The Great Escape

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Run Name

The Great Escape

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Run Type


Run Threat



Light, Banshee, Flamehead, Index





Negative Rewards

Metaplot Involved


Runners met with the J, Accepted the job, Investigated the prison. Met with the contact and got the basic info as well as handed over what gear they would get smuggled inside. Got their fake sins, were escorted inside. They did basic scouting, and were put in their cells. Index got beat up by the guards for being "rude" to them. Flamehead instigated a inmate, got beat up. Day 2 in the prison they talked to their contact, got info on where their gear was and when the distraction would go down. Day 3, distraction happens at dinner, runners moved into action, took out the guards in the canteen. Moved outside had to fight more guards, Flamehead went ahead and got shot up a bit. Light got shot and went down. Stole cop car, attempted to conceal it and it failed, so they were chased by an HTR team in a helicopter. After a bit of a chase they disabled the helicopter, and got away. Then Light passed out again.

Key info

Name of run was The Great Escape.

Run was GM'd by User:Jre2

Run completed on date 2016-12-04 03:00 UTC

No Johnson was involved. Baelife orchestrated a private run that resulted in a success and earned him some small amount of funds.


Barrens Hospital 47.6734575415008,-121.99699401855469

Elizabeth's Prison House 47.60174311073082,-122.12608337402344

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
2Shadow CommunityBaelifeHe betrayed me, his own fixer. He even called up in advance to boast.Emfaelor Padi100
0Unknowable TruthVigilBurned down a hospital in the barrens100
2NewsBarrens HospitalHospital was overrun and burned down due to gang violence and not enough funding for proper security. Shimiya Corp has pledged to find funding for a proper security deal after the rebuild. Likely with Inside Security after their wildly successful trial runShimiya10
3Matrix SearchVigil(Referring to his disguised persona) He seems to be an amazing security guard!Inside Security100

Runners and Rewards

(TODO: add per character adjustments to rewards, losses, drug use, etc)

Base Karma: 4 Nuyen: 10000

Other Important People

Baelife's fixer Emfaelor Padi was screwed over, as Baelife took Elizabeth from his possession.

Baelife rescued Elizabeth Pace and she is now staying at his residence.

Baelife angered Herr Brackhaus by barging in on his negotiation with Elizabeth Pace but ultimately allowed him to live.


{{#display_map: 47.6734575415008,-121.99699401855469~Barrens Hospital~Barrens Hospital; 47.60174311073082,-122.12608337402344~Elizabeth Pace's Prison House~Elizabeth Pace's Prison House |width=400|height=400 }}

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