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I'm a guy that started learning to play RPGs in the early 2010's but only recently got into them around 2016. After that I started learning about more systems and the following year I fell in love with shadowrun. Despite that due to circumstances out of my control I was only able to properly play in this system at the middle of 2018, I feel that now I can be a contribution to the server and its community, if you are to bare with my somewhat sluggish nature.

Location Puerto Rico
Timezone Atlantic Standard Time (UTC-4)
Reddit /u/TheDarkPR101
Discord A Salty Grape#5295


Character Role Career Karma
[1] Gunslinger Adept 51

GM Style

[[File:|right|275px]] "I came here to have fun."

My main goal in almost everything I do in life is to have fun whilst doing it, this extends to my GMing. However I still like to stick to the rules of any system I run, but if you give me a good enough reason to why you can do that even though the rules may say otherwise I am more likely to say yes.

Game Features

Cinematic RP/Immersion Crunch Narrative
I tend to lean to making players feel "epic" in things they're doing. Weather good or bad, PCs tend to be a cut above most people in the world and I try to reflect that in their actions. Description is my best friend, every time you land a blow on an enemy I try my best to provide a quick description on the impact and reaction to said action, and I like to let players describe their K/O and Kill Shots. However, if the game is running rather slowly I tend to skip a lot of the minor details in lieu of focusing the actions. If I can't find out what the rule is in a minute or less I will just make something up to keep the action flowing, establishing the proper ruling as soon as available. As stated in cinematic, however my main focus is to show a rather oppressive atmosphere in which the characters typically have a say on weather it improves (typically to their detriment) or worsens (typically to their benefit).

Combat Features

Combat as War Combat as Sport
An ArmA or EVE style of combat. Planning leading up to fights is usually more important than fights themselves. Stratagems employed in and out of battle determine who wins and loses. This works both for and against the players, depending on threat level. A Call of Duty or ‘arena’ style of combat. Fights are determined by brute strength and big dice pools rather than stacking the deck in your favor from the start. Both sides are placed on a more level playing field in this style. [[File:|height=100px|right]]

I like deadly combat but I also like very action packed combat, so expect a split between these two things.

Retconning & Edge

I'm pretty lax on retconning stuff that I consider "minor but can change the outcome" like forgetting to put on a slap patch or forgetting to reload. However the longer its been from your turn the less likely I am to retcon the decision.

Edge: If you pre-edge, you say so before you roll. If you post edge you do it before I say the result. I don't have middle ground on this.

Declining & Derailing

Please don't apply to only decline the meet. I generally ask questions if I have doubts the character may have issues with the run beforehand so that way it all goes smooth.

I define derailing as intentionally taking the run to a non-productive state. EG. Lets break into a facility, but before lets take a detour to the museum of art!

Consequences and Failure

Some enemies are brutal and will kill you when you're down. I don't tend to take this approach, but I let it be known alternatively when that's the case. Burning edge will generally invoke the power of GTFO, yet there's still consequences for this.


I wait 15 minutes, and up to 30 if you state that you're late. I try to keep my games within the allotted religiously.

Sitting in

Just stay quiet and don't interrupt the session. Else you could be a foreign agent affecting the outcome affecting how it plays out.

Most Important

Remember to have fun. We play to have fun, right?

Table Rules

I'm waaay too new to throw any of these.