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|data6 = Human
|data6 = Human
|label7 = Street Cred
|label7 = Street Cred
|data7= 47
|data7= 53
|label8 = Notoriety
|label8 = Notoriety
|data8 = 0
|data8 = 0
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| Folk Remedies
| '''2/14/2020'''
| Standard

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Gun Hand
Downtime (2).jpg
Backup Face / Heavy Muscle
He Didn't Pick the Name
Player [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 53
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 7
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. Unknown
Folder [2]


At a Glance Qualities Other Details
Not Created Equal Biocompatability, Prototype Transhuman, Jack Of All Trades, Natural Athlete Carl (XJ Omega) was purpose grown to be able to take more punishment than the average individual. Significantly more. Being the military proof-of-concept model for the EVO Human Enhancement Initiative, he was given in-vitro VR training as well as a steady pump of reaction-increasing drugs. Even before the cybernetic upgrades, he was capable of Olympic level feats and his neuro-plasticity was off the charts. Through direct frontal-cortex stimulation he has maintained that throughout his lifetime without fall-off has developed an aptitude for in-field adaptability that borders on superhuman.
Experienced Runner Agile Defender, Solid Rep (Seattle Runners), Steely Eyed Wheelman, Toughness, One Trick Pony, Animal Empathy Whether he likes it or not, Carl has been doing this for a lot of years. He's been doing it for money, himself, and even others. And each month he's picked up something new. Maybe it's how to take a corner in his Troll-hammer, maybe it's how to bend his body so that bullets ricochet off the heavier plates in his forearms just right. Regardless, he's got a reputation in Seattle for getting things done quickly, effectively, and with no small amount of flair.
Horizon Darling Fame: Local An accidental discovery after a job had wrapped up, that he was a featured show-runner for a Horizon joint-venture called 'So You Think You can Shadowrun'. Completely incidentally, he had pulled off a series of incredible stunts that blew the producers away. He still makes the highlight reels at the end of every season and that's garnered him more than a little clout with the rank-and-file that watch that kind of drek.
Failed Science Project AIPS, Bi-Polar, Unsteady Hands Science is often more art than science. The project that created Carl failed spectacularly, despite its successes. Chemical imbalances in the brain, strange manifestations whenever he interacts with the matrix in certain zones and a constant rejection/pairing of the artificial limbs grafted to his torso means nearly every moment of his life is spent in some state of emotional distress.
Fear of Needles Phobia (Severe): Surgical Instruments Carl still remembers the operating tables. The doctors. Coming in and out of fever dreams in the middle of hour-long procedures. The nightmares haunt him.
Open Bounty Wanted: EVO (50,000) EVO has caught wind of Carl operating in Seattle. While to most he may be a person, to EVO he's nothing but property. They want him back.
Buddy, Friend Dependent: Inconvenience Buddy the PT troll was another victim of EVO standing operating procedures. Carl has taken him in to the best of his abilities, and tried giving him a semblance of a normal life. It has not been easy. While Buddy's physical attributes are off the charts, his mental development has been stunted. He's always getting into trouble.

Run History

Run Name/Link Date of Run Threat Level Run Synopsis
One For the New Collection 08/27/2018 High The Johnson requested an artefact horn from the New-Seattle Museum of History. The runners went up against security systems, KE guards, and a KE rapid response team. The runners were spotted when approaching the roof with a wing suit and were engaged by an offsite team from long distance equipped with an anti-tank rifle.
The Texas Holdup 09/03/2018 Medium An unknown individual offered the team information on a mob poker game to rob in exchange for them killing one of the players. The runners went up again Italian mafia, old bartenders, and a crew that was planning a similar heist. During the operation to poison their target and steal the money, that same heist crew came in with a similar objective. Despite the chaos that ensued, the runners completed their objective with surprisingly low collateral damage.
Feeding Frenzy 09/16/2018 Semi Prime, Escalated to Prime An Ares Johnson hired the team to escort him and an alchemist to the crash site of a dragon in the barrens to harvest reagents from its carcass. The opposition included toxic sewer critters, halloweeners, Russian (vory) thugs, and 4 squads of UCAS Marines. Instead of fleeing with their package when the UCAS marines swept in to secure the site, they decided to hold their ground. The Alchemist was almost immediately captured and grievous bodily harm was inflicted to both sites. Due to the extended engagement and pursuit by the UCAS Marine Corps, all members of the party received a sizable bounty (100K) from the UCAS federal government. Gunhand was spared after turning himself in, and is working off his sentence covertly as a dark asset for the CIA.
LZ is Hot 09/18/2018 Medium A Horizon executive who was filming a new Trid Show called So You Think You can Shadowrun attempted to con the team into thinking it was a standard extraction job. The runners went up against two teams of well-trained opposition. The first was larger but less effectively equipped, the second was smaller but more specialized. Once the team had cleared the field, they were ambushed by two large trucks with mounted guns and, as it turns out, the entire thing was filmed.
A Freak Meeting 10/5/2018 Private Carl dealt with a handful of gangers just outside of his storage-space apartment in Redmond.
Corps, Drek, Gangers and More: 10/12/2018 Medium The Johnson needed data recovered from an abandoned warehouse. Unfortunately a local streetgang was in the way. In the basement of the warehouse, there were several behemoths, one of whom, Carl managed to cow and befriend instead of killing.
What's in Your Bugout Bag 10/20/2018 Private (High, Semi-prime) A runner team was sold information about Gun Hand and Somnambulist. They put together a plan to blackbag them both and sell them to an EVO contact. The opposition was entire team of other runners. The ambush went sour early, and through tacical combat and solid matrix utilization, they were bested. Gun Hand interrogated the runner leading the group at a very uncomfortable altitude.
Götterdämmerung 10/22/2018 Prime The team was sent into the heart of an ancient compound in Norway in order to retrieve the holy sword Gram from its sacred resting place. The runners faced 3 trials. One of brawn, one of social graces, and one of wit. Once all the trials were completed, the final chamber was unlocked where after retrieving the sword, the eldritch abomination it had been holding in place was released.
The Beginning of the Red Month 10/27/2018 High The runners were tasked by the Johnson (an EVO plant) to obtain a submarine that RED had commandeered. RED is an anti-nuclear terrorist group that was trying to leverage the submarine for their nefarious aims. They also encountered local wildlife, the Caribbean weather, and a group of bounty hunters that each group encountered once they were separated. Pyrite barely survived. Friendly fire may have been to blame.
The Fall of the Pinapple Republic 11/04/2018 Prime Schmitt Johnson asked the runners to steal him an island. The opposition was Omega Zero Zero, an EVO monad security outfit. There was a slight miscommunication between the team and things went loud early. Source apparently got bullied by a fence.
Bring Them Home 1/30/2020 High
Fleeing Shinies 1/30/2020 Semi-Prime escalated to Prime
Landlords and Signatures 2/1/2020 Standard
Folk Remedies 2/14/2020 Standard


