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Story so far

A mage-rigger shadowrunner who goes by the alias Overlord disappears mysteriously without a trace in the middle of the Bothell industrial district, and their benefactor, a Horizon Group intelligence agent named Sally Rise, discreetly commissions a team of shadowrunners. The absolute absence of any evidence of the disappearance suggests potent Matrix opposition, and Rise wants evidence uncovered of who took her agent, and if possible, why and where. The runner team breaks into a secure Shiawase-subsidiary facility and, deep in a hidden black site inside a research lab, uncover information about a hacker collective called VirAwake - the 'Virtual Awakening' - researching a method to bypass the insolubility of the Matrix and the astral. The team hands the data off to Rise personally as she lands in Seattle at a Horizon facility.

VirAwake carefully hires a team of shadowrunners to deal with a security breach in Seattle, as one of their allies, a hotshot ork hacker named Kaminari Ken, is apparently abducted, only to hit one of VirAwake's secure stores the day after and then vanish off the grid for a few days. Now he's reappeared on the network and the clock is ticking - the hacker has struck a deal with Shiawase to get extracted to Japan.

With less than 24 hours, the runners dig into Ken's former friends and family, eventually leading them to a safehouse in the Barrens. By the time they arrive, though, Ken has disappeared, leaving behind an explosive surprise for the team. What follows is a frantic chase as the team closes in over several hours and finally catches Ken in a warehouse bare miles from his extraction point - along with his former associates. The runners overwhelm their defenses and Ken finally shows his face from where he spent the entire face hiding, threatening to kill himself with a grenade unless the runners let his allies go.

They successfully return the erstwhile hacker to Mr. Johnson at a dockhouse swarming with paramilitary goons, and he is escorted into an MCV for interrogation. As Mr. J is standing outside the warehouse discussing payment with the team, the payment, the MCV, and the entire warehouse goes up as a bomb blows out the interior of the facility. Sally Rise appears, producing an ARO projection from a small drone, and warns Mr. J to go to his superiors and "return her property" or face destruction.

VirAwake hires a team of shadowrunners to hit a Horizon facility in northwest L.A., a facility with a secret secure vault with confidential off-matrix files, including on Sally Rise. The team, impersonating an executive and some cleaning staff, infiltrate the facility and complete a dummy objective of installing powerful attack devices into a SIN Registry-connected mainframe, and successfully retrieve the off-Trix tapes on several Horizon executives. This causes a chaotic data dump of real and false SIN data all over the Matrix, and allows VirAwake to pay the runners in a whole lot of SIN burning and fake SIN work, covering up the thrust of their true objective: to acquire information on Sally Rise.

Sally Rise, now deep in the doghouse with Horizon Group after catching blame for the San Fernando Valley secure data site getting hit, starts launching punitive attacks against VirAwake on the sly. Reaching out to a fanatical anti-cyberware spiritual purist organization called ROSE - the Righteous Order of Spiritual Excellence - she dumps a bunch of VirAwake secrets in their lap, including their mission goal of combining the Matrix and Astral - an idea that is horrifying to the spiritual purist terrorist group.

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