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So you have a wiki page for your shadowrunner. Job's done! But maybe you want a bit more... Here you will find some tips and tricks on how to get it all to work more smoothly.

This page has a bit of practical information and examples to get you started. For further details on formats see: Wiki Spec

Good to know

Sometimes you will find yourself making edits on one page and wonder why the result does not appear on other pages. On the top next to the Search Bar click: More -> Refresh


Have your SINs set up is nice and not too hard. You can copy pages from here SINs

You can also make your own. It is a good idea to as a minimum include:

A rating [[SIN Rating::RATING]] [[SIN Type::TYPE]] SIN issued by [[issued by::COMPANY OR GOVERNMENT]].
Rumored to be linked to [[owned by::PLAYER CHARACTER]].

As an example it could look like this:

A rating [[SIN Rating::4]] [[SIN Type::National]] SIN issued by [[issued by::UCAS]].
Rumored to be linked to [[owned by::Danny Decker]].


If you include this code your shadowrunner wiki page, your connections will update on your character and his contacts.

= Data =

Here is an example of how it should look:

= Data =
{{Connection|Mr. Johnson|1|6}}
{{Connection|Best Buddy|6|1}}

Allies and Enemies

Most player characters and some contacts include this section. Either as raw code or as part of a template. The code looks like this:

=== Affiliations ===
Allies: {{#ask: [[Category:Characters]] [[ally of::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]

Enemies: {{#ask: [[Category:Characters]] [[enemy of::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]

The mechanics are pretty raw, but if you on any character page include a references like this:


...the character will then show up on your shadowrunner page as enemy or ally.

As an example this code can be included as part of descriptions in this way on Bob the Bouncer's page :

Bob the Bouncer has on several instances gotten beaten up by [[enemy of::Sammy Streetsam]] and now hates Sammy to the core

as result the Shadowrunner Sammy Streetsam will now automatically display Bob the Bouncer' in the enemy list.