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Gender Female
Race Changeling Ghoul (Elf)
Aura Dual Natured
Essence 2.86
Primary Natural Weapon Combatant
Secondary Medical Support
Character Sheet
Player User:Plate-Rogue

Basic Info

Evo engineered assassin, trained as a doctor and medical researcher as part of her cover. The mom friend.


[EVO personnel files accessed]

Born from Vat #13 and named [ERROR: FILE CORRUPTED. RECOVERING] Victoria Lillian Amber, Arachnida was engineered as part of [PROJECT DESIGNATION REDACTED] a covert EVO transhuman assassin project. Her assignment was to sabotage an Aztechnology bioware lab and kill the lead researcher [NAME REDACTED]. Embedded in the lab as a researcher, Arachnida was successful in getting the project and the lab shut down by doctoring experiment results, but failed to eliminate her target before they were transferred to another lab. Fired along with the rest of the nonessential lab staff she was left on the streets on her own where she took the runner name SP1D3R, later changing it to Arachnida following Regressive Genetic Expression*.

[Personnel file ends]

*See addendum 2


While officially EVO denies her existence we still consider her a corporate citizen by birth and collect taxes from her. She is to be observed without interference until further notice.



PN-13A recently underwent an extreme form of SURGE and is to be reclassified as a type III Changeling. Audit of complications arising from genetic editing during the growth process of [REDACTED] subjects is pending.


[EVO special projects data accessed...]

[Project Designation: Nephilim...]

Project Summary: Project Nephilim was founded in 2055 with the express intention of producing assets for the destabilization of organizations detrimental to Evo profits. To achieve this aim lead researcher Ezekiel Montressor proposed creating metahuman subjects engineered from conception with superior genetics and augmented physiologies tailored to their mission profiles. These assets were code named "Nephilim" after the biblical race of giants sired by the union of humans and angels. After a setback with the initial genetic test bed PN-01Null resulted in an unstable unit the template was reevaluated and 20 "pods" of 20 units each were commissioned, to be grown in staggered batches. Each pod is color coded and each unit receives both a tank number designation and an informal training designation following a letter of the Phonetic Military Alphabet. The total time required for each unit to reach physical maturity is 8 years after which the unit is removed from its growth tank and placed in a training program consisting of 18 months of subliminal flash training and 6 months of advanced VR tactical trianing. After training is completed each unit is given a mission specific System Identification Number and identity and inserted into the target organization. Following the successful completion of all objectives units are programmed to exfiltrate and return to project headquarters for debrief and advanced training. After this advanced training is complete the units are to be assigned to fire teams as elite augmented special forces assets.

[Additional Project Files Accessed...]

Current project metrics place the success rate of project subjects at approximately 60%. Successful exfiltration rate of project subjects is 33%; Mortality rate 50%; 17% of active assets remain embedded within target organizations following completion of objectives. 15% of exfiltrated subjects have failed to return to project headquarters. Project lead Montressor has determined that the low volume of available assets has rendered the secondary training program non-viable at this time. Montressor has also stated that assets that fail to return to program headquarters are to remain undisturbed at this time as they provide a useful control group for studying the development and growth of the program's subjects.

[File Ends]

Significant Qualities

Agile Defender

Biocompatibility (Bioware)

Exceptional Attribute (Strength)

Quick Healer

Prototype Transhuman

Changeling (Class III SURGE): [Electroception (Electrosense), Functional Tail (Prehensile), Setae, Shiva Arms (Pair) 2, Astral Hazing, Bioluminescence, Cold-Blooded, Critter Spook, Insectoid Features, Nocturnal]

Insomnia (Basic)

Poor Self Control (Combat Monster)

SINner (Corporate) (Evo)


Completing her failed mission

Expanding her street doc business

Helping her "family" the Nephilim

Becoming "Perfect"

Appearance and Style

Arachnida is pale, dark haired, and physically imposing. Her enhanced musculature and physical fitness make her look more like a slender Ork with no tusks than an Elf. Her eight cybereyes are all a uniform glassy red making it hard to know exactly where she's looking which makes some people uncomfortable. She has recently taken to dying her hair acid green. SURGE hit her like a truck and she hides her most visible changes under a hooded cloak and mask. Underneath the mask her face looks mostly elfin and attractive, but with the addition of a pair of spined pedipalps set against her jawline. Her entire body is covered in soft silver chitin. Her voice is off putting to most since it carries a trilling, buzzing undertone and is rather high pitched.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





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