The Devil's Right Hand

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Key info

Name of run was The Devil's Right Hand.

Run was GM'd by User:Jre2

Run completed on date 2017-05-04 01:00 UTC

Johnson, Yarsack Ironmaster, is alive, paid the runners, and nobody betrayed anyone.

Locations Involved

  • Sewage treatment facility in the barrens
  • 3 homeless shelters in the barrens

Important People

Impact on Setting

  • A video of Rex's death was published to certain datahavens

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
5Shadow CommunityDevil's hand JohnsonThere was likely never any gun, Rex was likely a good person and the J is probably a Humanis supporterJawbreaker50
3Shadow CommunityIron ChefShe sent me a cake with a design of Rex melting in green acid, as the icingJawbreaker100
6Matrix SearchRex CarnFilm footage of Rex being thrown into a vat of acid by a disguised IndieIron Chef100
0Unknowable TruthIndieThrew Rex Carn into a vat of acid100
0Unknowable TruthJawbreakerThrew a jawbreaker candy into the same vat of acid Rex Carn was thrown in100

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 4, Nuyen: 10000, and 1 notoriety for brutality (throwing a man into a vat of acid as he begged for his life)

  • Jawbreaker WFTP 5, threw candy into the vat of acid
  • Iron Chef
  • Nickels trained Charity Shelters 1, Navigation 1
  • Indie found a Yamaha Raiden, paid 1200nY to Indigo for information


{{#display_map: Seattle Redmond Sewage treatment facility~Sewage treatment facility~Sewage treatment facility |width=400|height=400 }}

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