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The Virtual Awakening doesn’t officially exist anywhere. Some bizarre mixture of Illuminati and Alchemist secret society tropes with a modern-day hacker collective, this spooky alliance of deckers and their various webs of assets and employees who work for them function towards one ultimate goal which only some of their ‘members’ know: to achieve the scientific holy grail of breaching the barrier between the Astral and the Matrix.

To achieve these goals, VirAwake has insinuated their agents throughout major corporations, always in a position to either gain access to information or conduct research that explores VirAwake’s penultimate goal, or further the absolute secrecy of their organization. They also have no moral imperative - while VirAwake is not necessarily malicious or vindictive, kidnapping people for research or silencing people permanently who might threaten their secret are seen as standard operating procedure - they will do whatever is necessary to accomplish their dream.

VirAwake itself isn’t particularly large, but its exact reach is unknown. Most members operate in cells of less than a dozen people, coordinate with a handful of other cells, and report to a Conductor, a team of spooks who oversee cells below them. Very few groups know who to report to, most communications take place via dead drops, and their hackers religiously scrub information that could compromise their cells - even to other cells. Only the people at the top (whoever and wherever that is) really know what’s going on throughout.


VirAwake’s absolute secrecy has started to be breached. After the shadowrunner Lola pulled one of their research cell’s data and passed it on to Sally Rise, the Horizon element leaked data on their organization to specific shadow forces that might lash out against them. For some reason, she has avoided taking this info to the Big 10, however.

VirAwake’s PMC, along with a whole Conductor cell and several VIPs, were recently blown up along with one of their allies, Kaminari Ken, who Sally Rise framed for double-crossing them and abducted and planted a bomb inside of to detonate when they brought him in for interrogation.

In retaliation, VirAwake pulled Sally Rise’s secret files from a Horizon secure site and mulched her reputation within her own corporation, and alerted several of her enemies to her presence.

ROSE is currently targeting VirAwake cell members and unwitting researchers working for those cells for terror activity - they see VirAwake’s manifesto as an utter abomination and seek to put a stop to it.

Notable personalities


Affiliated Factions: None

Allies: Lt. Marc Battle

Enemies: None