual evidence of the astral attack or attacker(GM fiat applies for astrally-reactive materials which may allow it to apply).Rules Thread XIII
MatrixDo you think we could get a size for the little overheating program box doohicky from killcode?It's ruled as a -2, so imagine it as closer to an ipad or raspberry pi. Similar in size to your cyberdeckRules Thread XIII
MagicTouch Indirect spells (eg: Punch, Corrode) Current handling: Make an unarmed touch attack (Agl+Unarmed, +2 for touch-only), and if you hit, cast the spell (if you miss, no spell for you). Opponent dodges the unarmed touch attack normally. If you hit, roll spellcasting. Any net hits, spell lands (because there is no second dodge test), base damage is set by spell force, net hits add to damage, so a minimum of F+1 damage. Damage is soaked normally. For sake of comparison, using F12 spells: Mage gets 5 hits on spellcasting with Clout (indirect LOS). Target gets 4 hits on Reaction + Intuition. 1 net hit. Target has to soak 13s v-12 normally. Mage soaks 9 drain (7 with fetish), potentially physical drain. vs Mage gets 5 hits on unarmed combat +2 dice. Target gets 4 hits on Reaction + Intuition. 1 net hit, no damage from the touch, target is successfully touched. Mage casts Punch. Gets 5 hits on Spellcasting. The target has been touched, so can't dodge under current rulings. Target soaks 17S v-12 normally. Mage soaks 6 drain (4 with fetish). Drain may be physical. Net result: Mage using touch had to manage a touch attack, but by doing so spends less drain for more damage, against the same type of success on the defender. Q: Confirm this is the current ruling for Combat Spells: Indirect, Touch. Proposal: Rule clarification (I personally think it's only a clarification). Per CRB283, Indirect combat spells have three ranges. Touch, LOS, and AE. They clearly link and compare LOS to normal ranged combat, with the check being Spellcasting vs. their normal ranged defense. AE are compared to grenades (so throwing), with additional hits above cancelling scatter added to DV (net hits -3 are bonus to DV). Note that this means there is some kind of delay between spell manifesting and it detonating, or you couldn't scatter (and you couldn't RFYL either). By calling out as grenade, it appears to be very different from instant-radiating-from-centerpoint of a direct AE. I propose that for touch spells simply do the same thing. You need to touch for delivery, but the delivery should be spellcasting+2 (substituting for unarmed+2 in a melee touch attack). Still a single defense test, does not mean you can be grazed by an unarmed, and then crushed by a functionally unresisted spellcasting test. Using above example: Mage gets 5 hits on spellcasting + 2 dice (spellcasting touch attack). Target gets 4 hits on Reaction + Intuition. 1 net hit. Target soaks 13S v-12 normally. Mage soaks 6 drain (4 with fetish), and drain can be physical. Net result: Same damage as the LOS, but required you to touch the target, but gave you bonus dice since you were only trying to touch the target. With the same hits on attack and defense, same damage happens, with less drain for the touch spell.Temporary ruling: Make an attack as a touch attack only(or any attack with contact preparations, as long as you have a way to not set it off yourself). If you hit, then proceed with the spellcasting roll against their defense, with the defender applying the penalty for defending multiple times consecutively. Counterspelling can apply against the second attack but not the first attack. Likewise, melee defense actions can apply against the first attack but not the second attack.Rules Thread XIII
CombatWould "Randoori: Vitals" reduction in called shot penalties count for locational called shots to "Vital" areas such as the neck?No, it only applies to the specific called shot listed. In this case, Called Shot: Vitals(although you can fluff it as being to the neck if you want)Rules Thread XIII
MagicIf a mage improves his edge value then performs a ritual of change on his ally spirit, does the Ally Spirit gain the new edge value? or must the Spirit's edge value be improved independently?Currently edge is set at time of spirit creation, and cannot be changedRules Thread XIII
TechnomancySo, previous ruling says that you can sustain complex forms while resonance riding, yet in order to use resonance riding you need to reboot your persona to load it onto the deck. Which clears all sustained complex forms. Thus shouldn't resonance riding cancel sustained complex forms? I'd understand if it was "you can sustain a complex form if you first pass it off to a sprite before swapping to the deck"This is confusing and I'd like to update the ruling on it. For right now, assume that the rebooting of your persona to load it onto the deck does not disrupt sustained complex forms(except those targeting your living persona, as it no longer exists on the matrix), and OS and marks are transferred to your deck as well. This only applies to the start of using a deck/link, and stopping the use of one is treated as a full reboot.Rules Thread XIII
QualityDose the Poisoner quality apply to a changeling's natural venom?Yes, as a changeling's natural venom uses the toxin rules.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptFor death dealer, does a mystic adept get both adept and mage benefits (and I suppose, also asking for an adept with Adept Spell), Or do I need to choose one/buy it two times and Can mystic adepts purchase Witness my Hate?Choose when you take the quality which side it applies to(add a note to the quality or similar). As normal, the adept side has one rank maximum. You can purchase the other side at a later date for the full price of the quality. This ruling applies to adepts with adept spell as well. Yes. (adepts with adept spell can purchase it too, if they want)Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationAny way for a cybergland to coat a melee weapon with a toxin if said weapon is not cyber implanted, like a sword? If so, what would be the action cost for doing so in combat? With a thought, the reservoir releases its contents in liquid form or as a small puff of aerosolized mist. Can this function of cybergland be used offensively to deploy a toxin directly at a target? If so, what would be the rules for it?If not otherwise specified, the action for applying a poison is the Ready Weapon action. Normally it would take a simple action, but if it's implanted alongside another weapon, it would take a complex action for other weapons. Aerosolized mist with a contact vector would require an Unarmed touch attack to apply in melee range. Single target only, the dose is used regardless of whether or not you hit, and you get the normal +2 with attacker success on tie. Cyberweapon specialization applies.Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationCan the bioware weapon reservoir chemical gland be attached to a natural weapon, such as a shifter's bite? It states that you must expend successes without increasing damage in order to inject the poison. Does this require also dealing damage with the attack in order to do so?An extended ruling may be announced later. This is a baseline RAW ruling. By RAW, natural weapons can be augmented by Weapon Reservoir. Two net hits must be expended solely to activate this instead of dealing damage. You may choose after an attack hits but before soak is rolled whether or not to activate the gland. This effectively reduces the number of hits by 2, therefore you'd have to score 3 net hits in order to inject. There has to be at least 1 box of unsoaked damage(physical or physical converted to stun) in order for the poison to work.Rules Thread XIII
Adepton page 157, for the beast way's things it can get there's one that's called claws that does as mentioned. CLAWS The adept taps into his animalistic side and can grow thick, sharp nails like some kind of beast. The Damage Value of his Unarmed Combat attacks increases by 1. Prerequisite: Keratin Control Is it possible this can work on HMHVV that have infected claws?Same test that's used for Killing Hands, Penetrating Strike and the like will be used for Beast's Way Claws. It will apply as long as it cannot be turned into a foci. So bioware claws and claws in general will be fine, as long as you actually use the claws in your attacks.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerSo i've come up with the idea of trying to put a drone in a drone rack backpack and giving it lots of legs with monkey feet for use as a mobile doc oc kinda situation. The questions I have are: How does this interact with a drone possibly being immobile? How would trying to put skimmers in the legs to make myself faster work? As above but for waterjets/cyberfins?Drone is still immobile. Drones cannot move normally while on a drone rack. See above. Skimmers would be inoperable in a drone rack. Again, waterjets/cyberfins would be inoperable.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerCyberlimb optimization on drone limbs for melee combat skills. Y/N?Yes. They should work as normal for the drone and anyone using the droneRules Thread XIII
AugmentationDo Flare compensation help with Smokebomb sudden flashs and to what level vs vision enhancement and cyberware (I know it sounds dumb but cyberware Flare compensation work better vs flash pak's then vision enhancement) smokebombs being on page 187 HTFlare compensation does not explicitly state any specific sort of reduction for flashing lights, those are handled by the rules situations itself. Therefore, Flare Compensation does not give any sort of mitigating factor for Smokebombs.Rules Thread XIII
MagicI remember talking to Ryo about this once upon a time, but can't find it in writing anywhere. Initiation, and Arts with more than one metamagic. We have rulings on the cost of extra rituals/enchantment things under arts, deconflicting the 'normal cost' in the sidebar, vs. the 'spend same time and karma as the current grade again' text on the same page. Doing the same thing with the metamagics. Sidebar: SG 139: Metamagics, if more than one metamagic is available, the magician must perform the initiation process, including the Karma and time cost, to learn each one. Main text: SG 139: A magician can learn additional advanced rituals and enchantments within that category by spending the same amount of time and Karma that would be required to initiate to his or her current initiate grade (p. 325, SR5). For each new metamagical technique, however, the magician will need to initiate to the next grade to gain that new metamagic. Main text 'next grade' vs. sidebar 'initiation process'. Seems pretty clear to me, but making sure. Example: Initiate to grade 1 for 11 karma with an Ordeal. Choose the Masking Art. Choose Masking. Now IG 1. Can you then spend 11 karma to choose Extended Masking (remaining at IG 1), or do you need to spend 16 karma (assuming no discounts), move to IG2, and choose Extended Masking with no additional Art?Metamagics currently require a full initiation and increasing of your IG to obtain. In the example, you would have to spend 16 karma to move to IG2 in order to obtain Extended Masking.Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationFor natural/augmented unarmed weapons that have AP, I understand that in rules X that it was stared that it replaces but in rules VII it was stated that it adds to bioweapons and natural weapons as stated here. So What takes over? Does it replace? Or does it add to as there seems to be conflict going on to it. Also for the SURGE Digging claws, or infected tunneling claws where they get a +2 dice to tunneling, digging and moving earth, does that apply to a +2 dice modfier to striking barriers?Former ruling in VII shall overrule the one in X. The specific test to be used is whether or not it can be turned into a weapon foci. This includes cyberarms benefiting, despite not being including in the former ruling. Yes, if the barrier is made of earth.Rules Thread XIII
Augmentationdoes the bi lateral coordination co processer take away the off-hand penalty for all limbs if a person has the multiple pairs of limbs? the quality itself talks about balancing each side of the body not the arms themselves like ambidextrous hence why I am askingIt applies to the off hand penalty in general, so yes. It should work in all regards like Ambidexterity. You're just paying essence instead of karma for it.Rules Thread XIII
MagicI believe "Yes. Each foci has their own separate pool, which can only be used against spells of that category." for "Do counterspelling foci only add spell defense dice if you are defending against spells that the specific focus is attuned to?" is a houserule intentional or not, I believe it should add it force to the generic pool then having keep track. Overall it make a counterspelling foci worse overall unless you use more then one with Arcance bodyguard.(32p FA) say you got 2: force 4 counterspelling foci, what ever two you want, you can double both to 8 with that, so you have your ranks+metamagic2 for a generic pool, and then Foci2 for each foci then ranks+metamagic+foci*2., making it harder to burn down a caster spell def pool, as well does it effect mage hunter as now you got categories of Counterspelling dice pool. (38p FA)Hmmm. For simplicity of rules then, I'll change the ruling to "Adds generic counterspelling dice if you have more than 0 counterspelling dice". You only benefit from your highest power foci to your defense pool. If your counterspelling dice reach 0 for whatever reason, you can't gain more counterspelling dice until it refreshes at the end of the combat turn(to prevent shenanigans with turning a foci off and on again during a round to refresh your pool).Rules Thread XIII
MatrixPer KC 31, running silent is a simple action for Persona and Devices. Can GMs still fiat "silent hosts" and related mechanisms as long as it can't change modes (since mode changing requires persona or device, not host and other things)? With the -2 for its matrix actions for being silent, of course. Example: R5 destination host has a nested R8 silent datahost. You'll have to notice there is something silent (matrix perception test), then actually spot the silent host (matrix perception vs. its rating + sleaze). Spot it, and it behaves normally for a silent thing (so it would get a -2 penalty for its actions, but it doesn't act except via its IC so this is not entirely meaningful). Get the mark against the spotted Host, and you can move inside. Inside, all normal host things apply. An extension of this could have a whole new class of IC (programs built to run silent, so -2 to its actions, but you have to spot it to know it's there to worry about), which is exciting as a GM, but should be considered.Per page 33 of Kill Code, running silent is an action which can only be taken by devices or personas. IC do, however, count as personas, and can be ordered to run silent by those with the proper credentials to do so. However, hosts are not immediately revealed to the decker, same as files. A GM can require a hacker to find a host via a Matrix Perception check or even a Matrix Search check over a minute or more if it's particularly well hidden. This can be circumvented via GM fiat(any conceivable way imaginable could bypass these rolls, limited only by the GMs imagination and how the grid or host is laid out), or by marking a device inside the host's WAN(which marks the host, which reveals the host to the hacker).Rules Thread XIII
QualitySo uh... we've established that if you have a Qi Focus that gives an adept power that is a pre-requisite for a quality, you may take the quality (but only benefit from it while you have the focus active). Can a magician/mystic adept with channeling get the dual natured defender mastery quality (Page 36, Forbidden Arcana)?While normally I would say yes, Channeling is treated as the possession quality. When using dual natured defender, critter powers are disabled... thus disabling possession and therefore unsummoning the spirit. Spirits are also inherently astral entities and thus cannot be turned 'off' in the astral. Specifically, Astral Form excludes benefiting in any way, shape, or form from Dual Natured Defender, in much the same way as it's impossible for metahumans to cease existing temporarily. Those restrictions apply to channeling, possession, and astral projection.Rules Thread XIII
MagicCan we bind/fetter channeled spirits? Followup, can we channel ally spirits?No. Binding requires the spirit to at least hang out in astral space nearby instead of possessing someone or materializing. Also no. Ally spirits cannot be channeled, as they cannot be summoned.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptIs it possible to get a unarmed specialization with a specific adept power, in my case I want to get a spec in Elemental Strike.No, as other flat damage increases(such as killing hands) don't have specializations.Rules Thread XIII
MagicIf a spirit possesses a drone/biodrone that has someone jumped into it, who gets control of the drone?If the drone/biodrone fails the opposed test, they lose control of all mechanical/physical actions. Living creatures additionally are effectively mentally incapacitated during possession. The spirit has control over mechanical and physical actions. Note that for a drone, this does not include all actions. Anything with no mechanical action involved, such as firing a laser or an electronic firing modded gun can still be controlled via the drone or matrix. All purely matrix actions are also possible, including sensor feeds. Certain actions may become significantly more difficult or rely on GM fiat, however, as you can't aim a gun or turn the drone to look at something.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerThe drone mod gecko grip says that the drone can move along about surface with a barrier rating greater than bod x 3. Is the "barrier rating" structure or armor? Both are on the barrier rating CRB chart, and armor is generally higher.Add the barrier's current structure rating and armor to get this 'barrier rating'. This ruling should only be used for the Gecko Grip drone mod, and should not be applied to other situations where 'barrier rating' is used.Rules Thread XIII

