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Key info

Name of run was Temperature.

Run was GM'd by LeonardoDeQuirm

Run completed on date 2017-07-16 06:30 UTC

A Saeder-Krupp Johnson of undetermined metatype hired the runners to retrieve an item of high value from a Mitsuhama bank. Through use of exploiting a Bavarian fire drill, Asian honor policies, and poor building design, the team succeeded wildly.

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
0Unknowable TruthThe package was an orichalcum statue of two snakes coiled around a jade pillar.100
0Unknowable TruthNumbersAlmost died.100
3Shadow CommunityAlibiWe killed a pair of martial artist twins, in honorable melee combat. They seemed to be bred as the living keys to the vault, probably earned the eternal wrath of their family.Jawbreaker80



Karma: 7

Nuyen: 145000

Other Important People

Misc Data Entry

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06:30:00, 16 July 2017 +
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