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Run Name

Spoiled Relations

Run Link




Run Type


Run Threat



Source, Blowback, Diamond, Arachnida, Snack

RVP Breakdown

100,000 nuyen/gear 30 karma 2* 8/2 contacts 1yr docwagon platinum (rebranded) 1 piece of gammaware

Negative Consequnces

diamond - infirm - from suffering cardiac arrest after a particularly potent hit of SnS

Reason for Full AAR

Prime Run

Metaplots Involved

schmidty stuff

Short Run Summary

team hired to extract doctor from Docwagon Platinum Clinic. Clinic was setup in ET zone in AAA security sector downtown. 3 runners infil as corpses and are transported to the morgue 1 runner infiltrates as a patient at the clinic 1 runner remains outside for the beginning

runners in the morgue alert the guard as they sneak out and an alarm is raised. They steal some armor and continue to fight until they are eventually driven back down into the sub basement where they are neutralized and brought into a medical wing to be used as test subjects for research

Source, who infiltrated as a patient, hacks the host to down the turrets for Blowback, who is outside, to set a charge to open up an exit in the wall. Source hacks the head of security's commlink to order the 3 runners captured to be transported to the lobby to await pickup. Source contract's Way Out extractions.

Way Out lands, dodging SAM fire by the skin of their teeth, and manages to extract the 3 runners in the lobby

Source is noticed and one of the deckers manages to match his persona and put out an alert for it. Source is currently with the target 'securing' her research files and the guard escorting them recognizes him. They attempt to arrest him and he is killed by one of the officers.

the rest of the team is extracted, target is not.

Roughly a month later (3 weeks from the actual run end, the target and source are set to resurface, making the run a technical success)

Plot Hooks for Other GMs

investigate source's apparent demise new competitor in the armed medical response industry

Special Non-Standard Rewards