Hello! Injection. Let's talk about it. The base rules in the core rulebook say the following about injection vector toxins. Injection toxins must get into the target’s bloodstream, whether through a dart, hypodermic needle, or a cut. These can also be used to coat an edged melee weapon. They are applied to the target with a successful melee attack that causes damage. The rules for using injection darts are as follows: For use with dart guns of various types, like the Parashield pistol and rifle. Each injection dart carries a single dose of a drug or toxin (sold separately). The effect of the dart depends on the drug payload, but to successfully deliver that payload, the attack with the dart must get at least one net hit against an unarmored target or three net hits against a target with armor. This is an injection vector toxin attack. The rules for Weapon Reservoirs using natural weapons as an injection vector are as follows: If used as an injector, a natural weapon attack must score two additional hits, which must be used for an injection rather than used to increase damage.

The effective query here is - where does specific override general. Injection darts don't have listed damage - so that's fairly clear, that they need 3 net hits against a target with armor and they deliver their payload. But with natural weapons being used as an injector, they must score two additional hits in addition to the net hit required to make the attack successful and these hits may not be used to increase damage. Does that mean in addition to CAUSING damage, natural weapons connected to a reservoir can also deliver their payload providing they get at least three net hits regardless of what happens with the damage resistance test? Same question for throwing Syringes, I suppose. Is it a way to effectively get two attacks with one roll on the same target? If so, sweet. Not that most people would survive direct bloodstream contact with most toxins anyway.

