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Reddit account: /u/Awesomo_Moustachio


Omari Munir, Hassan Al-Alawir, Alejandra Vega, Alonso Johnson, Garret Ford, Kurt, Mystery Hammer Girl, Gillian Terna, Stanley Singh, Maximillian Koenig, Anastasia Sevnik, Lukas Huber


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Evolution Is Everything - Part I5 March 2018
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I am a new Shadowrun player, but have many years of gaming experience. I hail from Perth, Western Australia (UTC +8).

I started with AD&D back in 97, worked my way to D&D 3.5e, before branching out to multiple different systems. This included most of the New World of Darkness, Rogue Trader, Fate System, and my personal favourite: Scion. I have been mainly a GM (or equivalent), and would gladly start GM-ing Shadowrun as well, but would definitely appreciate playing for a while, to familiarise myself with the rules, but more importantly the setting. My personal GM achievement I am most proud of was my Scion game, which ran for just over 5 years before finishing due to scheduling issues.

At the end of the day, I just want to have fun bringing characters and stories to life, and this community seems like an amazing place to do so.


Assumptions and Expectations

Any games that I run will have assumed competence for your characters. I also don't mind players occasionally breaking character, or asking questions out of character. I do appreciate if you mention that you're out of character. Also, to make the run smoother, I will generally not question dice pools or other mechanical statistics... I like to place trust in my players.

I do, however, expect all players to be polite and cordial with one another. Characters may have arguments and disagreements, but I expect my players to be open minded and tolerant towards one another. I will help mediate if necessary, but you as a player still need to be trying to resolve the issue. On that note, I will allow PvP (to an extent) so long as I have out of character approval and understanding by all players involved.

Declining The Meet/Changing the Run

I allow players to decline the meet if there is some kind of character conflict. If the whole team declines, I will usually have an alternative set up so that you still get to enjoy playing a game of Shadowrun. If the team decides to change any part of the run, I will work with you on it and not against you. The scenario is what you make of it.

Let's Make a Movie!

As a GM, I like to work *with* my players. I like to think of it as the GM is the director of a film, and the Players are the main cast. I am here to make you look awesome, and to make your character do what it is they need to do. I try to work with the player to getting more out of their character, and highly encourage private messaging me both in or out of game to help me make your character, and their story, more epic.

That being said, I also have an expectation of my players having a similar approach. This means working with other player's characters if it's their time to shine, and overall to be paying attention and enjoying the story we are telling. If I feel you are distracted too much, that may impact you being selected for future runs.

Run Organization

I will try to give at least 3 days notice for a run I plan. I will also make selections at least 24 hours before run start. This is to give me time to read over your characters, and tweak parts of the run to make it more appealing for them in a personal way. It also gives you, the player, time to talk to me about things.

I am in UTC: +8, so my runs will be based around fitting that time. Though I am more then happy to work things out with players, and have a reasonably flexible schedule.