The Rain It Pours

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Key info

Name of run was The Rain It Pours.

Run was GM'd by User:ZnKz

Run completed on date 2017-06-07 02:00 UTC

Johnson is alive, paid the runners, and nobody betrayed anyone.

Locations Involved


Important People

Marina Taylor: Mother of Alexander Taylor. She is the VP of the Marketing department of White Road Publishings, a Skillsoft and Entertainment A-Corp. Alexander Taylor: Child of Marina Taylor, Student at Washington University. Aspected Spellcaster that was 'coerced' by his friend, Daisy Willaker to meet her in the woods at Everret. He was almost forced to learn the Sacrifice blood magic technique, but the runners arrived quickly enough to avoid it. The Knifeman: A Blood-mage serial killer that awakened Daisy's latent knowledge of blood magic, using the trigger words installed by Daye after Mind-Probing her. He has been turned into the Draco Foundation alongside Daisy.

Impact on Setting


Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
4Shadow CommunityDraco FoundationWe handed them a pair of blood mages for free. One was a fragging serial killerJawbreaker70
0Unknowable TruthLake CassidyThere was a blood mage lodge and the hideout of a serial killer100
0Unknowable TruthFengbaoRan up a tree and made a jump attack on a greatform blood spirit100

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 6, Nuyen: 20000

  • Alibi : Works for the People Max; acquired the Poisoner Positive Quality at at-gen cost; used Cram, Guts, Downer BTL and Infiltrator BTL; bought Cram, 2 Jazz, 3 Guts, 2 Neostigmine, 2 Ondanestron, 6 Chloral Hydrate, 4 Slab, 2 Sugammadex, 2 Laced Lipstick (DMSO Rocuronium), 2 Narcoject, Injector Pen, R6 Chemsniffer Ring. Added Astral Smuggling Compartment Shielding to the Honda Spirit.
  • Angel
  • Fengbao Trained Arcana to 1, Initiated
  • Jawbreaker WFTP 5 karma > 10,000 nuyen. Bought betwarae: smartlink, datajack, platelet factories. Sleeping tiger + longcoat (YNT). Suzuki Mirage (with smuggling compartment, license plates and gridlink override)
  • Jack Wire



Misc Data Entry

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