Throwing syringes and natural weapons with chemical glands need at least two hits spent on injecting to penetrate armor. For simplicity, these two net hits are required for those two regardless of whether or not your target has armor. These two net hits don't add to DV, but you would otherwise get the damage of the weapon. As it's made for injecting, they don't need to deal actual unsoaked damage in order to inject if the hits are spent.Rules Thread XIII
MagicOn a related note, indirect AE and Alchemy. CRB 305 and CRB 306 control preparations. AE preps Area: The preparation is the center of the area of effect, and the radius is the Potency of the preparation in meters. CRB 283 controls indirect AE: Area indirect spells travel from the magician to the point of detonation and then go boom. The test is like that for grenades (p. 181): a Spellcasting + Magic [Force] (3) Test with scatter of 2D6 meters. Unlike grenades, you get to add your net hits on this test to the Damage Value of the spell, but only if you beat the threshold; otherwise the spell still detonates, but the hits are used to reduce scatter by one meter per hit.. Confirm or clarify the following please: Indirect AE contact prep has the center of the effect be the perparation. Since indirect AE includes scatter, that is the centerpoint for possible scatter. Since the roll for the use of the prep is Potency + Force, that will determine scatter (if fewer than three hits) or add to base DV (if more than 3 hits). Yes?Correct. The AOE for indirect preps starts at the preparation itself, then scatters based on it's roll. Hits reduce scatter if you don't meet the threshold, net hits(hits above the threshold) add to damage.Rules Thread XIII
MagicCan Ally Spirits learn martial arts?No. No mechanic currently exists for purchasing martial arts on ally spirits.Rules Thread XIII
GearIf i take restricted gear and use it on a liminal body, can the legs that come with the liminal body also be up 24 availability as they are the liminals avail to begin with?No, as restricted gear does not include accessories or other mods. They would thus also not apply to legs used with the liminal body.Rules Thread XIII
CombatThe book does not give any text about range for melee combat, Spieo suggests that it 1m as "given that you can intercept within a meter of yourself, even without reach, suggests this is the default melee range" I like to ask if reach adds to the range you can attack someone in melee combat and if someone is counted as being in melee combat, using the same range as intercept (1m+reach) for it, and the idea of reach weapon in real life is to attack someone far then they can attack you. (and should someone with a pole arm have to get right up close to someone with a knife?) I mean if it only 1 m when you want to attack, you can get in a situation where two people have reach 2, 2m from each other where they can't attack but if one moves then they could intercept the other one, so it become a standoff where it a stalemate unless someone wants to risk moving.Using Interception for the range of melee attacks is fine. However, keep in mind that interception only happens if an opponent moves within the zone without attempting a melee attack or attempts to leave melee range. Simply moving in to attack a polearm wielder with a knife does not normally allow an intercept attack.Rules Thread XIII
MagicCan you get the Insecticide Spell for Anansi (including the various types) (page 37 Aetherology) and Primal Spider Spirits(page 26 dark terrors)?Yes. I am not ruling on whether or not they count as insect spirits lorewise(ask Lore for that please, not rules). But they are close enough to insect spirits(including the same weaknesses) for a spell variant of Insecticide to exist for them.Rules Thread XIII
LifestyleWhat are the lifestyle requirements to own an aircraft? The aircraft garage lifestyle add-ons are prohibitively expensive in an LC where a character rarely gets more than 1 run a month: e.g. if you have Nitelite it is cheaper to crash your nightwing every run and buy a new one at the beginning of every run than to pay the lifestyle costs for an airplane garage. Is it possible to keep/maintain an aircraft in an aerospace engineering shop or facility, and use the shop/facility lifestyle addon (2500/month) to represent fuel and maintanence costs?Facilities at a cost of 50,000 nuyen can store/maintain any vehicle of their respective type. You'd also need 2500/month for a place to store the facility(and thus the aircraft/helicopters/boats) in through Workshop/Facility, nuyen cost negated for Medium lifestyle. This also gives the capability to launch or land their respective vehicle type, such as a runway or dock.Rules Thread XIII

So, rules thread VIII says " Only Qi foci can be tattoos, despite what the section on Tattoo magic in Street Grimoire says. (As ever, catalyst is completely vague about what exactly they mean, and as such, it is being interpreted that this does not override the core rulebooks statements on foci.) " could we possibly overturn this ruling so that we can actually use Tattoo Magic to make tattoo foci other than qi foci? It *should* override the CRB statement regarding foci, as it enables you to create them as tattoos when normally you couldn't (for things other than Qi foci). Even if you decide that one has to make their own tattoo foci as opposed to buying foci as normal but as tattoos

"The Tattoo Magic technique can be purchased for 5 Karma and learned in two weeks, after which the magician can keep magic viable through tattooing art. This is not a separate skill, but an enhancement to other skills and metamagics. Using the Artificing skill, the magician can create qi and other foci as tattoos. With contractual rituals, Tattoo Magic can be used on mundanes and Awakened alike to reinforce the magical connection and consequences of breaking said magical contract (the group bond). When this is combined with the Quickening and Anchoring metamagics, a magician can tattoo such spells onto a subject."

secondary question, more to refresh my memory: if someone has a tattoo focus and they shapechange, do they lose access to the focus? Does this present an awkward situation if you have a Qi focus for adept spell: shapechange and you shapechange, thus potentially getting cut off from it? Thirdly: what OR would the focus be if it's a tattoo?

