The Revenant Echo of an Electronic Scream

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Key info

Name of run was The Revenant Echo of an Electronic Scream.

Run was GM'd by User:Rejakor

Setting: Spacewar

Part 1: 2017-11-10

Part 2: 2017-11-18

Part 3: 2017-11-19



Runners were hired to track down a persona in possession of data. Retrieve the person, the data and anyone she may have told it to. Large part of the mission went with detective work, getting access to surveillance data, collecting data on possible contacts, analyzing data ect. Eventually the runners discovered her several identities and her two closest friends along with data chips containing her contacts and an alternate persona in use. The runners tracked her down to a warehouse where she was kept prisoner by some suits, this almost lead to a shoot-out but electing to talk, the runners discovered that they worked for their Johnson (S). At this point the party elected to double cross the J, shoot her agents, free the target, eliminate all traces and fabricate a story. The target was helped escape with her friend. The Johnson deemed the job as failed and demanded escrow money released back to her.

Investigation Points

  • Tercel is running a legal facial recognition search with 5 min interval through a private service.
  • Michael Sharpe has promised to dig up the KE file on Ashley Johnson
  • Song Lee has sent an evil shadowy spirit to locate Ashley Johnson
  • Tercel has hacked her mail-to node to locate source of incoming communication

Important People

  • "S" (The Ms. Johnson)
  • Target: Anaxander
    • Microbacteria persona
    • Joygirl Name: Trixie
    • SIN: Ashley Johnson
  • Michael Sharpe
    • Burned out KE Detective
  • Song Lee

Matrix Hosts

  • several minor private hosts
  • public bus transportation host.


  • All over Seattle

{{#display_map: 47.571410, -122.320582 ~Seattle Area, SSE|width=400|height=400 }}


Run Result

  • Runners double crossed S (The Johnson)
  • S's special ops were killed
  • S considered it a failed run, but all parties agreed to keep it silent.
  • Escape plans and IDs were made for Ashley and her friend

Rewards and Expenses

Run Reward

Karma: 30, Payment:


  • Smogg
    • 950¥ - Drinks and Dancer for Michael Sharpe
    • 500¥ - 50% Bribe to access private Ironsight Camera

Rewards and Misc

Drug Use

  • Smogg
    • Psyche
    • Hot-SIM VR

Facts and Fiction

Misc Data Entry