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Current Metaplot Head.

Also goes by "Z"

Reddit account: /u/XxZnKzxX

As a Player


As a GM


  • Combat at my table is an even 50/50 between Combat As Sport and Combat As War. These are largely dependent on whether I am running something as Pink Mohawk or Black Trenchcoat, which are both equally in my pallete, depending on my mood.
  • I treat legwork as a necessary step in most runs I GM. Going half-cocked isn't impossible, but it may well have Consequences.
  • I am not adverse to consequences, but I only give them if they are deserved from my point of view, which often doesn't translate to mechanical effects unless it was something truly egregious against the setting, or if serious mistakes were made.
  • I am a firm believer of Assumed Competence, and I tend to trust that your character is better at their job than you, barring exceptions made clear to me.
  • Direct PvP is frowned upon at my table, short of both players consenting to it OOC. Indirect PvP in the form of two characters acting in different interestings is A-OK, so long as no one minds a good story, and decent drama.
  • I am a firm believer in Escalation. The setting responds in equal measure to how much you level against it. Obviously, if the setting is already firing all barrels at you, it won't mind if you return the favor...probably.
  • I do not discriminate characters based on mechanical assets such as dicepools under most circumstances. There may be exceptions due to me thinking you may not enjoy a run due to your mechanical choices making your role be overshadowed.
  • More to be added as I ramble on.

Non-Player Characters


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