Contact Name Type of Contact Connection Loyalty Favor Misc. Information
Joey Buck Teeth Fixer 7 4
Lazarus Street Doctor 6 5
Nitelite Gear (Electronics/Vehicles), Service 5 1
Michigan Banglapur Service (Pilot) 5 5
The Equalizer Gear (Armor/Clothing) 6 4
Schmitt Johnson Gear (Weapons/Ammo) 8 5
Colonel Harris ? 8 1
Detective McKnight Service (Escape Artist, Hardware, Computer) 5 6
Hypocrates Alchemist 4 6
Deep Cover Service (Demolitions, Drive: Groundcraft, Stealth) 6 6
Miss Muffet Teacher (Electronics Skill Group) 6 6
Deda Fixer 4 6
The Zookeeper Service (Animal Handling) 4 2
Lance Malay Street Doc 8 4
Flyboy Gear (Vehicles/Vehicle Mods) 6 6
IDN10T Gear (SINS) 5 4
Frederich Ferdinand Info Broker 4 1

In Character Information


XJ - Omega was meant to be the first of many.

The experimental line was simple enough. Develop a strain of humanity that could somehow cram MORE ware into its hollow shell. His was to be the military display model. Top of the line. Was, of course, being the key word. There were too many flaws in the genome after in-vitro modifications. Most of the problems were mental. Nerve damage. Mood swings. They compensated, swung things back too hard post-modification.

It was easier, they decided after looking at the time to cost estimate, to dump the project and start from scratch. The research department was scuttled, the scientists let go, assets liquidated. Gun Hand was left to fend for himself. The shadows took him in.

From there, he discovered others that had been abandoned by the project. And while life was difficult, he made ends meet by running. And he was good at it. He built friends. A family. But then that all fell apart. A job gone wrong put a bomb in his head and had him drafted into the military. They scrambled his brains with mind-wiping drugs after each jobs. The life he'd built, the friends he'd made, the people and the places were all just shadows and ghosts.


Identity SIN Rating Licenses Other Information
Carl Tannhauser Rating 3 Restricted Augmentation License, Matrix Software License, Bodyguard License, Restricted Armor License, Driver's License, Drone's License, Private Investigator's License, Concealed Carry Permit, Weapon License Carl Tannhauser is a military veteran who had his augmentations paid for by the UCAS military after a terrible explosion robbed him of his arms, legs and eyes. Now he is a private citizen living off his pension, using his military experience in the private sector, as a freelance bodyguard/private investigator.



Outfit Description Obvious Illegality
Casual Ensemble A timeless coal-black Mortimer of London Argentum Coat on top of a Berwick suit. He wears generally wears his workout gear underneath a cream dress shirt with no tie. The cut draws the eye down to a pair of black boots that seem out of place with the rest of the look, done up with fine laces. This getup has seen better days and is usually rumpled, stained, or punctured in some way shape or form. Projects an aura of being ill-at ease, prepared for either a formal event or a scuffle in a garage, but happy about neither.
Workout Gear A grey hoodie and grey sweat pants by Urban Explorer. It is in fact, the Daedalus - a makeshift wingsuit. This is better kept then the casual ensemble, strangely enough. Though the once-white sneakers have greyed to the same shade as the rest of the outfit.
Loaded for Bear Heavy security armor, no ifs ands or buts. Strangely colored, with a vertical split down the middle where the colors differentiate. Tactical webbing, ruthenium polymer coating, thermal dampening and a chemical seal makes this the perfect pick for any job that even looks like it's about to go sideways. Not the best pic for corporate functions or beachwear. Yes

Media Mentions

Carnage Over Redmond

Carribean Radio Chatter

Seattle Man Sets Neighbor's Dog On Fire

More Violence Downtown

Ares Transport Attacked After Dusk

Landlord Found Dead in Penthouse