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Role Shooting, Demolitions, Combat Support
Career Karma 130
Character Sheet Dropbox
Reddit /u/Cooleosis
Discord Not_A_Spider#9636
User Page Spider

Summary for GMs

Basic Info

Tamp in a nutshell.

A former combat engineer for the Aztechnology military, presumed dead after an explosives mishap. Knows his way around guns, demolitions and the military.


Tamp is a high logic street sam. Out of combat he provides legwork assistance through a variety of niche active and knowledge skills including demolitions and chemistry. In combat he specializes in area control and taking down high value targets. Has equal dice pools in all firearms skills and the hardware to match. Prefers more of an overwatch position but is more than capable in close quarters as well.

Highest Explosive Damage Dealt




It's a pretty common tale in the shadows; former military gone mercenary or runner. Tamp has one such story, but a little bit different. He actually quite liked the military life while he was still part of it. Being a combat engineer meant that he wasn't usually in the front lines, even when there was fighting going on.

Enlisted by Aztechnology, his unit was deployed to Denver during the civil war as part of the reclaiming efforts. He wasn't exactly thrilled about fighting against dragons, but followed orders. Most of the real threats were unorganized militia and terrorists, anyway. No match for Aztlan.

The real threat was complacency. Several weeks into the operation his unit was sent to demolish a building suspected of being a listening post. No issues there, they had done similar tasks before. Tamp set the explosives, same as always. He turned on the timers, same as always.

That was when everything went to hell. He must have gone wrong somewhere, because as the team was setting everything up all the charges went off. At that point he could really only watch everything crash and burn. Tamp was the only one that survived. In that moment he knew the only thing he could do was get the hell out. They would know it was his fault, so he threw his dog tags, rifle, and commlink into the rubble before taking off. That was the last of his real SIN.

The next step of his life took him to the shadows. Not really cut out for mercenary work, what else could he do? It was quite the adjustment to make. In the end, he wound up with a reasonable amount of success.

Significant Qualities


  • Common Sense
  • Hawk Eye
  • Perceptive (1)
  • Agile Defender
  • Black Market Pipeline - Explosives


  • Loss of Confidence: Demolitions
  • Phobia, Uncommon (Mild): Explosions
  • Allergy, Common (Mild): Tobacco


After the mishap in the military, his only long term goal has been to prove his abilities to himself once more.

Appearance and Style

Meat: TampIcon.png

Matrix: TampMatrix.png

Styles: His explosives are built suspiciously similar to those used in the military. Unless otherwise stated, his bombs are made with radio arming devices with wireless detonation. Until the radio signal is received the bomb is wireless off.


Dreggs, the Fixer

An old runner who's been around the block a few times. Operates out of the Grand Victorian bar in Renton.


Connection: 4
Loyalty: 5

Skills, Knowledges, and Dice

Gives one piece of advice per run.
Gear: C*2 + 4 dice (Finder's fee: 5%)
Legwork: C*2 + L dice (50% markup)
Cha + Negotiation + Loyalty to make hits free.
Knowledges: C*2 + 4 dice.
Shadow Community

Contact Powers

Back Room: This contact can provide you a room for legwork.
  • "Don't mess up my office."

Nova Swift, the Street Doc

A former doctor for an Ares arcology. Gotten rid of after the arcology went under, and now works the shadows.


Connection: 4
Loyalty: 2

Skills, Knowledges and Dice

Biotech skills: 12 + C*2 dice.
500¥ for first aid or 1500¥ per day, -20% per Loyalty
Gear ('Ware & meds): 14 dice.
No roll for availability 10 + 1 and below.

Contact Powers

That's Available: Increase the availability for which the contact can get gear without rolling by one.
  • "I wasn't kicked out of the Ares supply lines."

Rico, the Explosives Dealer (Gear - Explosives)

Smooth talking world-class psychopath.


Connection: 6
Loyalty: 3

Skills, Knowledges and Dice

Gear (Explosives): 18 + 4 dice.
No roll for availability 12 and below.
Knowledges: 12 dice
Black Market
Manufacturing Processes

Contact Powers

Black Market Pipeline (Quality): 10% discount on explosives & +2 dice for finding gear.
  • "Ah, my favorite customer!"
Expert Negotiator: +2 dice to find gear
Special Work Area: Has an explosives facility for cooking and making explosives.
  • "Be careful, yes?"

Ellie, the Bounty Hunter (Legwork)

She and Tamp had a run-in on a job once. They kept in touch.


Connection: 5
Loyalty: 3

Skills, Knowledges and Dice

Legwork: C*2 + L dice, 200¥ per hit.
Cha + Negotiation + Loyalty to make hits free.
Knowledges: C*2 + 6 dice.
Border Crossings

Contact Powers

Own Agenda: This contact has an agenda, and will always have a favor to ask before they help you. If this is completed / agreed to then they will do an exceptional job. They gain +4 dice where relevant.
  • "I'll help you, but there's this mark I'm after..."
Distraction: This contact creates a distraction in line with their expertise. Requires a favor.
  • "Sometimes one bullet is all it takes."

Automatic Stuff


Name Rating Licenses Lifestyle Status
Unknown Real Unknown N/A KIA
Daniel Morris 4 Bioware, Cyberware, Conceal Carry, Firearms Low - Renton C zone Active


DateNameWorked With
15 July 2017 23:00:00A Trail of BreadcrumbsAlibi
Baldur Troll
20 July 2017 09:00:00Ain't Nothing But A Hound DogStickshift
9 December 2017BlockbusterArmo
23 June 2018DAM-NationPoncho
5 December 2017Face OffSmogg
26 March 2018Legal tenderRhys
26 August 2018Scrubbing OutGoldie(Anthony)
Train Wreck
17 May 2017 03:30:00Teenage WastelandBoone
Jack Wire

Notable Possessions

  • Ford Americar
    • Chemsealed smuggling compartment
  • R12 Hermetically sealed hard cases
  • 1m long Behemoth tusk

Facts and Fictions

Titles and Great Deeds

Things Blown Up

1. A 25 body Behemoth.
2. A prison generator room.

Things said and known about Tamp



Things Tamp has said or knows about



Misc Data Entry

Contact Points: 5