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Batty Gift Art.jpg
Location USA
Timezone Eastern US (UTC -4)
Reddit /u/Anfears01
Discord Anfears#8712

Notable Npcs

Leaping Bear, Mario Rossi, Biggie the Steam Train, Susan Welsh, Life & Death, Alex Sajak, The Pocket Slimes!, Gaint man-eating gummy worms, Luisa the sheep therapist, The Travel Agent


 Completed on
A Coffee Man's Lament4 April 2020
All Aboard!!!3 August 2018
Anfears' Extralife Marathon part 1 of 4 Transcendence- become divine2 November 2019
Anfears' Extralife Marathon part 2 of 4 The Return of the Cult of The Wheel2 November 2019
Anfears' Extralife Marathon part 3 of 4 LINK LOCKED CHARITY SPECIAL2 November 2019
Anfears' Extralife Marathon part 4 of 4 The Reapers in Anchorage3 November 2019
Bid High or Buy Out27 January 2018
Bring Me Back My Black Sheep!11 November 2019
Gianelli Drift!13 March 2018
Halloween 2019 New Life's Price Tag26 October 2019
Halloween Metaplot 2019 The Candy Man5 October 2019
Lakota Law6 January 2018
Life is Love, Life Loves You1 December 2018
The Things We Chew for Love30 December 2018
Under the Sea15 May 2020


I Guess this is where I Tell you how big of a nerd I am right? Hi! my name is Anfears and I come from the southern part of the united states (utc-5) and I have been roleplaying for years.

I started playing when I was 12 with a little game called Savage Worlds. It all sort of snowballed from there and I fell in love with TTRPGs. I have tons of experience with World of Darkness, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 & 5e and of course shadowrun though I am fairly new to it. I love to learn new systems though and tend to devour there rulebooks rather quickly. All in all, I just have a deep love for RP in general. They have helped me so much in life and it makes me happy whenever I get to be apart of it.


The way I GM and Assumed Competence

My style of Gming is about making an interesting narrative that all my players have fun taking part in. I will assume competence for most trivial things and for the sake of flow I will trust you to know your dice pools so please be honest with your rolls. I prefer a more cinematic feel for my runs as opposed to a more realistic and serious tone. If I ever feel like doing a serious run I will make not of that in the run post.

Declining the meet/Changing the run

I am entirely ok with a character declining a run if it conflicts with there morals. It is always appreciated if runners provide disclaimers with there apps if they think the run could cause a character conflict. If my players decided they want to change the nature of the run that is fine with me and I will work with that. It all about my players to me and not taking away the sense of agency.


I believe that if there is no chance of failure than the reward at the end of a run feels cheaper. So there will be consequences based on threat level and game theme, but failure to me is not the end of you it usually just meant a complication in the plan or a wrench in your system. I do not like to gotcha my players. I will give you ample chance to fix your mistakes and will not put you in unwinnable or pass or die situations.

The X Card

I use the X-Card system at my table and I will mention this at the start of the game. Use the X card whenever you need to and i will move along in the scene.


I will try and post my runs a couple days in advance and make picks at least 24 hours in advance. I currently live in the est time zone and will plan run start times for mainly in the evening my time so around 21:00-1:00 UTC.