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Reddit account: /u/Spieo




I'd like to think I run a mixture of trench-coat and Mohawk, somewhat more grounded in reality while still allowing for players to pull of crazy stunts

Table "Houserules"

If I use any tablerules, they will more often than not be in the players favor. Such as simply declaring you succeed on certain roll if your dice pool is high enough/the opposing thing is weak enough (I won't make the master hacker roll for every mark against the undefended camera)

Declining The Run

If you truly wish to, you can decline the job, but I would ask you don't


Ultimately depends on why you want to derail or thwart the run in question. But it is not an automatic no from me.


Some things will be more realistic than others, obviously. Please don't try to turn everything into a chaotic mess of an action movie, though that doesn't mean that I will shut down all of your out of the ordinary ideas.


Failure is inevitable if you don't plan, but hey, think outside the box/plan for more than you need to and you'll probably be fine. Consequences range from negative qualities to points (like Notoriety and Public Awareness).