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Generally referred to as "Mal" online, due to a succession of handles.

Reddit account: /u/Malibi


Fresh GM Warning!

I expect a certain amount of mastery on my own part to craft halfway-competent runs. GMing any system is a very different perspective than playing in it, and the live-community format poses additional challenges around player styles and expectations. Therefore, expect me to constrain my picks more heavily until I know I can deliver a good experience for a given archetype. (It's not you, it's me.)

Declining The Meet

I allow players to decline the meet if there is some kind of character conflict that I missed. Having a Wiki page that summarizes the reasons a character might decline a meet is strongly preferred.


Instead of flatly declining a job, sometimes it is interesting to work for a different outcome than the one the rest of the players are aiming for. I'll permit this (and reserve the right to, in the future, structure runs around this), but it has to be done in good faith, with my full knowledge -- so just message me and we'll sort it out. Failure to do this will not be looked upon kindly.

Realism and Consistency

I try to have things be internally consistent within the world, in part because I tend to like runs where the players aren't given all of the information; puzzles are fun for me, and hopefully they are for you as well, Dear Player.

I also tend to pick characters whose stories are, themselves, what I view as internally consistent. If I can read your sheet and get a feel for what drives your character, especially if you give me a few levers to pull for Dramatic Purposes™, that may get you onto my table faster or more often.


For tension, I feel it's very important that there be threat. Assuming I can keep to my value of consistency, if you fail, I won't pull punches; there were ways to avoid that failure. However, I very much so believe in failing forward: a failure may result in a complication or escalation, rather than an immediate consequence. In essence, if you screw up, you or your team can pull your bacon out of the fire by doubling down at the risk of making things more difficult in the future.



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