Tattoo foci can be any foci. You need someone to make them, and obviously you can't remove them, but there are pros and cons to having foci being a part or your flesh. For right now(and for situations like that) lets say that foci merge with the target. They stay active if they're active, otherwise cannot be activated while shapeshifted. In that instance you'd stop sustaining the spell if the foci goes inactive. OR 6 for most mixtures used as tattooing has been done for millennia. OR 9 if you want a more complicated modern tattoo such as a LED one.Rules Thread XIII
Toxincan you inject a contact vector toxin and still trigger it?Technically injecting a contact vector toxin is considered being in contact with the victim, so yes.Rules Thread XIII
HMHVVDoes latent drake give immunity to HMHVV, as the quality is incompatible with the infected qualities? or does it simply go away if you're infectedLatent drake gives immunity to HMHVV. They are impossible to infect.Rules Thread XIII
MagicHow does the chain warden quality interact with the summoning part of the ally creation ritual?Assuming you mean Spectral Warden. If a minion ritual(such as the ally spirit conjuration ritual) is used, summoning rolls can be replaced with binding rolls if need be, same as ritual spellcasting.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptDoes energy aura's AP stack with the AP on the weapon used? The only information we have is that it stacks with unarmed AP, but what about weapon AP?YesRules Thread XIII
WeaponDo Grazing hits with elemental weapons inflict base damage?Grazing hits do not do anything except make contact. Shock gloves and some other abilities explictly state damage or another effect if contact is made, but otherwise it would simply have the possibility to mark clothing.Rules Thread XIII
MetatypeWould it be a big deal to allow PC drakes to start out with an Elemental Attack of the player's choosing, rather than fire? I know RAW is explicit about all drakes starting out with fire and having to spend karma to switch but it's just kind of lame that you can't choose to begin with. My current line of thinking (from a Lore perspective, anyway) is that if any Drake can learn how to switch to a different elemental type, then there's no reason they shouldn't be able to just start out with one or the other.No. Changing the element with karma does not count as a drake power, however, and does not incur a cooldown period. Consider it an extra karma cost for having an atypical breath weapon.Rules Thread XIII
QualityCan you take Brand Loyalty, either at the Product or Manufacturer level, for a specific swordsmith, or a sword they have made? And the same question for a specific artificer and a focus they have madeNo. Aside from megacorps, other manufacturers don't have brands and thus are not valid choices. Gotta buy into the hype! As foci are unique, brand loyalty cannot be purchased for them.Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationIf someone has multiple drugs on a gradual gland dispenser how do you figure out the drug interactions?Due to the most major(and dangerous) effect only being present at four drugs or higher, currently gradual gland dispensers are limited to a max of three for right now. Existing characters are grandfathered in. Otherwise, the crash effects can be treated by a night's rest and assumed to have waited out the effects for glands installed outside a run. For glands installed inside a run for some reason, or additional drugs taken, roll interaction as normal along with the drugs provided by the gland.Rules Thread XIII
MatatypeIs avg agi/str calculated using 2 arms, 2 legs and torso for Nartaki as well?For simplicity, yes, unless you are specifically using arms for a certain task such as attacking. Please mark on your sheet which two arms you're using for your primary limbs, and assume you're using those whenever possible. If you're using more than two limbs for a task, use the lowest limb stats whenever possible. For the sake of physical limit for knockdown and similar tests, it can be assumed that you're using your best limbs for that, and the 'primary limb' average can be used.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptCan an adept learn an adept ritual, and if so what skill is used for the roll?As GM fiat, would require Chargen and ruleshead approval for learning, same as qualities. But a single other skill may be used in place of ritual spellcasting for purposes, including learning the spell.Rules Thread XIII
MagicCan I reckless cast the power blade spell and use iajitsu to attack with the spell casting acting as the blade drawing? Mostly due the fact you can't quickdraw a spell but reckless casting is the next closest thing.Not with spells. Quickdrawing a contact alchemy prep in a biofiber pocket should be possible, however.Rules Thread XIII
QualityIs striking skin pigmentation compatible with dermal alteration metagenic quality? Is Bioluminescence compatible with mood hair?No, as striking skin pigmentation is effectively natural skin modification. Bioluminescence isn't technically a hair modification(or doesn't have to be), so sureRules Thread XIII
WeaponA standard drone weapon mount allows for an underbarrel grenade launcher. The player rules have stats for one, but not a cost. What is the cost for a standalone underbarrel grenade launcher?10F availability, 3500 nuyen. Page 54 of Run and GunRules Thread XIII
AugmentationI was told that "Induction Connector may be used via touching devices if the cyberdeck is implanted as an augmentation. GM reserves the right to deny the connection if they feel it doesn't make sense", In the item text for a Induction Connector DT65, it only says that you can tap in to data cables and hardlines on contact, it does not say anywhere in it text that you can tap in to a device directly, there needs to be a cable for it to come in to play. "By placing your cyberdeck directly onto the cable, it becomes directly connected to the devices on either side of the cable"Unsure on the exact question here. Clarifying earlier rulings. While implanted, your body counts as a cyberdeck for the purposes of touching data cables and hardlines. This counts as a limited Skinlink echo. At the GM's discretion, other electronics may count as close enough to a data cable or hardline to connect to in this manner, including unshielded consumer electronics(but don't rely on it).Rules Thread XIII
WeaponIs custom look what you use to have things such as silver weapons? specifically this part would suggest it is "This modification can include a wide array of possible enhancements including filigree, engraving, grips made from exotic materials, and chrome or gold plating" or can you just buy a silver sword, or some other way to get allergen weapons that aren't wood/silver bulletsWith the lack of rules otherwise, Custom Look may be used to use an allergen with a melee weapon. Only one allergen may be applied to a weapon. This will not replace the majority of the sword with an allergen, but rather represents something like a silver coating or wood inlays near the edge. If a later book introduces allergen coatings for melee weapons, this custom look will be replaced by the proper mod fitting the allergen at no additional cost(if that mod is approved).Rules Thread XIII
MagicWould a body/corpse possessed by a spirit count as 'inanimate' for the purposes of the Ram/Wreck/Demolish spell? (SG 105)If they could be affected by death touch/manabolt/manaball, they do not count as inanimate, which includes inanimate objects currently being possessed. You would have to forcefully exorcise the spirit first.Rules Thread XIII
CombatDo specializations add to quickdraw tests with the appropriate weapon?YesRules Thread XIII
CritterFor purposes of dual natured defender shutting off access to magic based critter powers What drake powers are magical and which are simply physical?Hardened Natural Armor(including Heavy Scales for western drakes), Natural Weapon(of all types), Underwater Adaptation, Vestigal Wings(for non-eastern dragons only), Enhanced Senses are all considered physical. Addtionally, shift form but not transcend form will keep you in your current form per rules for shifter. Everything else will be disabled or non-functional when using dual natured defender. This includes poison, as the poison is magically based. The stinger will still exist, but there will be no poison to inject.Rules Thread XIII
QualityIf we get have a metagenic quality, like satyr legs, and we get cyberlegs, do we retain the bonuses from satyr legs. If not on normal legs, then what about on digigrade legs. Or something like Setae and cyberarms/hands?Qualities or abilities based on the natural shape of limbs or the body are kept with cyberlimbs, unless it explicitly states it does not. Those based on the natural composition of limbs are not kept with cyberlimbs, such as setae. Note that while natural weapons are based on natural composition of the limbs, cyberlimbs have a innate physical damage dealing attack. These can be fluffed as claws/teeth, but buying cyberware versions is recommended.Rules Thread XIII

Do vehicles with the secondary propulsion system (amphibious(submersion)) have airlocks? or are you simply doomed if you ever need to leave the vehicle. Same with life support v2, I should also ask

Secondary question: if you buy submersion secondary propulsion, do you also get the benefit of the surface variant?

None of the submarines listed seem to be big enough for an airlock. Assume, however, that proper submarines have a hatch on the underside capable of entering and leaving the vehicle. Both natural and modded submarines will have air pressure equalized with the water to prevent problems resulting from this. If you buy submersion secondary propulsion, you need to also install the Extra Entry/Exit Points mods in order to have such a thing.Rules Thread XIII
TechnomancyActive Hardwires (81 CF) don't have a maximum rating as of CF. Most people will use the rules from Skill wires and say 1-6 rating. if we do this, skill wires have a wireless feature can that wireless feature be added to Active Hardwires. If that feature is added to Active Hardwires does that mean Active hardwires can be target-able by Overdrive?Active Hardwires have a max rating of 6. As of current, they do not have a wireless bonus, so they cannot be targeted by Overdrive.Rules Thread XIII
MagicWhen a UMT spirit based tradition that is non Vodoun or Santeria gets the metamagic Greater form possession Page 135 Hard Targets. "Magicians who follow a possession tradition and magicians who have learned the channeling metamagic." saying that channeling mages can get this. Would they be summoning a Orisha or would they be summoning and channeling say a normal spirit of man greater form.adding onto the question, can you choose to summon a loa instead of a normal great form? and/or are all spirits that don't have loa normal greatform while those with loa summoned as those loa?Rules Thread XIII
MagicIf i'm a hermetic elementalist, could i give the elemental quality to an ally spirit? And if i have dedicated conjurer, do the other spirits also gain the elemental quality? The text for hermetic elementals states "But all spirits they do summon will have the elemental quality". And finally, can dedicated spellcaster allow you to summon the spirit type you lost to hermetic elementals?Elementalists have an astral reputation of 6. As the ally loyalty of 6 is reduced by the reputation of 6, the ritual fails when you attempt it. As of current, it is not possible to have an ally spirit as an elementalist. Elementalist is restricted to the four spirit types of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. While you can select other spirits, you cannot summon those spirits until you stop being an elementalist via a paradigm shift. Dedicated spellslingers cannot summon? If you were talking about dedicated conjurers, you still have the other spirit types 'accessible', you simply cannot summon them as an elementalist.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerWhen using a drone swarm, does suppressing fire shoot from every drone capable of doing it or only one?When performing the suppressing fire action, pick a drone to originate the effect from. Use this drone to adjudicate all positional effects from, including the area suppressed. Also note that all drones need to expend ammo for suppressive fire, so this gets expensive fast.Rules Thread XIII
Qualitythe quality elemental focus allows you to get a +2 dice pool modifier to a chosen elemental damage. I want to pick fire but how will it affect napalm which is Fire/Water spellNapalm is a fire spell, so it does receive the bonus. You would only receive the drain type of your elemental focus, however. This also applies to any other spell using the elemental rules you have a specialization for, even if it uses multiple types at once.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptFor the Adept Power Kiai on page 190 of Hard Targets, there is no listed activation time. What would the assumed time be to activate it?Apologies for the time it took to answer. It should be Complex, as it's a repeatable action that can effectively defeat targets in combat.Rules Thread XIII
Adeptcan you get weapon foci tattoos and if so, how do they work?No, as they have a specific form of a 'melee weapon' which conflicts with the requirements of tattoo foci. A tattoo cannot be a melee weapon.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponIf you were to have a Winchester 201 (double barrel shotgun) with the Sawn-off & Stock Removal mods would it be counted as a 1 or 2 handed weapon as it’s your classic depiction of a one-handed shotgun in other mediums.Quick rule of thumb is +4 concealability or less. Specific items might require both hands to use properly however, or are designed to use one handed(for example, riot shields). So yes, a double barrel shotgun with sawn-off and stock removed would be usable one handed.Rules Thread XIII
Weaponcan you use entanglement with a garotte?No. For one, you can't attack with a garrote in order to entangle them? Garrotes and the rules for them were also introduced in the same book as entangle, and no mention is made of garrotes being usable with entanglement.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponCan we put the laser rifle SMG in a custom cyberweapon SMG slot?Yes. Treat it as an SMG for that purpose.Rules Thread XIII
GearReguarding Snake Mesh Socks (R&G 76) Is the +2 armor to attacks on the feet and lower legs apply in addition to the +2 in the base stats or do they only apply to the lower legs and feet at all? Do they count toward armor encumbrance?Snake Mesh Socks apply a +2 to normal armor, as well as an additional +2 to attacks specifically aimed at the feet or lower legs. Armor encumbrance is used for the base +2, but location-based armor does not apply to armor encumbrance.Rules Thread XIII
Augmentationhow many chipjacks can a man implant if a man can implant chipjacksMultiple chipjacks can be installed, but do not stack. Only the highest rating is applied. However, you'd still get more room to slot more physical chips, if not activate them.Rules Thread XIII
GearIf we buy a leather jacket/duster normal clothing item, particularly the duster, would it have the same -2 conceal-ability to things under it as the lined coat?Yes, more than likely. The GM is free to give any sort of concealability bonus(or even penalty, for bikinis or the like) for clothing items worn.Rules Thread XIII
MagicDo counterspelling foci only add spell defense dice if you are defending against spells that the specific focus is attuned to?Yes. Each foci has their own separate pool, which can only be used against spells of that category.Rules Thread XIII
MagicCan an inhabitation ally inhabit a foci and still have the foci be viable?No. Inhabitation effectively destroys any object it enters. Possession would work, however.Rules Thread XIII
MagicOn page 160 of Bloody Business the Body Sculpt power is stated to take both 1-hour as well as 10-minutes to make changes within the same paragraph. My question is which one is the actual time it takes?Ten minutes per feature to be changed.Rules Thread XIII
ArmorDo Eye protectors (page 76 CF) count as it own armor or as a armor mod ? (asking the same for ear protectors (CF 75) as well)They count as location-specific armor. Similar to snake mesh socks, they only apply on called shots against that location, add to all of your other sources of armor, but are never included for encumbrance rules.Rules Thread XIII
Weaponcan the cavalier champion, or any 1 round mag gun, take the increase ammo capacity mod from special mods.Yes. The player may, if they so choose, round up every rank they take(for example, each rank where +50% ammo is chosen would be rounded up to +1 ammo).Rules Thread XIII
MatrixI. Does Better on the net apply to all your devices or only to your persona? Example: Better on the net (Data Processing) + One with the matrix (Slave) + Commlink as PAN Master. Does the +2 DP apply to both living persona and commlink at the same time? II. Can programs in the Datajack+ support both a device and a living persona at the same time? Example A: Datajack+ (Encryption) + One with the matrix (slave) + Commlink PAN Master. Does both your living persona and your Commlink in the pocket benefit from encryption? Example B: Datajack+ (Encryption) + One with the matrix (slave) + Implanted Cyberdeck (with or without Agent). Does both your living persona and your cyberdeck (and agent) benefit from encryption?Better on the NET applies to the technomancer's Living Persona only. No. As you have a DNI, consider it a free action to switch the datajack+ between your living persona and a commlink/cyberdeck you're physically connected with. Like the MOS, it can only work on a single device at a time.Rules Thread XIII

