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Run Name

One Messy Press Conference

Run Link




Run Type


Run Threat



Saturn, Samhain, Jay

RVP Breakdown

20 RVP for Karma 10 RVP for Nuyen

Negative Consequnces

Jay gains Sensitive System for burning to live against a fire spirit.

Reason for Full AAR

Character burned edge to live

Metaplots Involved

Staked Hearts

Short Run Summary

They were hired by the vampires to kill an Ares executive during a press conference. During planning, they decided to plant a bomb the night before. When the time came, a sniper interrupted the conference, causing panic. The explosion was not large enough to kill the target, though manabolts quickly fixed that. The spirits saw these manabolts,and attacked. Jay was killed almost immediately by a fire spirit, making him burn to live. Samhain and Saturn escaped via car, while Jay escaped via Doc Wagon. They returned to the J, and each left 20000 nuyen richer for it.

Plot Hooks for Other GMs

Special Non-Standard Rewards