The Lost World

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Key info

Name of run was The Lost World.

Run was GM'd by User:TheDiabolicalToaster

Run completed on date May 12 2017 06:44

The Johnson is alive, delivered payment, and nobody betrayed anyone.


Skull-Island - primary location 39.07037913108751,-43.59375

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
3Shadow CommunitySkull Island JohnsonGuy is a massive dick, tries to hurry you and get you on his plane as a negotiation tactic, and tries to avoid paying The Switch TaxShiki70
0Unknowable TruthAngelUsed mind control in an attempt to stop a fight between Shiki and Garo caused by mental manipulation100
6Matrix SearchSkull IslandMana disbursement is messed up based on studying the effects of Mana StaticShiki100
0Unknowable TruthGaroShot at Shiki100
3Shadow CommunityAngelTerrible mage that endangered the runShiki30
0Unknowable TruthShikiStabbed Garo100
3Shadow CommunityAngelActively detrimental to the missionGaro20
5Matrix SearchSkull IslandIsland is full of para critter dinosaurs, one of these critters has "flappy parts" on its face that hypnotize you into attacking your own teammates. Seriously don't stare at the flappy partsJawbreaker100


(TODO: add per character adjustments to rewards, losses, drug use, etc)

Base Karma: 7 Nuyen: 30000

Other Important People


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