same rule as drugs for toxins in a chemical gland? (I.e. no awakened substances)

and can you get a DMSO modded toxin in a chemical gland? can natural weapons such as retractable claws use a weapon chemical gland?

Here's a question I never thought I'd ask: can you 'milk' yourself to get a dose of the toxin if you want to use it the normal way and you have a weapon vector chemical gland?

For the time being, yeah. Going to say no on DMSO modded toxins in chemical glands, again for right now. Yes, but for simplicity right now will degrade and become unusable after one day for PCs. GM fiat for how you can properly do this without exposing yourself to the toxin, however.Rules Thread XIII

So Flamethrower rules in Run and Gun (p.49) say that you "cannot mount any accessories besides the biometric safety systems" yet the Shiawase Arms Incinerator (p. 36 Gun Heaven 3) comes stock with a slide mount. Can you use this slide mount as normal?

Does a flametosser count as a normal cyberimplant weapon for purposes of modification (as in can only take suppressor/smartlink)?

Any accessory that doesn't modify the shooting of the weapon is allowable on the slide mount. This includes commlinks, underbarrel weapons, and so on. As long as, again, it does not mechanically modify the Flamethrower attack action. A flametosser is not a cybergun, and cannot take weapon accessories.Rules Thread XIII
Combatif you got any bonus die to a skill, can you add them to like block and dodge like you can with parry? (page 168p core)Yes, if it applies to the specific skill such as cyberlimb optimization.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponCan laser weapons be modified by the Special/Prototype Materials Quality?Yes.Rules Thread XIII
MagicHow is the AOE slippery effect for elemental water handled for adept abilities like elemental strike or elemental body?Use the Magic score if force is not listed. If neither force or magic is applicable, up to the GM.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerIs the penalty to perception the same for a smuggling compartment in a cyberlimb as it is for one in a vehicle?No. Per page 455 of the CRB, it works via concealability rules and has a value of -10. These apply to all smuggling compartments in ware unless specified otherwise. Also note that as it's concealed within the body, actually detecting such would require a full body patdown or imaging tools and a perception check would be impossible via simple casual inspection.Rules Thread XIII

can we refine reagents? if no, then why are the alembic/crucible/things such as that not banned along with it? As those items only serve to improve reagent refining

are we allowed to harvest reagents, or only purchase them?

Alembic and Athanor is allowed, although disclaimer that refined and radical reagents are available at cost(zero profit margin) and using those is only required if you wish to avoid availability cost or refine existing reagents. Crucible is clarified to only increase the quality of reagents by one step(from tainted to inferior, for example) during the refining process to speed it up during a run. Orichalcum cannot be refined, as it currently has no use for shadowrunners on the NET, and the rules for refining it don't work well in a LC. Harvesting reagents is allowed during a run if the GM gives you the time allowed. Note however that it requires a good area to harvest them in, and a single area can only be harvested once every two days(without major consequences). Also, any reagents not used during the run have to either be discarded or paid for via run rewards or nuyen at cost. Again, highly recommended to buy them at your local talismonger because they cost the same, but might be useful if you're nowhere near one at the moment.Rules Thread XIII
DowntimeA few questions on the downtime changes "Players can now get extra downtime any time they participate in a run as a player": Can you use left over edge from run on sprite registration? Can you still spend regular downtime to register sprites instead of training? Can you still make rest, recover or rebuild your gear as part of regular downtime instead of training? Can you still register sprites when on a run? Say the run spans 4 days and you want to register 2 specific sprites as result of legwork knowledge gained on day 1.Yes, as normal. No. Registering a sprite is purely a during the run or downtime activity. After a run is complete, you are considered to be automatically fully rested, and to repair all gear back to full free of cost if possible as long as their physical boxes are not full. Gear lost during a run needs to be recovered during a private run to do so(ask the GM who ran it or the GM head) or repurchased. Gear with physical boxes filled in are destroyed and need to be repurchased, although other rulings or contacts may provide a discount. Yup! Just ask your GM about doing so.Rules Thread XIII
CombatSo something I was just thinking about, does protect the principle actually help vs aoe attacks because its wording is kinda interesting. PROTECTING THE PRINCIPLE Interrupt Action (–5 Initiative Score, 1 Edge) The character can choose to move up to 2 meters to place themselves between an attacker and a target and take the brunt of an incoming attack. There is no Defense Test (Reaction + Intuition), only Damage Resistance (Body + Armor). This action can only be performed once per Combat Turn would they like completely wrap around the person? also the once per combat turn, is that per character or per targetYou may perform Protect the Principle on someone against AOE attacks if you fluff it appropriately. Imagine something like this. Once per turn is per character. If a character spends edge for someone else to perform Protecting the Principle(for example, a mage using summoned spirits), this counts as themselves performing the action and therefore they cannot order a different spirit to perform protecting the principle that combat turn.Rules Thread XIII

can you stack altskin with skin toner/chameleon processor? Or do they cover too much, does a cloak cover too much to get the bonus? Does something like a gasmask or respirator penalize your bonus, or do we just not think about it? I suppose more in general, what could you probably get away with bringing with you? Backpack and cloak? Nothing at all?

and is there anything preventing skin toner/chameleon processor from being compatible with the chameleon skin bioware? Nothing I can find states they're incompatible but I was wondering

