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Reddit account: /u/BlackRavenous

Discord: @BlackRavenous#6911

Characters (4/5 Slots)

Ice (Summoner Mage)

Strife (Street Samurai)

C4ss3tt3 N0V4 (Decker Skater)

Herc (Physad Troll Face)


I gravitate towards what some would call "Pink Trenchcoat" but can be fairly flexible, though I do enjoy planning ahead. If allowed I normally go for the "Rule of Cool" if an opportunity arises, otherwise I'm game for following the script up to a certain extent. Shadowrun is fun for me and if I can make it fun for you then we're both smiling in the end, no?

GMP Paperwork

Current Total: 30

Wiki Page Creation: +2 (Ice) // Feb. 23rd, 2019

AAR Wiki page: +2 Hawks and Eagles // March 2nd, 2019

AAR Reddit Posting: +2 Hawks and Eagles // March 2nd, 2019

Wiki Page Creation: +2 (Strife) // March 4th, 2019

AAR Wiki page: +2 Baking the Cake // March 19th, 2019

AAR Reddit Posting: +2 Baking the Cake // March 19th, 2019

AAR Wiki page: +2 Cor, blimey guv'nor! // March 21, 2019

Wiki page creation: +2 (C4ss3tt3 N0V4) // March 22, 2019

Wiki page creation: +2 Fun times with Spirits // March 29th, 2019

AAR Reddit Posting: +2 Kami's Way: Festival Showdown // April 5th, 2019

Wiki page creation: +2 (Meiyo, by player request) // April 6th, 2019

AAR Wiki page: +2 Coming Down with a Cough // April 8th, 2019

Wiki page creation: +2 (Magical Group) // April 13th, 2019

Wiki page creation: +2 The Notorious Nightly News // April 18th, 2019

Wiki page creation: +2 (Herc) // April 20th, 2019