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Talos elly full.jpg
Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.05
Primary Role Rigger-Decker
Secondary Role Mom
Character Sheet [Dropbox]
Player gdtanakay

GM prompt

Talos, the team mom rigger-decker. Packs gear and skills to make the whole team shine and make sure everyone makes it back in one piece. Fire support, recon, matrix overwatch, radiation proofed transport, first aid, small units tactics: she is team edge personified.


Born in the penniless quarter of Lower Addeley in Cape Town, the fifth child of scavengers, Naledi Mandla's early life was spent in the shadow of of the wealthy, scrapping parts of sunken ships to sell and living in the stripped hull of an ancient cargo ship. She picked on the necessary skills to work the recycling at the young age of five seeing the activity as a delightful game. This allowed her to grow very good to the point where she assembled a scrap drone to play with with her friends. And then another. And another.

The unique position of Lower Addeley meant shadowrunners would often be seen, standing out from the mass of scavengers. Most were foreigners coming from all over Africa and sometimes farther, looking for a temporary place to crash or some black market parts. Some were Cape Town residents who chose the quarter for its proximity to both rich and gangs. Naledi Mandla offered some custom work to those who would ask despite her parents' protests. Even though these works had the benefit of a much nicer paycheck, she did it mostly for the intellectual pleasure of working "real" manufactured devices and getting to know these fascinating individuals. She learned about the corps, about the shadows, about guns, about gangs and about the world. Each work she did strengthened her resolution to one day leave the ship and see the world.

In the meantime she used her skills, connections and money to protect those around her against other scavengers and gangers. She rigged automated defences, hijacked a corporate Matrix access and set up security drones that provided the residents of her ship a level of security sufficient enough that the residents dared start to build some riches for themselves, confident they wouldn't be stolen while they were working. The display of talent also brought in more of the lucrative shadow jobs, placing the little wrecked cabin on the map of the working travellers.

Naledi Mandla had always refused to bring children to the world as poor as her parents were, but with this stability she allowed herself to love and be loved. She united herself to one of the better men of the ship and together they had three children in the span of eight years. The years went by and as the offspring grew, so did she eventually picked only shadow jobs as a helper, staying on the fringe of the illegal activities.

Until the day when she was asked to fill in for a team. The decker had caught a bullet and was lying in the ship, but the job was not done. This was the opportunity she never knew she was waiting for, and assuming her handle of Talos she accompanied the experienced shadowrunners. The run took place on a private yacht where they were tasked with kidnapping the owner. They ended up stealing the yacht, marooning the sec guards on a lifeboat and uncovering a heavily encrypted data stash. Talos's reputation was kickstarted, notably on the Matrix where she disclosed large parts of the data they had liberated to the shadows. After that she joined a select few other runs, expanding her reputation and upgrading her gear.

And then, just a few months ago, she realised that she could realise her dream of leaving the ship. She had contacts in the shadows, skills she could live through a job and money to make the move. After having helped her community, raised a family, provided for professionnal criminals and ran the shadows, Naledi Mandla was ready to take on her biggest adventure. Travelling to Seattle.

Significant Qualities

  • Mind over matter: Overclocker, Quick Config, Prime Datahaven Membership (Jackpoint), Lightweight
  • Matter over mind: Dealer Connection (Drones), Subtle Pilot (Pilot Aircraft)
  • What's this?: Curiosity Killed the Cat, Data Liberator


Discovering the world from the shadows

Appearance and Style

Naledi Mandla's Zulu origins are immediately evident on first look with her tall size, full figure and obsidian dark skin. She usually sports a gentle smile and a curious gaze that protray her optimistic caring attitude. She has extensive patches of vitiligo over her body, notably around her eyes and along her arms.

On the Matrix Talos's favourite persona is a featureless bronze cube about the size of a wheelchair. On a job or when trying to cover her identity she uses a wrapper to fashion herself as innocuous devices.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
18 September 2017All I Do Is WinShokaki
26 November 2017Eastbound and DownTalos
26 November 2017Start Your Engines!Stickshift
19 February 2018That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal LieAlibi
10 March 2018Of Sinners and SaintsTalos
18 March 2018S.O.S,Assault Bunny
19 October 2018The gnawing evil in the rootsSmogg
Medic (Retired)
18 July 2019Did somebody order a bomb?Talos
Snake Eyes
Hard Luck
21 July 2019Extiguishing embersHound
1 May 2080Only Apathy from the Pills in MeTalos
Snake Eyes