Altskin specifically counts as covering the skin applied to it. In general, anything that covers more than a swimsuit, gloves, combat harness, shoes or the like would remove the bonus. A respirator or goggles is fine, but a gasmask/ballistic mask/anything with an armor bonus(that doesn't have RPC) is not. A light backpack or pouch should be fine. Research shows they are compatible, although the skin changing features don't benefit from being doubled up, just stealth checks. They apply different bonuses however, so they should work well together.Rules Thread XIII
GearWhat would the price of blank cartridges be?Covered by lifestyle. If you need a price, buy normal ammo and empty the primer and bullet out of it for 2 nuyen each.Rules Thread XIII
QualityCan you use street cred/karma to lower high to medium lifestyle cost and then use trust fund 4 to pay for that lowered High > Medium cost lifestyle?No, as Trust Fund explicitly states that the lifestyle cannot be paid for by other sourcesRules Thread XIII
AugmentationDoes the reaction enhancer/ wired reflexes combination count as having to be connected to another device and therefore exempt to the benefits of an internal router?Both Wired Reflexes and Reaction Enhancer will work with Internal Router. They are connected through the user's body.Rules Thread XIII
GearSo, the hardcase backpacks from SL, two questions: Can we put things sized to around the size of a deck/RCC into the shell? Can we charge a vibrosword using the quick charge battery pack?Yeah, sure. Anything with -2 concealment or less(same as a deck/RCC). ...technically? I can't actually find rules for it. It would probably work as power storage in a situation where you don't have access to free wireless power. Otherwise vibroswords can recharge within an hour of soaking up that delicious free power like everything else.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptCould one use tattoo magic to create a weapon focus for someone's unarmed attack?Weapon foci need to be in the form of a separate melee weapon. Specific wording in Weapon Foci overrides that of tattoo magic. Apologies for confusion in the former ruling, as I was not thinking about weapon foci which can't be tattooed(as they have a specific not-tattoo form)Rules Thread XIII
DrugsCan mundanes via drugs such as Shade gain the capacity to learn the limited set of magical skills such as Arcana and Astral Combat, that normally require a magic attribute but aren’t functionally affected by it?By RAW, no. You need a magic skill of at least 1 in order to learn magical skills(except Arcana which an optional rule in Street Grimoire allows).Rules Thread XIII
MAgicFrankly I don't think astral combat is complicated enough as it is, so I thought I'd make it more complicated. Firstly and hopefully most easy: if an astral form becomes dual-natured for whatever reason (astral gateway, probably), can they use martial arts with physical combat skills as normal? Second and slightly more fuzzy: If the answer to question 1 is yes, would a weapon focus that I am using on the astral apply to these melee combat rolls? Thirdly: back in this rules thread, in 7h, the rules head at the time said that "Dual Natured creatures may use their natural weapons while projecting, but must do do so using their Astral attributes, rather than having a choice or being forced to use Physical attributes.". Does this apply the other way around? If an astral form becomes dual natured, can they use their astral attributes for physical combat, with natural weapons or other kinds of weapons? Thank you for dealing with my BS, here's a cat for your trouble.Apologies for the time it took to deal with this. Astral forms cannot use martial arts and physical combat skills for whatever reason. For simplicity, only Astral Combat is allowed, along with astral stats. Weapon foci in the astral apply as normal to all astral combat tests, including astral gateway shenanigans. Based on the mechanics of Dual Natured beings projecting, an astral form in an astral rift/gateway is not dual natured, as their body already exists. Astral forms in general do not become dual natured and gain a physical body, although everything in the area can interact with each other astrally.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponHow does Flechette Suppressive Fire from Run & Gun interact with non-shotgun users of flechette ammo, who do not use the choke rules?Per the rules of Flechette Suppressive Fire, it prevents targets from using the Drop Prone action to avoid the attack and suffers no loss of width. This functions identically to Narrow Spread choke settings, in that a 10 meter width area is suppressed with Enhanced Suppression rules.Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationHow would/Does Deltaware work with a shifter once it's acquired?Would work as normal in both forms. For external deltaware such as cyberlimbs, deltaware includes the shapeshifting materials required to attach and work properly in each form.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponCan you use Special Modifications on the HK Urban Combat R&G 36? it has a small tag line "The price of these bonuses is that the weapon is unable to accept further modifcations.""Unable to accept further modifications" is considered to be normal weapon mods anyone can normally add and remove to weapons. Special modifications are homebrew modifications that are adapted to the gun in question, therefore can be applied anyway.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptCan you learn spells with a Fetish through the Adept Spell power?Yes, if the spell chosen is learned as a fetish version. You cannot change your choice afterwards.Rules Thread XIII

So, Forbidden Arcana approvals list Wild and Vehicle spirits as NPC only.

Does this mean that PCs cannot at all use them, such as by calling them? or does this mean that only NPC magicians can *summon* them via Dedicated Conjurer and the like

The wild spirits aren't under your control even if you succeed in calling them (you have to bargain) so I don't see why it would be a problem to let players call them, if the GM agrees to let them (Such as how skimming the null node works currently on the NET, or using a Flash Tribe)

Especially if they're always under the GMs control during the entire process, even if the PC convinces them to help

