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Portrait of Stack
Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 5.31
Primary Role Decker
Secondary Role Warm Body
Character Sheet [Sheet PDF]
Player Samariius

Basic Info

Age: 26 Height: 5'5" Weight: 118 lbs Ethnicity: Caucasian Blood Type: O-


A sheltered upbringing, she was born and largely grew up in a corporate megaplex. Her parents are both corporate wage slaves, plinking away for NeoNet and chasing that next paycheck like so many others in the 6th world. She has seven other siblings, all of them female. Of her siblings, she's the youngest save for one, for whom she can do no wrong. The rest of her sisters are all neutral towards her at best because of her deserved reputation as being something of a free spirit. Running in the face of the familial expectation of following in her parents' footsteps, she has no interest in working for NeoNet, or any other mega-corporation if she can help it. Disconnected from reality, she drifts from one situation to another, sometimes detached from the consequences of her actions, which has resulted in a few burned bridges and disapproving attitudes over the years.

While living in the megaplex, one of the few escapes was the Matrix, and she spent most of her time in the virtual world. The Matrix became more real to her than the real world, in many ways. In a place where everything is handed down from on high and supreme corporate order reigns, the only way she could exercise her will was through the Matrix. She first got into hacking because one of the security spyders showed her all of the wiz things he could do to his icon and persona with a little less than legal modification. She's been hooked since cracking her first file. If it had ended there, maybe she would have continued living peacefully in that megaplex. But as her skills developed, she yearned to test them against something challenging. And when you're in a corporate megaplex, what else is there to hack except company assets? She performed a daring hack on the NeoNet host and actually broke in, but she was discovered and had to quickly jack out before she could do any damage except copy over a heavily encrypted file that had been behind far too many firewalls to be unimportant. Unable to crack the encryption, she couldn't help but keep the file anyway. She'd thought she'd gotten away with it, but security came looking for her at her house, so she bolted with whatever she could take with her. Without looking back, she escaped the megaplex and tried to get lost in the urban sprawl.

After escaping from the NeoNet megaplex, she had virtually no one to rely on and no idea where to go, but met a female Halloweener by the name of Jacky Lantern that gave her a hand. Jacky thankfully taught her a thing or two about surviving on the streets before something happened to her, and she's even turned her skills in the Matrix towards being a shadowrunner. While she hasn't been tracked down yet, she has no doubt her name is still on NeoNet's wanted list for the data she'd stolen. Whatever it was, it was something NeoNet desperately wants to keep secret.

Significant Qualities

Codeslinger (Hack on the Fly) Data Anomaly Perfect Time Quick Config


Rescue her family Get back at NeoNet Hack the planet Become rich

Appearance and Style

A delightfully neon blend of cyberpunk, New Synth Wave, and 80's fashion - that's Stack0verflow's wardrobe in a nutshell. She otherwise appears like she does in her profile picture.