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Location USA, Chicago
Timezone Central US (GMT-5)
Reddit /u/Cooleosis
Discord Not_A_Spider#9636


Character Role Career Karma
Tamp Demolitions, Guns 105
Edgar Melee Pure Adept 45
Michelle Face 62
Eliza Possession, Alchemy 87
Davion Rigger, Pilot 37
Godmother Face 1

GM Style


"Cinematic, but don't fuck up."

Standard disclaimer: I don't play Shadowrun as some sort of grimdark 2077 simulator. This is a game for mutual fun, not a way for me to torture players into giving me their edge.

Game Features

Cinematic RP/Immersion Crunch Narrative
Making the players feel epic. Also having certain aspects of the game played up for the sake of having cool moments. Adding lots of fluff to in-game activities and actions to make the world seem more real and alive. Dice rolling and proper mechanics. Adding dice rolls to player actions where it would be relevant to the game. Creating a lasting story that sticks with the characters. Mostly comes in the form of consequences, but not always.

Combat Features

Combat as War Combat as Sport
An ArmA or EVE style of combat. Planning leading up to fights is usually more important than fights themselves. Stratagems employed in and out of battle determine who wins and loses. This works both for and against the players, depending on threat level. A Call of Duty or ‘arena’ style of combat. Fights are determined by brute strength and big dice pools rather than stacking the deck in your favor from the start. Both sides are placed on a more level playing field in this style.

Combat will only ever be appropriate for the situation. Gangers won't have milspec or APDS. HTR won't be called if you kick in some Halloweener's teeth.

Important Things to Know

At least read the green stuff.

RP Heavy Table

I run RP heavy games. RP heavy means RP heavy. I'm honestly not a good enough GM to keep a heavy RP game going all by myself. Talk in character during planning, explain actions when rolling, go all out. As part of this, I prioritize characters that are under-optimized.

Retconning & Edge

I only allow some retconning to take place. The fact of the matter is that none of us are actually sixth world criminals, so things that will be obvious to the characters won't be as obvious to the players. However, there is absolutely no retconning in combat, not even for improper mechanics. There will be no 'rewinding.' Doesn't matter if the retcon would have helped or hurt you, or how big the mistake is. Sucks if you forget something; when your characters are getting shot at, they can forget things too.

On the topic of Edge, you can't go back and edge rolls. Combat should be thrilling and exciting, which it isn't if you can retroactively edge. Edge has to follow the natural progression of rolling. If someone gets a miracle dodge after your shot, you can't go back to get more hits. But if you need a few more hits to beat that threshold, go for it. I make public rolls, so this shouldn't be an issue.

Declining & Derailing

Don't apply if you don't plan on playing the run. If you know you're not going to accept, or will purposely screw the run up, then why bother?

Consequences and Failure

Some enemies will shoot you in the head if the team goes down. Some will harvest you for bits. If you burn edge to survive, there will still be consequences to deal with when you wake up. The bad guys who downed you won't politely deposit your body outside for you to wake up several hours later. Additionally, you won't ever fail because of a 'gotcha.' You'll only fail because you (or your dice) did something wrong or failed to meet a challenge.


If you're more than 15 minutes late, you're getting replaced. Sorry. I usually won't make a replacement thread, I'll probably just ask in general who wants to run.

Sitting in

If you're sitting in, BE QUIET. I've had sitter-inners completely derail games, even though they didn't mean to.

Most Important

Put some effort in. And have fun. At the end of the day this is a game for fun, so have fun!

Table Rules

Initiative Debt

You can absolutely go into initiative debt. Combat is a flow, not several isolated blocks placed together.

Only have 1 initiative but need to full defense? Take 9 away from your next initiative roll. However, that full defense doesn't last for both turns. Feel free to stack it up; who am I to tell you what to do with your valuable resource of initiative?

I use this rule because without it, the system rewards waiting until late in the combat to use certain weapons or mechanics. Grenades and suppressive fire to name a few.

Luck Rolls

I use a d100 + 3*Edge for luck. High favors the player. With the d100 your edge will only have a moderate effect on the outcome. 0 edge players can still get lucky, but over dozens of encounters the edge will show.

Damage Limit (Experimental)

Characters can only take up to their physical limit in stun from one attack. The remainder is taken as physical. Certain weapons and methods ignore this (tasers, SnS, drugs). I use this rule in order to prevent one shots, make damage harder to simply sleep off in a few hours, and for a touch of realism.

Example: Larry Mage has 3 physical limit and gets punched by Joe Trog. Joe Trog has 12 strength (ow), and after soaking Larry Mage takes 9 damage. 3 of it is stun, the remaining 6 is physical. Larry Mage is also very, very knocked down.

Additionally, if you take more than your limit in physical damage, something bad happens (broken bone, punctured lung, things like that).

GM Contacts

Jackson, the Cookhouse King (Gear)

Left in charge of an underground E-zone hovel containing a large drug lab. Can be accessed by the Ork Underground, or a very well hidden freight elevator south of SeaTac.


Connection: 2
Loyalty: 2

Skills, Knowledges, and Dice

Gear: 10 dice
No roll for availability 8 and below.
Automatically halves delivery time.
Knowledges: 8 dice.
Drug Manufacturing
Seattle Underworld (Drugs)

Contact Powers

Bolthole (SeaTac): This contact knows where to lay low. Can provide temporary boltholes up to (Loyalty) days; after that you have to pay for it as a lifestyle (Squatter). Under a mile south of SeaTac.
  • "Mind the druggies."
One For All: This contact has been awarded by a GM. Their connection can't be upgraded; and if they die, they die.

Owned By

Echelon, Titan, Mark, Father Steel


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