Currently, they're still NPC only as in it is not guaranteed that you can use the mechanics listed in order to gain a service from wild spirits. A GM for their runs only may allow you to gain the favor of even wild spirits using what mechanics(or lack thereof) they deem fit, as normal for social interaction. Also, wild reputation is not currently used eitherRules Thread XIII
Magicis there any way to get a idea of a force of a spell as someone casts it?Not by normal actions. GMs are free to allow you to read the force of a spell when it's cast via astral projection or even numinous perception, but they are not required to let you perceive the force of a spell during casting.Rules Thread XIII
MagicCleaning metamagic lowers the effects of a positive background count for you, does this also lower it for your foci shutting off or not? I think it shouldFoci count as part of your aura when active, so yes. The background count does not penetrate your aura and thus does not penetrate foci your aura is touching and connected through.Rules Thread XIII
MagicDoes the raven (alt) benefit of +2 dice to knowledge skills also apply to language skills?Yes. However, these are not skill ranks, therefore you will still be considered untrained in the skill and suffer a -1 dice pool penalty, and be unable to use social skills in that language, plus other difficulties for being untrained in that language as GM may decide.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponConsidering by NET ruling the M-22A1 is vehicle mounted only, would it work if it's mounted on a smart firing platform or?No. Smart firing platform assumes you can use the weapon normally, which is not the case hereRules Thread XIII
MagicQuestion 1: Shapechange (the spell): If I am in a form (shapechanged to a cat) and sustaining it, and cast the spell again (to shapechange into a cockroach), can I get directly there assuming both animals are within my 'range' of critter body v caster body? Or do I have to change back to native form however briefly? Example: Shapechange into a snake. Crawl into a pipe, go my merry way. Pipe turns a bend and is now half full of toxic goop. I'd like to change into a cockroach to walk on the top of the pipe and stay out of the goo. My desire would be cast shapechange again (-2 dice for sustaining the first change) without killing myself for being in the narrow pipe, and go directly snake->cockroach without passing through human. After the cast, assuming success, I would be cockroach (and sustaining a single spell). In the event of a fail, I would remain snake (sustaining a single spell). No nested shapechanges or weird 'based on my current body, I turn into X' like previous questions have asked. Now Were shapechange "Shift" power: Augments are popped out (unless deltaware+) when you Shift (or shift back). For cyberware and bioware (but I assume not nanoware), does this elimination leave the augment on the pavement? Ex: I am a shifter in metahuman form. I get a cyberarm put in. I don't want to lose it, so I don't shift. Someone hits me with something horrible (aconite say) and forces me to shift back. I'm an animal now, and my cyberarm is immediately lost. Assumption 1: I am a three legged animal now. Assumption 2: My metahuman cyberarm is now lying on the ground next to me. I have an essence hole where it used to be, but my current essence doesn't of course heal. I take Essence costx10 boxes of damage (soaked with just body, now without arm). Standard cyberarm, that's 10 boxes. Assuming I don't die (or do, but burn edge for "Not Dead Yet") Question 2: Is there any reason I can't pick it up and have my street doc put it back into me (filling the essence hole left by the ejection)? Question 3: Aconite can still force you to shift back (Resist the toxin, resist leftover Power with will+magic to not shift back, if magic is 0, being ATR+ATR, I assume you just roll will to not shift back?) correct? Lack of magic does not prevent this forced "return to your natural form"? Question 4: Can a currently magic 0 shifter in metahuman form consciously shift back to animal (just the one time presumably) by ending the "sustained" effect (described as a conscious choice)? Basically, it appears the Shift Power allows you to turn metahuman (and you stay that way until you choose not to). Magic 0 means losing access to the power (so you can't change native form->metahuman), but currently appears that you can keep 'sustaining' it (not choosing to shift back). Is this correct? 3A: Does this mean an augmented shifter is open to phenominal potential damage due to things like "Control Thoughts" spell forcing a reversion on the nomanially mundane shifter in non-native form?If your body is overridden by an effect such as Shapechange, use your natural body for the sake of Shapechange and related spells. 1a. For shapeshifting effects, only the most recent effect applies. This can result in nested shapechanging effects, but sustaining penalties still apply for all active effects. 1b. Assumptions 1 and 2 are correct. The augmentations are not destroyed by the rejection. They can be inserted back into the essence hole when in the form they were built for by a cyberdoc(or having similar skills/tools and GM fiat). Nope! Feel free to get the ware installed back in you, if you survive. Shifting is an innately magical power. As such, it does not function at all when burned out. If temporarily drained to 0 magic you would roll willpower alone to resist shifting back(after toxin resistance check). TBD if permanently drained to 0 magic. 3a. Yes. Control thoughts would be quite deadly to an augmented shifter in either form who is still able to shift. If you are currently 0 due to a temporary source such as Blight, you are not forced to shift back(and indeed cannot consciously shift back either, even if the magic persists). Permanent source results TBD.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerWhat are the rules for armor encumbrance on Anthrodrones wearing metahuman armor? I assume their effective strength is the average of their 4 limbs. Is that correct? Do they use the penalties for over-armoring drones, the penalties for metahumans, or both?Use the highest of metahuman armor(including armor bonuses) or drone armor. Their effective strength is the average of their four limbs, which is equal to body unless augmented otherwise. For every 2 full points which armor accessories exceed their average strength, reduce the handling, speed, and agility(for drone limbs) by 1. Every 4 full points reduces their acceleration by 1 as well. If any attribute reaches 0, they become unable to take physical actions or movement.Rules Thread XIII
CritterHow does Rock lizard blood Immunity against Diseases and Toxins work? (page 187 CF) do you need it working when you need to make the test or when you get hit with the Diseases or Toxins? and how does it work?Rules for immunity can be found on page 397 of the CRB. Treat it as hardened armor equal to twice the character's essence against diseases and toxins. It needs to be working by the time you make the test(remember that it has a speed of 30 minutes). Like other sources of immunity to toxins, drugs are considered ineffective while under it's effect. Rock Lizard Blood is the exception to this rule, functioning normally(and thus not negating itself).Rules Thread XIII
MagicIn line with questions about touch spells, indirect combat touch spells, as prep. Currently operates like touch spells, yes? In that unarmed combat+2 touch attack will trigger the prep, and the prep itself is unresisted. With the added bonus of you can prep a combatant and actually do unarmed damage and get the secondary spell trigger. Yes? Propose handling like my alternative/clarificatiojn below, where you actually get to defend against the prep itself. If that is approved and this is not, please elaborate. If the other is disapproved and this is not, the same. Alternatively, have the defense test (reaction + intuition) used for the melee touch attack to also be used for the prep itself.Temporary ruling above applies. Make a melee attack(this can be touch attack if you don't want to deal damage with melee), then the spellcasting roll like other indirect or direct spells. If they touch the preparation willingly or are unaware of the preparation, assume the touch attack succeeded with zero net hits.Rules Thread XIII
DrugsWhat is the cost of EZBreathe: Lozenges that offer relief from pollution-based breathing troubles. Especially popular in high-density smog zones such as Tenochitlán (provides +1 dice pool modifier on pollution-based fatigue tests while in use; see p. 147, Run & Gun). CF 176 and ZONE (SELECTIVE SEROTONIN RE-UPTAKE INHIBITORS, OR SSRIS) Vector: Ingestion Speed: 1 hour Duration: (12 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour Addiction Type: Both Effect: Can ignore Mild to Moderate Phobias A fear of heights can be a major inconvenience when scaling the outside of an office skyscraper. A fear of enclosed spaces is a pain when you are hiding in someone’s trunk, waiting for them to unknowingly drive you to the location of a secret research lab. For these occasions and more, you have SSRIs. This drug has the positive effect of calming phobias (see Phobia quality, p. 157, Run Faster), and it also makes users restless and light sensitive. Users receive a Mild Allergy to light while the drug is in effect (p. 78, SR5) and –1 to Perception tests. Any applicable Glare penalties are increased by 1 CF184Since there's no price on them, ruling them to be GM Fiat. You can get them for lifestyle, but up to the GM whether or not they have enough of an effect for a dice bonus. Feel free to describe your character using them whenever, though. Currently not purchasable due to lack of price and availability for them. Sorry!Rules Thread XIII
MagicI would like to formally propose that necro magic be turned into a normal possession tradition, or at least something be done to make it viable and unbanned.Per talking with the rules team, Necro Magic is now official as a non-traditional possession tradition, using the UMT spirits listed instead of necro spirits. Necro summoning ritual, reckless necro summoning, and traditional necro mages are NPC only. Necro spirits can be used as normal by the GM, either through the rules of the summoning ritual or through GM fiat, their choice. EDIT: This may have been a bit hasty. Non-traditional necro mages are currently NPC only, pending review. Apologies for the inconvenience.Rules Thread XIII
MAgicCan you use attune animal on metahumans/sapients?Attune Animal explicitly states non-sapient animals. As metahuman/sapients are sapient, they are excluded from the ritual despite technically being an animal.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponCan we buy the arrowlink arrows from HC as crossbow bolts?As there's no rating listed for the device, use it as a head from Run & Gun. Add them as accessories to standard arrows/bolts. If you already bought them for use with arrows, you'll need to add them to an arrow with a rating as rating determines range for bows.Rules Thread XIII
CombatDoes close quaters firearm (pistol) the MArt ability, work with some exotic pistols like the gyrojet?Sure. As a rule of thumb, any 0 concealability or lower firearm will be usable through that, as a pistol sized firearm. (you may need to retract the stock for machine pistols)Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationIs normal turning a cyberlimb into a modular cyberlimb a valid upgrade for the upgrade rules?Sure!Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationSo, I have two questions rolled into one. The first one being, given the nature that is unarmed combat, if one was to get their hands on bone lacing and already have a natural weapon say bio claws or the like, does bone lacing/density add to the damage caused by such natural weapons? The second question is in regards to unarmed foci. While I understand that natural objects can't be foci, what about bone lacing as a weapon foci? After all it works for implanted blades or spurs or hand razors....And while most options involve bone lacing + striking callus, it sorta becomes an issue if someone wanted to add a weapon foci, as if they where to add knucks, the knucks would take over in regards to damage rather than the implants making an unarmed weapon foci rather useless compared to getting spurs drilled into your knuckles, and making a foci out of those.Bone lacing/density does not add to the damage of natural weapons, per previous rulings. Bone lacing/density is not the weapon itself, thus, cannot be made a foci. It simply augments an existing weapon(similar to cyberarms).Rules Thread XIII
