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PC Tiny.jpg
Gender Male
Race Troll
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0.5
Primary Role Meatwall
Secondary Role Any without Chr
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player Cypher_Ace

Summary for GMs


Tiny is first and foremost a soak tank, which is why I put Meatwall as his roll. He sticks his head in first, and takes bullets for everyone else. He can also hit people really, really hard with a variety of unarmed weapons (str 14). This also means he can perform feats of strength as needed. However since his natural skill set is rather limited he's augmented it with a skilljack and skillwires, which is has a skillsoft subscription for. So he can perform a variety of other tasks to a competent level, as long as the linked attribute isn't Charisma (2), and preferably isn't logic (3).

Notable Qualities

Magic Resistance, 3

Superhuman Psychosis

Wanted and Vendetta, he is both wanted by the Gianelli crime family and would very much like to tear their leader, Capo Enzo, limb from limb.



Tiny was born to parents who didn't really care about him, and ignored him as much as possible. They became rather actively hostile when he began to goblinize at a very young age. On top of this his father was a loser who got in deep debt with the Gianelli crime family. So when an offer came down from Capo Enzo Gianelli to take Tiny off their hands no questions asked and to leave town forever, it was a done deal. He never saw or heard from them again, and to be honest he barely remembers them anymore.

See Tiny was strong, really strong, stronger then many full grown men by the time he was 8. This suited there purposes because the Gianelli wanted to move into the Urban Brawl scene as a way to launder and make money. Tiny was to be their ringer, and they began training him to be day one. His entire life revolved around being exercising and training, that was his only use for them. Lucky for him he actually had a knack for it and quickly excelled in the junior leagues. Fighting was his life, it was what he lived and breathed. He didn't particularly like the Gianelli but they kept him fed and allowed him to fight, so he didn't particularly care either. As time went on they wanted more and more out of him, so to make him a sure bet and therefore bankrolled an entire host of cyber and bioware augmentations. He had little say in what they did while he was under the knife, but he didn't really care. However, the 'good times', so to speak, were not to last.

The Gianelli's hit some rough times as the Finnigan's were muscling in on their turf. After a number of incidents the Gianelli's needed money, they needed it a lot, and fast. So word came down from the big man, Capo Enzo, that in the next Urban Brawl match they had arranged Tiny 'had' to take a fall. This way they could have their people all place incredible unlikely bets against Tiny, and come out like bandits. This order didn't sit well with Tiny, fighting was his life and being told to LOSE on purpose was unthinkable for them. So he did the only thing he knew how to do, he kicked the shit out of his opponent. The Gianelli's were caught totally off gaurd by this, as Tiny had always complied like the dumb giant they thought he was. As such they were totally unprepared for this outcome.So when his Gianelli 'handlers' came to confront him, along with the few other enforcers they could hastily assemble, he tore through them like wet paper and stole off into the night.

Now he does the only thing he can do, run the shadows. The Gianelli's would love to have him on a slab (Wanted quality) so he can't go back to Urban Brawl, and of course he'd like to tear Capo Enzo in two (Vendetta). Moreover, there isn't much else he's good at.

Lives in Renton.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: He is a 2.7m (almost 9ft), 330kg (728lbs) wall of muscle and fists. He has whitish red skin, very large horns, tusks, brown hair and eyes. He is the definition of huge muscular troll.
  • Astral form: None, mundie
  • Astral signature: None, mundie
  • Matrix persona: Default
  • Styles and symbols known for: None


Earn enough money to survive, he doesn't mind the shadows because fighting was all he was ever good at or liked doing.


Improve his skills and gear to the point that he can take on the Gianellis.

Great Deeds

  • Stood in a murder room constructed by Voro and only suffered a -1 wound modifier for it.
  • Helped take out a Firewatch team.


  • Murder Troll

Important People and Things Murdered

  • Many doors and walls, and the bolts securing a 500kg safe to the wall/floor.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions



NameSIN RatingSIN TypeIssued by
Drez Kessler4NationalUnited Canadian and American States


DateNameWorked With
22 May 2017 09:50:00The Meat Of ItManabolt
23 May 2017 01:00:00Let It RainTiny
5 June 2017 06:48:00Raising The SteaksTiny
9 August 2018Scaling up in the worldTiny
12 August 2018Measure of a ManTiny
15 August 2018The Journey of a BirdTiny

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