MagicCan you project while Channeling? Assuming yes (I can find nothing suggesting no), you'd be leaving the spirit in your body alone (great for blocking Shedim!). CRB313-314 for projecting. SG 197 for possession.SG 192 for vessels and mentality interaction. SG 148 for channeling. My read is this is entirely possible, but would likely require immediate use of a service (since you're effectively releasing control of your body to the spirit when you move out to Project). Or have the spirit stuck in your comatose body if you don't let go control. But still good against Shedim. My read also has that it would require you to be in your body at time of summoning (which is the time you decide to Channel), so no being astrally projecting and decide you want to summon a spirit and drop it into your currently-vacant (you hope) body. As distinct from being in the flesh, summoning, channeling, and stepping out for an astral trip.Yes. You would require a service to allow the spirit to use your body, however. This is also possible with possession in general, although you would not be able to return to your body until the possession is over. Channeling involves the necessary finesse to share a body. Being in your body is not required, however you would need line of sight to your body in order to summon for channeling. Possession would work with the rules for remote services(counting your consciousness IE your astral body for range).Rules Thread XIII
CombatCan we one hand a katana without a penalty for one handing it?No, the penalty of -2(or -1 for trolls) still applies, but can be mitigated like other penalties.Rules Thread XIII
Magiccan you enchant the things created by etchers (153 chrome flesh) as foci? As you can enchant cyberware as fociCurrently external ware only, sorry. Or things that are external in use, such as retractable weaponsRules Thread XIII
AugmentationCurrent ruling stands in that the rounding for adapsin is only to the nearest hundreth, instead of the tenth for biocompatibility. If this is changed, expect an announcement.Rules Thread XIII
WeaponDo bayonets benefit from a knife specWhen not equipped on a weapon, they benefit from knife. Otherwise they benefit from polearms. You can take a 'bayonet' spec, which would apply to a bayonet when both on and off a weapon.Rules Thread XIII
CombatDoes finishing move need to be declared before the first attack or can it be declared after landing the first successful hit?A finishing move is a special type of complex action which requires you to spend 1 edge and reduce initiative by 10 before attempting. So yes, it has to be declared before the first attack.Rules Thread XIII
MagicConsidering the close ties to Grey Mana, and the drug affecting anything magic, I suggest lowering the threshold of spotting Blight and Blight DMSO when active on an awakened or dual-natured auras. I don't see a reason from a thematic standpoint for it being less visible than exact magic rating (T4), potentially even more visible considering grey mana does not require more assessing than the basic look around to see auras.For both of them, 3 hits should be sufficient to determine the general diagnosis for any maladies they suffer.Rules Thread XIII
CritterIs there a way we can get a ruling on chimeras finally? Theyre still under consideration and theyre a really fun part of the game. From what i gathered the main problem nobody wants to deal with on them seems to be availability and whether or not paracritters can be chimerad.Still no price or availability. We might rule price or ability in the future, but no promises.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerWhile Jumped-in with an Anthro drone, if you possess Martial Arts can you use the Martial Arts as the drone since you use your skills rather than the drones?As long as they have roughly similar structure to a metahuman, and don't rely on movement(as drones move differently than metahumans), yes! It should be doable with anthro drones.Rules Thread XIII
RiggerFrom a conversation in rules chat, do we need a persona to use an RCC? Here's an (imo) somewhat compelling argument by Impedocles "One reason I don't think RCCs require a persona to function is that when you jump into a drone your persona moves to the drone. Yet the RCC explicitly keeps functioning when you jump in" It makes sense, if your persona is inside the drone while jumped in, why would the RCC continue to work if it needed the persona. Alternatively, if you have the RCC slaved to your PAN can you still use it? Additionally: it's apparently a thing in setting, where you can have multiple commlinks broadcasting multiple SINs at once. Does this mean you can run multiple"persona capable devices" at once?You do not need a persona to use an RCC. Simply need to own one and use the proper actions to manipulate it. While you theoretically could(it is a device and thus can be slaved to a PAN), you would lose almost all benefits of owning an RCC by doing so, as the RCC has to be the master. A master in a PAN also cannot be a slave in a PAN or WAN, as nestled networks would get confusing fast. You could, but your persona can only run in one commlink at once. A persona is not required to broadcast a SIN, however.Rules Thread XIII
AdeptRectitude is only for qi and weapon foci. It does add to the Force of the object for BGC deactivation, per the text on page 132 of SG(initiate grade + 1 while in your possession, 2 when not in your possession for sake of disenchanting and similar).Rules Thread XIII
WeaponCan you use liquid preps in capsule rounds? Can you use liquid preps in injection darts? Can you use liquid preps in that one water gun that sprays liquids? How can I weaponize with velocity, liquid preps with the contact trigger.No, per NET ruling. I am aware this contradicts Hard Targets, but it's still currently banned on the NET. Yes, along with bolts and arrows. It's fine as long as it doesn't fire a bullet which deforms upon firing. Yes, but the entire volume of the liquid has to be consumed or poured on the target before the preparation can be triggered. Same as before. Gotta use the entire prep somehow.Rules Thread XIII
MatrixCan a PAN exist with all the devices in it wireless-off but hard-wired to the master? If so, what happens when one of the slaved devices is turned wireless on? Can a PAN function if the master is not a persona? Can an RCC share autosofts with a slaved vehicle when it is not being used to create a persona? Does an internal router in the hardwired network change any of these anwers? Bonus question: Can the pilot of a wireless-off vehicle take verbal orders, such as telling it to turn itself wireless on via a micro-transceiver?Yes. Devices to be protected in a PAN have to be connected to the master, as well as functioning on a wireless level equal to or below that of the master. The master has to be equal or above the wireless connectivity of all slave devices in the PAN. Therefore, the slaved device would drop out of the PAN. Yes. The only requirement for a PAN master is to be a commlink, cyberdeck, or a technomancer with the 8 or 10 point One with the Matrix quality. RCCs share functionality of commlinks and thus inherit this functionality. Yes, as long as they're in the PAN. This requires, as stated, a connection to the master RCC. No. This is not a wireless bonus, simply a requirement for PANs. Drones can be given any orders imaginable, up to and including taking verbal orders. Keep in mind the limitations of the pilot, however, in how accurately they can follow said orders, as well as how vulnerable they are to being tricked via impersonation.Rules Thread XIII
GearCan we attach a wall mounted sensor array to a hard case backpack mounting point, if not a wall mounted one, what about a handheld one? Next question, could we mount a small mitsuhama gun turret drone or ares arms sentry drone to one of the points?Not big enough for a wall mounted sensor, but a handheld sensor should be small enough. And no you cannot, however you can place a drone rack just fine to one of the points. Which a drone is then attached to.Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationWith the nature of cyberlimbs. If you replaced an obvious limb with a synth limb, is it considered upgrading or do I have to rebuy the limb with the mods to it?Eh. Sure. Just be aware you can't undo the upgrade if you wanted the extra capacity again.Rules Thread XIII
TechnomancyDo sprites use their Level in the place of their mental attributes, or do they have them 'translated' from their matrix attributes the way Technos translate mentals to matrix attributesTreat their sprite level the same as agent rating(per page 246 CRB) when attributes are required. Therefore, use their Level in place of their attributes.Rules Thread XIII
Augmentationadding onto this, if you can have a bone lacing weapon focus. Is it only base unarmed attack that benefits from this, or also natural weapons you may have?Bone lacing cannot be turned into a weapon foci, per previous rulingRules Thread XIII
AugmentationCan i stack armor from modular full arms and modular lower arms, connected to said full arms? Essentially doubling the possible armor gain from each cyberlimb.No. As limb upgrades flow 'down' the limb, so too does armor. Treat the entire modular limb as one for the sake of mod ratings. If attaching a modular limb results in exceeding the maximum rating for an upgrade, the rating of the limb as a whole is capped at the normal maximum.Rules Thread XIII
ToxinInjection toxins must get into the target’s blood-stream, whether through a dart, hypodermic needle, or a cut. These can also be used to coat an edged melee weapon. They are applied to the target with a successful melee attack that causes damage. CRB If used as an injector, a natural weapon attack must score two additional hits, which must be used for an injection rather than used to increase damage. Chrome Flesh So this questions attains specifically to changelings "Natural Venom: Injection", this requires you use Fangs, the natural weapon. Which clause applies, "Must deal damage" or "Must get two net hits" in order to inject the venom?They function like injector darts, in that you must get at least three net hits in order to activate it(CRB 434). Reduce the DV by 2(as you're using the net hits to inject instead of dealing damage), but unsoaked damage is not needed for natural weapon injectors that require the use of additional hits.Rules Thread XIII
CombatWhat would the skills/damage be for: Beating someone up with a sheathed sword A wooden Training sword Both would assumed be blades, but shadowrun is weird and it can also be clubs. Its... strange.Clubs, and GM fiat. I would suggest a reach of 2, accuracy 4, and (STR+1)S damage however.Rules Thread XIII
AugmentationDoes "Cyber implant weapon" spec apply to punches with my cyber arm?No. Cyberarm should be treated as a normal unarmed attack(except the damage code), and thus you would need specs in martial arts instead of cyber implant weapons.Rules Thread XIII
Riggerares duellist has 2 swords can take off sword have hand? or must only forever have sword must add arm to have hand? or can have hand without add armAres Duelists are walker drones that are not anthrodrones. This means that stock drones do not have drone arms, and you have to add them with mod points. No hands by default, sorry. Despite the mention of it in the CRB, they have full weapon mounts as of Rigger 5.0 and you can replace the stock swords with other weapons on those two weapon mounts.Rules Thread XIII